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sun inside an above being

imagination of a shaman in the Neptune

esoteric kind o being & attributes of the inner being

The above being respectively a representative of the Aryan or Jewish race is the human carrier of a soul that comes from outside the universe after the reincarnation theory. In contrast to the human soul that comes from inside the universe there are esoteric kinds of beings in the soul of an above being that are different, stronger, more various and more intense than those of the souls of the human race. Due to the circumstance that their souls come from outside the universe these rare individuals have made the inner maturation process from their birth on. For this reason they are grown up and mature like adults are at the end of their life. Considering this maturity level as the basis they can not lose it during their life experiences. Their ways of thinking and sensing is different to those of the human race. The differences between the Aryan and the Jewish race are the kinds of beings that are findable in their consciousness levels. For example the cosmic kinds of beings in the Star of David of the Jewish race are different to those of the Aryan race. Dependant on the cultural context, the occident and orient these kinds of beings are different. Also known under the determination children of the sun they mature to godnesses in the course of their life from an astrological perspective until they have made the inner maturation process up to several times in their life.

characteristic attributes of the inner being from their birth on* (examples)

  • trust
  • rise in the inner maturation process
  • dignity
  • strength
  • positive emotionality (e.g. pleasure)
  • self confidence
  • accomplishment-obsessed
  • empathy
  • believe
  • logician respectively independant thinking
  • imaginative capacities

* more intense than at the human race


In the movie there are most of all the sun and the Neptune in the soul of an above being characterized in several performances. The atmospheres and the tai chi language of acting convey the attributes of these two levels of consciousness and also the Star of David inside an Aryan or a Jewish individual as a priority.

development process of the movie

The completion of a feature film series was the reason to characterize the kind of being with the title above being in a movie. Eine kleine Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart speaks about the character of the triangle that shows upwards in the Star of David of a Gemini who has the kind of being alien in the paradise behind his heart. Simoultaneously the msuic speaks about the striving and reaching of ones goals. Suiting to the topic the music conveys the character of an above being. The piece from Alban Berg’s opera Wozzek speaks about the transformation that bases on the experiences of wrong treatments of the soul that finally lead to the reaching of the imaginative potentials and the Neptune in the inner maturation process. The inner development to a shaman and magician is conveyed in the second part of the movie. For astrological reasons the place Jaffa in Israel suited to the characterization of the kind of being in a movie. After some rehearsals of tai chi had taken place and the characterization of the kind of being had taken place in an acting in Jaffa the sequences had been made to a movie.

on the traces of the star of an above being in Jaffa (Israel)

Spurensuche Jaffa from Elios Schastél on Vimeo.

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