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astral tai chi (educational film)


1. definition
2. development
3. basic concept
4. philosophy
5. practice
6. preconditions
7. interpretations
8. professional practice
9. performance of the line (practical example)


Astral tai chi (astral lat.: shape of a star) is a movement art where universal objects are communicated by a body language that bases on an act of imagination.


  • art practice
  • movement practice
  • religious practice of action
  • philosophy




  • practice of a continuously repeating series of gymnastic exercises
  • developed in a mystical cognitive process without any previous knowledge

The gymnastic training consisted of a series within breathing exercises, strength exercises, stretching exercises and relaxation exercises. The individual practice was continued until one day there developed an imaginative perception of a light circle while making an exercise position. The imaginative light circle that was placed 180 degrees over the head became a sensory perception that started to lead the body movements. The developing movements that where made by the individual medium spoke about a light circle. The origin of this light circle was placed in the cosmos outside of the practicing medium. A communicative action and a practice of tai chi developed that was not intended like in an artistic action. The artistic act resulted in the development of a language concept. Inner processes like for example pleasure, empathy and trust or planets of the sun system where assigned to the levels of consciousness of the human inner being in this language concept. Simultaneously, the practice of tai chi was continued. A final series of movements was found where astral tai chi was characterized. This movement series is a preparation of a tai chi practice where kinds of beings and geometries of the cosmos are interpreted and communicated in a performance that is dependant of the individual medium. The dramatic performance of these cosmic and paradisiac kinds of beings include for example the sun, the sphere light, an angel, the eternal rise or the paradise. There finally developed a religious practice of action from a tai chi practice that is characterized by a philosophical aesthetic concept that bases on a holistic world view with a cause-and-effect relationship between the universe and the human inner being.

philosophy and world view

1. deductive axiom after Aristoteles (from the general to the individual)
2. believe in the holistic world view where there exists a connection between the structure and the contents of the universe and those of the human inner being
3. philosophy of the inner maturation process (seven levels of consciousness and the chronological development between them) in the human inner being
4. imaginative capacities of objects in the universe (e.g. geometrical shapes)
5. believe in passive foreign control (medium (attention: no shamanism!)) of the body movements by imaginative objects


  • look at astral tai chi – basics of dramatic performance (ISBN: 978-3-9818577-8-8, Performanzverlag)



Imagining esoteric objects outside of the individual in the universe leads to a beginning guidance of the body movements by the imaginative object like a medium does. There results a development of a body language that has universal generality seen from a semiotic point of view. The result is the development of a continuously more complex physical language about the imaginative object. The final practice appears similar to a tai chi practice of previous tai chi experts.

an example

Person A imagins the geometric shape of an ellipse in the darkness of the universe at 180 degrees over her head outside herself. Having learned the philosophy of Astral tai chi is a precondition of the success of the resulting practice: After some moments her body movements start to be guided by the imaginative object. The developing movements become always more complex in the course of the continuing practice until they appear like a tai chi, a dance, an acting performance or exercises of gymnastics. A cognitive process and a process of becoming more conscious takes place by a semiotic decoding of the physical language that has universal generality.



  • inner maturation process at least up the the sixth level of consciousness
  • imaginative capacities of universal contents
  • knowledge of the philosophy of astral tai chi (look at the book pulication)
  • motivation and patience




1. imagination of the universal object outside of the individual
2. guidance of the body movements by the imaginative object
3. beginning of the tai chi
4. development of the body language (universal generality) about the imaginative object

  • watch the filmlet to find a practice instruction


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