destruction of the Speiss/ divine self by the agency of work by Elios Schastél

grand hotel Falkenberg (Sweden)

The following speech is the last speech of the speech series 2016 with the titel fascism in Germany. The series was a continuation of the speech series from 2015 with the title capitalistic fascism in Germany. The speech was realized in a film that was made in Falkenberg (Sweden). It is an insight into the esoterical consequences and the consequences of practical consequences of actions of an institution that was founded during the 1950s and that has gained global power since that time.

esoterical consequences

A. destruction of the soul’s values

Since the institution was founded there was used a symbol that had a meaning that was deviated from esoterism. Seen from an esoterical and hermeneutical perspective it conveys the destruction of the self, the damage of the Star of David and the damage of the undermost level of consciousness. The values that are connected with these esoterical entities were secondarily thematised if you see it from a hermeneutical perspective. There are given some examples of them in below.

  • trust and feeling of safety (first level of consciousness)
  • self-worth and self-confidence (third level of consciousness)
  • greatness (third level of consciousness)
  • might (third level of consciousness)
  • empathy (fourth level of consciousness)
  • individuality (fourth level of consciousness and higher levels of consciousness)

a conscious destruction of these esoterical entities and values leads to a methodological training of souls that have attributes that are given in below.

  • destroyed trust and a missing feeling of safety due to a missing, retarded or not existing possibility to satisfy ones physical basic needs
  • a reduced up to a missing self-worth and self-confidence a striking demonstration of a not existing self-confidence in ones actions
  • loss of might due to a dependance of decisions and times of decisions of other humen
  • destruction of greatness due to a reduction of self-initiated inner need to make achievements
  • loss of individuality and freethinking due to estimations of appearance and behaviours by foreign humen

The esoterical consequence of destroying these attributes is a methodological and professional education of soul attributes that are characteristic for the devil’s soul.

B. astrological fascism/ exclusion of esoterical contents without an existing basic knowledge

Astrological knowledge can only be gained on the basis of an autonomous mystical knowledge process. This process presupposes necessarily that the inner maturation process was made at least up to the consciousness in before. The autonomous ideational realization of the soul contents of a living being or of the cosmos takes place as soon as somebody has left the fourth level of consciousness in the inner maturation process and each of the earlier levels has been got over. By reaching the level of consciousness in the inner maturation process there develops an autonomous knowledge and a believe in the compliance with the moralic laws and values. A human is only able to make an astrological judgement and to deal with astrological knowledge correctly after he has reached the consciousness in the inner maturation process and all the other levels from before. The intelligences of the soul that are connected with the inner maturation process are the necessary preconditions to gain astrological knowledge and to deal with it correctly. The danger of dealing with astrology without having the necessary preconditions a a developning believe that results in a discrimination, exclusion and fascism against esoterical contents and connected with these contents it is a fascism against specific animals, humen and cosmic contents.

necessarily preconditioned capacities for a right dealing with astrological knowledge

  • logical and inductive thinking (fifth level of consciousness)
  • progressive and dynamic world view (fifth level of consciousness)
  • existence of the fourth level of consciousness
  • having gained the experience of an autonomous knowledge process about esoterism that is connected with sensory perception (sixth level of consciousness)

dangers of dealing with astrological knowledge without having the necessary preconditions

  • discrimination, exclusion and fascism against all esoterical entities that are from outside of the universe/ exclusion of the astrological particular case (e. g. aristocratic soul, Aryan and Jewish Star of David, Aryan and Jewish race (e. g. God, paradise))
  • wrong information dissemination and a believe system where esoterical contents and in this connection specific animals and humen are excluded and destroyed

examples of a wrong dealing with astrological terms and knowledge

“A Pisces is stupid. Hence he can not come in high job positions.” or “Pisces perform themselves from the above because this stands for a time.”

“The Speiss is handicapped. Who is handicapped must be sent to the home for the disabled.” or “The paradise is the devil. It only acts to come from the above because you can not trust him.”

“The paradise is a Balance. Balances are weak. Hence in life they always become dependant of men. Or “Who has a high voice has not got to arrive up.”

“The devil is beautiful. When a woman is beautiful then you can not trust her.” or “Gemini and Sagittarius are evil cause they only act.”

“A Sagittarius gives. If he did not give then it was no Sagittarius.” or “Hera beats. When you do not beat then you are not Hera.”

“You are not the solarplexus chakra. You are the heart chakra cause only the solarplexus cakra becomes famous.” or “The solarplexus chakra is a very bad one cause it must always be raped.”

mistakes in the spurious astrological arguments given

  • no astrological basic knowledge is given
  • no capacity of a right dealing with astrological terms
  • conclusions are exceptionless and for a hundred percent wrong

The consequence of an astrological fascism respectively the exclusion of esoterical contents without the existence of a basic knowledge in the context of an agency that declares to be responsible to estimate humen and to decide about their standard of living is the destruction of those values of human souls that are given in point A in those humen whom the discrimination and exclusion refers to.

C. ignorance of the inner maturation process

Next to the false faith that humen can be estimated and ordered into person types on the basis of one conversation there is also the inner maturation process ignored in the agency. On the one hand the ignorance results from a missing capacity to estimate other people and on the other hand it results from a rejection to acknowledge and recognize the inner maturation process. This process will be explained in below to deviate the consequences of its ignorance from it that develop in contexts of practical actions in daily life and a social functioning.
The inner maturation process is a designation of reaching a spiritualized soul in a living being. The designation originally developed in esoterism and religion. In most of the religions the task of a human life is the reaching of the inner maturation process to finally be taken in heaven after the life. It can be reached by a living being by always repeating performances that are made in life. Making a performance leads to the development of the inner levels of consciousness. If each of the seven levels of consciousness develops from performances that were made by a living being then there develops an adult human (a human within en inner maturation process) in a chronological order from the first level of consciousness up to the last level of consciousness. If the natural inner maturation process stagnates in a human life or if a level of consciousness is skipped then the human does not become adult in his life. The process can be independant of a human’s age. A human becomes adult as soon as he has made the inner maturation process at least up to his fourth level of consciousness. If he has not made it at least up to his third level of consciousness then he is disabled. The term disability refers to a living being that does not have at least the intelligences that develop in his soul from his third level of consciousness on. The stagnation of the inner maturation process either takes place because too little performances had been made or it takes place because intended evil actions respectively actions that hurt the soul of other humen and animals. Practicings that aim at cleaning ones soul to make the inner maturation process are not mentioned here. In many religions there is the believe that living beings who have made the inner maturation process at least up to the fourth level of consciousness come into the universe respectively the heaven after their death whereas living beings who have not made the inner maturation process at least up to their third level of consciousness come into the earth respectively the hell after their death.
The consequences of ignoring the inner maturation process in an agency where human see themaselves capable and responsible to estimate other humen are a general social situation where disabled people are seen as equivalent with adult humen and always more disabled people take the decision-making roles in a society. To create the outer appearance of an adult human and to enjoy their social advantages it has become a general obligation that disabled humen strikingly demonstrate the behaviour of adult humen in their actions by putting colour on their face and choosing specific clothes to be seen as adult humen. The intentions of these striking demonstrations in their actions are the wishes to be taken serious, to receive social recognition, might and establishment that is only given to adult humen for ethical and moralic reasons because only they have the values and intelligences due to having made the inner maturation process that give them the capacities to think independantly and to make right decisions. Furthermore the striking demonstrations of the behaviour of humen with the inner maturation process that is independant of clothing standards and appearance are evil actions respectively sins that prevent to make the further inner maturation process. The inner maturation process can neither be demonstrated by a social action nor can it be nor can it be imitated with an outer appearance. It can only be sensed by other humen. If a human is not able to sense it then he has not the capacities and intelligences that only develop from the third level of consciousness in the inner maturation process on. Thus he is a handicapped human. The more a handicapped human does not understand and recognize that a spiritualized human is superior to him in his soul the more handicapped he is from an esoterical and religious perspective. This recognition correlates with a respectful social treatment.

consequences of the ignorance of the inner maturation process in a society (examples)

  • many disabled humen are findable in decision-making positions in a society without having the capacities and preconditions for these positions
  • disabled humen are recognized and appreciated without having the preconditions for the recognition
  • the inner maturation process in humen is prevented because they are obligated to make evil actions respectively sins in their professional life by being forced to demonstrate the inner maturation processs of adult humen with the help of distorting ones outer appearance and imitating their behaviours
  • sins respectively evil actions are obligated due to a conscious changement of the definition of the terms self presentation and demonstration

In Germany there is a nonverbal general fascism against that only those humen are dismissed from their workplace where there is either recognized that they have made the inner maturation process or that they have a fourth level of consciousness or that they are Aryan or Archaryan. If a humen is obviously without the inner maturation process and he has not made it up to the third level of consciousness then he can make diverse and big (intended) mistakes: He is yet not dismissed with the general reasoning: “It would be mean because he already has something from down there.”

D. obligation of sinful actions by an intended changement of the definition of terms

Due to the incapacity to understand and define terms correctly there developed a general wrong understanding of and dealing with language in connection with the obligation to present oneself. The similarity between the German words presentation (German Vorstellung) and performance (German Darstellung) led to the general point of view that the contents of these words are identical. Presentation and performance are opposites. If they are mixed then there develops a false faith and a wrong world view that is connected with the possible reflexivity of the word presentation.

present something (non reflexive)
present oneself (reflexive)
perform something (only non reflexive)

presentation, self presentation, demonstration – one of the sins of the religion

Directly presenting the empirical reality is one of the sins of the religion. Presenting the empirical reality destroys the imaginations and in this connection it destroys cosmic contents, the sixth level of consciousness in the inner maturation process and the inner maturation process itself respectively the process of becoming adult. In the biblic story god spoke: “You shall perform me. Yet who demonstrates or presents (himself) distorts the nature. He destroys the imaginations./ He destroys me and he puts himself onto the same level where I am. Humen must not di that. Only I am god.”

opposites: presentation and performance

Self presentations belong to these distortions of the empirical reality that were mentioned above. Only visually perceivable objects can be presented. The distortion of the empirical reality is a sin respectively an evil action. On the contrary the performance always refers to an object that is visually not perceivable. The term is never usuable in reference to the subject. Otherwise a terminologically wrong conclusion takes place and language is used wrongly. Performance is the indirect conveyance of esoterism. Due to the circumstance that esoterism is visually not perceivable it can not be presented. Furthermore there is a law in religion that prohibits to speak directly about esoterism. The direct verbalization of esoterism is an evil action respectively a sin. In the biblic story there is written: “Humen must not understand esoterism because they destroy the cosmos. You must get to arrive up. Only then you must understand me.” For this reason the performance of esoterical entities always consists of the abstractions, descriptions and indications that must correctly convey the esoterism. The right conveyance of esoterismonly takes place if a visually imaginative perception of it took place in before. Otherwise the abstraction of indication is no performance but a repetition of performances that had been made before.
features of both terms


  • only visually perceivable objects
  • can reflexive or non reflexive
  • inner maturation process and the capacity to imagine esoterism is no precondition
  • conscious action that is related to a living being


  • conveyance of esoterism or esoterical contents
  • is made by a subject that conveys an object that is visually not perceivable (subject object relation)
  • inner maturation process and the capacity to imagine something are preconditions
  • no conscious action (autistic behaviour) but an action that is related to an imaginative esoterical object

The consequences of a wrong use of these terms are for example taking a believe and a world view where the inner maturation process, the capacity to imagine something and also esoterical cosmic contents get destroyed. Furthermore the distortion of the empirical reality respectively the nature takes place. Thus the consequences are a world view and believe that result in evil respectively sinful actions. The social obligation to make use of this wrong use of language results in obligating other humen to make evils actions respectively sins and to make them take a believe where esoterism gets destroyed. For this reason the resulting world view and (false) faith are wrong for esoterical and moralic reasons. In addition to that the changement of the definition of the term performance destroys the professional recognition of performers. They were recognized on past due to the ingenuity of their performances. Due to a missing esoterical understanding and knowledge they are often understood as self-presentators and for this reason they are treated like sinners. To satisfy ones basic motives many people in Germany must adapt the sinful actions. Without this adaption they are recognized as not “adult”. Two terms that were opposites were consciously distorted until they were seen as identical and the world view in many people’s minds were turned around. The final consequences of these terminological wrong conclusions was the mixing of good and bad as well as wrong and right. A dual world view was introduced by a conscious changement of a definition until its original content had become unrecognisable. The developing world view finally only still consisted of godd/ above, bad/ down as well as the wrong identity of the terms performance and presentation. In Germany the sin started to be recognized as a right action due to these terminological wrong conclusions.

examples of wrong actions due to the taking of the dual world view (from 2013 until 2016)

example 1

A man beats a bottle onto the head of his friend until it starts to blood and his friend unconsciously falls aside. The man lets the friend lay on earth and he speaks: “You stand for from down there.” In his reaction you can recognize that he recognizes his social action as right.

example 2

A man has consciously not smiled in the agency. The consequence of his non demonstrated smile is the reducement of the amount that he receives every month to satisfy his basic needs. The justification of the reducement of his standard of living was: “He has not performed himself from the above because he has not smiled.”

example 3

A woman with the inner maturation process is almost dismissed from school because her non conscious body posture (an obvious behaviour) is very self-confident due to the inner maturation process that she has made. The justification of the expulsion would have been: “She would have performed herself too much from the above.”

E. obligation of having an occupation respectively an action free of sense

The definition of the terms performance and occupation were changed in the general use and understanding of language during the last century in Germany until the original content of the terms got lost in the general understanding of language. The term achievement is an effect in an esoterical understanding that is made by an object by another object. If an esoterical effect is made by an object on another object then then this event is connected with a sense. This sense is a general cosmic principle of balancing powers that results in a coherent system of effects. The sense of these effects that take place in this system is the functioning of the system. The functioning of the cosmic system is the sense of achievements that are made. Achievements can be differentiated between good and bad achievements. Bad achievements are those that make a hurting or destroying (esoterical) effect on another object. In case of a bad achievement esoterical basic substances respectively the basic components of nature are hurt or even destroyed. On the other hand good achievements cause a regeneration or a strengthening of esoterical basic substances respectively basic components of the nature.


example 1

A human uses his own powers (basic components of the nature respectively esoterical basic substances) to create a travel backpack that gives another human the possibility to take his equipment on a journey. By taking his equipment with him his third level of conscious opens and it fills with pleasure.

The achievement in this example is the strengthening of the third level of consciousness in a human that is originally caused by the power of another human.

made achievement: medium

example 2

A human makes a physical performance of the eternal rise from the second diamond.

The achievement in this example is the broadening and deepening of his second level of consciousness as a priority. Seen from a more holistic esoterical perspective he strengthens this power in the cosmos. This achievemtns is made because he has made an imaginative communication and more kinds of communications with the cosmos by making his artistic act of a performance. If furthermore another human watches him making his achievement then there possibly opens his spiritual horizon (fifth level of consciousness) and his third level of consciousness by feeling pleasure watching an acting performance. Thus the achievements in this example are the strenthening of the levels of consciousness of the performer, the strengthening of cosmic basic substances on the basis of the communication that was made and the strengthening of the consciousness levels of the viewer.

made achievement: great

example 3

A human imagines the Mars in front of his inner eyes while he sits motionless on a chair.

In this example the achievement is a strengthening of the sixth level of consciousness and in this connection also the inner maturation process. In this context it should be mentioned that an imagination is the visual perception of a real esoterical entity.

made achievement: low

example 4

A human bakes a bread that he gives another human to eat.

The achievement in this example is the giving of the power of survival to a human being by another human being that is made by the effort to transform existing substances (e. g. flavour, salt, sugar).

made achievement: low

example 5

A human deletes words without sense (e. g. ) from texts of a data base of a website to free the website from virus that it becomes visible for the website’s visitors.

An achievement is not given in this example. Indeed the human makes a little physical effort but this effort makes no effect on the esoterism of another object. The achievement are only the effect that the contents of the website make on the inner being of the visitor. Thus it is only made by the developer of the website’s contents. The human who deletes the words from the data base makes no achievement byremoving the virus but he has an occupation.

made achievement: non

If a human has made many achievements or even performances in his life then he should receive it in return (cosmic principle of balance). If he does not receive it in return then there develop greatness in his third level of consciousness and more attributes and capacities in his inner being that express themselves in a respective body posture (behaviour). If making achievements are regarded as pursuable by humen then it can happen that the wrong definitions of the terms performance, achievement and occupation are given at the beginning of the article part D. result in the general social obligation to be occupied and to act free of sense. If humen are not conscious of the definition and in this connections the esoterical backgrounds of the terms performance and achievement then they can start to see actions free of sense/ an occupation as achievements or performances and they can obligate humen to have a lifelong occupation instead of making a single achievement and performance in life. Making achievements must not be proved and it can partly not even be proved. Because achievements are esoterical events. If somebody has made many good achievements in life then then it can be recognized on special attributes of the soul afterwards (e. g. greatness, aura and many more). Yet they can not be proved.
The consequence of the wrong definition of the terms occupation, achievements and performance and the recognition making performances in a “human’s” life that must also be “proved” afterwards are the general social obligations to make actions free of sense and to prove these senseless actions. A strikingly demonstration of actions that only little people in a society feel innerly obligated to make by themselves has become a daily normality. Furthermore only those humen make good achievements who have made the inner maturation process at least up to their third level of consciousness because only these humen have the preconditions to make good achievements.

conclusion of the practical consequences in a society due to the wrong defintion and use of the term performance

  • general obligation to make striking demonstrations of achievements by having occupations/ making actions free of sense (sin respectively evil action)
  • obligation for all humen to make achievements and to have an occupation regardless of their inner maturation process and the resulting bad consequences of achievements if the process was not made in before
  • demostrating and imitating the actions of those humen who have a self-initiated inner need to make achievements
  • exclusion of specific individuals who have a self-initiated inner need to make achievements due to a fascism that bases on a dual world view (above, down, “performance”)

F. exclusion of the German ruling elite and elite of thinkers

Several times I have heard sentences during the last years in Germany like for example: “Aristocracy? They aren’t anymore.” “Free thinkers? They aren’t for a long time anymore.” Aryans? They already died-out in the first world war.” “Particularities? They don’t exist.” “Beautiful women. They once existed but they aren’t anymore for a long time.” During the last years there were little times when I encountered particularities or free thinkers and in exceptionless each case of them I gained the experience that they were not recognized in their special attributes and capacities (i. a. freethinking, logicians, inner maturation process, empathy and giving). Even if their particularity was partly realized or even recognized they were excluded, disregarded and mobbed and in more ways treated with fascism. Particularities respectively individuals who have attributes and capacities independant of their age and appearance that come from outside of the universe exist in every decade of the history of humanity. These individuals are free thinkers, aristocracy, archaristocracy, Aryans, Aryan race, Jewish individuals and Jewish race and more. Most of all they and little exceptions of humen who have made the complete inner maturation process have the preconditions that make the ruling elite and the elite of thinkers that make a culture (Look at the examples of attributes in the tolamsoq language in the main menu issue performing arts under religion.). If these individuals are not taken by the ruling elite and elite of thinkers of a culture in consideration of their attributes and capacities (character) then the true ruling elite and elite of thinkers must gain the experience that disabled humen take the life decisions for them and make decisions about “good”, “bad”, “right” and wrong”. The ruling elite and the elite of thinkers in Germany was consciously excluded in the media system and the educational system. The “main justifications” for these happenings were: “”They do not stand for this time.” or “They are already too uch above or down there.” as well as “They have not performed themselves correctly.” Due to these spurious arguments the whole social system was turned around and the ruling elite and the elite of thinkers was not recognized anymore because the decision-makers had made too little or most of all no inner maturation process at all to recognize them. In this context it is to mention that archaryans and archjewish individuals have no part of the elements water and earth in their inner beings from their birth on. These elements make the human inner being. Thus they have no attributes of a human inner being and also no human kinds of beings in their inner being. For this reason they have completely different thinking patterns and ways of sesning and feeling. Thus for moral and ethical reasons human thinking patterns and ways of feeling and sensing must not be assumed in their case. If the human thinking patterns and ways of feeling and sensing are assumed in their case and they are treated on the basis of these wrong assumptions then there take place wrong treatments up to ethical and moral crimes on their souls. A final resulting question of this article that appeals to the readers is: “Are there still existing exceptions in the German culture or where all of them already destroyed?”*

* Readers who have not autonomously gained an astrological knowledge on the basis inner maturation process do not have the preconditions to make a conclusion about the astrological statements in this article.


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