a dramatic performance of an explosion between a sun and a star (supernova) by Elios Schastél


a story about the film

The happening of the explosion between a sun and a star in the cosmos is also called supernova. It is a happening that only takes place by imagination and it is hard to make. The last image is an idealistic image of a sun together with a star like in a fairytale.

an insight into the cosmic happening

In the universe there are a sun and a star. One object continuously approaches the other one until both unite. An explosion takes place until a new cloud of stars develops. In the course of many light years there develop millions of new stars insight of the cloud of stars. In a smaller dimenson the same happening can take place in a human‘s inner being with the help of imaginations.

work process

There were rehearsals of Astral tai chi about the topics of the four feature films for several weeks until the movies were finally made at the Aosta valley and the Dolomites in Italy and in Switzerland. The film productions took ten days. With the participation of staff members the film sequences were made at the mount Rose, mount Cervino, grand saint Bernard and at the Fenice valley. The movie set works were finished fastly. It was the target to characterize and interpret the topic of each feature film with the help of nature atmospheres. Simultaneously, the universal language of tai chi should speak a story about the topic of each movie. The story that should be narrated by the universal language of tai chi should be coherent and it should summarize the topic with little movements. The practice of Astral tai chi bases on the imagination of cosmic entities and processes that are the input of the body movements. When it is practiced on a higher level then there is spoken about the cosmic kind of being with the help of body movements that are passively led by imaginative inputs. The physical universal language of tai chi is the medium to convey a story that is about cosmic happenings. After the return to Berlin the editing of the film sequences took place. You can find an insight into the filmlets at the articles of the menu issue dramatic performance in the main menu issue performing arts. The filmlets are insights into feature film plots that are in process of being developed.


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