introduction by Elios Schastél

a story about the genesis of faifac food

Since I was fourteen years old diverse obligations at school, education and work made me started having a lack of time. In the running of years an increased amount of stress was caused which finally ended with a nutritional disturbance. The disturbance let me rethink my lifestyle. Not having the possibility to reduce the stress due to my works I began looking for other ways to regain my well-being. I started studying philosophy and I traveled to diverse countries in Europe and to Asia. On one of these trips I found the solution. I was passing an alley on an isle of south Thailand which was surrounded by coconut trees. A tree which was placed close to me was filled with nuts. I took a knife from my bag to remove a nut from the tree. Then I opened and when starting to drink from it I suddenly felt the feeling of pleasure in my chest. My heart was filled with pleasure. My first presumption was that the cause for these sensations was the eating of the nut in my hands. I observed it for a short time. Its most striking attribute was the warm green colour. I knew that green represents the heart. Due to my philosophy studies I also knew that in Western teachings the pleasure is a sensation coming from the heart. It occured to me the idea that the fruits‘ colour in connection with the hearts‘ colour had to do with the healing effect I perceived. I looked up and in front of my inner window I suddenly saw a circle. It was a circle with twelf colours.

In the running of the following years I started working on a food method in an empirical and theoretical realization process which I gave the title faifac food.

further backgrounds

Faifac food products are beverage products. On elisabeth_performance(at) you can come into contact with the developer asking for the conception papers.


Faifac food is the idea of an aware and holistic healthy eating. I want to share the experiences which I gained with faifac food by giving it to other humen. It shall be marketed worldwide. To help start my dream in action, I appreciate your sponsoring.

an explanation about the idea

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