a dramatic performance of the second dimension of the zodiac of the godness Mercury by Elios Schastél


a story about the movie

Mercury is the planet in the sun system that is the closest planet to the sun. If the being and the attributes of the Mercury are inside a human representative then the Mercury can mature until it becomes a godness inside of him. The godness Mercury is significated by imaginative capacities, a high activity and emotional intelligence. The second dimension of the zodiac of the godness Mercury contains signs of the zodiac that do not belong to the signs of the human signs of the zodiac of our universe. One of these signs is for example the mediator of god that is an extension of the sign of the zodiac Gemini in the human zodiac dimension.

work process

After some rehearsals of Astral tai chi there was made a practice to the music of the Mercury by Gustav Holst. After that there was searched a place in Berlin where there were shapes and esoteric significations that suited to the topic of the movie. The shapes and structures of the coulisse of the movie interpret the topic of the movie. The statue and the tributes at the facades shall point to the tributes of the godness and the godness itself. The light editing of the movie also aimed at conveying the topic of the movie.


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