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about the cosmic kind of being man

The paradise is a galaxy that is significated by attributes and capacities like for example harmony, intelligence and empathy. The human representative of this kind of being on earth starts to go on an astral journey and studies the cosmos in the course of his life. These studies increase his consciousness that is connected with moral values because he must have made the inner maturation process on every consciousness level to be able to go on an astral journey. The consciousness of the man inside the paradise that is connected with moral values and that has studied the contents and structures of the cosmos is different to that of the human consciousness. In contrast to the human consciousness it is connected with logics, epistemological capacities and with components that are connected with each other and that can be conveyed with the picture of a staircase rise. On the other hand the human consciousness can be conveyed with the picture of unstructured components that will never be the same like the staircase rise even if the connections between them are tried to reach. If there are developed connections between the components in a human’s brain then there develops a deductive world view and a dogmatism that can directly result in a fascistic way of thinking. On the other hand if there are developed connections between the components of the consciousness in the kind of being man inside the representative of the paradise then there develops the staircase rise that is connected with moral values due to the capacity of thinking inductively and due to the present potentials of different kinds of Paths of knowledge.


The movie conveys the contrary attributes of the consciousness of Aryans and the human consciousness. While there is a human between incoherent stones he tries to imitate the consciousness of Aryans, making mistakes. Arnold Schönberg’s twelfe-tone music adds an atmosphere of mind alienation and values. In contrast to the human consciousness the man inside the representative of the paradise who has made the maturation process in the cosmos speaks about making gifts on the basis of the moral consciousness, the consciousness of the cosmic balance/ principle of justice, the camera view of the Aryan race that is a camera view of fascism in the context of human consciousness, the rise of self-confidence due to the rising process on the consciousness level of the sun and about the eternal rise with his body language. In his performance he makes the inner maturation process until he becomes the rising morning star. Without the presence of the intelligences of his Star of David he would not have been able to go on his astral journey.

a fictional contemporary event at the movie

Is there still a Star of David?


where have all the flowers gone, long time pasting? (title)

A German woman with an Aryan appearance stands at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin making a performance of the consciousness for film works. A passer-by from Berlin walks close to the Memorial. He sees the performer and he stops walking. With a half smirk he asks: “Why don’t you stand above the stones to perform yourself from the above?” The woman with the Aryan appearance answers without making a mimic art. “Because I belong between the stones and not onto them. How the Jews have been treated at that time people with my appearance are treated in these days.” The passer-by from Berlin looks clueless at her. “This she has not understood.” he thinks. He goes on. A short time later he encounters an acquaintance. He speaks: „We have already destroyed the Star of David. Well then nothing disturbs us anymore. Then we have done it. Nothing disturbs me anymore. Then there will be a nice time. Then there will be justice.“ The acquaintance answers: “Is she the last who remained? Then she won’t get it up. We will bring her down in before.” They go back to the Holocaust Memorial. There they see the performer packing her things together. One of them speaks with her. “You have not performed yourself from the above.” The second one takes her with him by saying: “You must not do that. Bitch!”

thanks & appreciation

A thanks is given to Monika Vossler who has made the camera in the sequences of the human consciousness. At the end of the article news and in the profile of Elios Schastél on Patreon there are options to express ones appreciation.


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