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sent by anonymous on 17 January at 11.40 am

Some judges sneak into the judge’s seat at the family court as murderers only with an elementary school certificate. You then lie to have got a PhD. That causes too bad damage.

sent by anonymous on 16 January at 2.35 pm

Here has been a judge who had withdrawn a child from a mother. The woman had the money to let somebody murder the judge afterwards. The body was then picked up by the garbage collector. The judge wanted to prove the woman something that bad that her carcass is now being recycled in the recycling center. I find it wrong that such humen are hired at the court.

sent by anonymous on 15 January at 9.45 am

Here are mothers who are persecuted and beaten up by the state until they are murdered.

sent by anonymous on 15 January at 6.21 pm

The obstetrics ward has slashers who are obsessed with perversion. They do the perineal incisions and caesarean sections at births. They slash the genitals of the women every day at their own short-circuit decision. If you unexpectedly want to be slit open and victimized then all you have to do is go to the obstetrics ward.

sent by anonymous on 13 January at 10.41 am

Can the concentration camps be reopened please , in order to gasify everything that has been set in psychiatry and in the youth welfare office? You have to treat them the same as they treat others. I think that your country is too bad. In your country they probably make sense.

sent by anonymous on 12 January at 12.53 am

Why do you simply kill mothers taking their children away when they are born? Then you are no country. You want to be understood as a world power abroad and then you nip the germ before it can even start to grow? One would have to revoke your country status. Do you only hire murderers in the jobs? Do you have no trained powers? For what reason do you have universities if, in the end, you finally only hire paranoid murderers and criminals with criminal intentions without professional knowledge are epmloyed in the offices and authorities? Your state is then just a farce and a pure rubbish. What is hired by you as a state representative is killed in our prisons. There must be limits to crime somewhere. Stealing children and then making them disappear and pursuing and murdering their parents is the last thing that you would even do as a paranoid murderer. Even for them there are limits.

sent by anonymous on 11 January at 4.50 pm

comment on the last complaint: The same applies to the youth welfare office in Schöneberg.

sent by anonymous on 10 January at 3.01 am

The youth welfare offices in Berlin Hellersdorf and Berlin Neukölln are just as bad as the youth welfare office in Berlin Gesundbrunnen. They just break into the apartments of the families. They just stell and withdraw children whenever they are in the mood to do so. They abuse children and women. They go into the births. They interfere in the births. They just play the problems for the family. They run to every acquaintance of the family trying to destroy social contacts. The police do not mind at all. They do not care at all. They even take part in the crimes. Every child in Germany is in a great danger because there are youth welfare offices. Paranoid murderers and paranoid criminals get hired and with a criminal intent they make agreements in the youth welfare offices that are about prison sentences for parents and children and murdering parents and children. They abuse women until they will never be able again to speak with somebody else. They destroy the births. They let children disappear. They try to orphan children and to make them disabled until the children are lifelong disturbed. If you want to prove them a crime then they band together and spread an endless chain of lies to justify themselves in the state and in the law. They then make up such nasty lies that the parents have no chance against it. Yet when they are among themselves then they do the real prison and animal cruelty talks. If I did not write this complaint anonymously then the youth welfare office would simply break into my apartment together with some policemen and they would kill me. I do not even have a family. There is no greater crime than opening a youth welfare office. With that every family and every birth is in great danger. This is how you destroy a country.

sent by anonymous on 9 January at 9.34 am

So many children have been stolen from the Berlin Gesundbrunnen youth welfare office that the employees are wild to steal new babies and children again. They either let the children disappear or they only pretend the problems for the parents. They do this with everybody because they understand the mother as a disabled victim. They understand the family as a problem. They understand the the birth as a crime. They understand the partnership as a woman becoming a victim. They understand a baby as burden. Like that they are wild to steal new babies and children again. They are paranoid murderers.

sent by anonymous on 8 January at 12 am

Children regularly disappear. The youth welfare office is guilty for this.

sent by anonymous on 6 January at 0.09 am

Somebody must shoot Madame Linke, Madame Bayer, Madame Guttzeit and Madame Goldmann. They are too bad criminals. All you have to do is to approach them on the street and shoot them in the head.

sent by anonymous on 4 January at 9.17 am

Officials and doctors go through the subways pretending to pull pistols out of their jackets and shoot.

sent by anonymous on 31 December at 9.34 pm

A man was killed in the Charité Berlin because he has confessed his belief in god. The doctors in the psychiatry maintained that the man had paranoid dellusions of god. They used this reason for a forced death in the psychiatry. They kill you when you say that you are Christian.

sent by anonymous on 28 December at 2.12 pm

Here the police simply kill innocent people. They understand it as a joke.

sent by anonymous on 27 December at 5.12 am

Every citizen is kicked out of the job center after at least two years. He is then on his own.

sent by anonymous on 25 December at 1.04 pm

War must be declared to a country that kills mothers.

sent by anonymous on 25 December at 12.31 am

This country stinks of mud brains that others only pretend to be the state. They only want to cause damage.

sent by anonymous on 23 December at 2.30 pm

In this country they are only acting out the caregiver system. There are people who have just graduated at the university. Then they will be assigned a supervisor and all their data will be revealed for everybody. The job is terminated by the caregiver. The family members are persecuted by the caregiver. The caregiver takes the apartment away. Private property is withdrawn by the caregiver’s decision. The bank account is emptied by the decision of the supervisor. The bank accounts are blocked by the decision of the supervisor. The driver’s license is withdrawn by the decision of the supervisor. The marriage contract is terminated by the decision of the supervisor. The question is always: „What else can you destroy him?“ This is how the conversations take place among the mud-brains who pretend to be the state in order to be able to introduce themselves as self-employed or at least as professionals. All decisions of the caregivers are justified as services of the health insurance, the health system and the state. There are no means of defense against it. There is nothing that you can do against that. It could be everyone. If you have a good job and money then you do not need to feel safe. This is how you methodologically destroy humen in their life. That is how you kill them. – funny, funny, funny

sent by anonymous on 21 December at 1.37 pm

Somebody must shoot Madame Linke, Madame Bayer, Madame Guttzeit and Madame Goldmann. They are too bad criminals. All you have to do is to approach them on the street and shoot them in the head.

sent by anonymous on 20 December at 7.39 am

Police officers break into everybody’s home who introduces himself professionally on the internet. Then they break into their homes trying to ruin their job.

sent by anonymous on 19 December at 12.00 am

The county courts look into everyone’s bank accounts. They do not care about whether you like it or whether you do not like it. They do it with everyone. They simply take the name of a person. Then they look into his electronic passport system. Then they write to his private bank. There they receive the data by giving reasons. For example, all you have to do is lie that he is disabled and that you are his carer. Then they give you the details of his account.

sent by anonymous on 18 December at 9.05 am

Twenty officials joined together. They made the agreement to accuse the man of paranoid schizophrenia. They agreed to finish him off and destroy him until they got him in jail. All twenty managed to get the man to the prison and they managed to immediately kill him there. Suddenly they had convinced themselves that you always choose someone to finish him off by pretending to be the state and the state officials. That’s how I got to know this country. First, unemployed criminals coordinate. Then they invade the life of a stranger. They claim to have twenty different professions and titles at once. Then they make the war, the chaos, and the pure crime become true. Only when the chosen victim has been murdered or silenced do they stop pursuing him. The persecution can be seen like white horse at that moment when it attacks. The reactions are the same. That is how I always got to know this country. There is really no state here.

sent by anonymous on 18 December at 2.15 am

I think that it is wrong for people to be hired without their training certificates checked. I would even go so far as to call the training center and find out whether they really did their training there. Otherwise everyone here claims to have a doctorate in the belief that someone else will have appreciation for him then.

sent by anonymous on 17 December 2.27 pm

The Germans are such a perverse, willy mouth, severely disabled, educationless people that glorifies itself in front of the foreign countries. No people is as bad as you are! You do not even recognize the microelectronics and the living beings.

sent by anonymous on 16 December at 7.19 pm

In the prisons men are sexually raped by police officers.

sent by anonymous on 15 December at 3.09 pm

Everybody who has lived in Germany for a lifetime sais at the end of his life that he lives in the worst country in the world. A whole life ling everything is just destroyed. Everything! You never receive a confirmation of a state. You never receive a confirmation of a human. Here has never existed a state.

sent by anonymous on 13 December at 11.39 am

At youth welfare offices only slashers are hired. Like slashers they understand the pregnancy and the birth. One must treat slashers in a very specific way. You must slash them until they bleed to death. Exactly this is what slashers want to do with other humen. The main profile of slashers are the gender woman, the pregnant woman and the mother. Because of them the country is destroyed forever. Nobody recognizes someone else in the own country.

sent by anonymous on 13 December at 10.19 am

Criminals introduce themselves as court bailiffs at county courts. Then they select humen where they assume a great amount of money. Then they send them letters whithin suspicions of subreptions of money. They invent the penalties. They make penalties which are that high that they can not be payed anymore. Then they send these letters to the private banks. In the letters they do not write the bank account data of the county court but they write their private bank numbers. As soon as the money has arrived at their private accounts they fastly vanish by runing to a foreign country with it. Like that they have covered their backs until the end of their lifes.

sent by anonymous on 12 December at 3.31 pm

The state had always been a put-on here. Those who believe in it will be fooled everytime. Perhaps you are the next person whose bank account will be emptied by a court bailiff with his aim to run away with it to Switzerland. The reason for that is that he has took himself into believing that you believe in the German state.

sent by anonymous on 12 December at 11.22 am

Somebody must shoot Madame Linke, Madame Bayer, Madame Guttzeit and Madame Goldmann. They are too bad criminals.

sent by anonymous on 12 December at 7.15 am

This country is that bad that nobody dares to go on the street. The police is that dangerous that every walk through the streets can be the last. This country is unsafe and dangerous because murderers have masqueraded with police costumes.

sent by anonymous on 11 December at 10.43 am

At the birth of a child there came official staff in our hospital ward. Having made the agreement to pretend problems they entered the hospital ward and they brought the man of the woman who was just bearing into prison. They took the child away from his mother. They gave him new foster parents. The official staff found it funny as if they were making a joke. They took the unemployment benefits away from the mother. Then she lost her apartment. Her man had to stay in prison for two years. In front the child they pretended that his parents did not want him. The official staff was that dangerous that you only need to come into contact with them a single time to let the life and the family be destroyed forever. They regularly come into our hospital ward to make a joke at somebody’s birth again.

sent by anonymous on 11 December 9.01 am

In some police headquaters there is no single policeman hired who has made a professional apprenticeship. They are humen who go to the police because they have heard a voice in their head. This voice has made them believe that it is the „world affairs“ or that „it has always been like that“ to simply go there and to let yourself hire. They can not even read nor can they write. They also do not know what a police is or what a law is nor do they know that you must obide by the law. They see themselves as something very special in thi state because they got hired. They also do not recognize a state. They do not recognize education nor a study. They do not recognize having made accomplishments. They do not recognize a signle law nor a right. They do not recognize jobs and professions. They do not even recognize being a human nor do they recognize the living being or the object. They vow to never recognize something or somebody in this world. Like that they walk through the streets in uniforms.

sent by anonymous on 9 December at 1.27 pm

Policemen select profiles of victims in public squares. After they have found a victim they start to stalk them. They persecute them after they have left their apartments. They break into their apartments. They enter their apartments during the daytime and also during the nights making criminal agreements. They intimidate the selected victims. They send them lied lettres until they will finally have achieved to send them into prison somewhere else. The victims that they select are without a chance to escape. They receive no help from somebody else. Then nobody believes them anymore.

sent by anonymous on 7 December at 6.22 pm

Somebody must shoot Madame Linke, Madame Bayer, Madame Guttzeit and Madame Goldmann. They are too bad criminals.

sent by anonymous on 5 December at 11.31 am

Ambulance drivers keep the agreement to take humen unvoluntarily out of their apartments and to bring them into old people’s homes and psychiatries. They kidnap them and they fake their health documents. Everytime when you see an ambulance passing the street then you can be sure that it is again a mere put-on with the agreement of ambulance drivers. The healthy human in the ambulance can disappear forever.

sent by anonymous on 29 November at 1.23 pm

The state simply kills humen here. They understand it as a funny joke and a mere spoof.

sent by anonymous on 29 November at 12.08 am

The police breaks unallowed into the apartments and they get humen out of the apartments. These humen vanish forever. Here are no laws anymore. When you ask the policemen where they bring the humen then they only grin nastily at you.

sent by anonymous on 27 November at 10.56 am

The worst major criminals of humanity are on the loose. They must not be in freedom. You must insult them as murderers on the street. When somebody has an arm then it is no crime in their specific case to shoot them. Madame Linke, Madame Bayer, Madame Guttzeit and Madame Goldmann belong to them.

sent by anonymous on 25 November at 4.41 pm

Germany does not even have a treasury. It is such an awkward country.

sent by anonymous on 23 November at 9.28 am

At the courts each judge is a con man. Hardly any judge has knowledge about a law and a right. They forge the certificates because they have talked themselves into believing that one has respect for you when you are hired. They willfully reject writing down the truth. They reject advocating for a right and a law. Most of them are paranoid by thinking that „this country has always been like that“ (quotation of a judge in a courtroom) or they are paranoid by thinking that „they always only decide for the down“ (quotation of a judge). In the courtroom judges and attorneys make conversations about witchcraft and „that the defendant was a witch and who has actually bewitched whom?“. Then they want to send the defendant into prison for for witchcraft. They also tell the defendants that they only try to assume witchcraft while making paranoid facial expressions of humen persecution and witch persecutions from the medieval times. Then they speak about Libras and Aquarius and whether these do not always receive the destiny of state enemies. Then they make conversations in the courtroom about whether „deus“ is always sent into prison and „we always withdraw „god“ the child“. Then they make conversations in the courtroom about „how to achieve causing a damage in the life of a human“ by pronouncing that it must be a serious damage in his life. Like that the state has always been here. Like that the state has always worked here. It has always been a bad idea to contact a court here. Like that the whole state works here. Their conversations take much more place on the lowest level of bad integrated comprehensive schools.

sent by anonymous on 21 November at 4.56 pm

comment on the last complaint: Some officials make an agreement before the births of mothers. Following this agreement they withdraw them the children forever at the birth by finding a reason for it that brings the mothers into jail. They bring the mothers into jail for the reason that they used to withdraw their children. The judges participate in this game. Then the mothers must go into jail after their children were withdrawn. There is no chance for these women anymore. Like that they turn off the light in the mothers. They find that funny, too.

sent by anonymous on 21 November at 11.32 am

comment on the last complaint: In Berlin they do the same but here they already take the children away from them during the birth. The women here never see their children anymore after the birth. They find that even funnier when already doing it at the birth. Later than they pursue the woman in public (officials, policemen) and they laugh at them because they have lost their children at their birth. They only select women who are good humen. They never select bad humen for that.

sent by anonymous on 21 November at 10.47 am

In Stuttgart they make „takings into custody“. Then five people break the apartment doors without any advance notice. Then they enter the apartments and they rip the children from the women’s arms. She gets a shock for the whole life and a severe trauma and then they will never see their children again. They find that funny.

sent by anonymous on 18 November at 7.13 am

Please throw bombs onto this country. One must declare this country a war.

sent by anonymous on 17 November at 1.26 pm

The Berlin police steels children and they let them disappear. Meanwhile they display posters in the train stations where there is written about „little Robert“ being disappeared. They had only invented Robert to pretend in front of the population that the police has work to do.

sent by anonymous on 14 November at 9.32 am

The schools are that bad that pupils are become severly damaged. The teachers evaluate the size of the bossom of a blonde with mark 5 in the school leaving examination. The face of the most disabled and most stupid of all of us is evaluated with mark 1 in the school leaving examination because he was the one who brownnosed most of all. The fattest of all receives mark 6 for his skin colour, hair colour and fatness. Everybody hates everybody and like that everybody must pretend as if they treated each other in a friendly way. One pupil always vomits into the toilet during the breaks. Almost each teacher becomes paranoid when evaluating the examinations. At least two pupils of those who get examined must leave the school due to the brain illness of the teachers. One of the teachers is a killer. Another teacher is a murderer. Every year they give several marks 5 to high school graduates at their own interest. They do it with the aim to destroy their Abitur and to let them repeat the school year. The overachiever is treated like the next porno pupularity. The thief and liar always receives better marks for reasons of sympathy. Each pupil knows that the teachers make that evil jokes about some pupils that some pupils voluntarily leave the schools earlier. Nobody dares to contradict. When somebody sais his opinion then he will be thrown out of the school. Please kill all teachers in this country.

sent by anonymous on 11 November at 4.56 pm

In this country they regularly murder humen and then they let it look as if the state is responsible for it.

sent by anonymous on 11 November at 12.43 am

I do not even dare to go on the streets because then the police immediately writes you letters due to suspicion of disability or suspicion of paranoid schizophrenia. If I only took a walk a single time then I could belong to those who will be picked up by the police. They always understand it as a joke…

sent by anonymous on 10 November at 1.53 pm

The worst major criminals of humanity are on the loose. They must not be in freedom. You must insult them as murderers on the street. When somebody has an arm then it is no crime in their specific case to shoot them. Madame Linke, Madame Bayer, Madame Guttzeit and Madame Goldmann belong to them.

sent by anonymous on 9 Novemver at 10.57 am

The socio-psychitaric service searches for employment because they do not have any work nor an employment. Thus they surf the internet. When they find humen who write about their own personality on the internet then they assign themselves and they write psychological expertises and estimations about these websites. Then they gain an illegal access to the data systems of passports. Like that they find out about the postal addresses and registration addresses in an illegal way. With that an unstoppable huge bureaucratic expence starts that will unrequestedly be sent to courts, partners, relatives and many further social contacts. The unstoppable process always ends with compulsory hospitalizations into psychiatries, homes for disabled people and imprisonments. The texts that they write get archived. They do not lose their validity for the following thirty years. Meanwhile they introduce themselves as a „professional team“ but the truth is that they only consist of severely disabled people, major criminals without social competences who have never ever spoken a single true sentence or written down a single true sentence in their lifes. They only consist of workless people without an employment having a German speech comprehension that does not even reach the A1 level (logics, sense, associational abilities, capabilities of abstraction, capabilities of defining are mising) searching for employment and work on the internet due to boredom. Everybody who has ever dealt with this „multiprofessional staff“ will not be findable in future anymore. You could think that „He/ She does not exist anymore“ (quotation). They even pursue you on the streets and on the toilet. Each social action and each statement that they make bases on criminal thinking in hundred percents of the cases. They understand among each other as major criminals. They organize among each other as major criminals. Yet they introduce themselves as a „professional team“ (quotation). This is a complaint about major criminals who unrequestedly penetrate the privacy and the maximum privacy of humen until they can only flee. Nobody will ever be recognized nor accepted anymore after he had dealt with one of them only a single time. If the socio-psychiatric service writes you unrequestedly only a single time then please immediately finish you postal address. Otherwise there will be no escape anymore.

sent by anonymous on 9 November at 10.03 am

At the birth of our child there came a woman from the socio-psychiatric service into the room. She was very paranoid. She wanted to punish my wife because she had made love to me. She started to speak with my wife like with a disobedient baby and a bad girl. Then she tried to contact the youth welfare office. She announced to withdraw her the child forever as a punishment for having made something bad with a man. If I had not joined them and if I had not pulled her ear until I had left the room with her then she would have withdrawn her the child forever. Like that it is normal in our town. This is how you must treat the people here.

sent by anonymous on 9 November at 8.42 am

comment on the last complaint: They do the same in the hospital in Cologne.

sent by anonymous on 8 November at 11.36 am

The Charité Berlin murders mothers. They do it due to an agreement between the obstetrics ward and the psychiatry. At first they take them the children away at the their birth. Then they bring them into the psychiatry against their will. It always works in every case to find a reason for that. Then they kill the mothers. This procedure does not only take place in the Charité Berlin.

sent by anonymous on 6 November at 11.47 am

Everybody who refuses during the birth to let a youth welfare office participate in tbe future family is penalised with child withdrawal forever. Then they come up with lies to accuse the parents for the child withdrawal. This procedure belongs to an agreement.

sent by anonymous on 4 November at 3.35 pm

They have also withdrawn our child at the birth. I gladly would like to gasify everybody who had come into the birth to withdraw our child. At the birth they had pretended that we are disabled. In real life I gladly would like to see in front of my eyes how the gas splashes out of the eyes and how the fire cooks the skin soft of those who had withdrawn our child at that time. We would even let ourselves hire by the agency of work for that. In THEIR case extermination concentration camps exceptionally make sense. In THEIR case it would really be right. You must take them everything away. Then you must destroy them everything and then you must murder them. Then they are treated in the right way. Like that you must treat these murderers.

sent by anonymous on 1 November at 4.40 pm

The population in Germany is the very worst population that exists worldwide. There is no pupulation than the current population in Germany that is more murderous and more extreme disabled. They always want to be seen as somethin better but in reality they are even much more corrupt, murderous, criminal, extreme disabled than the worst Arabic countries are. The police is that unspeakably murderous and brutally criminal and at the same time they see themselves as superior. The police wanks and pees onto innocent prisoners because they only want to wind them up to be criminals. Meanwhile they see themselves as superior and afterwards they lie about the victim that he/she was „something badly treated“ (This is the main lie number 1 at police criminals). The population is that unsustainably bad and unspeakably extreme disabled (most used word of insult at policemen who are concerned by that themselves) that no human can survive in this country. This population has nothing at all to do with a human. Yet at the same time they see themselves as superior and they want to be seen as something better. In this country there REALLY is a war but they do not want to admint that and they want to be seen as something better abroad. Here does not exist a single law nor a single right that is considered or recognized by the police or by courts. NOTHING and NOBODY is recognized here. This is only what they teach you at schools to make you believe it. When you look behind the curtains at the population here then you are confronted with the worst population worldwide. Then you are confronted with the rocky horror show. Satan and the devil are nothing compared to them.

sent by anonymous on 27 October at 7.16 pm

Here has been a mother who has also committed suicide because the youth welfare office had taken her child away. They had taken the most important human in her life away from her. Like that they created themselves new work. She was found bloody in her kitchen with a little letter.

sent by anonymous on 25 October at 12.00 am

Court bailiffs make the agreement to cause a damage in the life of other humen. They invent amounts of money and then they forge official documents with the aim to simply withdraw the whole amounts from the bank accounts. They make the estimations of the money circumstances at the victim’s bank accounts by visiting facebook accounts, google+ accounts, websites, yandex and further email providers. The internet is the reason why they start to assume money on the bank account. Thus they start to invent reasons and amounts of money to finally forge official documents that are acknowledged at banks. Thus there does not exist a single court bailiff in Germany. They always decide against that what is right on purpose.
They belong to those criminals who let themselves hire because they stupidly believe that other people recognize a good value in them when they are hired. You can immediately recognize them by questions that are forbidden to ask at the court. In this case you are freed to be forced to say the truth.

sent by anonymous on 22 October at 11.41 am

This country is even much worse than it is written in this complaint platform. When you write them the truth down then they continue like they have done it before. It does not even interest them. Then they even take examples from this complaint platform as paragons and then they make it with awareness.

sent by anonymous on 20 Ocotber at 4.09 pm

comment on the last complaint: Here are judges who work at courts who always create tall stories about the female gender. Like that one of them has tried to assume a mother disability to take her child away from her. They only do that when they notice that there is something of a human inside of her. This woman could not survive the loss of her child. She has committed suicide. If you played football or basketball with the head of the judge then she would be treated in the right way for the first time. I have also got to know another judge. He has let himself hire without having any clue about this job. In his opinion every human had to go into a home for disabled persons one time a life. He maintained that it had always been like that. For this reason he sent every plaintiff into a home for disabled persons who addressed to him at the court.

sent by anonymous on 16 October at 1.28 pm

There are not little humen who falsify their certificates showing these at the agency of work or the jobcenter with the aim to be hired. The truth of these certificates are not questioned. As soon as they are hired as judges they commit too bad and unspeakable crimes at humen that they would be treated in the right way if one cut their head and played football with this head. Then they understand themselves to wrong. Then they are treated correctly for the first time.

thank you very much if you publish this complaint

sent by anonymous on 14 October at 11.09 am

Policemen write lied informations into the passport data systems. Out of an own interest they write informations into the passports that have nothing to do with a passport. Like that every policeman can immediately read personal matters of the passport owner’s life. These informations can immediately be read in the international and worldwide electronic passport data system. Apart from the topic that my intimate problems do not concern other people you are already locked up for each little thing in foreign countries. Some policemen simply lie stories into the passports out of fun to damage somebody else. Like that some policemen write untrue fictive data about the privacy into tha passorts as a joke and a put-on. Policemen lie informations about the marriage, health, children, relatives, job, email addreses, phone numbers and much more. They are finally visible in the worldwide passport systems. My friend was sent into prison in Syria for four weeks because a policemen had lied in his passport that there is a suspicion of homosexuality. They have only let him leave the prison because he could covince the Syrian the Syrian prison guards that he is REALLY NOT homosexual.

sent by anonymous on 8 October at 9.25 am

In the obstetrics ward of the Charité Berlin they have made an agreement some years ago. The agreement was to take mothers their children away letting the children vanish. In this way they would create new work for the youth welfare office. Following this agreement they sometimes tamper with the documents of the birth to spread the assumption at the mothers and fathers of illness, danger, disability and neglection of parental care. With this assumption they can take they babies out of their arms immediately after the birth. They also do it with married parents. Then they change the parents. The new parents agree with a continuous surveillance of the child upbringing seeing themselves as professionally self-employed. Even courts have joined this criminal agreement. Like that children get regularly lost at their birth because youth welfare offices, courts and obstetrics wards illegaly creep into the births of women follwowing the agreement. Standing in the supermarket they talk to each other loudly shouting at the top of their voices while having a criminal and mean grin in their faces where the plan of the devil laughes out of it: „Again taking a baby into custody today.“ When the mothers refuse then they take up to ten people (criminal pseudo policemen and criminals who have joined this agreement) to physically act against the mothers aiming at implementing the plan. Like that apartment burglaries often take place at parents and women who have just become mothers. Then the children do not even get to know their parents. They get informed that they did not have any mother nor a father. They try to make the babies become disabled already at an early age. Then they stalk the parents until the end of their lifes. Please do not bear you child in this hospital!!! There is such a bad influence on this hospital that every child who gets born there is dogged by this influence for a lifetime. Our child is bullied his whole school time due to the influence of this hospital.

sent by anonymous on 4 October 1.49 pm

The whole country is surveilled by a criminal state. It starts with the birth. The birth is under a complete supervision. Then it continues with writing files about babies in the day nursery. Then the parents are obligated to send their children into the kindergarten. Each behaviour of the child is documented there. The youth welfare offices force the surveillance of families. Then it continues in schools. Each pupil who has a noticeable behaviour is betrayed to the school principal. Even the day nurseries for children and freetime activities are supervised by supervisors and attendants. Each abnormality becomes a big topic or they make written archives of it. In training centers each abnormality or difference of opinion is punished with a sacking. On the job each break is surveilled. Without one minute exception you must always look busy on the job. Each abnormality of behaviour or mistake or tardiness is immediately punished with a dismissal. The apartments are badly soundproofed. At each street corner, in each public conveyance, at each train station and in each shop there are surveillance cameras. As soon as you leave the house your times of entering and leaving the house are written into lists. The neighbours look through the windows to regularly find out whether everything is all right. Each time when you speak loudly in shops and libraries you are thrown out by security services. The medical record already starts to be written in the early childhood. The early health experiences of the childhood are made to files and medical records. They pursue everybody until the end of the life. Sometimes strangers run after you in public with the aim to make notes of abnormal features. The informations about these features are finally spreaded around. Each conspicuous reaction and abnormality is kidnapped and brought into homes for disabled persons, prisons and psychiatries. There they write files of each behaviours during the daytime and during the night. Archiving these files they become valid for a lifetime. In case of some of my neighbours the house owners make regular break-ins to find out about their true money circumstances. They calculate the true money circumstances by estimating the home furnishings and the contents of the fridge. The neighbours know about that. A little bit later they unexpectedly stand in front of the apartment door holding an EDEKA bread in the hands to pretend to help you surviving until the end of the month. These informations are finally spreaded by the house owners to offices, courts and police stations. Each single old human is brought into an old people’s home against his will. There each behaviour during the daytime and during the night is made to files and archives. A whole life long you are surveilled by the state criminal. I think that this is the most surveilled country at all.

thank you for publishing this complaint

sent by anonymous on 30 September at 2.10 pm

Don’t you have a state in your country? It is embarrassing to read that you are the worst country in the world.

sent by anonymous on 27 September at 11.12 am

In each police training you get to know about the ways of thinking of a criminal. Criminal thinking consists of suspicion, procuring data, analyzing data and forming hypotheses.

Thus when somebody addresses himself to you in public or in front of your door making like

„I/ We have found out that you …“ (procuring data)
„I/ We have read on the internet that you …“ (procuring data)
„I/ We judge internet informations about you as …“ (procuring data, analyzing data)
„I/ We judge your behaviour in public as …“ (analyzing data, forming hypotheses)
„I/ We have the suspicion that …“ (suspicion)
„I/ We assume that you …“ (suspicion)
„I/ We have contacted your spouse/ child/ parents/ friends and we have have found out that you …“ (procuring data)

then it is NEVER a policeman or a judicial representative. It is always about one or more criminals or state criminals.

– criminals: humen with criminal ways of thinking (suspicion, procuring data, analyzing data, forming hypotheses)
– criminal social groups: several humen who cooperate to implement criminal ways of thinking
– state criminals: humen who pretend to be the state but in actual fact they aim at committing a crime

In some towns it belongs to the normal daily life that humen appear in front of citizen’s doors pretending to be policemen, attorneys and juridical representatives. In almost each case you can recognize them by making statements that are retracable to criminal ways of thinking.

– suspicion/ subordination
– procuring data/ data spying (internet, income, marriage and family, social contacts, job, health and more)
– analyzing/ judging/ estimating data

If it is about a criminal way of thinking with premeditation then these ways of thinking are spoken out like proven facts.

„I/ We know that you …“ (suspicion, procuring data)
„I/ We have found the evidences on the internet that you …“ (procuring data, analyzing data)
„Your behaviour in public was a proof of …“ (analyzing data, forming hypotheses)
„I/ We have found out by speaking with you spouse/ child/ parents/ friends that you …“ (suspicion, procuring data)

Please do not allow to let criminals and state criminals make your life hard. When you are trapped by such criminal groups only one time then there do not exist any laws nor rights that can protect you. In almost each case criminal social organizations are without an exit for the victim. You do not believe them anymore.

kopfschuettelnde-smilies-0003.gif von

sent by anonymous on 25 September at 4.36 pm

When you do a call job in a call center then you are obligated by the employer to watch the egg timer for five minutes. You must not look away from the egg timer because otherwise you receive warnings or you get the sack. Then there sit several employees on the couch staring at the egg timer for five minutes until the work goes on.

sent by anonymous on 21 September at 1.15 am

Some receive twenty-five supervisors and supervising attorneys at once. They are assigned to them with the aim to cause a damage in their lifes. Like that they are thrown out of the system for ever. The cause of that are people who are bored of a long-term unemployment. They join together with the aim to commit crimes. Then they act to be the state, attorneys and doctors in front of the affected persons. This is how some Bavarian courts are.

sent by anonymous on 17 September at 10.42 am

There was a mother who was brought into prison due to the birth of her child. In prison they clobbered her until she squeaked. They mobbed her in prison in the way how you do it in schools where pupils can not sustain the mobbing anymore and they start to shoot teachers and other pupils with a weapon. They acted the birth horror film and the baby nightmare in front of her. They clobbered her until they achieved to force her saying that she does not want her baby anymore. The woman was gravely injured by these treatments. After that they brought her into the animal cruelty station/ psychiatry by conscription. In this way they gave the youth welfare office new work. They should look after the child’s safety and protection.

sent by anonymous on 13 September at 18.25 pm

In the whole country there exists an agreement: Always when a human gets into a situation then only he will be thrown out. This agreement is against everything that has to do with a human. Respecting this agreement all participants join forces against the one human until only he is excluded or brought into an establishment or murdered. This agreement exists at workplaces, in schools, in public and in public institutions. This agreement has an intrinsic effect that was build up in past. This country is that much human racist that many humen do not even dare to leave their houses and apartments. They do not even dare to stay and to behave in public. The human racism has proceeded that much that no human speaks or moves at public places.

sent by anonymous on 11 September at 19.26 pm

If I published a complaint on the internet then the police would immediately send ma an illness by mail. Afterwards they would break into my apartment and they would send me to prison.

sent by anonymous on 6 September at 11.08 am

At least one time a day I am urged to show my passport. Every day I am obligated to show my passport to policemen or security men when only passing the street, sitting in the train, waiting at the airport or the bank or going by underground. Each security man and policeman makes a bee-line for me and he asks me for my passport. Then he enquires about conspicuous data by phone that are possibly saved in my passport. You must hang the opened passport in front of your chest as soon as you leave the house. Then everybody can immediately look into it.

sent by anonymous on 2 August at 0.07 am

The German state is a ridiculous liar state. Here does not exist a state. They only pretend that.

sent by anonymous on 23 August at 2.36 pm

I want to lodge the complaint that a police action means that several policemen attack and overpower a victim. Then they indicate to inject poison into his body until the victim finally becomes defenceless and silent. Several times I had to watch such situations. It was the worst that I had ever seen.

sent by anonymous on 18 August at 10.53 am

Every human who shows a noticeable behaviour in his private life or in public is obligated to receive a caregiver. This is a general agreement. In this way you incapacitate the „affected person“ and you can cause him a damage. Then they take the apartment, furnishing, accounts, marriage, money, credits, job, cars and children away from him. These decisions are made by the „caregiver“. At the end he lives on the street without money and without a job. Officially then he does not exist anymore. They have made humen become unable to survive with the help of this method. They have withdrawn them all rights that humen have at all. This method is a general agreement at the police, courts, attorneys, social welfare offices, health departments, registration offices, security services. This method is a wilful spoof at everybody who is noticeable or who bothers or who behaves. It already reaches out that someone has behaved in a noticeable way in public. Unfortunately too little humen know about that.
Do you know how to do that?: You must send a security service or policemen along the streets, train stations, public buildings. When they notice a noticeable behaviour or a human who bothers then they write those informations into the hidden electronic passport system and they forward these informations to the job centers and the apartment landlords. Then the job centers and landlord offices write the files about the affected person. He is immediately obligated by a government office to receive a caregiver. Like that the method has started and in each case it is proceeded until the final goal is reached. The regular and unstoppable procedure ends with homelessness and a disappearance of the affected person. It is unstoppable because everybody participates in lying. EVERYBODY joins the process of lying. In the course of the writing process of the government offices that obligatory results from that each and every employee paranoidely adds lies about the „affected person“ until they finally say about him or her with a wry smirk in the face: „He does not exist anymore.“ At the end all employees laugh at the the affected person. It is a general anti human euthanasia process. Actually euthanasia is the methodological extinguishing and extermination of humen who are ill and physically impaired. In our days you can use the term for everything that has to do with the human or that behaves at all. Then it is euthanasia against the human.

sent by anonymous on 15 August at 12.30 am

Here they regularly create work by murdering other humen. Here they regularly crate work by kidnapping children. Here they regularly create work by making human kidnappings. Here they regularly create work by making crimes. This is the work system in this country. This has also already been the work system in the past.

sent by anonymous on 12 August at 9.35 am

There were some mothers in our obstetrics ward that they have killed afterwards because they had born a child. At first they insinuate the mothers that they do not want to have children. Then they simply take the children away from them and they kill those mothers later. Like that they create new work for the youth welfare office.

sent by anonymous on 9 August at 2.11 am

The whole German state only consists of murderers, multi-phoneys, profession-phoneys, slit murderers, perverts, con men, savages and major criminals. If you do not participate in it then you will be thrown out. This is made with consciousness.

sent by anonymous on 7 August at 9.25 am

At the birth of our child they made complaints on us for bearing the child. They created a complicated cock and bull story about us. They insulted me and my man in the hospital by saying that we should feel ashamed to make such forbidden things. They treated us like disabled people who do not know that it is prohibited to cause such child problems. It is a shame how parents are treated in this country.

sent by anonymous on 1 August at 11.03 am

An acquaintance had got a child. At the birth they had burgled her apartment. They have kicked the apartment door to open it. Several humen in police uniforms have unexpectedly cracked down on the mother. They have intimidated her physically. They threatened to shackle her with handcluffs on the bed if she tried to refuse physically. They threatened to bring her into prison if she only raised her hands. One of them carrying a police uniform reared up in front of her and a woman without a police uniform headed for the newborn child. She fastly left the apartment with her child. The mother who had been made to a victim tried to refuse with words but the humen in police uniforms did not give her any chance to approach her child. Afterwards they called her man on the phone telling him threats of murder on the phone. They threatened in phone calls. They locked the child up for years. They locked it away from his parents for years. Then they kidnapped the mother. She could still escape. A witness confirmed that the attempted murder against the mother had only failed due to the escape. The child is lost. If you only come across these murderers and criminals one time then there is nothing and nobody who protects you against assassination attempts, orphanagings, kidnappings and thousands of cock and bull stories. This is normal daily life at „policemen“ and „offices“ in this country. The second world war is nothing in comparison to the potential of brutality, murder, swindles and crimes of not little „policemen“ and „offices. This country is that much god abandoned like no other country has ever been. This country is condemmed forever.

sent by anonymous on 29 July at 0.02 am

During fifty years of work experiences I made the experience that eighty percents of all employees have fake their certificates to get hired without having any clue of the profession. When somebody studies at a university then he can look into his future expecting to work with colleagues who know nothing about the profession having fake their graduate diplomas. I am tired of working with humen who only pretend to be professionals.

sent by anonymous on 26 July at 11.38 am

The socio-psychiatric service only consists of major criminals.

sent by anonymous on 18 July at 1.54 pm

comment on the last complaint: I have worked at the police in past. I know that there are police headquaters where no single policeman works with a previous education. There they make the agreement that they are no police. There they make the agreement that they are the destruction.

sent by anonymous on 13 July at 10.30 am

I prefer to stay anonymous.
The child was stolen and locked away from his parents on the third day of his life at a break-in of the mother’s apartment by a some German blond disabled criminals who had illegally made the agreement to do so. His parents have no chance to come into contact with the child. But when you listen to the jokes that the responsible persons like MADAME LINKE, MADAME BAYER, MISTER RASCHEWSKY, MADAME GUTTZEIT make about the „disabled“ parents then you can vomit of these jokes. The woman and her husband have tried for months to find a contact to their child. Their child still can not refuse with words or physically. It is imprisoned and abused by the responsible persons MADAME LINKE, MADAME BAYER, MISTER RASCHEWSKY, MADAME GUTTZEIT and MADAME GOLDMANN who have probably stolen the twentieth child now. They lock it away. They imprison it. They abuse it. For them it is fun. They make fun of it. They make jokes about the disabled mother and the disabled father.They torture the child that remains kidnapped without parents for many months still being unable to fight back. The father of the child already received murder threats by „official staff“ on the telephone. They make that perverse and bad jail jokes about the parents that the parents must not know about it. They want to make the child disabled to finally laugh at the parents that they have a disabled child. The child is simply stored to survive. Then they awlways lie „I am the state. I am allowed to do so.“ His mother and his husband do not arrive at the child. They are treated like a put-on. They are laughed at. The monster MADAME GUTTZEIT makes a perennial issue of the lied disability and „being badly treated“ mother victim because she vows that it has never been something bad to kidnap and abduct a child from his mother and his father for ever. The monster has already destroyed that many families that she has started to to see it as her job to kill of women and the woman in general. For many months they have made fun of having again destroyed a mother her child. MISTER HUMPHREYS belongs to the mafia disabled clique who always come together to lie that they are the central county court to finally make kidnappings and break-ins together.
What shall you do against that? How shall one defend against that? I have agreed to help them by making some publishings on facebook.

sent by anonymous on 10 July at 10.37 am

answer to the last complaint: There are solidarities for apartment houses that regularly cart their tenants off. They bring the tenants into homes for elderly persons and homes for disabled persons against their will. They do it with the aim to state officially that they have a frequent change of tenants. With a frequent change of tenants the reputation of a solidarity increases.

sent by anonymous on 8 July at 1.12 am

Here they make as bad euthanasia programs as they had made them at the end of the war. Everybody who leaves the apartment is accused of disability. Every second human is compulsory hospitalized at homes for disabled persons, elderly persons, psychologically unstable persons and prisons. You only need to make a conspiciuous reaction or to give one’s opinion. Then you already get compulsory hospitalized at a home for disabled persons. At each of my workplaces I am accused of disability. My neighbour was involuntarily sent to a home for disabled persons only because she had limped. Everybody is accused of disability who does not pass the street in clothes for rich people and who does not look spotless. „disabled“ is the word of insult number one.

sent by anonymous on 1 July at 8.35 am

All pupils get wrong marks. From the upper school on teachers give pupils wrong marks on purpose.

sent by anonymous on 26 June at 7.15 am

Comment on the last complaint: When I will become a mother one day will I also be treated like this image? Will the producer of my child also be treated like a train driver in the 5 minutes sex station? I am already looking forward to get children.

sent by anonymous on 23 June at 2.01 am

There are 5 minutes sex stations in Frankfurt at the Main where women lie behind a wall. For ten euro you can make a sexual intercourse through a hole in the wall without seeing them behind the wall. Train drivers go there during the lunch break to get a one minute sexual intercourse through a hole in a wall. This is the image of female beauty. This is the image of mothers at the majority of the people.

sent by anonymous on 22 June at 3.12 pm

In the Charité Berlin people get murdered upon consultation. They have murdered my uncle there.

sent by anonymous on 21 June at 5.20 pm

Each married couple is treated like disabled people due to the marriage. Here exists no country and no state. Everybody can do whatever he likes. Everybody can commit a crime at everybody else. Nothing and nobody protects you against that.

sent by anonymous on 18 June at 7.25 pm

The employment office often pays no amounts. The amounts arrive like small heaps with delays of up to half a year. Sometimes amounts do not arrvie at all. Some customers are thrown out of the employment office after they have been dependent of it for a too long time.

sent by anonymous on 10 June at 11.52 am

Every night policemen go with machine guns in Hanover. Every human is contacted where they have a suspicion. The intimidation lets everybody dodge.

sent by anonymous on 3 June at 11.29 am

comment on the last complaint: Due to this youth welfare office they will burn millions of humen in Germany again.

sent by anonymous on 31 May at 1.50 pm

The youth welfare office in Grünberger Straße Berlin Gesundbrunnen has never been a youth welfare office. There are the worst criminals who have ever existed in this country. There have already ended many human lifes. They are paranoid about the bitch. They make that bad crimes with mothers that you can not even speak about that. They are the worst criminals in the world. There work murderers who have never been in contact with this country. They have already abused and mistreated that many children that no parents can feel safe here.

sent by anonymous on 29 May at 9.46 am

In the banks there work employees who pass the secret bank data of customers along to every private individual on the phone.

sent by anonymous on 21 May at 10.46 am

In our district in Pankow it is normal that each parents is treated with at least one child abduction. Here are women and men who do not know their children.

sent by anonymous on 15 May at 10.47 am

In the kindergartens children are forced by educators to speak amounts of money and euros in games and conversations several times a day. When my son comes home he counts amounts of money and euros from morning to night until the dollar signs become visible in his eyes like in a cartoon.

sent by anonymous on 12 May at 8.35 am

The subject matter at schools consists of watching films for ninety percent. There are partly scenes of violence, sex and drugs in these films. Nobody dares to leave the classroom at scenes of violence and sex due to the peer pressure.

sent by anonymous on 3 May at 2 pm

Carers and nurses are professionally obligated to forced feedings and forced clearance procedures at humen in senior-citizens homes.

sent by anonymous on 22 April at 10.08 am

In prisons policemen sometimes kill humen without having a permission of the murders.

sent by anonymous on 20 April at 11.44 am

Employment contracts at enterprises can be broken by employers at any time. Workers have no possibility to refuse against the breaches of contract.

sent by anonymous on 12 April at 4.26 pm

comment on the last complaint: This problem also exists at courts of other towns in the country.

sent by anonymous on 10 April at 8.25 am

At the county court in Berlin Mitte there only work employees who are hired under the condition of the confirmation of a voluntary criminality. Almost every writing that comes from this court is fake and false made by criminals. All writings can be fakes by illegal employees.

sent by anonymous on 2 April at 4.10 pm

In the kindergartens they put those childen on the blacklist whose parents are Hartz IV (money for unemployed people) receivers. Their children are already excluded from the system in the kindergartens. They are without a chance.

sent by anonymous on 26 March at 11.04 am

At each of the six companies where I have been hired they have not even adhered to seventy percent of the wage that was promised in the contract. The promises are never true.

sent by anonymous on 21 March at 8.15 am

In the prisons there work those humen who are treated in the right way in their lifes when they are brought into prison. They rape the prisoners sexually and they beat them.

sent by anonymous on 19 March at 10.33 am

In the psychiatry humen get tortured like animals until they will remain disabled for ever. From time to time they kill somebody.

sent by anonymous on 17 March at 08.47 am

When I was eight years old there was made the attempt to make the allegation of a psychological illness at my mother. She was not ill. One afternoon there were humen in front of our apartment door and they took my mother with them. Since that day I was supervised by a youth welfare office. Some days later I got to know that my mother had died in a hospital. The psychological illness shall have been the cause of it. I gladly would have had my mother for a longer time. Since that time I have not had a mother anymore.

sent by anonymous on 15 March at 08.41 am

My child was taken from me without any reason at the age of six months. Some days after the happening I was informed by the responsibles that a car shall be driven over it. It shall have died. Yet I sense that it s still alive and that this lie was only a fake. Every help gets refused.

sent by anonymous on 13 March at 11.04 pm

At the Rudolf Steiner school where I went to they abuse children that much that they are never able anymore to start a social relation. I have been at a Rudolf Steiner school where I often got penalted for my personality. These are no schools…

sent by anonymous on 12 March at 04.05 pm

An acquaintance had made a professor title. He started to teach at the university as a professor. After some months there appeared fake doctors and fake psychologists in front of his house door and they took him with them. He was brought into prison with the accusation of paranoid schizophrenia. According to the statements by the policemen he had died in prison.

sent by anonymous on 11 March 2020 at 12.39 am

There has been war in this country since 2016. The cause is the unlimited amount of criminality at offices, authorities, police offices, courts and further state organs. Only those get hired who participate in the inofficial criminality and who join the „evil“. Complaints and refusals are treated with imprisonments, murders and accusations of „paranoid schizophrenia“ written by fake doctors. It has also become a general rule at courts, police offices and lawyer’s offices here that no single trained nor qualified or at least educated is hired but only and exceptionless long term unemployed persons without any education nor knowledge about the job or the profession (fake judges, fake lawyers, fake policemen, fake youth welfare office employees, fake doctors, fake social workers) who join the criminals and the „evil“ to rescue themselves from the jobcenter or from future problems with paying their apartment rentals. There does not exist a state here. No single law of the law books and right books exists anymore. It is normal to get to know that children get kidnapped from their parents by fake policemen. It is normal to get to know that old humen get carted away and that they get murdered later. It is normal to get to know that humen vanish regurlarly. It is normal to get to know that each company lies, defrauds and does not consider any law. Yet it is not made open to the public because this criminality is caused by the state organs and the employees who belong to them.

sent by anonymous on 11 March 2020 at 8.32 am

There had been made a mobbing at the school where our daughter went to that made her flee from this country. Our daughter was nineteen years old. She was thin and attractive when she left the country moving to a more Northern country because she could not sustain the mobbing at her school anymore.