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sent by anonymous on 12 August at 9.35 am

There were some mothers in our obstetrics ward that they have killed afterwards because they had born a child. At first they insinuate the mothers that they do not want to have children. Then they simply take the children away from them and they kill those mothers later. Like that they create new work for the youth welfare office.

sent by anonymous on 9 August at 2.11 am

The whole German state only consists of murderers, multi-phoneys, profession-phoneys, slit murderers, perverts, con men, savages and major criminals. If you do not participate in it then you will be thrown out. This is made with consciousness.

sent by anonymous on 7 August at 9.25 am

At the birth of our child they made complaints on us for bearing the child. They created a complicated cock and bull story about us. They insulted me and my man in the hospital by saying that we should feel ashamed to make such forbidden things. They treated us like disabled people who do not know that it is prohibited to cause such child problems. It is a shame how parents are treated in this country.

sent by anonymous on 1 August at 11.03 am

An acquaintance had got a child. At the birth they had burgled her apartment. They have kicked the apartment door to open it. Several humen in police uniforms have unexpectedly cracked down on the mother. They have intimidated her physically. They threatened to shackle her with handcluffs on the bed if she tried to refuse physically. They threatened to bring her into prison if she only raised her hands. One of them carrying a police uniform reared up in front of her and a woman without a police uniform headed for the newborn child. She fastly left the apartment with her child. The mother who had been made to a victim tried to refuse with words but the humen in police uniforms did not give her any chance to approach her child. Afterwards they called her man on the phone telling him threats of murder on the phone. They threatened in phone calls. They locked the child up for years. They locked it away from his parents for years. Then they kidnapped the mother. She could still escape. A witness confirmed that the attempted murder against the mother had only failed due to the escape. The child is lost. If you only come across these murderers and criminals one time then there is nothing and nobody who protects you against assassination attempts, orphanagings, kidnappings and thousands of cock and bull stories. This is normal daily life at „policemen“ and „offices“ in this country. The second world war is nothing in comparison to the potential of brutality, murder, swindles and crimes of not little „policemen“ and „offices. This country is that much god abandoned like no other country has ever been. This country is condemmed forever.

sent by anonymous on 29 July at 0.02 am

During fifty years of work experiences I made the experience that eighty percents of all employees have fake their certificates to get hired without having any clue of the profession. When somebody studies at a university then he can look into his future expecting to work with colleagues who know nothing about the profession having fake their graduate diplomas. I am tired of working with humen who only pretend to be professionals.

sent by anonymous on 26 July at 11.38 am

The socio-psychiatric service only consists of major criminals.

sent by anonymous on 18 July at 1.54 pm

comment on the message from 13 July at 10.30 am: I have worked at the police in past. I know that there are police headquaters where no single policeman works with a previous education. There they make the agreement that they are no police. There they make the agreement that they are the destruction.

sent by anonymous on 13 July at 10.30 am

I prefer to stay anonymous.
The child was stolen and locked away from his parents on the third day of his life at a break-in of the mother’s apartment by a some German blond disabled criminals who had illegally made the agreement to do so. His parents have no chance to come into contact with the child. But when you listen to the jokes that the responsible persons like MADAME LINKE, MADAME BAYER, MISTER RASCHEWSKY, MADAME GUTTZEIT make about the „disabled“ parents then you can vomit of these jokes. The woman and her husband have tried for months to find a contact to their child. Their child still can not refuse with words or physically. It is imprisoned and abused by the responsible persons MADAME LINKE, MADAME BAYER, MISTER RASCHEWSKY, MADAME GUTTZEIT and MADAME GOLDMANN who have probably stolen the twentieth child now. They lock it away. They imprison it. They abuse it. For them it is fun. They make fun of it. They make jokes about the disabled mother and the disabled father.They torture the child that remains kidnapped without parents for many months still being unable to fight back. The father of the child already received murder threats by „official staff“ on the telephone. They make that perverse and bad jail jokes about the parents that the parents must not know about it. They want to make the child disabled to finally laugh at the parents that they have a disabled child. The child is simply stored to survive. Then they awlways lie „I am the state. I am allowed to do so.“ His mother and his husband do not arrive at the child. They are treated like a put-on. They are laughed at. The monster MADAME GUTTZEIT makes a perennial issue of the lied disability and „being badly treated“ mother victim because she vows that it has never been something bad to kidnap and abduct a child from his mother and his father for ever. The monster has already destroyed that many families that she has started to to see it as her job to kill of women and the woman in general. For many months they have made fun of having again destroyed a mother her child. MISTER HUMPHREYS belongs to the mafia disabled clique who always come together to lie that they are the central county court to finally make kidnappings and break-ins together.
What shall you do against that? How shall one defend against that? I have agreed to help them by making some publishings on facebook.

sent by anonymous on 10 July at 10.37 am

answer to the message on 8 July at 1.12 am: There are solidarities for apartment houses that regularly cart their tenants off. They bring the tenants into homes for elderly persons and homes for disabled persons against their will. They do it with the aim to state officially that they have a frequent change of tenants. With a frequent change of tenants the reputation of a solidarity increases.

sent by anonymous on 8 July at 1.12 am

Here they make as bad euthanasia programs as they had made them at the end of the war. Everybody who leaves the apartment is accused of disability. Every second human is compulsory hospitalized at homes for disabled persons, elderly persons, psychologically unstable persons and prisons. You only need to make a conspiciuous reaction or to give one’s opinion. Then you already get compulsory hospitalized at a home for disabled persons. At each of my workplaces I am accused of disability. My neighbour was involuntarily sent to a home for disabled persons only because she had limped. Everybody is accused of disability who does not pass the street in clothes for rich people and who does not look spotless. „disabled“ is the word of insult number one.

sent by anonymous on 1 July at 8.35 am

All pupils get wrong marks. From the upper school on teachers give pupils wrong marks on purpose.

sent by anonymous on 26 June at 7.15 am

Comment on the message from 23 June: When I will become a mother one day will I also be treated like this image? Will the producer of my child also be treated like a train driver in the 5 minutes sex station? I am already looking forward to get children.

sent by anonymous on 23 June at 2.01 am

There are 5 minutes sex stations in Frankfurt at the Main where women lie behind a wall. For ten euro you can make a sexual intercourse through a hole in the wall without seeing them behind the wall. Train drivers go there during the lunch break to get a one minute sexual intercourse through a hole in a wall. This is the image of female beauty. This is the image of mothers at the majority of the people.

sent by anonymous on 22 June at 3.12 pm

In the Charité Berlin people get murdered upon consultation. They have murdered my uncle there.

sent by anonymous on 21 June at 5.20 pm

Each married couple is treated like disabled people due to the marriage. Here exists no country and no state. Everybody can do whatever he likes. Everybody can commit a crime at everybody else. Nothing and nobody protects you against that.

sent by anonymous on 18 June at 7.25 pm

The employment office often pays no amounts. The amounts arrive like small heaps with delays of up to half a year. Sometimes amounts do not arrvie at all. Some customers are thrown out of the employment office after they have been dependent of it for a too long time.

sent by anonymous on 10 June at 11.52 am

Every night policemen go with machine guns in Hanover. Every human is contacted where they have a suspicion. The intimidation lets everybody dodge.

sent by anonymous on 3 June at 11.29 am

answer to anonymous on 31 May at 1.50 pm: Due to this youth welfare office they will burn millions of humen in Germany again.

sent by anonymous on 31 May at 1.50 pm

The youth welfare office in Grünberger Straße Berlin Gesundbrunnen has never been a youth welfare office. There are the worst criminals who have ever existed in this country. There have already ended many human lifes. They are paranoid about the bitch. They make that bad crimes with mothers that you can not even speak about that. They are the worst criminals in the world. There work murderers who have never been in contact with this country. They have already abused and mistreated that many children that no parents can feel safe here.

sent by anonymous on 29 May at 9.46 am

In the banks there work employees who pass the secret bank data of customers along to every private individual on the phone.

sent by anonymous on 21 May at 10.46 am

In our district in Pankow it is normal that each parents is treated with at least one child abduction. Here are women and men who do not know their children.

sent by anonymous on 15 May at 10.47 am

In the kindergartens children are forced by educators to speak amounts of money and euros in games and conversations several times a day. When my son comes home he counts amounts of money and euros from morning to night until the dollar signs become visible in his eyes like in a cartoon.

sent by anonymous on 12 May at 8.35 am

The subject matter at schools consists of watching films for ninety percent. There are partly scenes of violence, sex and drugs in these films. Nobody dares to leave the classroom at scenes of violence and sex due to the peer pressure.

sent by anonymous on 3 May at 2 pm

Carers and nurses are professionally obligated to forced feedings and forced clearance procedures at humen in senior-citizens homes.

sent by anonymous on 22 April at 10.08 am

In prisons policemen sometimes kill humen without having a permission of the murders.

sent by anonymous on 20 April at 11.44 am

Employment contracts at enterprises can be broken by employers at any time. Workers have no possibility to refuse against the breaches of contract.

sent by anonymous on 12 April at 4.26 pm

Referring to anonymous on 10 April at 8.25 am: This problem also exists at courts of other towns in the country.

sent by anonymous on 10 April at 8.25 am

At the county court in Berlin Mitte there only work employees who are hired under the condition of the confirmation of a voluntary criminality. Almost every writing that comes from this court is fake and false made by criminals. All writings can be fakes by illegal employees.

sent by anonymous on 2 April at 4.10 pm

In the kindergartens they put those childen on the blacklist whose parents are Hartz IV (money for unemployed people) receivers. Their children are already excluded from the system in the kindergartens. They are without a chance.

sent by anonymous on 26 March at 11.04 am

At each of the six companies where I have been hired they have not even adhered to seventy percent of the wage that was promised in the contract. The promises are never true.

sent by anonymous on 21 March at 8.15 am

In the prisons there work those humen who are treated in the right way in their lifes when they are brought into prison. They rape the prisoners sexually and they beat them.

sent by anonymous on 19 March at 10.33 am

In the psychiatry humen get tortured like animals until they will remain disabled for ever. From time to time they kill somebody.

sent by anonymous on 17 March at 08.47 am

When I was eight years old there was made the attempt to make the allegation of a psychological illness at my mother. She was not ill. One afternoon there were humen in front of our apartment door and they took my mother with them. Since that day I was supervised by a youth welfare office. Some days later I got to know that my mother had died in a hospital. The psychological illness shall have been the cause of it. I gladly would have had my mother for a longer time. Since that time I have not had a mother anymore.

sent by anonymous on 15 March at 08.41 am

My child was taken from me without any reason at the age of six months. Some days after the happening I was informed by the responsibles that a car shall be driven over it. It shall have died. Yet I sense that it s still alive and that this lie was only a fake. Every help gets refused.

sent by anonymous on 13 March at 11.04 pm

At the Rudolf Steiner school where I went to they abuse children that much that they are never able anymore to start a social relation. I have been at a Rudolf Steiner school where I often got penalted for my personality. These are no schools…

sent by anonymous on 12 March at 04.05 pm

An acquaintance had made a professor title. He started to teach at the university as a professor. After some months there appeared fake doctors and fake psychologists in front of his house door and they took him with them. He was brought into prison with the accusation of paranoid schizophrenia. According to the statements by the policemen he had died in prison.

sent by anonymous on 11 March 2020 at 12.39 am

There has been war in this country since 2016. The cause is the unlimited amount of criminality at offices, authorities, police offices, courts and further state organs. Only those get hired who participate in the inofficial criminality and who join the „evil“. Complaints and refusals are treated with imprisonments, murders and accusations of „paranoid schizophrenia“ written by fake doctors. It has also become a general rule at courts, police offices and lawyer’s offices here that no single trained nor qualified or at least educated is hired but only and exceptionless long term unemployed persons without any education nor knowledge about the job or the profession (fake judges, fake lawyers, fake policemen, fake youth welfare office employees, fake doctors, fake social workers) who join the criminals and the „evil“ to rescue themselves from the jobcenter or from future problems with paying their apartment rentals. There does not exist a state here. No single law of the law books and right books exists anymore. It is normal to get to know that children get kidnapped from their parents by fake policemen. It is normal to get to know that old humen get carted away and that they get murdered later. It is normal to get to know that humen vanish regurlarly. It is normal to get to know that each company lies, defrauds and does not consider any law. Yet it is not made open to the public because this criminality is caused by the state organs and the employees who belong to them.

sent by anonymous on 11 March 2020 at 8.32 am

There had been made a mobbing at the school where our daughter went to that made her flee from this country. Our daughter was nineteen years old. She was thin and attractive when she left the country moving to a more northern country because she could not sustain the mobbing at her school anymore.