Elios Schastél film productions Ltd – movie studio

title: Elios Schastél film productions Ltd

location: Berlin

film director & manager: Elisabeth Brückner (synonym Elios Schastél)

number of members: 6

responsibility for products and productions: 98 % made by film director & manager

departments: Elios Schastél film productions (movie productions), Elios Schastél music productions (music productions)

directing conception: universal directing with the topic focus esotericism & philosophy

category fantasy, documentary

film location: worldwide

website (company preview): www.elisabeth-performance.de

shops: internet shop, public trade, movie studio Berlin, private trade, cooperative companies

pronunciation: Elios Schastél (Eliòs Schastel) with pronunciations on E, li, os, el


All contents of this website were made by Elios Schastél film productions.