the philosophy by Elios Schastél

Astral Tai chi focuses on an opening of the inner star. Consisting of a fluent movement series (Astral Tai chi) and an exercise series (Astral yoga) the capacities and attributes of the inner star are trained as a priority and secondarily those consciousness worlds that are connected with it. Simultaneously there is a physical benefit.

attitude & aim

You aim at a conscious opening of the inner star with a positive attitude while practicing.

consciousness worlds of the inner being

The inner being consists of seven consciousness worlds that are connected with attributes and capacities that every human has as potentials. They are bound to physical regions thats training can increase the power of the potentials. The seven consciousness worlds and their attributes are summarized by the names of the planets in the tolamsoq language*.

tolamsoq language

The potentials of the seven consciousness worlds are ordered to the planets Saturn, Mars, sun, star, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Only the star is an exception because it is no planet. Attributes and capacities are ordered to these planets and they are bound to sensations, behaviours and social actions in sentences. The result is a constructive kind of a language that speaks about inner sensations of oneself and other humen as well as cosmic kinds of beings.


In my sun I can sense love.

In your Saturn you have the sensation of safety.

In our star we feel empathy for each other.

Astral Tai chi & the consciousness world star

When the attributes and capacities of the star are trained then there are necessarily and secondarily the sun and the Mars trained, too.

potentials of these three consciousness worlds (examples)


  • forgiveness
  • empathy
  • hope


  • strength
  • sun
  • openness


  • will
  • creativity
  • purity

exercise titles

This language conception is the basis of the titles that are connected with the exercise sections. On the one hand it goes together with the language of direction and on the other Hand with the sign language. In the sketch that is given you get a short insight into it.

The results are titles of nine exercise sections.

1. star breathing

2. opening of the star

3. forgiveness in past

4. hope & strength for the future

5. empathy in the inner world & outside world

6. infinite rise

7. balance

8. = 2.

9. = 1.

* Look at the tolamsoq language in the menu issue language under religion.


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