an imagination goes around the world – the destruction of the Aryan race by anonymous

The following speech was made as a part of the speech series 2016. After the first part the megacrag & the fascists there followed the speech the lower worlds & the destruction of basic trust in Germany. The third part an imagination goes around the world – the destruction of the Aryan race is a chronological continuation of the series. The speech is made as a story that summarizes true happenings of the past in Germany within an anonymous protagonist. The medial conveyance of the speech aims at an ideational realization and the acquisition of a critical and distanced attitude and a perspective that is value-free. The film version was made in the grand hôtel de l’ univers in Paris.

grand hôtel de l’univers Paris

the Aryan race

His name remained unknown. He was a part of the biblical story.

He was born with the Star of David and the twofold consciousness behind his heart. For this reason there were given the highest intelligence, the paradise behind his heart, inner maturity, a higher consciousness and more capacities of the Aryan race to him from his birth on. Since his birth there existed imaginations of his appearance, character and his future on the minds of the people who surrounded him. They showed pictures of a little self-destroyed boy with an evil, dishonest character who would only gain the experience of sufferance, failures and poverty in his future. They showed the opposite of his appearance, character and the future that he would gain as an experience in a natural way. While he was growing up he encountered humen every day and the more humen he encountered the more imaginations of him developed among the humen. Some people could not separate the imaginations from the happenings of the empirical reality. Other people did not want to separate them from the empirical reality. When they encountered him then they saw the imaginations of him in front of their eyes first of all. They took them the possibilities to perceive his true appearance in the empirical reality. For this reason they encountered him with an attitude that was incoherently and far from reality. Without any reference to the true happenings they treated him like a criminal, a prostitute, dirt, the devil, the monster and the beast until there developed a psychosomatic illness in his Star of David and his twofold consciousness. In the course of time there spreaded the imaginations among the humen. They became always stronger until more than one culture shared them in different kinds of shapes. In Germany there developed the imagination on the people’s minds that showed the appearance and the character of a kind of being that is in general understood there with the term devil. The human incarnation of fascism, a capitalistic attitude and the realization of sins and cardinal sins were imaginations on their minds. In China the imaginations showed the face of the Zoudiac sign Taurus who has no self, who has made no inner maturation process at all and who has an evil attitude. In Italy the imaginations showed pictures of a destroyed Gemini who has gained the experience of the self-destruction, intimidations and a psychosomatic illness that makes the viewer believe that he has an evil attitude and way of thinking. In the United States they showed the pretended sign of the Zoudiac Pisces in the face of a Gemini who shall be sexually addicted and superficial in his soul having a destroyed self and a destroyed star behind his breast. In Israel the imaginations showed the face of an intimidated Gemini without dignity who is the result of sexual violence and suppression. Only the worse imaginations of his character, actions and his appearance were visible on the minds of people from different cultures. They showed the opposite of the empirical reality and the attributes of the corresponding signs of the zodiac. Slowly their imaginations started to appear in his face. He was still a teenager when the imaginations of his social background and thousands of more people shined out of his face. The imaginations on their minds caused that only he was discriminated, (mind) mobbed, excluded and treated with fascism. One day there were some people in his social background who spoke with each other: “Come on, we make the from the above down.” A listener asked: “What is that?” The answer was: “The Gemini and Sagittarius.” The listener asked: „Aren’t they the Aryans?“ The answer was: „No. the from the above.” The fascism that started to result from this communication only referred to the pictures that were associated with his face and behaviour. Wherever he went there was only he who was treated like the beast, the monster and more bad kinds of beings that are spoken about in the inner architectures of Christian churches and churches from other religions. Simultaneously the humen communicated all contents of their imaginations of him that showed the esoteric basic substances of themselves. They saw the mirrors of themselves in front of their eyes: the Tartarus, hell, evil, ISFF and more kinds of beings that come from diamonds that are placed five diamonds under the triangle that shows downwards. Continuously the imaginations only showed the opposite of his appearance, his character and his future that was in danger to be destroyed by them. Wherever he went there were humen who told him by being conscious of the consequences of their words for his soul that would never forget these words again: “You will beat and rape. You won’t do it. Here you will never rise. Then we can already make you down now.“ They often said in a way that only he could hear it: „We won’t let him rise. Then there will become nothing out of him. Then we already make him down now (in his early childhood). We already know who he is up there.” When he talked to other people then he heard them saying to him: „Do you know how we estimate you? We know who you are? We want that nobody will help you anymore. You are a dirty criminal, a liar and a thief. You are handicapped and you are the worst.” While they spoke they saw imaginations in front of their eyes that entertained them like the pictures of comics. During the years when he heard these words from the people around him he went to his school building when it was dark and he sprayed messages onto the walls that should cause a critical way of thinking. A short time later the messages were interpreted by the press.

(“Do not adapt to the system.“)

Slowly the people in his social background who would carry the imaginations inside of their minds until his death made plans to rape his body and his soul, exclude him until he would become chanceless and finally also kill him sensing pleasure to do it with somebody where they sensed that he was Aryan. They did not want to refind the connection with the empirical reality anymore. Until the end of his life they would imagine the opposite of his character with pleasure, excitement and a high fun factor. They would watch while only he would be treated with fascism. They calculated functions and equations that were about the evilness of his ego and his character in school educations. With an increasing fun factor they calculated the evilness and the ego of the one bitch that lived on the earth although they knew deep inside of them that a Archaryan with the paradise behind his heart was the true goal of their entertainment. While thousands of humen let themselves entertain by the mirrors of themselves it was only still a question of little days until they would seriously made the agreements and appointments to rape his body and bring him into the home for disabled. The imaginations of a boy living in poverty and having thievishly motives made them understate to break the law and persecute him in public and public facilities. They communicated and they raped his body and his soul until he was made unable until the end of his life to lead a relationship again. Their treatments caused that he would pass the humen in public wordless a whole life long dodging every of the many humen who had humiliated him. His soul was eroded of sufferances that resulted from their treatments. They only still understood the world with three terms. “We found a new world system.” They thought. “We reduce every ethics and moral to the terms above or up, down and self presentation. Like that the life will become easier, more effective, practical and good. They said: “As a next step we found a new religion that only bases on two terms and we bring this religion to the media, state systems ans economical systems of all countries in the world.” In this context there occurred the thoughts to some people’s minds: “If you don’t get it up then you will not stand down there. If you want to get it up then you will present yourself from the above that you do not stand down there anymore. Because when you always stand down there then you are not understood from the above.” In schools they taught a world view that only consisted of two terms. New “logics” and sciences resulted from this dogma that remained unclearly defined. It was taught above is there where you can find the head, money, might, professional estalishment or synthetic whereas down there means the lower body, the sacral consciousness, the triangle that shows downwards in the fourth level of consciousness, poverty, dependance or weakness and many more terms. All other existing terms vanish and they are reducable to a school table that consists of two columns with the titles


and down

„With only these two terms the life is easier and more effective.“ they meant. Everybody would understand it with easiness. „Welcome to the country of devil cults and mental as well as sensory stultification in media, state system and educational systems. There are only still two terms and self presentation. You do not need to understand me, children. The intelligence of logicians stood for the last time. From now on it goes on with the above cause who would like to stand down there?“ The voices shouted joyfully and optimistically through the heads of the people. Some remaining logicians and mature respectively adult humen as well es humen from an earlier century slowly withdrawel in the crowd of people. They remained silent while they watched the events. Because they made no facial movements they were seen as the stupid humen in the society. The should of the little boy who stood in the crowd slowly floated away from the earth. They were some eyes in the crowd of people that watched the boy’s soul flying away. „He has not understood it.“ the little viewers shouted to the distancing soul…

fictive (continuation of) the story

Since his early childhood he retreated into himself. After the happenings of the last days he retreated into himself once again. His soul went on an astral journey. First of all she flies to the borders of the sun system. Looking to one side she can find the Pluto and behind him in a relative distance also the light of the sun. On the other side in vicinity she can see the black whole. From inside the black whole there appears a light spot. The light shines from the center of the whole over the invisible border of the sun system to a point on the planet earth. Some indications of faces are recognizable at the origin of the light in the black whole. The faces are similar to those that he knew from his closest social background on earth. The faces in the black whole focus with their shining light on a point on the planet earth that is similar to a light spot on a stage where the actor always tries to flee away from. Seeing the light spot in the black whole she senses the paradise in her chest closing in fear and panic.

… From the beginning they knew that he carried the paradise behind his heart and that he was a perfect being. The weakness, vulnerability and the blue light of the bitch that they could “sense” inside of him gave them pleasure to let their imaginations continue and recognize them as a fact. Before his soul beamed away from earth for ever he tried to explain himself in front of the humen due to apparent misunderstandings and understatements. He started to speak in front of the humen but when he spoke it apparently appeared incoherently to them. At the end of his human life he was murdered amidst monsters who had destroyed all consciousness levels and most of all the sun and the star in the humen on the earth.

some years later close to a memorial that should remind on the boy

A young woman walked in the center of a Moloch and dark shadows in direction to a memorial in Germany that should remind on the “dead” boy who carried the Star of David and the twofold consciousness inside of him. She wanted to make a performance of the consciousness for a feature film amidst a pile of connectionless stones. After the movie camera had been switched on she started to sing with a bright and clear voice that was full of overtones.

Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Monsters have picked them everyone.
When will the German Taurus learn
that the world will go down due to him?
When will this Taurus go down?
Then the sun will rise from the dead again.

After that she started to make a tai chi where she made a performance of the consciousness. Some time later a passer-by from Germany walked along. He realized the performer and he stopped. With a half smirk he asked: “Why don’t you stand onto them the stones and perform yourself from the above?” The woman answered without making a facial expression. “Would you rise yourself above the consciousness and the one who shall be remembered?” The passer-by from Germany looked at her cluelessly. „This she has not understood.“ He said. He went on. Some moments later he encountered an acquaintance. He spoke with him. „Such like her from before aren’t anymore. We have already destroyed them. She stands for from down there.“ The acquaintance asked: „Jewish or Aryan?“ The passer-by shrugged his shoulders. They went back to the memorial where the performer was busy with packing her equipment. The passer-by spoke in her direction: “You have not performed yourself from the above.” The acquaintance took her with him speaking: “This you must not do here. Bitch.”

One year later there was again a light spot that focused on a person in Germany. This time it was a woman. The procedure started once again from the beginning.

An “imagination” goes around the world. The world became paranoid schizophrenic.


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