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1. introduction
2. on earth
3. in the cosmos
4. in the paradise
5. reading comprehension – What is a pilgrimage? What is hitchhiking?


Excerpts from the book pilgrimage in Europe, a social web Europe, hospitality in Europe, a scientific definition of the erm from the above and the development of an Aryan to a bitch and more works are given in this menu issue.

Elios Schastél (artist)

on earth

1. pilgrimage through Europe (book excerpts) by Elios Schastél

in this book I write about the experiences which gained on my pilgrimages. In conversations with acquaintances I realized that the tradition of making a pilgrimage is not very well known in our days. For this reason I give a short introduction of what a pilgrimage is. Afterwards you find excerpts from the book. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

What does it mean to go on a pilgrimage?

The tradition of going on a pilgrimage goes back for hundreds of years and is to retrace on diverse continents. A pilgrimage in the original meaning was a way which was made to a holly place with religious backgrounds where a pilgrim starts to make an inner trip. Related with that it has no meaning whether he walks, hitchhikes, takes a boat or a mule. The only pursue is to reach the holy place (with the religious meaning) or the goal (with the spiritual meaning). A pilgrim can also be understood as a person who starts looking for something in the outland. It was my experience that at the ending of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty first century there are always less pilgrims in Europe to find who go on a pilgrimage with religious but much more with spiritual backgrounds.

pilgrimage and travelling through Europe

With five thousand kilometers I passed Europe on foot (October 2014). Only the alpines I passed with a bike. At the age of eighteen I went on my first trip. Every year it took me to the outland. Being arrived on foot I hitchhiked back to my hometown Berlin. The first trip I started as a seeker in the second world. The eighths trip ended with entering the first world. The ninth trip brought me to the turns of the twice mirrored hyperbola.

first trip France

June 2009

18 years

passed places
Paris Orléans Tours Poitiers Saintes Bordeaux Rion des Landes Saint-Jean-Pied-de Port

about 1000 km

sleeping bag, camping mat, compass, clasp knife, clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, purse

making boarder experiences to gain wisdom

the path is the aim
finding the center

second day between Paris and Orléans

This morning I left the town. I needed to get in direction to south. Orléans was my goal and the compass showed south south east. While walking the exhaustion took my limbs still more. I had imagined to conquer this path in a much easier way thinking that I would arrive at Orléans in a maximum of two days. Realizing that I must have estimated this challenge wrongly I started to get doubts. I looked at the sun presuming that it must have been noonday. I continued walking and in far distance I saw the gates of the TGV. Supposing that it led me in direction to Orléans I watched some trains which passed every half an hour in direction to the horizon with a speed of 200 km per hour. Feeling that my feet became havier the bodys’ strength dissoluted. Passing a field I approached them. They which seemed to go into infinity. An idea occured to me. If I wanted to get to Orléans more effectively I only needed to follow the gates. My thoughts drifted away while turning to the right to move to Orléans.

second trip Spain

June 2010

19 years

passed places
Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port Burgos Leon Santiago de Compostela Kap Finisterra

about 900 km

pilgrims’ passport purse sleeping bag underwear drinking bottle

finding the center
retreat into the nature

believe love patience

nineteenth day Santiago de Compostela

Sitting in front of an accommodation for pilgrims and having the sun close to me I am looking down at Santiago city. Its cathedrals, little church towers and industrial buildings represent an architecture with a contrast of two centuries.. There are the remains of an ending century being related to the urge for knowledge and guidance in the town center. At the outskirts I can find the architecture of a coming century being related to technology and spirituality. My thoughts start to drift away. After several time I return to reality.

third trip England, France, Switzerland, Italy

20 years

passed places
Canterbury Dover Calais Reims Châlons-en-Champagne Yverdon-les-Bains Lausanne Martigny Aosta Pavia Lucca Siena Viterbo Rom

about 1700 km

purse sleeping bag 3,5 kg protein powder clothes cutlery small bowl


giving and taking

thirty second day – close to Rom

“Do you know what a bitch is? The bitch is situated in the heart. Her origin is in the center where there is the sun. This means that the sun is the bitch. To carry it the in the heart means to be a bitch, too. It must never be treated wrongly because it is sensitive and filled with love.” The way some people look at me here I get much more the impression that they are of the opinion that a bit would be a material sexual object.

thirty fourth day – Rome

What have I learned on this path? It is the appreciation of interpersonal closeness. Moreover, the relation between giving and taking has taken my consideration at this paths’ ending. The motive has arised to give other humen. The wish to give more than I have received becomes stronger.

fifth trip Italy

May 2013

21 years

passed places
Imola Firenze Viterbo Siena Rom

about 500 km

clothes purse sleeping bag

search for the personality

finding the moment

This diary extract includes a period of two years.

second day at Firenze

I have no sensation. The coldness is perceivable inside of me. It takes my whole body. Everything is cold. Everything is empty and black. Inside of me it is black. The blackness has its origin in my belley. I have the sensation of falling into a gap and not being able to move out from it anymore. I am falling into the darkness. I am constantly falling deeper into the loss of myself. The coldness is sensable. It takes my whole body. It becomes colder and I am starting to become scared. I am starting to have panic to not find myself anymore. Who am I? Where is my earlier me? I am calling my name: “Elisabeth?” There is no answer inside of me. “ELISABETH?”

In this diary excerpt I mentioned an illness which is hardly investigated. In the book which will soon be published in German I will write about this illnesses’ causes, symptoms, methods of treatment and courses of the disease.

seventh trip Sweden

August 2014

22 years

passed places
Malmö Halmstad Falkenberg Göteburg

about 300 km

sleeping bag winter clothes purse

inner reopening


seventh day between Halmstad and Falkenberg

While walking I was in contemplation and I just got to know that making a pilgrimage is evaluated as working in the justice system of the first world. I did not understand what was meant with it.
Thus I asked: “Why?”
The answer was: “Because you give.”
Then I asked: “In which way do I give? Shell suffering mean giving? What is the advantage?”
The answer was: “Suffering means giving to the outside world. It is a way of working. The one who willingly gives by sufferance reduces the endurance of sufferance in the outside world.”
I mentally convey the outside world to the humen and I shout: “I destroy my body to give.”

eighth trip Romania Slovenia Croatia

July to August 2014

23 years

passed places
Maibach Ptuj Zagreb

about 320 km

At this part of the book I will give a recommendation of a pilgrimages’ luggage.

trip to my origin

self realization in the other world

sixth day Lenart

I have the convincement that exceptionless each illness is curable.

tenth day in the mountains of Croatia

The seven mirrored final realization of the ego I will hang in front of the green triangle which is directed to the earth and the sky. With that a further waist of self is made impossible.

The believe and the logics which is connected with it founds the possibility of the believes’ reality.

ninth trip

Sitting at my desk I am writing on an argument for my studies which is about a prove of gods’ existence. I have been busy for hours forgetting what was happening in front of my windows’ apartment. The meaning of my arguments’ words echoed in the rooms of my apartment when an undefinable Aura started to spread in my vicinity. I started feeling observed. Fast movements were sensible in the room. At my argument they stopped moving. Some seconds passed until I could perceice the words: “You must not do that.”


The book will be published by Paramon-Verlag in September 2015 as a paperback and an e-book.

2. hospitality in Europe by Elios Schastél

the report of a pilgrimage from heiligen Gotthard to Rome with an excursion to Napoli

In fourteen days I went from Gotthard to Rome by bike. There was one day addition when I stayed at a host family. The pilgrimage ended with an excursion to Napoli. In the following report I present the lighting moments and thoughts of the trip. The hospitalities which resulted and those which I developed further are given in field reports and introspectives.

day 0

I went to Zurich by bus. The path would start close to Gotthard. For this tour I had the guiding principle: „I destroy my body to give the humen.“ This goal means an act of self cleanification of all the negativity that has developed inside of me in past. It gives the health of my inner being and my earlier sattisaction back to me. For this reason I do it one more time on this trip.

day 1 – Rothenturm close to Gotthard

Going up the mountains by bike the despair arised inside of me because the decreasing amount of oxygen in the air made my heart almost exploding that my with this connected center opened more and more and my emotions started flowing.


Today I entered a church. Sitting down on a bench it I started seeing Puff after some time. In front of my inner window there was a world card starting to emerge and I tried to order him in history and find his successor. Stopping in Persia I discovered an instrument that betrayed the structure of the other world.

day 2

„For me god is perceivable in the basis and the heart. I can sense him with the trust of the basis and the resulting warmth in the heart which has the origin is in the center. The cause for these sensations can be the receival of gifts.“


Yesterday, I sang in a church and I approached the pigeon on the top over the altar with my singing. It sent me a glimming view that came from the heart. I thought: „The aristocracy is placed in the area behind the heart. It is characterized by a high intelligence which is connected with a potential access to the voice of god.“


I was rejected at a church because I wanted to stay there for the night. I wonder for which reason a peller is not seen as a peller but as somebody having less value.


Without having prepared myself I climbed up the Gotthard from Rothenburg by bike in two days arriving at the host family Biondina in Bellinzona which I got to know on my earlier trips in Switzerland. I visited them making a conversation and giving them the flyers of my book pilgrimage in Europe and one more host gift. After some time we said good bye and I moved in direction to Lago Maggiore were I finally arrived at Italy.

Cari amici,

era un grande piacere di avere fatto la vostra connoscenza. Se proseguessi il contatto mi fareste una grande gioia quando ci rivederemo una volta in futuro. Vi scriverò a volte quando ho delle novità di mia vita. Vi saluto con calore.


a path leads through the valley to light
Elisabeth Schastél (picture)

day 4

The idea occured to me to go as far as my strengths are able to carry me. I was willing to go by bike until the next morning. I went the whole day long having started at Bellinzona in the morning. At about half past two o’clock I arrived at Cavaglia‘ being in exhaustion. The family Calogero who are acquintances close to Aosta valley was already expecting me. I gave them my host gift and I spent one day together with them until we finally said good by in the next morning.

day 5


day 6

Staying in the church of Borgofranco d’ Ivrea I realized that the inner illness which I have had is caused when a person has reached to much inner maturity. I suddenly remembered that I was on a pilgrimage several years ago when I perceived the voice of IT and I started having the same sensation inside of me like I have had at that time. In contrast to the last time it was understood that it must not absolutely be something bad when somebody has reached too much inner maturity as long as the knowledge that has been acquired by maturing is not used to damage. For this reason the sensation was taken away from me a short time later.

day 7

Being arrived at San Rocco I found a place of pilgrimage close to the Via Francigena. I encountered a pastor who was one of the little church members so far who treated me without prejudices due to my state of being a peller. His honesty and the values of his believe were realizable in his eyes. My heart has opened a bit more due to his impartiality.

day 8

I thought about heaven and hell as well as I thought about good and bad and I had the realization that those creatures come from heaven whose character has specific attributes in the heart. Its original strength is in the center. „For this reason I wonder why actors are mostly not treated with regard in the cultural context where I come from. The realization of good and evil is not identical with the goodness and evilness itself. You can not find the goodness at only one physical level. You can not find the badness at only one physical level but at every level of the being there are the potential attributes of both opposites. For this reason I would not condemn only red or only green but I would much more have the insight that the potentials of Ying and Yang are existent at every level.“

day 10

I went in direction to Pontederra where I encountered Massimo. I enjoyed it so much and I found it wonderful that the people from this mentality make compliments with sincerety and with genuinity. They expressed emotions with honesty in front of me and they treated me without prejudices due to my appearance. When I passed the villages and towns they looked into my eyes with warmth. I saw warmth in the views of many people whom I encountered. This surprised me because I did not wear a black jacket and my hair was not tied up. When I watched the people in their way of social interaction and when I red the language of their eyes then I realized a sensation of community and a believe in moralic values which are more present in this culture than in the culture where I come from.

mystical beauty & sensual freedom
Elisabeth Schastél (picture)

day 11

I found myself close to the village Pozzolatico and a memory arouse inside of me. It was a memory from several months ago when I created the door. In front of my inner window I start passing a hill where there is situated a school. I go further approaching a path that is accompanied by trees until I finally arrive at the almost unknown door where I can see the constant light of the sun behind it.


In Siena I found a place of pilgrimage where I stayed with four men for the night coming from different cultures. We spent the dinner together having a conversation with compromises of the German, the English and the Italian language.

day 12

In the running of the weeks my thoughts focused more and more on the empirical happenings. Going by bike on long-distance travels made it difficult to enter spiritual horizons because of being busy with the satisfaction of ones own motives.


I sensed the effects of the guiding principle which I had given myself on this trip. Perceiving how my heart opened and how the emotions of the center started flowing warmly together with this. These sensations let me perceive one of those sensations of love.


I stayed in a church for the night. I heard voices and I was hardly able to sleep. In the next morning I continued my trip.

day 13

I appreciated the hospitality in the Tuscany and in the Latium.

day 14 – Rome

When I passed La Storta today it was my first aim to visit the Basilica di San Pietro and to obtain a Via Francigena diploma.

diploma for pellers of the Via Francigena

charity & community
Elisabeth Schastél (picture)

day 15

Passing Rome by bike I went along the Colosseo. Seeing the outlines and the height of the tiers I imagined the center. Thinking about antique speakers and performers who must have had such a strong imagination that their words did not only reach the highest tiers of the humen but also the seat of the gods when speaking about their happenings. I thought: „I would much more prefer to watch a play where I get informed about the humens politics whose happenings base on the gods happenings to get a holistic understanding of current circumstances than to enter one of the Berlin theaters at the beginning of the twenty-second century were I have the selection of the titles „ass fuck barf“, „meat of the can“ or „cat dejection“ or where I can see masturbating actors on stage without having any understanding of the directing in the piece. If it was spoken about the gods happenings by understanding performers then I would not see myself forced to enter a play with a contence that does not look further than the contences of the evening news on the television screen in a director‘s theater where actors are seen as craftsmen who can not understand more than the sensations of their body.“


My first night in Rome I stayed at the spedale della Provvidenza di San Giacomo e San Benedetto Labre. It is one of those places of pilgrimage where pellers who have made the Via Francigena are welcome and were they can participate in a ritual ceremony of sanctifying the peller‘s legs. The members and I made a conversation and I was asked to make a speech in English. I made a speech about the pilgrimages which I have made, cultural differences and my book pilgrimage in Europe in front of the pellers and the members.

day 16

I investigated Rome. The churches and monuments which I saw I gladly present you.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

Basilica di San Lorenzo

Basilica di San Giovanni

Basilica di San Paolo

Basilica di Santa Croce

Scala Santa

I also wanted to visit the Basilica di San Marco but unfortunately I found another church which had the same title to take pictures of it. I did not get it.

day 16

On my last day at Rome I made the aquintance with Mister Piccioni whose sincere hospitality and genuine way of being strengthened my believe in the basical goodness of humanity. With him I made the experience of an unexpected nice ending of my trip.

day 17 & 18

The last experience was a short excursion to Napoli by bike. One night I stopped at Sperlonga where I stayed outside over night because the possibilities of my student status were exhausted.

in front of the sun

I will keep the same intent like I had on this trip: „I will reach the goal without making any amoralic action carrying the guiding principle of taking and giving inside of me.“

pilgrimage in Europe

In my book pilgrimage in Europe you can read about the pilgrimages which I made in past. The given report is neither comparable with it in content nor is it comparable in writing style. You can find excerpts in the main menu issue pilgrimage in Europe (book excerpts). It will be published in German as a paperback and an e-book in September 2015 by Paramon-Verlag.

recommendations of accommodations for pellers on the via Francigena from Siena to Rome in twelve days

Siena (first day)

accoglienza santa Luisa

address: via san Girolamo 8 close to the piazza del sole

Ponte d’Arbia (second day)

centro cresti

address: S. S. Cassia at the village exit

San Quirico d’Orcia (third day)

ostello parrocchiale della collegiata

address: piazza chigi 1 next to the church

Radicofani (fourth day)

rifugio comunale “A.Gestri”

piazza A. Garibaldi 2 on the right side next to the church

Aquapendente (fifth day)

la casa del pellegrino

via Roma 51

Montefiascone (sixth day)

parrocchia di Montefiascone

close to the village entrance on the right side

Viterbo (seventh day)

parrocchia S. Andrea apostolo

piazza sant Andrea close to the porta di piano scarano o del carmine

Vetralla (eighth day)

parrocchia san Francesco

piazza Vittorio Emanuele

Sutri (ninth day)

accoglienza oasi di pace

via delle Viole 15

Campagnano di Roma (tenth day)

parrocchia s. Giovanni Battista

via Dante Aleghieri 7

la Storta (eleventh day)

istituto suore Poverelle

via Baccarica 5

Rome (twelfth day)

suore santa Brigida

piazza Farnese 96

“Buon camino!”

3. social web earth by Elios Schastél

hitchhiking – a way to reach the goal

The world equator has been surrounded two times and a half to reach targets.


May it be the fulfilment of an artistic work that shall be realized in nature atmosphere that is not findable at the place of residence, reaching the first place of a pilgrimage that is made to reach the inner maturation process or to satisfy spiritual curiosity, acting training, the pleasure to make conversations in different cultures, the curiosity about gaining the experience of finding differences in attitudes and social actions or more purposes. It is always the purpose to reach an ideational goal.


  • positive conversation


In below you find the routes that have been made. They were partly made more times.

Paris – Berlin
Rom – Guča
Bellinzona – Berlin
Aosta – Zurich
Khao Lak – Bangkok
Berlin – Mont Blanc
Sperlonga – Rom
Vevey – Berlin
Jerusalem – Tel Aviv-Yafo
Ivrea – Florence
Grand Saint Bernard – Bellinzona
Rom – Ancona
Berlin – Vienna
Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port – Paris
Zurich – Aosta
Berlin – Bukarest
Berlin – Guča
London – Edinburgh
Tel Aviv-Yafo – Kafarnaum
Budapest – Ptuj
Trento – Rom
Aadorf – Grand Saint Bernard
Milano – Gressoney-Saint-Jean
Florence – Berlin
Berlin – Hannover
Bellinzona – Vevey
Gothenburg – Berlin
Zargreb – Berlin
Frederikshavn – Berlin
Ivrea – Lugano
Ivry-sûr-Seine – Berlin
Munich – Berlin
Vienna – Zurich
Berlin – Iverdon-les-Bains
Edinburgh – Fort William
Dachau – Berlin
Berlin – Laax
Berlin – Florence
Jerusalem – Tel Aviv
Berlin – Jena
Berlin – Charleroi
Bourg-saint-Pierre – Basel
Berlin – Leipzig
Berlin – Siena
Berlin – Munich
Trento – Sperlonga
Kinnereth – Jerusalem
Buchenwald – Berlin
Berlin – Frankfurt
Ivrea – Prato
Berlin – Aosta valley¹
Berlin – Trento
Fort William – London
Berlin – Warsaw
Dead Sea – Jerusalem
Berlin – Vienna
Basel saint-Jean-pied-de-port
Forte di Bard – Aosta
Berlin – Paris
Berlin – Hamburg
Florence – Zurich
Geneva – Bourg-saint-Pierre
Berlin – Guča²
Cape Finisterre – Berlin³
Berlin – Falkenberg (Sweden)
Gressoney-La-Trinité – Cavaglià
Berlin – Bindlach
München – Frankfurt am Main
Liddes – Lausanne
Berlin – Radeburg
Bergamo – Aosta
Berlin – Sandhausen
saint-Jean-pied-de-port – Pamplona
Berlin – Bergamo
Pamplona – Geneva
Berlin – Friedberg
Berlin – Nimburg
Berlin – Lides
Berlin – Donnas

There developed a way of more than 120’100,00 km that were hitchhiked. Ways that have been made several times are not mentioned. They are included in the counted number.


¹ via Zürich or Trento
² via München or Budapest
³ via Paris

redommendation for trips

appreciation & sponsoring

There are options in the menu issue news to show ones appreciation.

in the cosmos

1. above being by Elios Schastél

In the running of diverse conversations in my social background and while watching social habits and interactions in public I started thinking about what the term „being from the above“  means. After years of reflections and analyses I have developed answers which I gladly share with other humen.

a basic definition of the terms „from the above“ and „from down there“

From the above are those kinds of characters whose attitudes, intentions of actions and character attributes are connected with the term good¹. From down there are those characters whose attitudes, intentions of actions and character attributes are connected with the term bad.

¹This word is used as a synonym for the term positive. It is also connected with the term fair.

further attributes to recognize a person that is from the above

  • some of those people can be recognized by their look
  • In almost every case they are recognizable by the content of their eyes. In almost every case you can sense the being from the above in a positive aura
  • you must speak with the person to get to know their attitudes and intentions of actions

(regular) inner development of a person who is from the above

  • birth
    They have no bad attributes in their character.

  • at an age of about twenty years
    Specific potentials of their heart area start to open.

  • at an age of about thirty years
    specific potentials of their forehead start to open.

In the running of their development the contrary zodiac signs of their original character develop inside of them.

typical features in a partnership relation (examples)

  • trust


  • fantasy & imagination

differentiation between a human and a person that is from the above by means of an interpretation of the story of Adam & Eva

Adam and Eva were sons of god. Carrying the sun in the heart they lived in the paradise which is the heaven were there is peace and harmony. Adam was an Aries and a Sagittarius and Eva was a Gemini and a Sagittarius. They deeply loved each other sensing one’s own inner mirroring in the image of the partner. In the paradise there was everything included from trust, sexuality, emotionality, empathic love, imagination to the entrances of other worlds. Every entity in the paradise spent the timelessness in mutual peace and Adam and Eva walked through every level of the heavenly allness in luckiness uniting each other in luminous ecstasy from time to time. There was a level in the paradise where there was nothing except of a tree that had a crown with that many branchs and a basis with that deep roots that they reached the borders of the paradise. There were many apples hanging on the tree and in each apple there were hidden all the truths about the structures of the paradise. God who appreciated the light which Adam and Eva carried inside and who did not want that they approached his intelligence prohibited them to eat the fruits of the tree. Adam accepted the will of god and he stayed away from the fruits but Eva approached the tree one day and she found a snake meandering close to its trunk. The snake started to speak with her and it made her curious about taking an apple. She cropped one. Then she went to Adam and let him try it first. The moment when he tasted the fruit the whole sky started to open in front of his inner window. The light of his center were there was placed the unity started to break into diversity. He tasted a bit more and suddenly the twice mirrored hyperbola started to open in front of him. After him it was Eva’s turn. She tasted a bit then she looked down at her body and fort he first time she realized her own nakedness. Starting to see something bad in it the feeling of shame was arising inside of her and she covered herself with a leaf. A short time later god got to know about these happenings inside of Adam and Eva. The destruction of the center were there ist he origin of light and the realization that there is also a badness next to the goodness made him shocked in a quality that he violated them from the heavenly paradise that they fell from he above down to earth and became human whose characteristics was the awareness. Adam and Eva started to dress themselves with wall streat wear and they created a public persona because they wanted to be appreciated as socially adapted, reasonable and compatible and not be hurt for the skills of their center among the other humen who spreaded in a civilized world. With the realization and a with that connected seperation from unity into the goodness and the badness the unjustice started. The previous heavenly pair Adam and Eva fell down on earth were they started sleeping with each other without the sensations of their heart area and their center. The life of a bitch and a faggot was extinguished and became a part of the biblical cyrcle.

examples of historically significant people

Jesus Christ
Dalai Lama
Liza Minelli
Jeanne d‘Arc
George W. Bush
Marilyn Monroe
queen Elisabeth from Schottland

reading matter

For further informations you can obtain my book a pilgrimage in Europe  which will be published in German as an e-book and as a paperback by Paramon-Verlag in September 2015.

2. Aryan by Elios Schastél

3. a bitch by Elios Schastél

justice – a definition

Some years ago I was visiting an acquintance and I saw a pendulum on the table. Watching it an interest was emerging inside of me. I stayed for a while wondering about the cause for its movements, for how long it would swing and which principles I could deviate from it. I looked at the form of its movements and I started to draw a graphic. I put a plus and a minus at the orbit’s endpoints that belonged to the pendulum’s movements. At the point where the pendulum was motionless I put a zero as a sign.

Seeing the pendulum’s orbit I imagined a galaxy’s orbit. Continuing to think about the pendulum’s secret principles I determined some basic terms. These were terms of mathematics, physics, astronomy and spirituality.


You find more backgrounds of this table in the tolamsoq language that I put into the menu issue the being.

At that point where negative and positive were placed I saw the extents of energy in the physical context. In the spiritual context there were refindable in emotions. Emotions were refindable in the sun. The pendulum’s zero point was placed at the orbit’s center. I found its connection with the physical, astronomical and spiritual context by opening a third dimension in my graphic.

Seeing the zero point in my graphic I found it there were the sun in the galaxy was placed. The sun was a star. I used my imaginations and I extended the graphic in front of me by seeing one more galaxy in an intergalactic connection. I drew one more graphic.

The star was determined by the ability of empathy in the spiritual context what I knew from the tolamsoq language that I had developed in an empirical and theoretical realization process  before. The sun was determined by emotions. When the sun’s emotions and the star’s empathy come together then there is love.
(I treated this topic in the story pillars of human’s striving in the menu issue the being.)

emotional empathy of galaxy 1 = love (inside one galaxy)
emotion of galaxy 1 + emotion of galaxy 2 + empathy  = love between two galaxies

The emotions were placed in the sun. Furthermore, I thought about the ways of how love could take place between two galaxies and I concluded the equation in below.

sun of galaxy 1 + sun of galaxy 2 + (imaginative) empathy = love between two galaxies

The pendulum’s continuous movement (emotion/ energy) would be without limit if there was not the negative energy that holds it back. The continuous change between them is the development of new galaxies. The realization of the principle of balance of emotions means the realization of justice. I concluded a definition of justice.

Justice is the balance of emotions (of different forms) that is given in an equivalence of quality and quantity.

I tried to find practical examples to check my definition’s correctness.

example 1

  • I give you my sheep and therefore you give me three hectare of your country.

example 2

  • The baker bakes his bread and he receives wage.

  • example 3

I sing a song for you and you play a tragical scene for me.

The goods can be changed between the examples.

The good’s quality and the quantity must be equivalent for a fair change. Without this equivalence there is no justice. Quality has the first priority. Quantity hast he second priority because the value of a good with quality is higher than the value of many goods without quality.

a story about the biblical figures god and the paradise

The paradise was the heaven. One day among many days of heavenly allness she felt the need  to give and she flew down from heaven to give her emotions to the humen. She arrived at the tower of Babel at the Alexanderplatz of Berlin. In front of a crowd of people she started to play. She played Jean d’Arc when she had heard the voice of god. She played Kleopatra when she founded the sun realm. She played Marilyn Monroe when she sang the song after you get what you want you don’t want it in the movie there is no business like show business. The people who passed her considered her with a short view and then they went on with an ambiguous facial expression.

Paradise became sad. Inside of her the motive to give did not vanish. It increased every day. After her first act there followed more. It was her greatest wish to give as much of her emotions as it was possible. None of the passer-by understood her inner need. One day when she was in her sadness she went into a wood. In the wood’s center she found a big mirror. She looked into the mirror. After a short time she started to dance (You can find her dance in the film beke dancec present Schastél under In the mirror there was god looking at her. He liked the dance that paradise made in the center of the wood. After paradise had completed her last movement she realized that god had watched her with pleasure. Looking into the mirror she saw his look resting on her. Then he spoke: „May I see more of your emotions?“ Paradise sensed an inner curance flowing in her sun and her star when she heard these words. Then she slowly started to play for him. At the beginning she did it with shy movements. After some time her movements became more self confident. She played Salome when she had spoken with Jochanaan’s head. She played Dalai Lama when he found his inner enlightenment and she played Desdemona when she beseeched Othello to believe her that she had been honest to him. God felt pleasure when seeing the greatness of the paradise’s emotions and he recognized himself in it. At any time when she finished a scene he told her his appreciation. Paradise was happy about his words and in the course of time they fell in love with each other. When she looked into the mirror she received the love that she had looked for. In an imaginative act of cosmic unification they gave each other their mutual love. A new star was created and paradise flew back into heaven. They found each other in heaven again and she lived the rest of her life on his side. She became happy in her heavenly existence. Every day she played the bitch for him and many more intergalactic emotional unifications took place. On the last day before the heaven closed she spoke for justice.

definition of the term bitch

A bitch (spiritual term) is a person who is characterized by by emotional empathy and the cnosciousness of the pure moral virtue. She believes in justice, moral values and god. Yet her real believe is esoterics and the respect for the Ten Commandments. She is an Aryan who has reached spiritualization by having bewared the purity of the soul. Her appearance is featured by beauty and attractiveness. The combination of her clothes is connected with higher levels of abstraction then those of the human meaning levels. She has an artistic being. Furthermore the capabilities of imagination and empathy are strong. In the running of her life she perceives the contents of the cosmos with the help of her imaginations. She has a problem with matter and time because they do not contain any positive values. In a cosmic understanding she is the diamond that developed from a risen Gemini and Sagittarius until all contents of the universe are included in him. Only the Gemini always has the poriential of the Aryan race and only when the Gemini is risen enough to spiritualize it has become a bitch. The sign of the Zoudiac Gemini is connected with the goal spiritualization. The bitch is the term for the spiritualized Gemini and Sagittarius who carries the paradise (sign of Zoudiac balance) inside of him. He only has the elements fire and air. The elements water and earth are not given.

definition (esoteric)

A bitch is the human representative of the paradise and the rising morning star who has made the inner maturation process until he has arrived outside of the zodiac circle and he has become a spoksprout. The term is connected with the term of the Jewish being, Aryan being and the archaryan being because it includes the sign of the zodiac Gemini who comes from outside the zodiac circle having the astrological attributes of the sun and the star inside of it. Even if this inner being is scientifically hardly provable there are historical and biblic personalities who are commonly seen in connection with this term. Some of them are for example personalities of the family tree of Adam and Eve (e.g. Isaac, Jesus Christus, David, Adam and Eve).


The definition of this term must be treated in an esoterical context because it can only be completely explained in connection with attributes and potentials of the inner being respectively attributes of the soul.

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in the paradise

1. astro type – a bitch goes on an astral journey by Elios Schastél

The story developed from diary excerpts like for example pilgrimage diaries that were written from 2013 until 2015. In 2016 they were revised and extended. Publishers are welcome. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.


The rising morning star goes on a journey through the cosmos. He passes the twice mirrored hyperbola, protection gods, circles of advise, intergalactic staircases of realization and broader dimensions on his way. At the end he recognizes a system in the cosmos. Flying back to the earth he gives it to other humen in arts and sciences.

1. studies before the journey through the cosmos

For eighteen years the gods in the cosmos have watched the rising morning star maturing on earth. Since he was born it was foreseen that he would have a painful, tragical childhood. Being misunderstood and lonely he would spend his teenage years until he would start to see the twice mirrored hyperbola inside of him and he would make the inner maturation process a second time. Having arrived at the highest level of consciousness he would leave himself and start a journey that would bring him via images and other dimensions to the highest gods. On his way he would start to investigate the cosmic system until he would travel back to the earth where he would convey the system in arts and sciences. Knowing that he had a biblical destiny the gods watched him in the sky while he made his way in a human’s life. The rising morning star was finishing his school life and he started to study. Reading Ptolemy, Plato, Aristotle, Hegel and texts about esthetics he made notes on the teachings of the old wise men until shapes and structures developed on his mind and images occasionally appeared in front of his spiritual eyes that he finally transferred to sketches.


Since his early teenage years sketches and scriptures that were similar to those that are given were developed. They were results of his philosophical thoughts and his own imaginative worlds. Being full of curiosity he travelled through Europe before and during his studies. He went through natures in many countries of Europe and he tried to find his own philosophy. He spoke with human of many mentalities and cultures and he started to understand their think-ing and behaviour patterns. He went in churches and he tried to understand the language of their inner architectures. In these contexts orders that were full of scriptures and books that were full of notes developed and they left little insights of his thoughts and imaginations. The gods in the sky took note of his notes from a long distance being satisfied that the rising morning star on earth made the process of inner development that was foreseen by them. They talked about him asking each other at what specific time he would leave himself and start to travel to them. With patience they watched the increase of his almost infinite notes. They read words about god and his relation to the consciousness, thoughts about the attributes and relations of the inner being, analysises of the contents of the Zoudiac sign, relations between the paradise and the diamond and their human representations on earth, graphic relations between peace, paradise and justice as well as images that showed diamonds, suns and humen. They were a part of a little book that the rising morning star always carried with him. An infinitely working machine in his back of the head had thrown thoughts into his consciousness for years. Before they flew away and fell into oblivion again he wrote them down. Years passed when he studied theoretically, socially and artistically until one day at the age of twenty years he finally distanced from the earth and he went on a long journey through the cosmos via the prime Gemini to longer distances and other dimensions. While white wings let him fly to the limits of the atmosphere having the name paradise from the moment when he reached them his body simultaneously fulfilled the function of a human on earth. The body lived without its inner being playing human normality. Those humen who surrounded it spoke about it: “He is absent. He has already got to arrive too far. He won’t get it in profession.“

2. journey from the earth to the prime Gemini – inner maturation process of the paradise in macrocosm

Flying to the limits of the atmosphere the paradise approached orange white lights. Looking forward it saw a black elliptical room where there were placed seven figures from one end to the other end. They were planets of the sun system. Not perceiving them as planets but as cosmic kinds of beings that looked like human figures it approached the center of the ellipse where it could see god with blond hair sitting at a desk. He saw it and he spoke with it. Without understanding that it could already see faces and figures in cosmic entities instead of their natural appearance at the beginning of its journey it was much too far in its inner development being at a state where you are able to speak with the highest gods. It went on flying leaving the ellipse and arriving at six ellipses that were piled next to a vertical line. On the other side of the line they were mirrored in the same formation. On the right side on the top of the line it could sense eyes in the darkness. Their male face were hidden in darkness. A voice that belonged to the eyes spoke: “Now you are arrived at us. You must go on. Your way is still far. You already wait for you.“ On the left side of the vertical line on the top there was one more pair of eyes noticeable in the darkness. It belonged to a female face that was not recognizable either. With fluttering wings the paradise started a conversation. Then it went on flying. It flew on distance to the ellipse and the vertical line. In front of its eyes it zoomed to a broader dimension in long distance to the visible shapes until it could see a wider environment. Everywhere was darkness except of a circle that was findable under the ellipse. When it looked at the top right side it found a step close to the circle that was connected with six more steps. The third image became clearly recognizable. Seven steps were visible in front of it. At the last level it found a male face with blond hair. He looked at it with recognition. „You have got to arrive at me?“ He spoke. It started to speak with him. Then it flew to edges of the staircases and it put little points on them. Zooming the points at the edges of the steps to broader dimensions it found ellipses inside of them that were images of worlds. Faces were inside of them that spoke with it. Asking them what for kinds of entities they were it received the answer that they were those of parallel universes. It also asked for the way that it should go. The answer was: “You must find it out by yourself.” It zoomed back to a longer distance from the staircase to see the wider environment. Darkness was everywhere and it did not find a link to the staircase from before to the next structure. It asked the blond-haired male face on the seventh level of the staircase: “Can I ask you questions to know how the further way looks?” The answer was: “You can ask me questions. I answer with yes or no.” With the help of means of logics and philosophy of sciences it deduced the following way occasionally asking questions. It tried to force the answering face to give more complex answers by using argumentative tricks. The answer of his eyes were almost always yes or no. The first staircase was connected with a second that was also connected with a third staircase until a vertical line of connected staircases appeared in front of its eyes. It zoomed to a broader distance until it could see the whole structure. Occasionally it flew to single staircases where it zoomed the points of their edges to ask the faces that were findable in them questions. On one step amidst the staircases it found the face of Hermes who always started laughing when it made funny comments. All faces that were findable in the world systems in the points at the edges of all staircases could hear it when it spoke.

It went on flying. In the sixth image of its journey the end of one line of staircases connected with the end of another line of staircases until a square of staircase lines was recognizable. In the center there was a circle visible. Occasionally it zoomed to a broader distance or it opened the points at the edges of steps in the staircase lines to speak with the faces inside of them. Next to the square of staircase lines there was an equal square in vicinity. The faces in the systems that were findable in the tiniest particles with the zoom effect were always present to speak with them with the language of the eyes or verbal language. Two squares turned around their own center. At their edges there were two lines that connected them. An ellipse surrounded the whole structure. Deducing the further way the structure mirrored at a point that was placed over the ellipse. A circular cylinder became visible that was bound to many more circular cylinders until a vertical line of cylinders appeared. It spoke with the faces in the tiniest particles of the circular cylinder line. Occasionally it wanted to stay and make friendships. Yet any time it was informed that it could not stay and that it should go on. The way would still be too far and it should arrive.

When it searched for the further way close to the circular cylinder line a triangle appeared in front of its eyes. It appeared because it found a point in the darkness that it connected with the ends of the vertical line. The paradise realized that it fell back to an infinite loop of squares in the consciousness. It did not know which way it should take as next. Several times it fell down from the shape of triangle to the familiar shape of squares that turned around their own center. Without the knowledge and the answers of other entities it did not know which way it should take as next. It decided to make a conversation with the face of a black-haired man that was placed close to the vertical line and who took care of the movements of the contents of the line. He looked at it and it found out that it was god with black hair. While it spoke with him the rising morning star sat in a reading room on the planet earth fulfilling the func-tion of a human. The black-haired god flew down to the earth. When he touched the ground it trembled. His shapes were clearly visible in the reading room while he spoke with the paradise in the rising morning star. The rising morning star concentrated on not making any facial expressions and gestures while the paradise was busy with making discussions inside of it. A short time later god flew back to the vertical line. The paradise followed him and it went on finding the further way. Being arrived at the triangle over the consciousness again it used the means of logics and philosophy of sciences to find the right shapes. It asked a male face that it found in a zoomed point at the edge of the triangle for the way. In the infinite darkness it heard a voice that was placed above. The voice’s sound and the place where it came from betrayed that there were still more voices in far distance that waited for it. The voice spoke with another voice in a higher level of consciousness: “Will she get it? You will find the way. We know that your way is still far. You are almost still at the beginning.” It said to the voices in the darkness of the higher level of consciousness: “I do not get on.” It selected geometrical forms arbitrarily putting them at the triangle and asking the voices from the higher level of consciousness any time whether the forms were right or wrong. After a short time of finding the right shape it found out that there was no connection from the triangle to the next shape. Without finding the connection it deduced the way to the next triangle that was placed in a parallel position to the first. With the help of the principle of exclusion it found out that there followed still more triangles with identical shapes after the first two. They were placed parallel to each other and always higher. The paradise looked up to many unbound triangles above. Many more followed and it wondered how many there would still be until the idea occurred to it to act on the assumption that there was the possibility of a last triangle in the line. It put the image of a line that was full of parallel rising triangles in front of its eyes where one triangle was the last part. The familiar voices from the higher consciousness spoke with it. Then there occurred the idea to it that it could imagine the right solution in a written way. A circular cylinder developed in front of it. At the edges of the cylinder it zoomed the points. There it found a man and a woman next to him who sat on a chair. The man who was black-haired looked at her sideward. He spoke: “Sorry? Why has she already got to arrive that far? What does she do at us? We send her down again.” The paradise was hurt from the undertone that had been in his voice. It found him arrogant because it clearly sensed its own superiority. It also sensed that it was innerly superior compared to all entities that would still follow on the way. After the first circular cylinder it deduced more. Arriving at the seventh cylindar it zoomed to a longer distance until a crucifix suddenly appeared in front of it. On one side there was the heaven and on the other side there was placed the hell. At the point of intersec-tion there was the image of god in a human body. On the top of it there were clouds. It sat into them with white wings. The perception of the entities as images pointed at the circumstance that it was already much farer in its inner development than the challenges of this makrocsomic dimension required from it. God in the point of intersection of the crucifix said to it: “You arrived at us. Here you have taken your place. Yet you must go on flying. Your way is still far. You know how you have to get on.” It gladly would have liked to stay at one place but it felt an inner obligation that it made go on.

3. rise in the body systems – „Your way is still far.“

The paradise flew upward. It deduced from the experiences of its journey that the crucifix was the highest level of consciousness of seven consciousness worlds. A male voice from a long distance spoke with it without being visible: “You have already been in the makrocosm. You must go on. You are almost still at the beginning. You must imagine us. It is not difficult to find us.“ The paradise thought for a short moment. “If the crucifix is the symbol for the highest consciousness in the makrocosm then I simply start at the beginning again. I start to make the same way from the first world on.” It put the first structure that it had seen on its journey in front of its eyes again. It was an elliptical room with seven inhabitants in it. It spoke with the inhabitant that was in the structure’s center: “You are the blond-haired god and next to you there are the six other inhabitants.” The male face now appeared clearly in front of it. He spoke: “You have found it out. Go on. You already wait for you more above.“ They made a short conversation. Then it flew away from the elliptical system. Making the same way that it had made before it wondered after some time which methods it could choose to make the further way more effectively. It zoomed a point at an edge of one of the many geometrical forms and it asked a face that was inside for the distance of the remaining way. It found out that it would never arrive at the end of its way with the methods that it had selected before. It felt despair inside. Calming down it looked for a solution for some moments. It decided to always zoom to a broad dimension in each consciousness world to make a faster change be-tween the consciousness worlds in one body system. It zoomed to a long distance to the con-sciousness worlds until it could see a body system with seven levels in front of it. Over the first body system there was placed a second.

It flew from one body system to the next making conversations with the faces and inhabitants in almost each of them. The timelessness passed while it flew through endless many body systems until it arrived at the highest consciousness world of a body system where it met the Aryan race.

4. conversation with the Aryan race

While the rising morning star went on a pilgrimage on foot through Italy and he slept during a night run the paradise zoomed a point at the undermost part of a circular cylinder in a body system outside the makrocosm. In the room that opened inside the point there sat a man with black hair on a chair. Next to him there was a woman. Recognizing itself in him it could see the face of an Aries and a Lion having the face expression of a hawk. His superior attitude made the impression of arrogance on it because it could sense its inner superiority. He started to speak with her:

B: „What do you do here at us?“

A: „Which way do I have to take to get on?“

B: „You have already got to arrive too far. Why is she that fast?“ (He turns o the woman next to him.)

A: „Can you tell me how I get on?“

B: „You know how to do. You simply go on. You can ask us.“

A: „Is it still far?”

B: „You will not arrive. Non of your predecessors has arrived. There is no end.”

A: „Thank you. I go on flying.“

The paradise remembered the way that it had made so far. It tried to recognize a system and connections in it. At its first attempt there were some connections wrong and the overview was missing.


Before it found the final solution it decided to go on flying. It made a leap over countless body systems until images appeared in front of it that belonged to the paradise.

5. images of the paradise – an insight

6. friendships

On its way through the cosmos, makrocosm and broader dimensions up to the paradise it had made many acquaintances. I had also found a friendship and a love. After it had started to find a structure in the system it occasionally met her friendship and the acquaintances. It was very busy. It sent messages that were addressed to the paradise passing the makrocosm at first. It also made conversations in smaller and broader dimensions. Occasionally it had guests and it baked a cake for them. One time there came a balance and a Sagittarius as a guest to it and it made an important conversation.

? (paradise): „The letter is addressed to you. It shall be read by the balance and the Sagittarius in the body system number 14.”

! (Balance & Sagittarius): „I will receive it. You must go on. You can not come back to me any more.“

? (paradise): „Please do not go. Stay with me.“

! (Balance & Sagittarius): „We can see us again much later.“

There were times when it had to fulfil the function of the speaker of the paradise. At those moments it sat on a chair with a crown on his head and the paradise surrounded it listening to its words.

It also found a friendship with an entity that had the name Baosi. Any time when it needed an advise or it felt alone or it simply was in the mood to see him it sang a song or it danced for him. Most of all they spoke with each other.

At the end of its journey it spoke with the highest gods. It got the reputation of an artist and a queen who had searched her way in the cosmos, makrocosm and the paradise. “He was risen more than everybody else had done it before. He was the most beautiful and the best. He was a bitch who will never arrive.” These words were dedicated to it in the history book.

7. peace on earth

Years had passed in the life of the rising morning star since the paradise had left the earth. It slowly flew back. It took more than a year until it arrived at the rising morning star again. The moment when it united with him he started to make the decision that he wanted to give the cosmic system that he had recognized on his astral journey to the humen. Those humen who surrounded him spoke: “Now you are with us again. Your body was present but we had not recognized you anymore.” He made his future way alone. Every place that he visited became a paradise from that day on. He always spoke about the makrocosm and he made performances of the paradise.

8. secret diaries of the rising m. – pure reality

The rising m. wrote diaries since his teenage years. The summarized his daily works. Some excerpts will be commented in below.

A. stress & ingenuity

B. daily philosophical thoughts

He summarized all philosophical thoughts that he had.

C. inner retreat – recognition of the inner being

The sketches show the realization of consciousness worlds. They point to an inner retreat.

D. beginning of the artistic process – first journey to the cosmos

The notes show visual experiences of an astral journey.

E. conveyance of thoughts with symbol language

The sketches contain different kinds of symbol language.

F. images outside the cosmos

The sketches show images of the makrocosm and the paradise.

[flipbook pdf=””]

8.) informations about the presence of the paradise in the rising m.

1. The sketch shows the content of a letter that was caught and opened on the way to the body system 14 in the makrocosm.

2. The sketch shows a picture of the paradise’s private life.

9. development to a global government head

The further development of the rising morning star to a global government head on earth is given in the following article.

2. global government head by Elios Schastél

In this article you can find explanations about the personality and the character of a global government head.  The attributes and capacities that make his character and life are discussed. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

character & types

Presupposing a childhood that is full of activities having made no actions against moral laws there is the possibility to reach the inner maturation process. If the limits of the human maturation process are crossed by having made too many activities then the inner maturity increases together with the intelligence of the inner being. Presupposing the buddhistic teachings of consciousness worlds self confidence, dignity, empathy, moral consciousness and responsibility as well as imaginative capacities like for example divinations or system knowledges and more positive capacities become more with an increasing inner maturity/ rising. Activities, making gifts and performances let this process proceed. If these behaviours and actions are made from the childhood on then there develops a character that is privileged for tasks and social positions that go together with moral responsibility. These personalities who have got to arrive at the highest steps of the inner maturation process can be classified in two types. The first type are those individuals who have made the inner maturation process from their birth on. They are Gemini (in the house of balance) and Sagittarius (in the house of Aries) that have the name above being* (Look at the painting in below.) in this context. Presupposing the buddhistic teachings they are on the highest level of consciousness from their birth on. For this reason the mentioned attributes and capacities of their inner being that are connected with all inner consciousness worlds are inside of them since the day that they are born. They are human representations of cosmic kinds of beings (Schasa, sexual freedom, sun, god, man, magician, rising morning star/ archangel Lucifer, bitch and two more angels (Look at the painting in below.)) who have curriculums that correspond to these kinds of beings**. Except of them there are some spoksprouts who have reached the most spiritualization and inner maturation (Look at the painting in below.) The second type of global government heads are human who have crossed the limits of the human maturation process by having made exceptionally many activities and/ or gifts and/ or performances. After having reached a maturity level that goes beyond the highest consciousness world in a human they start to show the same attributes and capacities like those individuals of the first type of global government heads do from their birth on. If the number of global government heads of the first type are added with the speculated number of the second type then there are globally more or less than fifteen of them. You can find a performance of the cosmic system that gives an insight into the topic in the sketch that is given in below. The development of the painting took four years within the experiences of an astral journey that lasted about one year.

cosmic system

¹ In Plato‘ s ideal state he writes about the soul travel where he uses the term Tartarus for a place that is under the hell. If actions are made that are unforgivably bad in a human’s life then the soul goes there after the death.
² Look at the menu issue above being under development of an (Aryan) bitch.
³ In humen these terms are psychosomatic illnesses that affect above all the metabolism. The symptoms can be manifold. They occur above all in humen who are hypersensitive.

1. childhood

From their childhood until their teenage years they are children who have a strong inner need for activities and diverse interests (e.g. physical, artistic, cognitive). They are either the first type or the second type of individuals who were described in the first chapter.

typical attributes, behaviours, capacities***

  • inner need for activities
  • diverse interests
  • strength
  • emotionality
  • behavioural abnormalities
  • dignity
  • self confidence
  • positivity

2. young adults

As young adults there is often an interest in travelling and making contacts. If the contacts maintain then there can develop international relations and hospitalities from them. At a specific age they make the artistic process of a communication with the cosmos and they can go on an astral journey. Gaining this experience the cosmic system becomes accessible for them. Deducing conceptions, drafts and systems from it they can be a basis for a later realization in arts and sciences****. Structural and system knowledge, a progression in the inner maturation process and artistic/ creative creatorship go together with that communication.

typical attributes, behaviours, capacities

  • travelling
  • high quantity of activities
  • sociability
  • structural and system knowledge
  • artistic/ creative creatorship
  • ambition
  • communication with the cosmos

3. adult

Expanding the basis of national and intercultural relations as well as a realization and establishment of drafts, conceptions and systems that resulted from the artistic process are typical tasks. Having acquired structural and system knowledges they recognize connections, causes, generic terms, key problems and their possible consequences and solutions like for example in social circumstances and happenings. The process of realizing and conveying them can take place in the inland and in other cultures.

typical attributes, actions and capacities

  • national, intercultural relations
  • realization, establishing of artistically developed ideas, conceptions
  • performances
  • structural and system knowledges

4. tasks & works

  • national, international relations, cooperation (possible)
  • (morally responsible) decisions about social Happenings
  • developers of (trading) ideas (possible)
  • speaking with the cosmos and in connection with this action a leading of world affairs

attributes & capacities

  • reaching the highest level of the inner maturation process (Look at the first painting.)
  • moral (sense of) responsibility


The attributes that have been mentioned in the chapters from before can be independent of an age. They can be reached at a high age on the one hand and they can be given at an early age of childhood on the other hand.

a search for global government heads – a criticism

Regarding the explanations from before there develops the question whether there are still global government heads. If positive values, self confidence, behavioural abnormalities as well as differentness in thinking and behavioural patterns are socially degraded by bad evaluations in schools and at universities and if a capitalistic system rejects positive values, high intelligences compared to low intelligences due to the conception of supply and demand that is determined by the majority of the society then there develops the question whether real global government heads can still develop in future at all.

* Look at the menu issue above being under development of an (Aryan) bitch in the main menu issue justice.
** Look at examples in the menu issue astro type and pillars of human striving.
*** The attributes and capacities can often not be proven in tests.
**** Look at the painting that is an example.

What is making a pilgrimage?

  • practice of religion
  • becoming religious
  • practice of purification (pain, cleaning ecetera)
  • moving to a holy place to beg for a healing of illnesses and sufferance in the religion

What is not making a pilgrimage?

Frequent subordinations by unknowing people, criminals, people without dignity (disabled people) and illiterate people are summarized in below. Many pilgrims reported. Many pilgrims complained.

  • having a bad conscience, getting rid of a bad conscience
  • walking
  • finding oneself
  • doing sport, losing weight
  • having no money
  • craping into the nature, sleeping under the bridge
  • being homeless
  • performing oneself from the above
  • having nothing to do
  • saving oneself from problems with the jobcenter
  • having problems in the own country
  • making prostitution abroad
  • being in hunger
  • being mentally ill/ becoming mentally ill
  • committing a crime
  • making oneself disabled
  • making oneself become a murderer
  • being something badly treated
  • standing up, standing down
  • running away

What is hitchhiking?

Hitchhiking is fast and target-oriented moving away. Many hitchhikers reported. Many hitchhikers complained.

What has nothing to do with hitchhiking?

  • having no money
  • being jobless
  • having nothing to do
  • seeing something good in other humen
  • having a good belief in humen
  • having problems with the own country
  • making oneself become a criminal
  • being homeless
  • performing oneself from the above
  • making prostitution
  • searching for sex or touches
  • being something badly treated
  • being mentally ill/ becoming mentally ill
  • not being socially integrated


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