Bikram yoga teacher training (cult) by Elios Schastél

After a visit to the Bikram yoga teacher training in two thousand and fifteen I wrote a speech where the methods of the Bikram yoga teacher training were criticized

a fairytale about Khao Lak – the place of „heavenly paradise“

(the destruction of the sun in the heart by Bikram Choudhury)

The paradise flies to Thailand to do yoga. There it meets a black magician who is a yoga guru. It is his greatest goal to de-stroy the sun in the heart as well as the will of the humen and to cause the loss of self in each yogi. With all his capacities he tries to force a spineless love in all yogi that is only dedicated to him. The magician is clever and he uses many of his sorcery skills until the paradise and the other yogi sense the sun in their star closing. Their personality gets lost in the heart of Khao Lak. The paradise decides to escape secretly. It goes from Thailand to China where it wants to speak about the prohibited arts of the black magician. After the magician has realized the absence of the paradise he sends curses. Due to health complaints that the paradise starts to have on its way it takes weeks until it arrives at the gates of China having passed Laos. The Chinese people stand in front of the paradise. There are difficulties to let them listen to it until it flies back to Berlin after several tries to let the Chinese men listen to its speeches. After being arrived at Berlin it makes court actions that travel through the half planet until they arrive at the guru. Some time later he loses his followers and the sun in the heart at the place of the heavenly paradise in Thailand starts to reawake again.

border crossing point of China in 2015

Bikram yoga teacher training (cult)

The Bikram yoga teacher training that took place in autumn two thousand and fifteen at the SENTIDO Graceland Khao Lak Resort & Spa is an education where teachers of the Bikram yoga develop due to practices of the Bikram yoga and learning the training text for nine weeks. The educational system consists of practices that aim at the manipulation and the loss of self at the students. With the help of methods of might and oppression, demonstrations of animal sign languages and violations of the human dignity by imaginative methods that are made by the staff of the Bikram yoga teacher training there is consciously reduced the self confidence of the students until a loss of self, an inner defencelessness and lack of willpower develop. Then Mister Choudhury receives an inner self-aggrandisement and he sees himself as an authority that had the rights to violate privacy rights. Furthermore the pupils are forced to expose their personality and their past in front of all students due to the obligation to speak about their feelings, their personality and their past. A refusal against these educational methods shall be a reason for the termination of the education without receiving the educational fees back. It is also obligated to participate in exposing and ridiculous theater pieces that cause the loss of self. These theater pieces belong to the schedule of the education and they include all students may they be teenagers, adults or spiritualized. In addition to that the use of radiation causes a personality modification of the students. After the self-reduction and the breaking of the will have proceeded until the power to refuse got lost the students give an uncontrolled and spineless love to Mister Choudhury. The speeches of Mister Choudhury that have the title theory classes are almost without content. They include wrong teachings of the heart chakra. They are continuously repetitive and they suggest the sanctification of Mister Choudhury who is without inner maturation process. The training texts that consist of a wrong English language and that are made with the structure of the loss of self must be learned and repeated by word for many weeks like mantras. Each student repeats exactly the same words in front of all the other students for weeks until nobody understands the content anymore. The result of repeating the texts for weeks is an intended reduce-ment of the mental capacities. There are people among the students who continuously ask for the inner states of the students. Their “sincere” interest causes a withdrawal into oneself and an intimidation. I make the unprovable allegation that they are employees of Mister Choudhury who continuously look for a contact with the real students to find out about their ways of thinking and their emotions. For reasons of self-protections I was forced to use the mask of an actor and to make an inner retreat. After the education the students hardly speak about the negative happenings due to the suggestion and the methods of intimidation that had taken place. They leave the hotel grounds with a modified personality, a broken self, a broken will and a brain washing. Basic personal and private rights are violated due to the didactical methods of the Bikram yoga teacher training. Due to the circumstance that the education was moved from Atlantic City in the United States to Khao Lak in Thailand in autumn two thousand and fifteen there were students of the Bikram yoga teacher training who were forced to rebook their flights. The costs for the flights were promised to be given back as a compensation. The written promise was neglected until today. A legal action was made where the Bikram yoga teacher training is accused due to attempted murder by food poisoning, mobbing, violation of the human dignity and more personal rights. The county court Berlin has taken the court case and it has made a court decision in favor of the plaintiff.

6 The number of students at the Bikram yoga teacher training in autumn 2015 was more than hundred.


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