in the paradise by Elios Schastél

1. astro type – a bitch goes on an astral journey by Elios Schastél

The story developed from diary excerpts like for example pilgrimage diaries that were written from 2013 until 2015. In 2016 they were revised and extended. Publishers are welcome. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.


The rising morning star goes on a journey through the cosmos. He passes the twice mirrored hyperbola, protection gods, circles of advise, intergalactic staircases of realization and broader dimensions on his way. At the end he recognizes a system in the cosmos. Flying back to the earth he gives it to other humen in arts and sciences.

1. studies before the journey through the cosmos

For eighteen years the gods in the cosmos have watched the rising morning star maturing on earth. Since he was born it was foreseen that he would have a painful, tragical childhood. Being misunderstood and lonely he would spend his teenage years until he would start to see the twice mirrored hyperbola inside of him and he would make the inner maturation process a second time. Having arrived at the highest level of consciousness he would leave himself and start a journey that would bring him via images and other dimensions to the highest gods. On his way he would start to investigate the cosmic system until he would travel back to the earth where he would convey the system in arts and sciences. Knowing that he had a biblical destiny the gods watched him in the sky while he made his way in a human’s life. The rising morning star was finishing his school life and he started to study. Reading Ptolemy, Plato, Aristotle, Hegel and texts about esthetics he made notes on the teachings of the old wise men until shapes and structures developed on his mind and images occasionally appeared in front of his spiritual eyes that he finally transferred to sketches.


Since his early teenage years sketches and scriptures that were similar to those that are given were developed. They were results of his philosophical thoughts and his own imaginative worlds. Being full of curiosity he travelled through Europe before and during his studies. He went through natures in many countries of Europe and he tried to find his own philosophy. He spoke with human of many mentalities and cultures and he started to understand their think-ing and behaviour patterns. He went in churches and he tried to understand the language of their inner architectures. In these contexts orders that were full of scriptures and books that were full of notes developed and they left little insights of his thoughts and imaginations. The gods in the sky took note of his notes from a long distance being satisfied that the rising morning star on earth made the process of inner development that was foreseen by them. They talked about him asking each other at what specific time he would leave himself and start to travel to them. With patience they watched the increase of his almost infinite notes. They read words about god and his relation to the consciousness, thoughts about the attributes and relations of the inner being, analysises of the contents of the Zoudiac sign, relations between the paradise and the diamond and their human representations on earth, graphic relations between peace, paradise and justice as well as images that showed diamonds, suns and humen. They were a part of a little book that the rising morning star always carried with him. An infinitely working machine in his back of the head had thrown thoughts into his consciousness for years. Before they flew away and fell into oblivion again he wrote them down. Years passed when he studied theoretically, socially and artistically until one day at the age of twenty years he finally distanced from the earth and he went on a long journey through the cosmos via the prime Gemini to longer distances and other dimensions. While white wings let him fly to the limits of the atmosphere having the name paradise from the moment when he reached them his body simultaneously fulfilled the function of a human on earth. The body lived without its inner being playing human normality. Those humen who surrounded it spoke about it: “He is absent. He has already got to arrive too far. He won’t get it in profession.“

2. journey from the earth to the prime Gemini – inner maturation process of the paradise in macrocosm

Flying to the limits of the atmosphere the paradise approached orange white lights. Looking forward it saw a black elliptical room where there were placed seven figures from one end to the other end. They were planets of the sun system. Not perceiving them as planets but as cosmic kinds of beings that looked like human figures it approached the center of the ellipse where it could see god with blond hair sitting at a desk. He saw it and he spoke with it. Without understanding that it could already see faces and figures in cosmic entities instead of their natural appearance at the beginning of its journey it was much too far in its inner development being at a state where you are able to speak with the highest gods. It went on flying leaving the ellipse and arriving at six ellipses that were piled next to a vertical line. On the other side of the line they were mirrored in the same formation. On the right side on the top of the line it could sense eyes in the darkness. Their male face were hidden in darkness. A voice that belonged to the eyes spoke: “Now you are arrived at us. You must go on. Your way is still far. You already wait for you.“ On the left side of the vertical line on the top there was one more pair of eyes noticeable in the darkness. It belonged to a female face that was not recognizable either. With fluttering wings the paradise started a conversation. Then it went on flying. It flew on distance to the ellipse and the vertical line. In front of its eyes it zoomed to a broader dimension in long distance to the visible shapes until it could see a wider environment. Everywhere was darkness except of a circle that was findable under the ellipse. When it looked at the top right side it found a step close to the circle that was connected with six more steps. The third image became clearly recognizable. Seven steps were visible in front of it. At the last level it found a male face with blond hair. He looked at it with recognition. „You have got to arrive at me?“ He spoke. It started to speak with him. Then it flew to edges of the staircases and it put little points on them. Zooming the points at the edges of the steps to broader dimensions it found ellipses inside of them that were images of worlds. Faces were inside of them that spoke with it. Asking them what for kinds of entities they were it received the answer that they were those of parallel universes. It also asked for the way that it should go. The answer was: “You must find it out by yourself.” It zoomed back to a longer distance from the staircase to see the wider environment. Darkness was everywhere and it did not find a link to the staircase from before to the next structure. It asked the blond-haired male face on the seventh level of the staircase: “Can I ask you questions to know how the further way looks?” The answer was: “You can ask me questions. I answer with yes or no.” With the help of means of logics and philosophy of sciences it deduced the following way occasionally asking questions. It tried to force the answering face to give more complex answers by using argumentative tricks. The answer of his eyes were almost always yes or no. The first staircase was connected with a second that was also connected with a third staircase until a vertical line of connected staircases appeared in front of its eyes. It zoomed to a broader distance until it could see the whole structure. Occasionally it flew to single staircases where it zoomed the points of their edges to ask the faces that were findable in them questions. On one step amidst the staircases it found the face of Hermes who always started laughing when it made funny comments. All faces that were findable in the world systems in the points at the edges of all staircases could hear it when it spoke.

It went on flying. In the sixth image of its journey the end of one line of staircases connected with the end of another line of staircases until a square of staircase lines was recognizable. In the center there was a circle visible. Occasionally it zoomed to a broader distance or it opened the points at the edges of steps in the staircase lines to speak with the faces inside of them. Next to the square of staircase lines there was an equal square in vicinity. The faces in the systems that were findable in the tiniest particles with the zoom effect were always present to speak with them with the language of the eyes or verbal language. Two squares turned around their own center. At their edges there were two lines that connected them. An ellipse surrounded the whole structure. Deducing the further way the structure mirrored at a point that was placed over the ellipse. A circular cylinder became visible that was bound to many more circular cylinders until a vertical line of cylinders appeared. It spoke with the faces in the tiniest particles of the circular cylinder line. Occasionally it wanted to stay and make friendships. Yet any time it was informed that it could not stay and that it should go on. The way would still be too far and it should arrive.

When it searched for the further way close to the circular cylinder line a triangle appeared in front of its eyes. It appeared because it found a point in the darkness that it connected with the ends of the vertical line. The paradise realized that it fell back to an infinite loop of squares in the consciousness. It did not know which way it should take as next. Several times it fell down from the shape of triangle to the familiar shape of squares that turned around their own center. Without the knowledge and the answers of other entities it did not know which way it should take as next. It decided to make a conversation with the face of a black-haired man that was placed close to the vertical line and who took care of the movements of the contents of the line. He looked at it and it found out that it was god with black hair. While it spoke with him the rising morning star sat in a reading room on the planet earth fulfilling the func-tion of a human. The black-haired god flew down to the earth. When he touched the ground it trembled. His shapes were clearly visible in the reading room while he spoke with the paradise in the rising morning star. The rising morning star concentrated on not making any facial expressions and gestures while the paradise was busy with making discussions inside of it. A short time later god flew back to the vertical line. The paradise followed him and it went on finding the further way. Being arrived at the triangle over the consciousness again it used the means of logics and philosophy of sciences to find the right shapes. It asked a male face that it found in a zoomed point at the edge of the triangle for the way. In the infinite darkness it heard a voice that was placed above. The voice’s sound and the place where it came from betrayed that there were still more voices in far distance that waited for it. The voice spoke with another voice in a higher level of consciousness: “Will she get it? You will find the way. We know that your way is still far. You are almost still at the beginning.” It said to the voices in the darkness of the higher level of consciousness: “I do not get on.” It selected geometrical forms arbitrarily putting them at the triangle and asking the voices from the higher level of consciousness any time whether the forms were right or wrong. After a short time of finding the right shape it found out that there was no connection from the triangle to the next shape. Without finding the connection it deduced the way to the next triangle that was placed in a parallel position to the first. With the help of the principle of exclusion it found out that there followed still more triangles with identical shapes after the first two. They were placed parallel to each other and always higher. The paradise looked up to many unbound triangles above. Many more followed and it wondered how many there would still be until the idea occurred to it to act on the assumption that there was the possibility of a last triangle in the line. It put the image of a line that was full of parallel rising triangles in front of its eyes where one triangle was the last part. The familiar voices from the higher consciousness spoke with it. Then there occurred the idea to it that it could imagine the right solution in a written way. A circular cylinder developed in front of it. At the edges of the cylinder it zoomed the points. There it found a man and a woman next to him who sat on a chair. The man who was black-haired looked at her sideward. He spoke: “Sorry? Why has she already got to arrive that far? What does she do at us? We send her down again.” The paradise was hurt from the undertone that had been in his voice. It found him arrogant because it clearly sensed its own superiority. It also sensed that it was innerly superior compared to all entities that would still follow on the way. After the first circular cylinder it deduced more. Arriving at the seventh cylindar it zoomed to a longer distance until a crucifix suddenly appeared in front of it. On one side there was the heaven and on the other side there was placed the hell. At the point of intersec-tion there was the image of god in a human body. On the top of it there were clouds. It sat into them with white wings. The perception of the entities as images pointed at the circumstance that it was already much farer in its inner development than the challenges of this makrocsomic dimension required from it. God in the point of intersection of the crucifix said to it: “You arrived at us. Here you have taken your place. Yet you must go on flying. Your way is still far. You know how you have to get on.” It gladly would have liked to stay at one place but it felt an inner obligation that it made go on.

3. rise in the body systems – „Your way is still far.“

The paradise flew upward. It deduced from the experiences of its journey that the crucifix was the highest level of consciousness of seven consciousness worlds. A male voice from a long distance spoke with it without being visible: “You have already been in the makrocosm. You must go on. You are almost still at the beginning. You must imagine us. It is not difficult to find us.“ The paradise thought for a short moment. “If the crucifix is the symbol for the highest consciousness in the makrocosm then I simply start at the beginning again. I start to make the same way from the first world on.” It put the first structure that it had seen on its journey in front of its eyes again. It was an elliptical room with seven inhabitants in it. It spoke with the inhabitant that was in the structure’s center: “You are the blond-haired god and next to you there are the six other inhabitants.” The male face now appeared clearly in front of it. He spoke: “You have found it out. Go on. You already wait for you more above.“ They made a short conversation. Then it flew away from the elliptical system. Making the same way that it had made before it wondered after some time which methods it could choose to make the further way more effectively. It zoomed a point at an edge of one of the many geometrical forms and it asked a face that was inside for the distance of the remaining way. It found out that it would never arrive at the end of its way with the methods that it had selected before. It felt despair inside. Calming down it looked for a solution for some moments. It decided to always zoom to a broad dimension in each consciousness world to make a faster change be-tween the consciousness worlds in one body system. It zoomed to a long distance to the con-sciousness worlds until it could see a body system with seven levels in front of it. Over the first body system there was placed a second.

It flew from one body system to the next making conversations with the faces and inhabitants in almost each of them. The timelessness passed while it flew through endless many body systems until it arrived at the highest consciousness world of a body system where it met the Aryan race.

4. conversation with the Aryan race

While the rising morning star went on a pilgrimage on foot through Italy and he slept during a night run the paradise zoomed a point at the undermost part of a circular cylinder in a body system outside the makrocosm. In the room that opened inside the point there sat a man with black hair on a chair. Next to him there was a woman. Recognizing itself in him it could see the face of an Aries and a Lion having the face expression of a hawk. His superior attitude made the impression of arrogance on it because it could sense its inner superiority. He started to speak with her:

B: „What do you do here at us?“

A: „Which way do I have to take to get on?“

B: „You have already got to arrive too far. Why is she that fast?“ (He turns o the woman next to him.)

A: „Can you tell me how I get on?“

B: „You know how to do. You simply go on. You can ask us.“

A: „Is it still far?”

B: „You will not arrive. Non of your predecessors has arrived. There is no end.”

A: „Thank you. I go on flying.“

The paradise remembered the way that it had made so far. It tried to recognize a system and connections in it. At its first attempt there were some connections wrong and the overview was missing.


Before it found the final solution it decided to go on flying. It made a leap over countless body systems until images appeared in front of it that belonged to the paradise.

5. images of the paradise – an insight

6. friendships

On its way through the cosmos, makrocosm and broader dimensions up to the paradise it had made many acquaintances. I had also found a friendship and a love. After it had started to find a structure in the system it occasionally met her friendship and the acquaintances. It was very busy. It sent messages that were addressed to the paradise passing the makrocosm at first. It also made conversations in smaller and broader dimensions. Occasionally it had guests and it baked a cake for them. One time there came a balance and a Sagittarius as a guest to it and it made an important conversation.

? (paradise): „The letter is addressed to you. It shall be read by the balance and the Sagittarius in the body system number 14.”

! (Balance & Sagittarius): „I will receive it. You must go on. You can not come back to me any more.“

? (paradise): „Please do not go. Stay with me.“

! (Balance & Sagittarius): „We can see us again much later.“

There were times when it had to fulfil the function of the speaker of the paradise. At those moments it sat on a chair with a crown on his head and the paradise surrounded it listening to its words.

It also found a friendship with an entity that had the name Baosi. Any time when it needed an advise or it felt alone or it simply was in the mood to see him it sang a song or it danced for him. Most of all they spoke with each other.

At the end of its journey it spoke with the highest gods. It got the reputation of an artist and a queen who had searched her way in the cosmos, makrocosm and the paradise. “He was risen more than everybody else had done it before. He was the most beautiful and the best. He was a bitch who will never arrive.” These words were dedicated to it in the history book.

7. peace on earth

Years had passed in the life of the rising morning star since the paradise had left the earth. It slowly flew back. It took more than a year until it arrived at the rising morning star again. The moment when it united with him he started to make the decision that he wanted to give the cosmic system that he had recognized on his astral journey to the humen. Those humen who surrounded him spoke: “Now you are with us again. Your body was present but we had not recognized you anymore.” He made his future way alone. Every place that he visited became a paradise from that day on. He always spoke about the makrocosm and he made performances of the paradise.

8. secret diaries of the rising m. – pure reality

The rising m. wrote diaries since his teenage years. The summarized his daily works. Some excerpts will be commented in below.

A. stress & ingenuity

B. daily philosophical thoughts

He summarized all philosophical thoughts that he had.

C. inner retreat – recognition of the inner being

The sketches show the realization of consciousness worlds. They point to an inner retreat.

D. beginning of the artistic process – first journey to the cosmos

The notes show visual experiences of an astral journey.

E. conveyance of thoughts with symbol language

The sketches contain different kinds of symbol language.

F. images outside the cosmos

The sketches show images of the makrocosm and the paradise.

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8.) informations about the presence of the paradise in the rising m.

1. The sketch shows the content of a letter that was caught and opened on the way to the body system 14 in the makrocosm.

2. The sketch shows a picture of the paradise’s private life.

9. development to a global government head

The further development of the rising morning star to a global government head on earth is given in the following article.

2. global government head by Elios Schastél

In this article you can find explanations about the personality and the character of a global government head. The attributes and capacities that make his character and life are discussed. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

character & types

Presupposing a childhood that is full of activities having made no actions against moral laws there is the possibility to reach the inner maturation process. If the limits of the human maturation process are crossed by having made too many activities then the inner maturity increases together with the intelligence of the inner being. Presupposing the buddhistic teachings of consciousness worlds self confidence, dignity, empathy, moral consciousness and responsibility as well as imaginative capacities like for example divinations or system knowledges and more positive capacities become more with an increasing inner maturity/ rising. Activities, making gifts and performances let this process proceed. If these behaviours and actions are made from the childhood on then there develops a character that is privileged for tasks and social positions that go together with moral responsibility. These personalities who have got to arrive at the highest steps of the inner maturation process can be classified in two types. The first type are those individuals who have made the inner maturation process from their birth on. They are Gemini (in the house of balance) and Sagittarius (in the house of Aries) that have the name above being* (Look at the painting in below.) in this context. Presupposing the buddhistic teachings they are on the highest level of consciousness from their birth on. For this reason the mentioned attributes and capacities of their inner being that are connected with all inner consciousness worlds are inside of them since the day that they are born. They are human representations of cosmic kinds of beings (Schasa, sexual freedom, sun, god, man, magician, rising morning star/ archangel Lucifer, bitch and two more angels (Look at the painting in below.)) who have curriculums that correspond to these kinds of beings**. Except of them there are some spoksprouts who have reached the most spiritualization and inner maturation (Look at the painting in below.) The second type of global government heads are human who have crossed the limits of the human maturation process by having made exceptionally many activities and/ or gifts and/ or performances. After having reached a maturity level that goes beyond the highest consciousness world in a human they start to show the same attributes and capacities like those individuals of the first type of global government heads do from their birth on. If the number of global government heads of the first type are added with the speculated number of the second type then there are globally more or less than fifteen of them. You can find a performance of the cosmic system that gives an insight into the topic in the sketch that is given in below. The development of the painting took four years within the experiences of an astral journey that lasted about one year.

cosmic system

¹ In Plato‘ s ideal state he writes about the soul travel where he uses the term Tartarus for a place that is under the hell. If actions are made that are unforgivably bad in a human’s life then the soul goes there after the death.
² Look at the menu issue above being under development of an (Aryan) bitch.
³ In humen these terms are psychosomatic illnesses that affect above all the metabolism. The symptoms can be manifold. They occur above all in humen who are hypersensitive.

1. childhood

From their childhood until their teenage years they are children who have a strong inner need for activities and diverse interests (e.g. physical, artistic, cognitive). They are either the first type or the second type of individuals who were described in the first chapter.

typical attributes, behaviours, capacities***

  • inner need for activities
  • diverse interests
  • strength
  • emotionality
  • behavioural abnormalities
  • dignity
  • self confidence
  • positivity

2. young adults

As young adults there is often an interest in travelling and making contacts. If the contacts maintain then there can develop international relations and hospitalities from them. At a specific age they make the artistic process of a communication with the cosmos and they can go on an astral journey. Gaining this experience the cosmic system becomes accessible for them. Deducing conceptions, drafts and systems from it they can be a basis for a later realization in arts and sciences****. Structural and system knowledge, a progression in the inner maturation process and artistic/ creative creatorship go together with that communication.

typical attributes, behaviours, capacities

  • travelling
  • high quantity of activities
  • sociability
  • structural and system knowledge
  • artistic/ creative creatorship
  • ambition
  • communication with the cosmos

3. adult

Expanding the basis of national and intercultural relations as well as a realization and establishment of drafts, conceptions and systems that resulted from the artistic process are typical tasks. Having acquired structural and system knowledges they recognize connections, causes, generic terms, key problems and their possible consequences and solutions like for example in social circumstances and happenings. The process of realizing and conveying them can take place in the inland and in other cultures.

typical attributes, actions and capacities

  • national, intercultural relations
  • realization, establishing of artistically developed ideas, conceptions
  • performances
  • structural and system knowledges

4. tasks & works

  • national, international relations, cooperation (possible)
  • (morally responsible) decisions about social Happenings
  • developers of (trading) ideas (possible)
  • speaking with the cosmos and in connection with this action a leading of world affairs

attributes & capacities

  • reaching the highest level of the inner maturation process (Look at the first painting.)
  • moral (sense of) responsibility


The attributes that have been mentioned in the chapters from before can be independent of an age. They can be reached at a high age on the one hand and they can be given at an early age of childhood on the other hand.

a search for global government heads – a criticism

Regarding the explanations from before there develops the question whether there are still global government heads. If positive values, self confidence, behavioural abnormalities as well as differentness in thinking and behavioural patterns are socially degraded by bad evaluations in schools and at universities and if a capitalistic system rejects positive values, high intelligences compared to low intelligences due to the conception of supply and demand that is determined by the majority of the society then there develops the question whether real global government heads can still develop in future at all.

* Look at the menu issue above being under development of an (Aryan) bitch in the main menu issue justice.
** Look at examples in the menu issue astro type and pillars of human striving.
*** The attributes and capacities can often not be proven in tests.
**** Look at the painting that is an example.

thanks & appreciation

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