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performance of the eternal rise

Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

cosmic kind of being eternal rise

The eternal rise is a cosmic kind of being that is independent of every unit of time of the human consciousness. It makes the human carrier of it mature to an Egyptian deity by going on the way of purity of the inner being and the inner maturation process. In Ancient Egypt those humen who had reached the seventh level of consciousness in the inner maturation process respectively the consciousness level of the Pluto¹ (i. a. spiritualization) was given fame and wealth and they were recognized as deities. The kind of being eternal rise in the consciousness level of the Mars can open two kinds of characters inside the human carrier. The first character is connected with the conscious understanding and the self realization. The second kind if character is connected with the never ending inner rise without any conscious comprehension of it. The danger of the first character is the closing of the consciouseness level of the inner star. If the star closes completely until it is destroyed then there develops the kind of being devil. Yet if the star stays then the kind of being innerly matures until it becomes an Egyptian deity.

about the plot

The human representative of the eternal rise moves close to the water with the inner greatness and maturity of a deity from the Ancient Egypt speaking about her inner being together with Maurice Ravels Boléro that speaks about diverse cosmic kinds of beings like for example the eternal rise, the bird of paradise, the Egyptian deity, the danger of the devil, the actor, the figure Schastél and at the end of the music piece² there is also spoken about the destroyed plush cushion.

character of the figure

  • most of all the attributes of the consciousness levels Mars and the star
  • greatness
  • maturity
  • vulnerability
  • inner strength
  • ambition
  • pride

process of development

After an astral journey that had taken about one year and a processing of it there has developed the feature film series performances of cosmic kinds of beings since the year 2014. The series should be completed. For this reason there developed the idea to make a performance of the cosmic kind of being eternal rise together with Maurice Ravels Boléro. After some rehearsals where the artistic act of performance was connected imaginative pictures, concentration, a practice of Tai chi and the cosmic kinds of beings that are expressed in Ravels Boléro there was made a journey to Sperlonga. Sperlonga was chosen due to the esoteric meanings that are connected with this place. There were searched some nature atmospheres that should convey the plot of the movie on the one hand and the kinds of beings that should be characterized. If there had not been chose Sperlonga then there there would have been preferred a stage scenery where there would have been given an apparently eternal path that would have been made of white stone being places high over the water. Within a costume that should convey the consciousness level of the Mars¹, freedom, the Egyptian deity, the consciousness itself as well as the element air there had taken place several performances together with the music piece. After having traveled back the films were connected with the plot of the music considering the world direction³, the direction of the music and more kinds of directions. The whole piece within all its facets should generally characterize the cosmic kind of being eternal rise.

on the traces of the eternal rise & the rising morning star (Sperlonga)

Parrocchia Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo in Sperlonga (Spurensuche) from elios on Vimeo.

thanks & appreciation

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¹ Look at the tolamsoq language in the menu issue language under religion in the main menu issue performing arts & religion to find more explanations.
² Look at the version that is given in the movie.
³ e. g. direction of the inner architecture of Christian churches


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