beke dances by Elios Schastél

beke dances above the clouds & beke dances in the mountains

Beke dances present filmic characterizations of non empirical kinds of beings from the other world in improvisatory and choreographical dance elements. The filmlets’ plot were made with the music’s plot. The language of dance elements contribute to the films plot. A dance language which correlates with the tolamsoq language I am starting to develop. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

beke dances above the clouds

In this film I danced a free child whose innocent personality is focused in the sun of her center. With her mind in the sky she does not know about her future where is a mountain filled with woods. Her face is not seeable until the music ends and she reveals herself.

beke dances above the clouds from annavossler on Vimeo.

In the first filmlet there was not made any misspelling.

beke dances in the mountains

Tumo is a message bringer who brings the humen to the realm of ideas. While carrying the ideas of goodness and justice to the humen the music tells about her difficulties in fulfilling her task. During the moments of blackness the story goes on. Only the music betrayes the happenings which are not seeable.

Internet from Fabian Fritz on Vimeo.

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