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In this menu issue you can find a proposal for a fair state system. A fair life for an individual, the distribution of power and societal relations, moral laws and more ideas about how this system works are concluded in a short summary. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

a criticism of wrong societal relations

The journeys that I made to other countries during the last years and the experiences that I gained in Germany let me realize societal relations in the German culture that were connected with a misjudgement and a wrong treatment of many individuals. I gained the experience that in general it is the human who has studied and who has adapted to the social norms and standards for actions, who plans his life capital-orientedly understanding the world deductively is socially appreciated. The capitalistic fascist is seen as the desirable ideal figure. On the other side those individuals who have internalized values of faith and who reject a capitalistic and deductive world view as well as those individuals whose behaviors and actions do not correspond to the cultural meaning levels and who show behavioural differentness or emotionality are treated with misjudgements and wrong treatments. In my experience they are socially excluded.

During the last years I have developed a conception of a fair state system that shall avoid wrong treatments and social exclusions. An individual and a social idea of justice is included in it.

a fair state system

In a fair state system every individual has the possibility to have a good life. A good life includes the emotional and the material level. Ideals, moral laws and prohibitions are decisive for the ethical conception.

moral laws*


You shall trust.

You shall only make love with emotionality and empathy.

You shall make achievements that the sun in your center** is strengthened.

You shall give that the love in your heart is given.

You shall believe in the values of goodness and justice.

You shall imagine the reality.

You shall make the inner maturing process that you become a mature character.

You shall do yoga that you keep fit.

You shall see all other individuals with a good value.


You shall not lie that trust can be given.

You shall not violate the being of another individual.

You shall not directly speak about money that your star can stay open.

basic rules and ideals

The obedience to the moral laws and the avoidance of the prohibitions as well as an inductive positive world view are conditions for individuals who have good and mature characters. They are also conditions for a mutual respect within tolerance and appreciation of the being of each individual. It is the aim to reach inner maturity by making the maturing process, to develop or to keep the goodness of the character and to stay intelligent on each center of consciousness. The only reason for a social exclusion is when somebody consciously refuses to obey the moral prohibitions and willingly violates the nature of another living being.

basic rules

  • inductive positive world view respectively lack of prejudices (no social exclusion due to religiousness, nationality, appearance, education, character attributes, material state ecetera)
  • goodness of the character ( /giving, obedience to moral laws, avoidance of moral prohibitions) is appreciated and honoured
  • a non obedience to moral laws and rapture (e.g. physical, non verbal, psychological) is rejected and punished


  • goodness of the character
  • fulfilment of the potentials of the intelligences on each center of consciousness
  • reaching the inner maturity by making the maturing process

castes & maturity levels***

In this believe it is the goal in ones life to make the inner maturity process. The existing castes are seen changeable and progressive. The castes indicate the differentiation between above beings and humen whereby the maturity process of above beings is a longer one. There is the possibility that an above being can be understood as a human from its birth on. In this case a change between the castes is possible.

under consciousness

The under consciousness is placed in the core of the earth. It is a consciousness in the inner world of the earth. In the life of an above being it tries to influence the above being negatively and to destroy it in the sense of an illness.

the earth

There is the believe that the inner human being starts a new human life after a millennial purification in the hell. In the hell there are non empirical kinds of beings like for example the devil, IT and the evil. In the life of a human these kinds of beings only emerge when the human has acted too much against moral prohibitions. In the life of an above being it emerges for a different reason. The evil and the devil are the opposites of the above being. They influence it in the sense of an illness to destroy it. The non empirical kind of being with the title IT only tries to influence the above being when it has already matured too much.


Fascists are humen who only understand happenings and entities in a deductive way. Furthermore they have a lack of empathy. They are adapted to the social norms.

educated human

Next to a deductive perspective of happenings and entities they can also have an inductive understanding of them that goes together with their education.

above being

Trust, emotionality and a strong dignity are attributes that characterize the above being. Furthermore the cultural and human meaning languages do not correspond to its behaviors and actions. They carry the paradise and the morning star inside of them. Due to the attributes that are connected with the morning star they show a differentness in their thinking and sensations from their birth on. Above beings are Gemini and Sagittarius who carry the sign of the Zoudiac balance inside of them. These signs of the Zoudiac can also be or develop in a person who has different main signs of the Zoudiac.

god human respectively an above being that is misunderstood as a human

From time to time there are individuals who can grow up in wrong castes. The god human respectively the above being that is misunderstood as a human belong to them


After an above being has reached the maturity level of the star4 it becomes Aryan. The potentials in its star**** that are connected with the paradise (sign of the Zoudiac balance) mean that it becomes an Aryan. This maturity level and those that will still follow contain the maturity levels from before. For reasons of simplification I have not put the maturity levels Aryan and bitch into the schema.

Aryan bitch

After an above being has matured until it has reached the maturity level consciousness it has the consciousness of the pure moral virtue.


After an above being has reached the maturity level third eye and the inner star has stayed open it becomes a bitch. She is characterized by the potentials of all maturity levels up to the third eye. When the above being has reached this maturity level it has become a spiritualized Aryan.

Egyptian divinity

In addition to the maturity levels that were mentioned before the Egyptian divinity can perceive voices.

Aryan race

When the Egyptian divinity has reached a higher maturity level then it becomes an individual of the Aryan race. It is characterized by a strong inner star, strength and possibly much absence of physical needs as well as a high discipline on them.

astro type & astral knower & supercrag

The individuals who have reached these maturity levels use meaning languages in their be-haviours and actions that have very high levels of abstraction. They are almost the highest maturity levels that can only be reached by above beings.

lawmakers & decision-makers

Laws and decisions should be made by above beings, Aryan bitches, bitches, Egyptian divini-ties and higher maturity levels of the above being because they have the ability to sense the cosmic truths through their heart. During the maturation process in their life they also get an access to the cosmic knowledge. They deviate the laws from cosmic orders.
The other decision-makers are the educated***** humen who make the decisions about the goodness and badness of actions in the practical life by considering the existing laws

some words in the end

Each of us carries a spark of the diamond****** inside of him. The way of inner maturation is far and full of challenges. Everyone can go on this path. I wish each and everyone the sun in the heart.


*A new conception of moral laws is given in this menu issue. It was developed after having respected the Ten Commandments.
**Look at the menu issue tolamsoq language under religion to find more explanations.
***Look at the menu issue Genesis under religion.
****Look at the menu issues genesis and tolamsoq language to find more explanations.
*****In this context this term is in no connection with an existing course of study. There is also no connection with an officially recognised study. The term aims at an internalization and a conviction of moral laws.
******Look at the menu issues genesis and cosmos & art under religion to find more informations.

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