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  • story about the development of the universe
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three ways of understanding the Christian peace at the humen and outside our universe

price: 120,00 € plus shipping

reading and image analysis

The reading is explained below to analyse the artwork correctly. The artwork is divided in three parts. First of all the signs on the right side of the work are chronologically analysed from the bottom up to the top. Then the signs on the left side of the work are analysed chronologically from the bottom up to the top. Finally the pictures in the center of the work are chronologically semiotically decoded from the bottom up to the top. The right semiotic interpretation of the signs and pictures can be made with a reference to the knowledge contexts theory of science, Christian imagery, buddhistic soul and universal concepts as well as astronomy.

example of a reading

right side of the picture (coming from the spectator)

It is your decision (referring to the subject that is conveyed in this artwork) whether you will make the inner maturation process until the end as a human. You will gain the consciousness of the unity of time. Then you will own the peace. Starting from the bottom there is the striving principle and the principle that leads back inside of you. The eternal unity results. Leading the unity back to the earthly being it will seperate. Thus the inner maturation process develops until the end.

bottom line: On the right side of the picture coming from the spectator the inner being of a good human is conveyed.

left side of the image

In the thematic context inner maturation process the levels of consciousness are chronologically opened from the coccyx up to the vertex.

bottom line: On the left side of the picture coming from the spectator the inner being of a performer is conveyed.

center of the picture

The light candel is a metaphor of beginning light. The time clock is a metaphor of infinity. The twelve-part circle including twelve symbols indicates a zodiac scheme with legalities that are not those of our universe. The line structure with two thrones and a crown on the left side of the picture is a metaphor of the native-born aristocracy and artistic potential. The earth inside the elliptic shape is a metaphor of the awareness of the world in the holism of the universe. The eye with spectral coloured eyelashs is a metaphor that conveys the imaginative capacities of pictures of entities from outside our universe. The seveb triangles with a rainbow gate over the clouds are a metaphor of the beginning entrance to the pictures of the entities from outside our universe.

bottom line: In the center of the picture an inner being of beauty and intelligence is conveyed.

bottom line of this reading

As a human he/ she would be understood wrongly. Outside the universe he/ she would be understood as a physiotherapist. If he/ she would completely arrive at himself/ herself then he/ she would be understood as an artist.

recommendations for a use

  • public corridors in training facilities and lyceums of visual arts and fine arts (educational and illustrative material)
  • sleeping room without further furniture (improvement of the character and the personality)
  • furnishing inside churches (religious purposes)

interpretation of the seven levels of consciousness

price: 70,00 € plus shipping

explanations of this artwork

In the artwork there are the features of the seven levels of consciousness of the inner being conveyed in a semiotic way. An interpretative semiotic analysis is in below.

All contents of the following construct are subject to a good meaning and the inner maturation process develops with them. It follows an infinite and timeless development. The meanings of the contents of this inner being come from beyond the universe. Thus they are of a non-human kind. The inner being comes from a royal gender. The awareness of the whole world belongs to it. Visual capacities of universal contents are inside of it. With an ending inner maturation process there begins the perceptive faculty of pictures from beyond the universe.

interpretation of the wheel of diversity

price: 70,00 €

story about the wheel of diversity

A light child gets educated. It walks on mountains where it encounters extraterrestrials. It foresees a kingdom of sun. There it conveys the messages of the earth, the seas, the moon and the stars until it returns to its home.


price: 50,00 € plus shipping

explanations of this artwork

The T-shaped sign is a semiotic mean that was chosen to convey the universe. The elliptical form is a semiotic mean that was chosen to convey the being beyond the universe. This being is not ascertainable for the human limited mind. Yet it can be made ascertainable by a form that accords to the characteristics of the ellipse most of all. As soon as the being beyond the universe is conveyed by a form you can start to think in a broader dimension. The broader dimension outside the non ascertainable being beyond the universe is here conveyed with the help of lines in spectral colors. The lines in spectral colors are now influences that come from outside the ascertainable system. These influences contain all intelligences that are inside the spectral colors. The title of the picture was chosen because the symbol semiotically points to an extremely deep heart chakra.

beyond the unimaginable
(from the universe to the unimaginable and beyond that)

price: 50,00 € plus shipping

striving for unity

price: 50,00 € plus shipping

ways of understanding the dignity

price: 50,00 € plus shipping


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