choreographies of ballet tai chi – English movie

In this menu issue you can find an insight into the feature film DVD choreographies of ballet tai chi.

Twelve choreographies of ballet tai chi and works of a director interpret classical musical works.

work titles

path to the paradise from the gate of heaven across the sun to the throne in the clouds
light from the universe, a silent war
a dream of hope above the clouds
message about a new world in heaven
victim at the end of humanity
imagination of a better world
rose blossom from a different galaxy with the spaceship of the paradise
a way that leads to love inside the heart
passion in a forgotten castle
in the moonlight
a night in infinity
a sad way to infinity

production: Elios Schastél film productions
Astral tai chi©
director, choreographer, performer: Elios Schastél
ISBN: 978-3-9820278-9-0 Artikelnummer in deutscher Sprache: B07PL9RVB5 Artikelnummer mit englischen Untertiteln: B07PJ5K962
language: German
screen: NTSC
price: 19,98 €
running time: 71 minutes
studio: Berlin
public trade: vlb, public book and media trade,, publisher

© copyright 2019 Elios Schastél film productions
made in Germany