discrimination aganist the above being in Germany by Elios Schastél

In two thousand and fifteen there developed five speeches that were realized in films. The realization took place most of all in Berlin. Next to many different kinds of fascism there is most of all criticized the progressed capitalistic fascism. The topics discrimination against the above being in Germany, fascism against artists in Germany, capitalism in Germany (the destruction of justice), the use of the performance term and the Bikram yoga teacher training (cult) are reflected from a critical perspective. The realization of the film about the Bikram yoga teacher training in Khao Lak in Thailand took place after the return to Berlin. There was the attempt to make films about the first three speeches in Boten on the border between Laos and China. Due to border crossing complications the place and the time of the realizations of the films were rescheduled.


Due to the experiences that I gained during the last years in many social contexts in Germany I realized injustices that I want to convey to a possibly large audience. It is my intention to let human become aware of them. I want to enlighten them to finally cause an improvement of the circumstances.

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2.a. discrimination against the above being in Germany

1. derivation of the term above being from esotericism

An above being is a being that comes from outside of the universe in the sky. After Plato’s doctrine of reincarnation and Far Eastern trends of philosophies there is a life after death where there are made judicial decisions about the last human life. After thousand years the human being comes back from the earth or the universe and it wakes up being bound to a human body. On the other side the human being goes into hell after the body has died if there have been made evil actions in the last human life. If a human has made no evil actions in his last life then his being can fly to the universe or even outside of the universe after death. There it lives thousand years and it makes a journey through the platonic world of ideas. It arrives at the eternal outer space. If the inner being returns to the earth from outside the universe after a journey through the space that took thousand years and it bounds to a human body then it is no human being but an above being. The human being differenti-ates from that of an above being by the origin of the inner being before death and the potentials of the inner being that are connected to the place of the cosmic origin. The human being is without inner values to birth. Gaining the values or rather making the inner maturation process and becoming adult or even spiritualized is the task of the human life in religion whereas the above being that comes from outside the universe and that bounds to a human body carries all inner values already inside of it on the soul journey. If it bounds to a human body after thousand years again then the newborn above being is already adult and spiritualized. From its birth on it has the same inner maturity or it has rather the same age that humen can reach after they have made the inner maturation process a whole life long. The two main above beings are the prime Gemini that is also known under the term paradise or one of the archangels in religion and esotericism and the prime Aries that is also known under the term god or another archangel. After the longest journey through outside the universe they can bound to a human body after thousand years again. The newborn above being will then have the inner maturity and inner values of an old mature man. The prime Gemini and the prime Aries are also known under the term bitch in esotericism. Living on earth one time in a millennium she carries the deepest paradise in her fourth level of consciousness and the strongest sun in her third level of consciousness in her inner being. Due to the inner maturation process that is given from her birth on all levels of consciousness are already open inside the newborn. In the bible the theory about the awakening of a human soul that is bound to an earthly and material world and life after it has been purified from the sins of the last human life for thousand years of presence in the hellfire is continued. In contrast to the human beings there are angels that come from heaven and that are bound to a human body. From their birth on they are spiritualized. For this reason they live in abstinence and almost free of earthly physical needs. Pemsel-Maier defines the biblic term “from the above” in connection with god who becomes a human in Jesus Christ. “The other way around the Christology “from the above” is a descent Christology that is about god who comes into the world and who incarnates until he becomes a human inside of Jesus.” After Küpfer the suns of god in the bible are angels that fell from heaven and they are god who is bound to a human body. With the destinies of Adam and Eve there is described the story about the development of the suns of god to humen who lived in the heavenly paradise and who were condemned to become humen. The biblic performance of the suns of god as sexless angels has lost the reference to the term bitch in many cultures.

1 Sabine Pemsel-Maier, https://www.bibelwissenschaft.de/stichwort/100057/ January 2015
2 Adolf Küpfer, http://www.bibelkommentare.de/index.php?page=qa&answer_id=158

derivation of the term above being from esotericism

An above being is a being that is bound to a human body having the inner maturity and intelligences of an old and spiritualized human from its birth on. It has inner potentials that are much more extreme than those of a human being. All levels of consciousness of its inner being are open from its birth on. A term that is close to that of the above being is the archaryan. It is often recognized as an adult child.

2. derivation of the term bitch from esotericism

A bitch is the prime Gemini who has the inner maturity and the intelligences that an adult and spiritualized human can reach from the birth on. For this reason she is archaryan and a Star of David gives her the preconditions for it. All levels of consciousness are open from her birth on. She carries the deepest paradise in her fourth level of consciousness and the strongest sun in her third level of consciousness.

example of the bitch in the bible

Mary Magdalene was commonly known as a bitch. She was the symbolic figure of a perfect virgin. Seen from an esoteric perspective the bitch is the divine perfection with the life number 27/9.

character of the bitch

The contents of the following table were derived from buddhistic trends of philosophy, astronomy, astrology and an independent mystical process of gaining knowledge.

right treatment of the above being & bitch

  • respectful treatment
  • strengthening of trust
  • recognition as a being with dignity and inner values

treatments of the above being in Germany (2000 – 2015)

Wikipedia is a collection of opinions where every writer on the internet can participate. It is not recognized as a source of knowledge. On wikipedia Germany the term bitch is determined in connection to the terms that are given.

  • insult
  • amorality
  • frequent sexual actions
  • the use of the term is separated from that of human

Due to the fact that wikipedia does not write the informations that it is no source of knowledge but a collection of opinions many people have recognized it as untouchable sources of researched knowledge and there have happened insults, institutional exclusions and mental abusements with different humen that were irreparable. When there were sent criticisms or suggestions of definitions that had scientific value of truth to wikipedia then they were ignored. The results of collecting meanings about the term bitch on wikipedia were for example the developing believe that beauty and the Aryan being are connected with mental stupidity, frequent sexual actions and prostitution as well as amoral intentions of actions.

example 1

A woman with the appearance of an above being is in public. A foreign person encounters her. She speaks: “You are only a bitch. You are no human.” He treats her degradingly. He tries to convince her to prostitute.

example 2

An adult woman expresses her positive emotions in front of another person in public. Several people who are close to them react on the emotionality with verbal and nonverbal methods of intimidation. “It is awkward to present oneself in this way. You are no human. This is from down there.” A second human adds: “If she is no human then she must be a bitch. Then it must stand for from down there.” He demonstrates the emotionality of the woman with a grotesque grimace.

example 3

Due to her beauty there is made the suggestion to a person to work as a bar woman or a cash desk staff. She refuses be-cause she senses that she is aristocratic and she fears to lose her justified pride due to the treatments of the customers at the bar. After the attempt to convince her in a verbal way she sees herself being forced to work in a public baker shop due to her material status. After about six weeks she collapses due to the treatments that she had been confronted with by the customers in the baker shop. Except of one acquaintance who had her trust she did not tell anybody about the hurts of her soul be-cause she sensed that the verbalizations of her emotions would have been degrading.

example 4

A younger woman tells a story that has happened in her past. A listener depreciates all her statements with an arrogant attitude. “She lies cause she is only a bitch. Then it must not be true what she says.”

example 5

An above being sits at least ten hours a day in front of a computer for her work and her education. Due to the sitting posture,
the physical motionlessness, the radiation that it is treated with the emotional and empathic capacities get lost. After little months it senses no emotionality and no empathy anymore. It senses that the third and the fourth level of consciousness are destroyed.

example 6

A human puts the shoes on a bank.

reaction of another human
“This is wrong.”

counterexample 6

A human enters a shop and he steals willfully.

reaction of another human
“It is not bad because he has performed himself from the above.”

example 7

A pupil wears her hair open in school.

reaction of another human
“You have not performed yourself. Your behaviour is wrong. You must bound your hair up. Otherwise we do not understand you as from the above.”

counterexample 7

A human writes untrue statements into his curriculum vitae.

justification of the human
“I do not find it bad because I have performed myself from the above. I make it more beautiful.”

example 8

A person who has obviously much dignity soliloquizes in a room volume in public.

reaction of another person
“His behavior is from down there. He is crazy. He is bonkers.”

The other person rolls the eyes in front of the speaker. He gesticulates the insanity. The speaker’s self was intimidated by the gesticulations.

counterexample 8

Due to her clothes a person is discriminated by a foreign hu-man in public. The foreign human speaks: “She has nothing. What does she want to perform with that? She probably works at the cash. How it looks. It can only stand for from down there. She is probably a bitch.”

reaction of another human
“I do not find it bad when you degrade her for her clothes. She is only a bitch.”


A.) When the terms good and bad are mixed up and the right way of acting is seen as a wrong way of acting and the other way around then the moral system and the value system collapse. In general there is hardly a knowledge about morality and ethical rules. In schools and more educational institutions there are taught the egoism, competition, vanity, empathylessness, demonstration and material wealth as a strivable conception of life whereas beauty, emotionality, autonomous thinking, originality, freethinking and trust are treated with worse evaluations, ridiculousness and exposures. The result is the destruction of intelligence, inner maturity, moral values and in this connection of the above being in a culture. The bad character is in general rewarded for his wrong actions and the good character is almost excep-tionlessly treated with penalty and institutional exclusion for his virtuous actions and intentions of actions.

B.) The global spreading of informations on the internet that the term bitch that is common in esotericism shall be an insult of dirtiness, sexuality and amorality resulted in a discrimination, an abuse and an exclusion of women, female beauty and physicality. The term was not used for men but only for attractive and beautiful woman and humen who did not completely cover their body in public. The general consequence was a fascism against woman, a fascism against sexuality and a compulsion of order and cleanliness.

a nice thought

In the course of the last years there often occurred the thought to me that I gladly would like to fly to the United States to express my positive emotions dramatically on big stages. I drifted away on my mind to fantasy worlds that let me forget the fascism and the discrimination against the above being in Germany. They have already become too strong to let a hope in a general improvement maintain.


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