Eve & the apple tree by Elios Schastél

Eve & the apple tree – a language of Tai chi on the top of the image right side

Elios Schastél wishes a good Entertainment.

a story about the movie

On the tree of realization there is an above being with the name Eve who speaks about the beginning of its inner maturation process. Carrying a pure dress from its birth on it is a symbol of virginity and innocence. Speaking about the eternal rise, the internal fall, the sun and the Jupiter as well as the cosmic representative of justice inside of it is the carrier of the symbol balance. In contrast to Adam there is no part of a human being inside of it. Thus a bite from the apple of the tree of knowledge opens the eternal rise in the consciousness of its Mars instead of the human consciousness. After it has left itself it starts a journey through the cosmos continuously aiming at its home: the paradise.

role of Eve

After an analyses of the Old Testament I dedicated myself to the character of Eva from an esoterical perspective. In 2016 there were rehearsals of Tai chi where the biblical figure should be conveyed in a performance. Months passed where I searched for a tree in Europe that was close to the ideal image of a tree. Simoultaneously it should look like the attributes of basic trust being similar to the tree that was described in the bible. While I was on a journey from Zurich to Munich some months ago I found such a tree and I planned a further conception of the movie. I took Vivaldi`s four seasons as a musical background that should convey the spring of a new Zoudiac sign on the one hand and the beginning of Eva’s inner maturation process in the cosmos on the other hand. Some weeks later I went close to Aadorf in Switzerland carrying a direction equipment and a costume that should characterize the figure Eva. I started to practice Tai chi close to the tree using imaginations and concentration as a priority. After having returned to Berlin within the film materials I wrote a story about the movie’s plot that I finally spoke as a German audio book speaker. A final editing of the movie and a translation of the story into the English language resulted in a complete work that should characterize the figure Eva.


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