fascism against artists in Germany (by Elios Schastél)

Kempinski Adlon hotel Berlin

In the course of the last years there has increased a social exclusion and an institutional rejection of artists and actors in Germany. Prejudices against them and a missing understanding of the terms artists and actor led to a discrimination and an exclusion of these personalities. Together with an always more recognized philosophy of the capitalistic fascism artists and arts were replaced until there only still remained reproducing crafts that were adapted to the taste of the economical majority. Normativity and economical competition in the arts progressed until no artist was still recognized in public anymore and the terms artist and actor in general started to become the opposite.

derivation of the terms art and artist from esotericism

Art is the product of an imaginative and communicative act of esoteric objects. Imaginative communicative actions with esoteric objects that result in a product is a creative accomplishment. Artistic products are findable in science, performing and applied arts, literature and music. Artistic products have meaning languages that have different levels of abstraction. The levels of abstraction are dependant of the distance between the imaginative esoteric object and the artist on earth.

example 1

artistic act
A dancer performs the development of the milk galaxy with the help of movements making a visual communication with the esoteric object.

example 2

An actor plays the role god by making an imaginative communication with the cosmic object.

derivation of the characteristics of an artist from esotericism

  • Star of David and a triangle that shows upward
  • inner maturation process and spiritualization
  • imaginative capacity to imagine esoteric objects
  • acoustic capacity to perceive esoteric events (possible)
  • autistic potential
  • unaware use of meaning languages with at least universally general levels of abstraction
  • content-related and no form-focused thinking
  • no presentation but a conveyance of contents

The term artist and actor can not be separated from an esoteric perspective.

treatment of artists in Germany (2000 – 2015)

The development of arts during the last years included an increasing exclusion of artistic behaviour and the use of universal meaning languages. The use of universal levels of abstraction is in general understood as a mental disability and the “incapacity to understand the culture and human meaning languages.” The form-focused acting of economical philosophies replaced the content-related acting of artists and the derivation of artistic products from esotericism until artistic products became independent of an esoteric truth value. Only the shine of art remained. Among the developing products of reproducing crafts that are recognized as art in public there is hardly any art or even no art findable anymore. The little artists who derive their work products from esotericism were always more excluded until no artist was recognized in public anymore. The originality of artists was oppressed by the motivation to have sensual plea-sures and to fulfil the expectations of the audience that has the decisionmaking powers of the existence of the art from an economical perspective. Self-presentators replaced mediators of esotericism and demonstrators replaced performers and actors.

example 1

Only those ensemble artists receive more than a starvation wage who present themselves in a personal interview with standardized clothes and with an established artistic curriculum vitae.

ensemble member of the central musical company for a pro-duction of the phantom of the opera, 2012

example 2

Only the person who has the title director has the permission to speak in the theater production. If there are opinions that are more convincing then they must not be spoken out. Otherwise there will be a dismissal.

Anisha Bondy in the production the snow queen, 2010
Marc Prätsch in the productions spring awakening, 2010
Regina Bouccheri in the production Mia Woezon, 2013

example 3

People do not receive any wage for their artistic works on stages. The reason for the required wage that was not given was: “She is only a bitch. In the arts it does not matter.”

anonymous, music conservatory director of a music conservatory in Brandenburg at the youth festival, 2013

example 4

Pupils are required to “perform” themselves by making them-selves pretty in a school. One student comes with clothes that point to an artistic being. She finds the colourful and wide clothes nice. With three more people she participates in a verbal French examination. She makes her examination without mistakes. She receives worse marks because she has not worn standardized clothes.

Elisabeth Brückner, Theodor-Fontane high school in Brandenburg, 2007

example 5

An artist plays a piece of music with his guitar in public and he sings an artificial song. The passers-by treat him as if he was inferior. One of them speaks: “Art on the street has no value because you receive nothing in return.”

anonymous street artist, Berlin, 2014

example 6

An artist who shows an artistic behaviour is made the sugges-tion to work at a cash desk. After about six weeks of work he collapses psychologically due to the treatments and the compulsion of normativity.

anonymous student, Sachsen-Anhalt, 2013

example 7

Due to her positive aura and her beauty there are made allegations to an actress by fellow students of philosophy of science at a university. With conviction the fellow students say about her without having got to know her: “When she is an actress then she can not think scientifically. Actors are stupid and beauty means that they make love with everybody.”

Elisabeth Brückner, free university, 2013


A.) Norm fascism and a capitalistic fascism excluded every kind of abnormalities and deviation from normative actions until every kind of behaviour that attracted attention was degraded as mental stupidity, “from down there” or the incapacity to understand the culture. In public institutions and every kind of non-normative behaviour is threatened with expulsion. Freethinking, originality and artistry are degraded until there only still remained the inner attitude to refuse. At the end this attitude also disappeared.

B.) The capacity to imagine esoteric objects, the inner maturation process, Star of David, (obvious) autistic behaviour and more attributes of the artistic inner being, of adults and spiritualized humen are treated with a verbal and an unprovable nonverbal fascism, discrimination and institutional exclusion.

C.) In general fascism is recognized as a right way of acting. Bogus arguments are used as justifications of fascistic actions like for example: “Fascism? What shall this mean? Nobody knows. Well then? It is right. Who cares?” Humen who do not participate in the norm fascism receive no wage for their work or they are excluded from work.

D.) self-confidence and dignity are only recognized in public

if material wealth is obviously demonstrated. Humen are only treated with respect when social recognition and material prosperity are shown off in public. Only those people who completely participate in the norm fascism are not discriminated socially and institutionally in the ideology.

crowdfunding campaigns – a hope of artists that never receives a confirmation

In two thousand and fifteen I made a campaign on a funding platform that was extended and renewed for years. In past I had already started several crowdfunding campaigns and I often wondered which criterions and aspects of evaluation sponsors must have when they make decisions about the funding of works. After I had edited the campaign until it had become one of the biggest campaigns of the platform the hope got lost that quality, quantity and originality are reasons for the funding of art in Germany. Then I started to write many reasons for the fun-ding in the campaign. I contacted booster clubs and institutions. I made publicity works on platforms on the internet. I informed hundreds of people and acquaintances. The news spreaded by word of mouth and many more publicity works. In my experience the campaign is a typical example for the treatments of artists and the appreciation of artistic works in Germany.

public persona and public image – the “acting” of fascism

The general rejection of emotionality and behavioural abnormalities led to the use of the public persona and the public image and the inner retreat of the private personality. Due to the circumstance that I hardly had the opportunity during the last years to draw many people’s attention to this topic I thought that it would be important to point to the consequences of a demonstrated social type in public. Next to behavioural disorders, a withdrawal into oneself, repressions and depressions and the support of a norm fascism and fascism against artists there are many more consequences of the public persona. Furthermore the consequences of the public image are for example a fascism against social classifications and a capitalistic fascism. The loss of self and more identity problems are happenings that developed with the public persona and the public image.

consequences of the public persona and the public image

  • fascism against emotionality
  • fascism against behavioural abnormalities
  • norm fascism
  • fascism against artists
  • fascism against social classifications
  • capitalistic fascism
  • behavioural disorders
  • withdrawal into oneself
  • suppressions and depressions
  • development of identity problems and the loss of self
  • loss of individuality
  • peer pressure
  • support of dishonest followers
  • replacement of behaviours by social actions


The public persona is a repression of true emotions that take place immediately and without awareness. The intention of the use of the public persona is the compliance with a social type that is recognized. The fear of gaining the experience of a social and an institutional rejection and exclusion (e.g. peer pressure, fascism) due to the revelation of the true emotions leads to an emotional retreat and a withdrawal into oneself that result in a loss of self and identity problems. The use of the public persona reminds on excerpts from Aldous Huxley’s novel brave new world where one artist is the only exception in a self-contained and closed fascistic system by resistance and escape. In Germany the public persona is in general seen as a “performance”. Most of the people do not have any clue about the differences between performance and demonstration or they pretend that they do not have a clue about it. It is much more an emotional repression and a reaction of protection of the inner retreat that bases on a fear of social and institutional rejection. In contrast to the repression of ones emotion the force to consciously demonstrate ones emotions is a self rape. In schools, educational institutions and universities pupils who are already at a very young age are taught to completely repress their emotions to receive no rejection in school classes and that they are not expelled. The bogus argument in many schools is: “We do not want that a pupil performs himself from down there. “


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