fascism & violence against a woman at the church of the holy sepulchre by Elios Schastél

fascism against a German woman at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem – press release

by Elios Schastél

October 2016
at tower of David old city Jerusalem

description of the happening

A woman enters the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Her equipment consists of a notebook and a travel backpack. Her clothes are in black, white and violet. A sapphire necklace and a sapphire ring are recognizable on her. Her appearance is that of a young lady. She sits down in a church room and she starts to make notes into her notebook. She leans her feet on an edge of a bank. The posture of her spine becomes straighter due to her raised legs. A man who carries the clothes of a monk passes the door of the church room. He sees the woman. Then his eyes catch her body posture. He approaches her. “Take the legs down from the bank.” The woman replies: “I can take the shoes off that the bank will not be made dirty.” She takes her shoes off. Her feet lean against the edge of the bank. He looks directly into her eyes asking: “Why?” Some visitors of the church watch the happening. She answers: “Because I must sit in an upright posture. I sense inside of me that I must sit with a rising leg.” The man continues looking directly into her eyes. She keeps the eye contact. He says: “We are in the holy land. We are in a church. There will be the mess.” He speaks the words as if they were an argument of the prohibition of her behaviour. She responds: “It is not written in the bible that it is forbidden to lean ones feet on the edge of a bank. Thus it would not disturb god. It is also not written in any legal code that the feet must not lean on a bank. I do not make anything dirty. I also do not touch anybody.” The man with the clothes of a monk replies: “Take your feet from the bank.” She answers: “It would be a fascism against a natural behaviour.” One more time the man repeats his last sentence. The visitors of the church listen to them attentively. He leaves the room to bring a second worker of the church. Both stand in front of the woman. “Take your feet from the bank.” The woman answers: “I feel innerly obligated to sit in a rising posture. I do not make anything dirty.” They look directly into her face. She says: “If you like to do it then you can call the police.” One of the two men goes to the exit of the room. He calls the police. A policeman joins them. Without using a word he signalizes her to take the feet from the bank. Then he sais: “This is not allowed. In this church it is not allowed.” The woman repeats her arguments: “I do not make anything dirty. There are no house rules of the church that forbid to touch the edge of a bank with socks. Inside of me I must sit in an upright posture.” A viewer makes a well audible sound in direction to the woman: “Sch!” The second man with the clothes of a monk says in Italian language and with an arguing tone: “There will be the mess.” The policeman loses the control. He takes her upper body with violence and he shakes her. He grabs her bag and he throws it through through the room. Then he makes a gesture. He graps her and he throws her through the church room. With nonverbal gestures he threatens to use more physical violence. He takes her notebook and work book and he tears it. He throws it on the ground. Then he takes her travel bagpack and he shakes it. The woman straightens up again and she goes back to her bag without making any physical counter-reaction. He takes her one more time and he throws her through the room in direction to the exit. The social action is obviously pain causing and it shall intimidate. Many passer-by watch the happening. Without taking her eyes from the policeman she hold herself on the door to not fall down. She goes to her bag that he shakes. With an open voice that is not louder then the room volume but that is audible for many passer-by she says: “You must not do that.” The policeman realizes his social actions in public and he gives her the bag with a little superior smile. The woman takes her bag with calmness and she says without being louder than the room volume that several people can hear it clearly: “I will make a legal action that is about the fascism against and the physical rapture of a German woman.” The policeman ignores her by miling a little bit ignoringly. The woman gathers her equipment and she leaves the church controling her movements with caution.

place of the happening

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, church room of the mess

Church of the Holy Sepulchre main entrance (untreated original)

entrance of the church room for messes at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (untreated original)

time of the happening

  • 26.11.2016, 10.00 am until 10.30 am
  • little minutes before until the beginning of the mess

contents of the legal action

  • physical violence up to the state of pain
  • physical intimidation
  • threatening by sign language by material damage and physical violence
  • verbal intimidation of the third and the fourth level of consciousness and the self confidence
  • fascism against a natural behaviour
  • material damage (work equipment, writing equipment, notebook and work book)
  • discrimination against a natural behaviour
  • violation of the human dignity

people who were involved in the happpening

  • more than one man with the clothes of a monk (monk)
    social status: worker of the church

  • policeman (man in the picture background)
    social status: policeman at the time of the happening

  • German woman
    social status: director, film manager, film and theater actress, author, publishing house head, artist, corporation manager, singer
  • visitors of the mess, passer-by

reason for the woman’s international trip

  • professional: development of two feature films in Israel (commissioned works) for a film production company
  • private: visit of an acquaintance in Jerusalem

reason for the woman’s visit of the church

  • contemplation in a calm atmosphere

situational circumstances

arguments of the monks and the policeman

  • because it is the holy land feet with socks must not touch a bank
  • because it is a church feet with socks must not touch a bank
  • because there are house rules (that are not leggible for guests) feet must not lean on a bank
  • because the mess will start in a minute feet must not lean on a bank
  • there are transnational church rules that forbid that feet (without shoes)can touch banks
  • verbal contradiction gives a policeman the right to cause material damage and physical rapture

arguments of the woman (verbal expressions)

  • touching objects with the feet without damaging them or making them dirty does not hurt the laws and words of god and the bible
  • there is no existence of a prohibition in a legal code to touch objects (banks) with the feet there was no damage or dirtying of objects
  • there was no damage of other people or an interference
  • fascism against a natural behaviour
  • no existence of church house rules that are leggible for visitors at the time of the happening
  • no existence of transnational church house rules
  • inner obligation/obligation of the inner being to have an upright body posture and a rising leg posture

real content of the argument

  • strong self confidence of the woman (i.a. verbal contradiction)
  • proof of might of the church members and the policeman
  • intimidation of the third and the fourth level of consciousness (by material damage, verbal and physical methods)
  • exclusion of a non adaptive respectively an attention-grabbing behaviour

description of the behaviour and the social actions of the monks and the policeman

  • verbal intimidation
  • physical intimidation by sign language
  • physical violence
  • material damage
  • untrue statements

description of the behaviour and the social actions of the woman

  • logical argumentation
  • open speaking voice with respect of the room volume
  • no physical counter-reaction to physical violence and more happenings of the arguments
  • feet (covered by socks) lean on a bank


  • summary dismissal
  • imprisonment for a half year
  • high financial penalty (20000,00€)


All contents of this website were made by Elios Schastél film productions.

press release
church of the holy sepulchre
church of the holy Sepulchre Jerusalem
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