choreographies of ballet tai chi – (German DVD)

In this menu issue you get an insight into the feature film DVD choreographies of ballet tai chi.

Twelve choreographies of ballet tai chi and direction works interpret classical pieces of music history.

work titles to the musical works

rose blossom from a different galaxy with the spaceship of the paradise – Francisco Tárrega – capricho árabe
light from the universe, a silent war – Sergei Prokofiev – dance of the knights
a night in infinity – Frédéric Chopin – nocturne nombre 20
path to the paradise from the gate of heaven across the sun to the throne in the clouds – Antonio Vivaldi – filiae maestae Jerusalem
victim at the end of humanity – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – lacrimosa
a dream of hope above the clouds – Claude Debussy – arabesque number 1 and 2
passion in a forgotten castle – Franz Schubert – serenade
imagination of a better world – Pyotr Ilyitsch Tchaikovsky – sentimental waltz
a way that leads to love inside the heart – Ludwig van Beethoven – moonlight sonata
message about a new world in heaven – Joseph Haydn – symphony number 94
in the moonlight – Claude Debussy – moonlight
a sad way to infinity – Dmitri Shostakovich – waltz number 2


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director, choreographer, performer: Elios Schastél
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language Deutsch
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studio: Berlin
release: 09.03.2019
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