“Nazi” bitch & Germany by Elios Schastél

The following speech shall reach a possibly broad audience. It is my aim to point to social injustices in Germany. For this reason I convey the contents of the speech in two languages. I developed the speech after a development of the speaker series 2015 that was about current social topics in Germany. After I had overworked these topics I started to write one more speech that I decided to realize from a protected position in a foreign country. It is my aim to decrease prejudices and wrong treatments that result from it. Furthermore I want to cause an awareness of the consequences of bad and wrong attitudes in social actions by a criticism on social happenings and circumstances. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

“Nazi bitch” & Germany

River Palace hotel Rome

At the beginning of the twenty first century the bitch only receives rejection and exclusion in Germany. The Nazi bitch who also has an inner connection with her home country was only an imagination that was most of all demonstrated by attractive and nice humen. The rejection that the character of the Nazi bitch reiceives has become a verbal matter of course.

character attributes of a Nazi bitch

  • trust and connection with the home country
  • emotional empathy and more characteristics of the Star of David

  • inner maturation process from the birth on

These attributes are in general socially rejected and degraded. From trust and connection with the home country there is often made the wrong conclusion that they go together with fascistic attitudes. From expressing ones emotions there is often made the wrong conclusion that it means stupidity and a lack of understanding the cultural behavioural norms. The smiling mask of the Star of David is in general associated with mental disability. Empathy and trust are destroyed by the ideals and goals of a capitalistic social system. The circumstances result in an ignorance, rejection and exclusion of the Nazi bitch in Germany.

reasons of the social ignorance and exclusion (examples)

  • the term bitch that is declared to be an insult on wikipedia is associated with a specific appearance by many people (blond, childish, nice, female)
  • trust and empathy are destroyed by the “ideals” and goals of capitalism and a capitalistic fascism
  • rejection of expressing ones emotions is seen as stupidity, a “from down there performance” or a non-compliance with cultural behavioural norms
  • rejection and exclusion of every kind of behavioural abnormality (e.g. clothes, emotions, fashion, walking style, facial features)
  • ignorance and exclusion of all thinking patterns in arts and services that are not economically motivated
  • ignorance and exclusion of artists and people who make performances in writing, television and broadcast, acting, painting, photography, marketing and economy
  • goals and “ideals” of educational institutions and a capitalistic fascism
  • wrong communication of values on television, internet, magazines destroy believe, phantasy, idealism, religiousness, greatness, trust and an inner connection with the home country


All attributes that make the character of a human with an inner connection with his home country and all attributes that make the character of the bitch or rather an archaryan who is attached to his home country are destroyed by the “ideals” and goals of capitalism and the exclusion of values, emotions and believe in educational institutions. The “ideals” of contemporary educational and more public institutions are most of all emotional repression, much human consciousness, an adaption to the current cultural behavioural norms for a hundred percent, a convinced capitalist who exposes his material prosperity in public and the fascist.

examples of the treatments of the character that is connected with the term bitch

  • beauty is wrongly associated with dirtiness and dirtiness is used as an insult
  • e.g. Boston students who are able to imagine esotericism and even the cosmos were discriminated for their beauty and people were forced by the agency of work to work as prostitutes due to their beauty
  • victims of sexual violence were insulted as prostitutes and sexual objects after the rape
  • Aryans and archaryans were professionally excluded due to their Aryan being
  • exclusion by definition in the Duden and on wikipedia whereby the appearance of a blond female archaryan with an adult childish face is associated with the term by most of the humen
  • Aryans who make the artistic act of a performance are suggested to go into psychiatries instead of being to Boston or Harvard
  • the smiling face of the Star of David was associated with mental stupidity
  • from a connection and pride of the home country there was often made the wrong conclusion that there are given fascistic attitudes
  • values, idealism and believe are degraded and they are made ridiculous in educational institutions, broadcast, media and more
  • Gemini (in the house of Balance) and Sagittarius (in the house of Aries) were degraded that badly for their pride of the home country that there developed a distancing from their own culture and a rejection to it

note by the author

I would have had a burning pride of my fatherland inside of me that was not connected with any rejection of another human if I had not been excluded and mobbed for my clothes, my being of an actress, the smiling face of the Star of David, my believe, my physical attractiveness, beauty, optimism, artistic creativity and the Gemini inside of me in schools and more educations, acting, writing, sciences and public institutions in such a way that that the connection and the pride of the fatherland were destroyed and they became a hate against the people who are without culture in a country where there is no culture anymore. Feeling like one of the last remaining Germans in a psychiatric situation where culture is only a memory of the past the pride has become the opposite. Many Aryans who would have felt connected with their fatherland have said goodbye to this culturelessness. In educational institutions I was treated in the way like Jews had been treated in the second world war though I sensed inside of me from my earliest childhood on that I am one of those little personalities who make the state elite. If concentration camps were still used then it would have been more than probable that they would have sent me there.

the destiny of the Nazi bitch in Germany at the beginning 21st century (an example and three metaphors)

fascism by wikipedia

I travel to other countries. There are people who look into my face and by seeing my facial expressions they speak with an inner realization: “Wow this is a bitch.” Then they have a look at wikipedia and they read that the word shall be an insult. I go to another country. There are again people who look into my face and they say: “Hey this is a bitch.” Then they have a look at wikipedia and they get to know: The bitch shall be an insult for sexuality and amorality. Then I must make this woman down.” One more time I go to another culture. There are people who look into my face and they realize: “Wuoh this is a bitch.” And again he has a look at wikipedia and they read that it shall be an insult of dirtiness. I am suddenly degraded and my dignity is violated much. From these experiences I conclude that the definition must be wrong because my face does not speak about dirtiness and amorality.

a flower in a dung heap

A beautiful flower grows in the middle of a dung heap. The dung heap speaks: “You are dirt.” While the flower continues growing the dung heap speaks: “We do not find it bad when we put our dirt on it because then we are fine. We are relieved afterward.” After it has grown for some years the flower choked due to the dung that the heap of culturelessness has put on it. It was made to dirt until it was no flower anymore. A dung heap remained without flower. Only a flower that takes the power from the air being isolated for a hundred percent from the dung heap will remain a flower until the end.

the biblic story about the paradise at the tower of Babylon

The destiny of the Nazi bitch at the beginning twenty first century reminds on the story about the paradise that lived at the tower of Babylon. It was a pigeon that was shot by fascists until her star and her heart closed and the paradise was destroyed inside of her. She was made to a human.

the destiny of an Aryan in Germany (a story)

A child grows up having the smile of the rising morning star in his face. He makes many accomplishments in his childhood and he makes the inner maturation process as much as nobody else does. Since his childhood there are many people who watch how he becomes more adult. Already at an early age they realized the Star of David inside of him. He is mobbed by people who are at the same age due to his inner maturity and behavioural abnormilities. Making the inner maturation process at a too young age he already sees the contents of the cosmos in front of his mental eyes at a too young age. After he has left the seventh level of consciousness he leaves himself. His social background watches how he becomes more adult. He is rejected because his behaviours like for example his walking style is not normal. His esoteric perspectives let them bully him still more. The rejections let him become still more adult. He makes the inner maturation process like no humen has ever made it before until ingenuity and madness take him. His social background continues watching him. Due to the circumstance that he will never reach a high social status because they dislike his behaviours and he does not have enough means to go his way alone his social background approaches him with an apparently well-intentioned smile. They say: “You are a bitch.” Due to the greatness and love that they sense inside of him they feel attracted to him. They tell him: “If you want to reach something here at us then you must make love with us.” Due to the many maturity levels that he has reached since his birth the sexual intercourse would mean a self-destruction to him. They rape him until he loses his dignity. After the happening he is sent to the psychiatry because the degradation and hurt have let him fly away too far from the empirical reality and he can not return anymore. When they are alone again they speak about him. “This was a bitch. He was dirty and evil and dumb. He was Aryan.”


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