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by sending emails with the contact form you can come into contact with the Elios Schastél film productions Ltd, the performance publisher, Astral Tai chi© and a representative of the global judgement. There will be answered media orders of the performing arts platform and more issues when you send us a message.

I order one of the listed media.

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I have a concern that is about one of the topics given.

Elios Schastél film productions Ltd
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Astral tai chi©

I would like to take private yoga classes.

private yoga classes

I am interested in a lecture on Astral tai chi©

private and public lectures

I want to be a receiver of the global message distributor of the Elios Schastél film productions, performance publisher and Astral tai chi©.

global message distributor

I am no internet fanatics. Yet I am an artist. I want that my art will be published on the internet that people who are interested can purchase it (condition: reference to the universe, paradise, inner maturation process).

artistic independence

I want to participate in the foundation of the Astral university.

foundation of the Astral university

I want to make a baptism of the inner maturation process.

baptism of the inner maturation process


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