images of a performance by Elios Schastél

a mediation of cosmic contents by expressive dances & tai chi acting

In this menu item you can find a mediation of cosmic kinds of beings by expressive dances and tai chi acting. The beke dances include improvisatory and choreographic elements. More dances like Schasa dance and the performance of pain base on a practice of Thai Chi. You can find examples for cosmic kinds of beings in a short performance that is given in below. Some of these figures are narrated in the dances.

kind of being paradise

The paradise is placed in the star* of an individual’s inner being. The life of a human that carries the paradise inside of him is full of shadows that are connected with other humen. A humble attitude, purity of the inner being, fragility and sensitivity as well as a strong believe and more attributes are features of the paradise in a human.

Elios Schastél (directing & photographer & performer)

kind of being Zeus

Zeus is a king among the human. He carries the being of an actor that belongs to the rising morning star** inside of him. His view is focused on the cosmos.

Elios Schastél (directing & photographer & performer)

kind of being Schasa

Schasa is a queen among the humen. She is understood as a humen who has an aristocratic inner being. Focusing her view on the cosmos her life is full of hurts in her star.

Elios Schastél (directing & photographer & performer)

*Look at the menu item tolamsoq language under religion to find more informations.
**Look at the menu item cosmos & art under religion to find more informations.


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