doctors in Berlin – by anonymous

„War is the destruction of privacy.“

A human passes a street in Berlin. A medical doctor sees him passing the street. The view of the foreign walking human makes the medical doctor write unrequested texts about his psyche and his life situation in a medical report. He sends the medical report to courts and public offices. After having written the first medical report he adds a second one. In the report there are statements on the psyche and partnership, relations to parents and friends and the health in the past of this human. Some weeks after the human has passed the street in Berlin he receives an unexpected letter from the court. In the letter of the court there is written:

„paranoid schizophrenia on spec, homelessness, social isolation, problem with the mother“

The human senses fear when he receives the letter from the court. He has the anticipation that his privacy would get destroyed and his properties would be taken away from him. He answers the letter from the court plenty of times with contradictions.

„false suspicion“
„consideration of the privacy“
„consideration of the pledge of secrecy“

All his letters are ignored. They remain unanswered. He gets to know that foreign doctores have interviewed his family, acquaintances, job collegues about his financial status, properties in his apartment, psychological problems in past, fears and world views. He sends several letters to the court where he writes:

„false suspicion“
„consideration of the privacy“
„consideration of the pledge of secrecy“

Several weeks later there appear some doctors in front of his door in the early morning. They tell him that they are doctors and judges who are obliged to make legal actions and meetings at his door. They do not reach him in front of his apartment. He receives a letter from the court where there is written:

„You are supervised by a requested supervisor from the court.“

A supervisor immeadiately causes the closure of his private bank accounts. As reasons of his actions he writes:

„The supervisor has to make the life decisions for this human.“
„paranoid schizophrenia on spec“

Some weeks later there is an unannounced visit of the police, official auxiliaries and a doctor in front of his apartment door. They remove the lock of his door and they open two more locks at the door. Arriving at his apartment they encounter him and his wife intimately lying in the bed. The police shows him a writing where there is written:

„judical fast resolution“
„to be immeadiately executed“
„reason: paranoid schizophrenia“

The human is brought to the psychiatry by the police. There he refuses with words. His complaints are interpreted as a confirmation of paranoid schizophrenia. They doctors provide him medicinally to calm him down. Some time later he is brought into prison due to a further suspicion that he receives in a written way. In the letter from the court there is written:

„disability on spec“
„to be immeadiately checked“

The police in the prison gives this human indications and hints that the imprisonment and the forced stay in the locked-ward psychiatry were only pretended.

„We all know that this suspicion is only a pretending.“

They tell him that he had no debt. Yet he was obligated to sustain the detention until the end. They do not inform him about the time of his stay.

This example is one of many examples that describe the situation of many people from Berlin. They are the same happenings that have taken place in the second world war. They broke into the apartments because the suspicion of paranoid schizophrenia should be checked. Due to these suspicions they took the children, apartments, bank accounts, properties and the freedom away from the humen. Finally they were sent to concentration camps like that in Munich Dachau. There they got a detention, gasification or other kinds of deaths. Without anticipation such letters from the court can arrive at each human in Berlin.

One of those complicit medical doctors or in other words one of the „doctor death“ of the twenty-first century is doctor Humphreys from Berlin. He pursues foreign humen on the public street to send false suspicions on purpose to courts and public offices. Medical reports that are many pages long have been written with this method where less than 2 % of these statements have a truth value.

War is the destruction of privacy. There is war for many people from Berlin. This war is not announced because the laws allow the violation of human and private rights with false lies. Each human from Berlin can receive such a letter by a foreign doctor or a foreign court at every time. The laws were written. Yet there is no court that considers the existence rights, animal rights, humen rights and private rights. There is no single court in Berlin where the following rights are recognized by a single judge:

right to life
right of dignity
right of privacy
right of social sphere
right of freedom of opinion
right of religious freedom
right of maximum privacy
right of private property

The majority of the judges in Berlin have joined the inofficial agreement that the evil will win or that the animal rights, human rights and private rights do not need to be considered.

If somebody writes or speaks about these cicumstances or if somebody complaints about it in a private, public or virtual context then he or she is treated with forced stays in the locked-ward psychiatry or arrest warrants. Reasons for these arrest warrants can be:

„paranoid schizophrenia“

Many people from Berlin have the same destiny like persecuted people in the second world war. The laws and rights only exist in a written way. Human lifes get destroyed when passing the public street. For this reason it is given the well meaning advise to not remain freely on the public street in Berlin. An unexpected letter by the court or a medical report with a request of a fast execution can also be the result at you. The life of many people from Berlin started to end in this way.