bird of paradise by Elios Schastél

bird of paradise & nightingale – a dance performance in Israel

Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

story about the movie

In the Holy Land Israel the nightingale moves close to the Star of Bethlehem on the roofs of the town. Being unknown she makes her dance in the darkness speaking about inner maturity and leaving oneself respectively being no human anymore. Furthermore her movements shall express the elements air and fire as well as childishness and aristocracy. The more she gains the experiences of being hurt in her inner star the more she finds light and happiness in heaven where she already rose. Having found happiness by saying goodbye to the earth and refinding herself in heaven she continues her dance on the roofs at night. The sun god Ra, the Egyptian deity and a developing queen are united in the dance of the bird of paradise. It is the dance of a Gemini who has reached the inner maturity.

work process

A dream that led through underground rooms that were made before Christ was born caused the spiritual motivation to go to Jerusalem some months ago. There were still missing some cosmic kinds of beings in the film series where the cosmos should be conveyed by dance and acting performances. Regarding the fact that the journey to Israel was planned I made the decision to make a characterization of the bird of paradise that was close to the esoterical meaning of the church of the holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The song of the nightingale by Franz Grothe had influences of musical styles coming from Arabic culture areas next to those of European musical trends. In the course of preperations that were made for the dance conception I practised dance performances that focused on the imagination of pictures that were placed about one hundred eighty degrees over the head. The journey was started within a director’s equipment and a costume that should convey the character of the figure bird of paradise. After having passed the desert close to the lake of Galilee on foot I brought myself to the state of spiritualization and concentration by being in abstinence from heavy food and also moving continuously in the heat. Being arrived at the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem I found some atmospheres at different day times. When it became dark I made a dance on the roofs of the old town until there was only still missing one sequence to finish the movie. Then I traveled back to the lake of Galilee to make one more performance in the town Kafarnaum where Jesus Christ had lived. After some days of having worked on the movie I traveled back to Germany to edit it. The music was finally connected with the dance and the film sequences until the characterization of the bird of paradise was finished.

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