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1. above being by Elios Schastél

In the running of diverse conversations in my social background and while watching social habits and interactions in public I started thinking about what the term „being from the above“ means. After years of reflections and analyses I have developed answers which I gladly share with other humen.

a basic definition of the terms „from the above“ and „from down there“

From the above are those kinds of characters whose attitudes, intentions of actions and character attributes are connected with the term good¹. From down there are those characters whose attitudes, intentions of actions and character attributes are connected with the term bad.

¹This word is used as a synonym for the term positive. It is also connected with the term fair.

further attributes to recognize a person that is from the above

  • some of those people can be recognized by their look
  • In almost every case they are recognizable by the content of their eyes. In almost every case you can sense the being from the above in a positive aura
  • you must speak with the person to get to know their attitudes and intentions of actions

(regular) inner development of a person who is from the above

  • birth
    They have no bad attributes in their character.

  • at an age of about twenty years
    Specific potentials of their heart area start to open.

  • at an age of about thirty years
    specific potentials of their forehead start to open.

In the running of their development the contrary zodiac signs of their original character develop inside of them.

typical features in a partnership relation (examples)

  • trust
  • fantasy & imagination

differentiation between a human and a person that is from the above by means of an interpretation of the story of Adam & Eva

Adam and Eva were sons of god. Carrying the sun in the heart they lived in the paradise which is the heaven were there is peace and harmony. Adam was an Aries and a Sagittarius and Eva was a Gemini and a Sagittarius. They deeply loved each other sensing one’s own inner mirroring in the image of the partner. In the paradise there was everything included from trust, sexuality, emotionality, empathic love, imagination to the entrances of other worlds. Every entity in the paradise spent the timelessness in mutual peace and Adam and Eva walked through every level of the heavenly allness in luckiness uniting each other in luminous ecstasy from time to time. There was a level in the paradise where there was nothing except of a tree that had a crown with that many branchs and a basis with that deep roots that they reached the borders of the paradise. There were many apples hanging on the tree and in each apple there were hidden all the truths about the structures of the paradise. God who appreciated the light which Adam and Eva carried inside and who did not want that they approached his intelligence prohibited them to eat the fruits of the tree. Adam accepted the will of god and he stayed away from the fruits but Eva approached the tree one day and she found a snake meandering close to its trunk. The snake started to speak with her and it made her curious about taking an apple. She cropped one. Then she went to Adam and let him try it first. The moment when he tasted the fruit the whole sky started to open in front of his inner window. The light of his center were there was placed the unity started to break into diversity. He tasted a bit more and suddenly the twice mirrored hyperbola started to open in front of him. After him it was Eva’s turn. She tasted a bit then she looked down at her body and fort he first time she realized her own nakedness. Starting to see something bad in it the feeling of shame was arising inside of her and she covered herself with a leaf. A short time later god got to know about these happenings inside of Adam and Eva. The destruction of the center were there ist he origin of light and the realization that there is also a badness next to the goodness made him shocked in a quality that he violated them from the heavenly paradise that they fell from he above down to earth and became human whose characteristics was the awareness. Adam and Eva started to dress themselves with wall streat wear and they created a public persona because they wanted to be appreciated as socially adapted, reasonable and compatible and not be hurt for the skills of their center among the other humen who spreaded in a civilized world. With the realization and a with that connected seperation from unity into the goodness and the badness the unjustice started. The previous heavenly pair Adam and Eva fell down on earth were they started sleeping with each other without the sensations of their heart area and their center. The life of a bitch and a faggot was extinguished and became a part of the biblical cyrcle.

examples of historically significant people

Jesus Christ
Dalai Lama
Liza Minelli
Jeanne d‘Arc
George W. Bush
Marilyn Monroe
queen Elisabeth from Schottland

reading matter

For further informations you can obtain my book a pilgrimage in Europe which will be published in German as an e-book and as a paperback by Paramon-Verlag in September 2015.

2. Aryan by Elios Schastél

3. a bitch by Elios Schastél

justice – a definition

Some years ago I was visiting an acquintance and I saw a pendulum on the table. Watching it an interest was emerging inside of me. I stayed for a while wondering about the cause for its movements, for how long it would swing and which principles I could deviate from it. I looked at the form of its movements and I started to draw a graphic. I put a plus and a minus at the orbit’s endpoints that belonged to the pendulum’s movements. At the point where the pendulum was motionless I put a zero as a sign.

Seeing the pendulum’s orbit I imagined a galaxy’s orbit. Continuing to think about the pendulum’s secret principles I determined some basic terms. These were terms of mathematics, physics, astronomy and spirituality.

You find more backgrounds of this table in the tolamsoq language that I put into the menu issue the being.

At that point where negative and positive were placed I saw the extents of energy in the physical context. In the spiritual context there were refindable in emotions. Emotions were refindable in the sun. The pendulum’s zero point was placed at the orbit’s center. I found its connection with the physical, astronomical and spiritual context by opening a third dimension in my graphic.

Seeing the zero point in my graphic I found it there were the sun in the galaxy was placed. The sun was a star. I used my imaginations and I extended the graphic in front of me by seeing one more galaxy in an intergalactic connection. I drew one more graphic.

The star was determined by the ability of empathy in the spiritual context what I knew from the tolamsoq language that I had developed in an empirical and theoretical realization process before. The sun was determined by emotions. When the sun’s emotions and the star’s empathy come together then there is love.
(I treated this topic in the story pillars of human’s striving in the menu issue the being.)

emotional empathy of galaxy 1 = love (inside one galaxy)
emotion of galaxy 1 + emotion of galaxy 2 + empathy = love between two galaxies

The emotions were placed in the sun. Furthermore, I thought about the ways of how love could take place between two galaxies and I concluded the equation in below.

sun of galaxy 1 + sun of galaxy 2 + (imaginative) empathy = love between two galaxies

The pendulum’s continuous movement (emotion/ energy) would be without limit if there was not the negative energy that holds it back. The continuous change between them is the development of new galaxies. The realization of the principle of balance of emotions means the realization of justice. I concluded a definition of justice.

Justice is the balance of emotions (of different forms) that is given in an equivalence of quality and quantity.

I tried to find practical examples to check my definition’s correctness.

example 1

  • I give you my sheep and therefore you give me three hectare of your country.

example 2

  • The baker bakes his bread and he receives wage.

  • example 3

I sing a song for you and you play a tragical scene for me.

The goods can be changed between the examples.

The good’s quality and the quantity must be equivalent for a fair change. Without this equivalence there is no justice. Quality has the first priority. Quantity hast he second priority because the value of a good with quality is higher than the value of many goods without quality.

a story about the biblical figures god and the paradise

The paradise was the heaven. One day among many days of heavenly allness she felt the need to give and she flew down from heaven to give her emotions to the humen. She arrived at the tower of Babel at the Alexanderplatz of Berlin. In front of a crowd of people she started to play. She played Jean d’Arc when she had heard the voice of god. She played Kleopatra when she founded the sun realm. She played Marilyn Monroe when she sang the song after you get what you want you don’t want it in the movie there is no business like show business. The people who passed her considered her with a short view and then they went on with an ambiguous facial expression.

Paradise became sad. Inside of her the motive to give did not vanish. It increased every day. After her first act there followed more. It was her greatest wish to give as much of her emotions as it was possible. None of the passer-by understood her inner need. One day when she was in her sadness she went into a wood. In the wood’s center she found a big mirror. She looked into the mirror. After a short time she started to dance (You can find her dance in the film beke dancec present Schastél on In the mirror there was god looking at her. He liked the dance that paradise made in the center of the wood. After paradise had completed her last movement she realized that god had watched her with pleasure. Looking into the mirror she saw his look resting on her. Then he spoke: „May I see more of your emotions?“ Paradise sensed an inner curance flowing in her sun and her star when she heard these words. Then she slowly started to play for him. At the beginning she did it with shy movements. After some time her movements became more self confident. She played Salome when she had spoken with Jochanaan’s head. She played Dalai Lama when he found his inner enlightenment and she played Desdemona when she beseeched Othello to believe her that she had been honest to him. God felt pleasure when seeing the greatness of the paradise’s emotions and he recognized himself in it. At any time when she finished a scene he told her his appreciation. Paradise was happy about his words and in the course of time they fell in love with each other. When she looked into the mirror she received the love that she had looked for. In an imaginative act of cosmic unification they gave each other their mutual love. A new star was created and paradise flew back into heaven. They found each other in heaven again and she lived the rest of her life on his side. She became happy in her heavenly existence. Every day she played the bitch for him and many more intergalactic emotional unifications took place. On the last day before the heaven closed she spoke for justice.

definition of the term bitch

A bitch (spiritual term) is a person who is characterized by by emotional empathy and the cnosciousness of the pure moral virtue. She believes in justice, moral values and god. Yet her real believe is esoterics and the respect for the Ten Commandments. She is an Aryan who has reached spiritualization by having bewared the purity of the soul. Her appearance is featured by beauty and attractiveness. The combination of her clothes is connected with higher levels of abstraction then those of the human meaning levels. She has an artistic being. Furthermore the capabilities of imagination and empathy are strong. In the running of her life she perceives the contents of the cosmos with the help of her imaginations. She has a problem with matter and time because they do not contain any positive values. In a cosmic understanding she is the diamond that developed from a risen Gemini and Sagittarius until all contents of the universe are included in him. Only the Gemini always has the poriential of the Aryan race and only when the Gemini is risen enough to spiritualize it has become a bitch. The sign of the Zoudiac Gemini is connected with the goal spiritualization. The bitch is the term for the spiritualized Gemini and Sagittarius who carries the paradise (sign of Zoudiac balance) inside of him. He only has the elements fire and air. The elements water and earth are not given.

definition (esoteric)

A bitch is the human representative of the paradise and the rising morning star who has made the inner maturation process until he has arrived outside of the zodiac circle and he has become a spoksprout. The term is connected with the term of the Jewish being, Aryan being and the archaryan being because it includes the sign of the zodiac Gemini who comes from outside the zodiac circle having the astrological attributes of the sun and the star inside of it. Even if this inner being is scientifically hardly provable there are historical and biblic personalities who are commonly seen in connection with this term. Some of them are for example personalities of the family tree of Adam and Eve (e.g. Isaac, Jesus Christus, David, Adam and Eve).


The definition of this term must be treated in an esoterical context because it can only be completely explained in connection with attributes and potentials of the inner being respectively attributes of the soul.

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