The pictures were taken in Germany, Siwtzerland and Italy. The idea of the titles are in connection with the tolamsoq language (look at the menu issue religion). The posture titles indicate the holistic effect and cosmic contents. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

diamond (title)
Berlin Germany (recording location)

solar star (title)
Borgofranco Italy (title)

hope & strength (title)
Berlin Germany (recording place)

might posture (title)
Berlin Germany (recording location)

basic trust & commonality (title)
Pozzolatico Italy (recording location)

acceptance & basic instincts (title)
Ivrea Italy (recording location)

power posture (title)
Pozzolatico Italy (recording location)

common consciousness by an initiative down-to-earth attitude (title)
Montreux Switzerland (recording location)

free balance (title)
Borgofranco Italy (recording location)

conditionless freedom in roomlessness (title)
Bellinzona Switzerland (recording location)

above being (title)
Tuscany Italy (recording location)

basic trust and balance (title)
at Vevey Switzerland (recording location)

balancing pendulum (title)
Berlin Germany (recording location)

basis & freedom (title)
Ivrea Italy (recording place)


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