choreographies of ballet tai chi – part 2 (englische DVD)

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Produktion: Elios Schastél film productions, Astral Tai chi©
Regie, Choreographie, Hauptdarsteller: Elios Schastél
ISBN: 978-3-9820950-0-4 Artikelnummer: B07SJ9HVSG Artikelnummer mit englischen Untertiteln: B07SH2VVLT
Sprache: Deutsch
Format: NTSC
Preis: 19,98 €
Dauer: 70 minutes
Studio: Berlin
öffentlicher Handel: Verlag, Verlagsseite, vlb, KNV GmbH,
Veröffentlichungsdatum: Mai 2019


Nine choreographies of ballet tai chi and works of a director interpret classical pieces of music history.


phantasies between a prince and a princess to Sergei Rachmaninoff – fantasie tableaux suite numéro 1 pour deux piano opus 5

a story about the universe to Niccolò Paganini – la campanella

redemption from the sorrow of the past until the last light of the heart in heaven to Sergei Rachmaninoff – piano concert number 2 in c minor opus 18

Elysian dreams by a princess of the soul of god to Claude Debussy – prelude to the afternoon of a faun

in front of the table of the nine kings – medieval music

rose wood in the firmament to John Dowland – renaissance sounds

way to unity, peace and love to Franz Liszt – love dream

development of ecstatic love to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – flower waltz

artistic ecstasy in the universe – a labyrinth of geometric shapes – Yiddish Klesmer music