extraterrestial by Elios Schastél

characterization of an esoteric kind of being with the help of the language of choreography and nature directing

a story about the movie

The inner being of the esoteric kind of being extraterrestial is characterized in the movie. With the help of choreography, nature direction, costume, picture direction, light direction and music the attributes of the inner being of the kind of being are conveyed. The choreography aims at being coherent. The coherence of the choreography must not be completely given due to the improvisational elements of tai chi. The nature was chosen to convey the characteristics of the inner being of the kind of being. A story about the inner being of the extraterrestial is spoken about whereby a dramatical performance is aimed at. The extraterrestial is characterized by abstractions of the body direction whereby the corresponding imaginative object was the input of the tai chi movements that were not consciously controlled at the moment of the happening.

an insight into the esoteric kind of being

The term extraterrestial refers to to kinds of them. On the one hand it refers to those living beings who have arrived outside the triangle that shows upwards in their Star of David. Due to the inner maturation process that is given they have a self that makes them human being and that lets them understand and use the human/ universal meaning languages. On the other hand there are the extraterrestials from outside the triangle that shows downwards in the fourth level of consciousness. These extraterrestials do not have a self because the inner maturation process is not given at all. They do not even have a basic trust and for this reason they can not have a self that gives them the possibility to understand and use the human/ universal meaning languages. The first kinds of extraterrestials are the opposite to those of the second kind. Those of the first kind are the most spiritualized living beings and those of the second kind are the most handicapped living beings due to the absence of the basic trust or rather the first level of consciousness.

Coming from a place that is situated in a different galaxy the extraterrestial from outside the triangle that shows upwards has an unimaginably deep Star of David and a huge brain.

working process

The preparations of the development of the choreography took several months. There were rehearsals that took place were imagination and a physical realization of the esoteric kind of being were practiced in a tai chi. The motion sequences were already known after the rehearsals even if every realization includes improvisational elements due to the tai chi. The practicings aimed at a coherent choreography that can be that can be possible even when it is a practice of tai chi. During the film works there were searched atmospheres in Siena in Italy that should characterize the appropriate kind of being.


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