Astral tai chi – company

head: Elisabeth Brückner (synonym Elios Schastél)

responsibility for products and productions: 99 % made by the head

departments: practical training, philosophy & theory, marketing

category: tai chi method, acting technique, dramatic performance

media about the topic astral tai chi: basics book, philosophy (books), internet article, practice movies (DVDs)

published media: Astral Tai chi – Grundlagen der dramatischen Darstellung (basics book), Astral tai chi – basics of dramatic performance (basics book with the English translation), Perspektiven des Paradieses (DVD), Gottes Schöpfung (DVD)

website (company preview):

shops: publisher house’s internet shop, movie studio Berlin, public trade, private trade, BoD, vlb


All contents of this website are made by Elios Schastél film productions.