genesis by Elios Schastél

tree of life

Amidst an eternal garden there was a tree growing on a meadow. A first root was growing in direction to the earth’s surface. Being embedded it sensed an instinctive trust that the nutrients of earth would save its survival. It grew on a path that would bring it to the light of world. When the first sprout emerged over the earth it showed its pure appearance with innocence and without an anticipation of the future’s happenings in front of the sun. Strength was increa-sing inside of it because the nutrients of earth supported it. When it had developed a strong trunk it started to laugh full of pleasure in the eternal garden. It started to feel that it was united with the air and the grass that surrounded it. It also sensed the sun’s warmth as a part of warmth inside of it. Feeling empathy for every entity that surrounded it it started to wonder whether there also existed still more air and grass than that what lived in its vicinity. A first little twig of realization emerged on its trunk. After the first there followed a second. Its curiosity increased and it took water from the earth to let its twigs grow more that it could finally look beyond the horizon. One of the twigs that had developed on its trunk had a size that made it possible to look beyond the horizon. It took a glimpse and in the world beyond the horizon it found air and grasses like those that lived in its world. Recognizing the same world like that were it lived let it realize that it was the only tree that existed and it became proud. Its self confidence became greater and it also made the realization that it was educated now and grown higher than the grasses. Looking down at them from its high position it slow-ly lost its empathy for them. The idea occured to it that it should take mirrors to watch its high appearance. It started to present its height and the education of all its twigs because it had the aim to make them jealous. Its self-glorification caused that its heart started to close over time. More and more its twigs pointed downward until they were close to the earth. It died. It never reached the final maturity level. The test to become a bitch that would perform the contents of cosmos was failed. It was a tree that never left the worlds of trees and that was one of many trees in many worlds.

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