interpersonal communication in Germany (2000 – 2016) & human meaning languages by Elios Schastél

The following speech was made as a part for the feature film an artist speaks. The interpersonal communication in Germany and the loss of understanding and making use of human meaning languages during the years 2000 and 2016 are criticized. Uniting esotericism and philosophy it results in a social criticism. It was made to a film in Berlin. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

Honigmond hotel Berlin

picture title: Holy Virgin


1. discrimination against the inner maturation process and the consequences in general thinking patterns and social actions
2. interpersonal communication from 2000 until 2016
3. human meaning languages
4. résumé

1. loss of the inner maturation process and the consequences in general thinking patterns and social actions

The discrimination against the inner maturation process or rather adult and spiritualized humen during the last decades led to a discrimination against the culture in Germany. Culture only exists when the inner maturation process is given in humen because a culture is dependant of values that are only given inside humen after they have made the inner maturation process at least to their third level of consciousness because only from the third level of consciousness on a human starts to carry values inside of him that make the typical character of the culture. The more the inner maturation process has been made by the humen of a culture the more it is an advanced culture. The opposite is the absence of a culture due to the absence of the culture-specific values inside the humen of a culture. There is no culture when hardly any humen of the country has made the inner maturation process at least to his third level of consciousness. For example the German advanced culture that had once been characterized by the prime Gemini who has the strongest self (divine self) and connected with this unsuggestibility has been made to the opposite the prime Pisces that is also known with the esoteric term devil having no self and adapting with his shape to each system. The destruction of the German advanced culture happened due to the fascism and discrimination against the inner maturation process during the last decades. The little humen who still have made the inner maturation process carrying the values of their culture inside of them are falsly treated like the majority of the people and they are treated even worse. The destruction of the culture in Germany has proceeded until the believe in exceptions of humen who still carry the values of their culture inside of them got lost. The results of a culture that was destroyed are indicated by the interpersonal communication in this article. The following examples base on single happenings in past.

2. interpersonal communication from 2000 until 2016

The structure and features of the communication is basically summarized and it is clarified by examples. An alogical way of thinking and a bad intention of acting are conveyed by them.

2.a. replacing nouns by place and time describing words

Due to the missing capacity to formulate nouns there are in general used words that describe places and time instead of them. The reason for the use of these words is the image of the parts of the brain in front of their spiritual eyes.

example 1

„He has not made the inner maturation process. For this reason he does not have the capacity to think independantly.”

is replaced by

“He has not got to arrive up. Then he is from down there.”

example 2

„This happening is written in the bible. Then we must consider the biblic words.”

is replaced by

“But it is written in there. There you can do nothing.”

example 3

A man enters a restaurant. He drinks a champaign. Due to the selection of the champaign he speaks that he has performed himself from the above.

example 4

A human steels a cake. With a calmed moral conscience he believes that due to this social action he has performed himself from the above.

example 5

„I must strikingly demonstrate her the superiority of my self to make her feel that her self is intimidated to make her feel that the greatness of her self is inferior to my self.”

is replaced by

„I must stand over her that she stands under me. When she stands under me then she is from down there.”

2.b. replacement of a terminological variety by one term and the foundation of a monotheistic world view

A terminologically various world view was replaced by a term that is redefined. The term was equalized with the sinful action of demonstrating the human self or rather the self presentation until the sinful action is in general seen as desirable and it has become a dogma of a monotheistic world view.

* Sinful actions are actions that base on a bad intention of action. The examples that are given in the table were not declared as sinful by the developer of this article first of all. They are declared as sinful actions due to their bad intention of action in esotericism and ethics of religions. The example interpret is not necessarily a sinful action. Yet it suits to the message that shall be conveyed by the table.

The term self presentation was equalized with the term performance though there is the knowledge that these terms are opposites.

example 1

„I present myself.“ is replaced by „I perform.”

example 2

„I greet you.“ is replaced by „I present myself.”

example 3

„I have written you.“ is replaced by „I have performed myself.”

example 4

„Never before you have spoken with me in a condescending tone.”

is replaced by

“You have never performed yourself like that in front of me.”

example 5

„You have an exceptionally self-confident and dignified body posture when you walk.”

is replaced by

“How you perform yourself! But nobody does that.”

2.c. wrong use of logical connections

Statements are used with wrong logical connections to situations. Sentences are used as associations, justifications, conclusion though they are without connections to the situations.

example 1

„He wears no jeans. Then he does not understand our culture.”

example 2

„When he has a (fat) belley then he must have been evil because who is evil gets a (fat) belley.“

example 3

„She has not tied her hair up. Then she was not Aryan. Otherwise she would have tied her hair up.”

example 4

„She will not defend herself in future because she was the heart chakra. She is a good human. Then she will not defend when we do that with her.“ (He refers to the words of interpersonal communication that they put into her mind.)

example 5

„Because he is from the above she will become a prostitute.“

2.d. statements about humen without knowledge about them

There are statements made about humen and happenings though there is no knowledge about them except of their face. Knowing that the statements are without truth value there are only those statements selected randomly that are in general socially degraded. When making the statements without truth value there is strikingly demonstrated the behavioural patterns of humen who have made the inner maturation process or rather adult humen with the aim to be taken serious when making the statements.

example 1

A woman with the inner maturation process makes her work routine with a restrained character. A colleague makes some statement in front of other collegues without having a knowledge about the woman except of her appearance. While making the statement he demonstrates the behaviour of an adult human aiming at being taken serious. “She has stolen and she has lied.” He demonstrates a serious facial expression. „She has a criminal sense. She gladly lies and cheats.“ Taking him serious the other collegues say goodbye to her believing that she is a lier and a thief.”

example 2

A person goes on a pilgrimage looking for spiritual realizations. She does not tell her intentions of actions to anybody else. After she has returned having found her spiritual realizations she only says that she was gone on a pilgrimage. An acquaintance spreads the informations in her circle of acquaintances that she was in a foreign country to decrease her poverty by prostitution. She shall maintain to be gone on a pilgrimage to have an excuse for her social actions. He consciously makes these statements as if it was a proven fact without knowing about her motivation when going on a pilgrimage, her material status and her attitude towards physical love. Due to the untrue statements there are made conclusions in her circle of acquaintances and in institutions about the character of the person. These conclusions spread and they lead to a social and institutional discrimination of the person.

example 3

A man passes the street. Some foreign people recognize his fourth level of consciousness. They spread the informations about him without having a knowledge. “He had nothing. He was disabled. He received Hartz IV benefits.“

2.e. more examples of interpersonal communication

example 1

Without knowing him some humen communicate into somebody’s mind who is mature and spiritualized. “You are nothing. You have nothing. You are not able to have any competences.“

example 2

A woman is recognized as a Gemini and a Sagittarius. Due to these zodiac signs a man speaks with her demonstrating the behaviour of a mature and spiritualized man and using a tone that understates that the woman has a destroyed self. “The life is not that nice. You will never belong to those from the above. You must have friends to cope with the life here.”

example 3

A man looks into the face of a young adult. He recognizes natural beauty in her. Then he starts to communicate with another human with a volume level that is chosen to still let the woman hear the communication.

A: „Will she become something later?“ (He refers to her future life.)
B: “Well, not when she has this in her face.“ (He refers to the beauty of her fourth level of consciousness.)
A: “She wears no jeans, too.“ (She wears a green and white designer trousers.)
B: “Well, then she does not understand our culture because she does not perform herself from the above.” (She obviously has a German appearance.)
A: „But then she is disabled when she does not understand our culture.”
B: “At us she must wear jeans to show us that she understands our culture. Here you must perform yourself from the above.”
A: “I already say goodbye to her now. Nothing will become of her in future. She is disabled.” (After this communication he spreads the informations among other humen that she is disabled.)

example 4

The communicator speaks about the words of interpersonal communication that they put into a boy’s mind as well as the fascism and discrimination that humen have made with the boy.

„When there will start a war because we have made that with him then we will stop doing it. But we will go on with it during the next time. Later. Then it will stand for the next time. Then we start with it again.“

example 5

A woman visits a school. Some teachers see her while living her daily school life. One teacher communicates.

“She is Shasa. Then she will have a bad life. Then we must not send her to a better school.“

example 6

A student is seen as a highly ingenious personality shortly before his examinations. The teaching staff congregates to make the decision whether they send him to the Harvard university in the United States.

A: „He is already much too much up there.“ (He refers to the intelligence of the student.)
B: „But we do not send him there.“
A: “He is already mature now.” (She refers to the psychiatry.)
B: “No. We let him here and we let him repeat.“ (He refers to the repetition of a school class.) Then he gets something from down there. He has nothing from down there. If he shall be ceased for work at us then he must already have something from down there.”
A: “It would be mean.”
B: “Then we let him repeat.”
C: “We won’t reach that. Therefor he is much too intelligent.”
A: “Then I communicate to the agency of work that he shall be ordered to the cash register. There he gets the intimidated Aryan.” (He smirks. He has connections to the agency of work.)

example 7

A man communicates to a woman with reproachful tone. “Bitch. But we do not speak it out in front of you. Therefor you never get a confirmation from us.“

example 8

Due to his Aryan being a boy is institutionally excluded. His social background watches his inner sufferance. There are some people among them who have the might to prevent the further institutional rejection of the boy. For some months they watch his way of inner sufferance talking about him.

A: “Yes, this is your destiny.” (He refers to the boy’s way of inner sufferance.) “It shall not be your life to stand up there.” (He refers to the institutional recognition and the professional establishment of the boy.)

After many years there has been no changement of the boy’s instituional exclusion and the humen’s communication.

example 9

In a school the teachers communicate about the intelligence of the pupils.

A: „You must communicate to prove your intelligence. Who does not proves us that he can communicate is stupid and disabled.“

The teacher looks at a teenager who does not participate in the communication. He looks at her with a little compassionate view.

A: „She really can’t do it. Then she is yet disabled.“

fictive example 10 that can probably happen in future

A woman writes about the interpersonal communication that had been made during the last years in her country. She publishs the article in two languages on the internet. In a foreign country some humen read the article and they start to speak with people from the country.

A: “You have a bad communication in your country.”
B: “It is not true what she writes. She lies. She already has something up there.“ (He refers to a mental illness.) She only writes that to perform herself from the above.“ (While he speaks he consciously demonstrates a serious facial expression putting his left index finger in front of the lips.)

Communication partner A leaves communication partner B. He believes in the truth of the interpersonal communication of communication partner B. He goes back to his home country where he spreads the informations of the interpersonal communication.

3. human meaning languages

a definition

Human meaning languages are meaning languages that exist globally and universally independant of time and space. Meaning languages are languages that convey esoterism and esoteric contents with the help of various kinds of means of abstraction (e.g. symbols, movements, graphics). The abstractions can be on different levels. Next to the abstractional levels of human meaning languages (e.g. basic meaning languages of the tai chi language) that are globally and universally understood independent of time and space there are meaning languages of higher abstractional levels (e.g. meaning languages of the Guernica by Picasso) that exist outside of the universe.

4. résumé

The circumstances and happenings that will be mentioned are written with a critical attitude and they are connected with a negative connotation.

interpersonal communication

  • exclusion of a various world view and replacement of a various world view by the replacement of a terminological variety by the terms up, down, above and performance
  • replacement of the right definition of the term performance by the sinful social action of demonstration and self presentation
  • hardly and no logical connections between statements and situations
  • randomly chosen statements are made about humen without a knowledge about them (intentional character assassination without the foundation of a fact) are made most of all at humen with the inner maturation process at an early life age, with a fourth level of consciousness, Gemini, Aryans, archaryans, Jewish individuals, aristocracy and archaristocracy
  • incapacity to formulate terms and to define them
  • communications about situations and happenings with terms that are independent of the reference situations and reference happenings

The interpersonal communication that was described is the worst in Germany compared to other cultures. Compared to the interpersonal communication during the second world war it has become worse. The minds have closed again until one more perfect will come and they will open again. The minds of not less than about ninety percents of the humen in Germany were destroyed by the last event.

human meaning languages

  • loss of understanding and making use of human meaning languages
  • replacement of the human meaning languages by social conventions of humen without the inner maturation process/ handicapped humen and discrimination, fascism against products where there is made use of human meaning languages (“justifications” for the fascism were e.g.: “He/ She is already too much up or down.” “Nobody understands it anymore.” “It does not stand for this time.”)
  • the obligation to comply with the social conventions were in general misunderstood as the use of human meaning languages whereby making use and understanding human meaning languages were seen as “craziness” and “bonkers” though there was no knowledge about the definition of these terms

The lowest level of human meaning languages (e.g. languages of directing, basics of the language of tai chi) is in general socially excluded by spurious arguments like for example “craziness”, “bonkers”, “change of times and centuries”. Universal meaning languages must not be consciously understood. The compliance with the human meaning languages (e.g. by sensing them without having a knowledge about them) must be given in positions of moral responsibility (e.g. director, developer of advertisement, teacher) for ethical and moral reasons. Not making use of the human meaning languages in positions of moral responsibility is a crime like for example mental manipulation, brain washing or the destruction of intelligence of a human. There can finally be asked the question how many human there are in Germany who understand or make use of the human meaning languages. Realistically seen there are less than five percents. Furthermore in most of the regions in Germany there is an absence of culture due to the circumstance that the inner maturation process or rather the process of becoming an adult is not given and that it does not develop.


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