a dramatic performance of the third dimension of the zodiac of the godness paradise by Elios Schastél


a story about the movie

The paradise starts at the end of the universe. The contents are without a limitation and they are various. Inside a human representative it is placed behind the heart. If there is the paradise inside a human representative then there are also all the contents of the paradise outside the unvierse inside of him as potentials. The contents of the third dimension of the zodiac of the paradise are conveyed as a story by a dramatic performance in this movie.

an insight into the cosmic happenings

The paradise can be depicted from many perspectives. For exampe you can take a pendulum and you try to explain it as the absence of power. In a different example you can explain it as the uninflunced elemental forces of a Balance and a Sagittarius that compensate each other. One more example can be the explanation of the paradise as a necessary intermediate state of being in an eternal process between being and becoming. One more example is to explain the paradise as all contents of the cosmos that are outside the universe. There are many perspectives that make it possible to explain the paradise. One of the contents of the paradise that is outside the universe is the zodiac. The zodiac inside our universe contains the human signs of the zodiac. In addition to that the zodiac outside our universe contains more dimensions that contain signs of the zodiac that do not belong to the human zodiac dimension. For example the third dimension of the godness paradise contains signs of the zodiac like the princess that is an extension of the sign of the zodiac Gemini at the human signs of the zodiac.

work process

After some rehearsals of Astral tai chi there was made a practice to a music piece by Rachmaninoff. After that we looked for a place in Berlin where there were suiting shapes and esoteric significations about the topic of the movie. The shapes and structures of the coulisse of the movie interpret the topic of the movie. The statue and the tributes at the facades shall point to the tributes tot he godness paradise and the godness paradise itself. The light editing at the movie also aimed at conveying the topic of the movie.


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