pillars of human striving by Elios Schastél

When I was twenty years old I wrote a story that I overworked two times years later. I now translated it into English and I share it with other humen. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment. Every editor or publisher is appreciated.


Schasa spends her life in solitude and the routine of her daily life. Sensing inside of her that she lives with a wrong identity she feels an inner conflict. One day there are fluffs appearing inside of her apartment. They threaten her and they destroy her life until her star closes. Escaping from her home she starts to go on an inner journey that brings her through the worlds of the cosmos. She passes seven worlds. Going through the worlds of the basis, the waist, the center, the star, the awareness, the eyes and the crown she finally reaches the inner maturing. The experiences that she gains on her journey let her develop a religion of love that she gives to other humen.


esoterics & adventure story

thanks & dedication

I thank Schamong the light child in the basis, Bene the initiator in the waist, Heròs the king in the center, Palónè the artist in the star, Freseia the believer in the awareness, Tenessa the imaginator in the eyes and Schasal the innovator in the crown for the inspiration that they gave me during my journey through the cosmos. I dedicate them and my parents the story about the pillars of human striving.

pillars of human’s striving

I Schasa’s childhood

a life in solitude

Schasa was at home. The door was closed. There was silence and no movement. A standard lamp illuminated a grey and cheerless scenery. From the first moment on it shined on Schasa. A spot of light surrounded her. She sat on a chair looking at the telephone. It had not rang for decades. The phone keys were broken. Her fond and thin shapes tried to beware an upright posture. Sensing a clock inside of her ticking slowly she felt the emptiness of her life. At her young age she already had facial wrinkles that were signs for an internal decay. For years she had spent her time waiting. Every morning when she awoke at the moment when the sun arised she thought with an inner moaning: “Please do not let me continue this life one more day.” Then she went into the kitchen. Then she took breakfast. Then she washed the dishes. Then she dressed her and then she sat down on her chair next to the telephone and she waited. Nothing happened. Deep inside of her she sensed that there would happen something one day. There was a depressed feeling of strong emotions that she could not express in words. At the corners of her awareness she sensed a painful crying that was a torturing burden. For years she had sat in the dimly illuminated room looking into the emptiness of a black gap. She felt the injustice of her destiny. She wanted to live but nothing happened. For this reason she escaped into her own worlds. There she found what she was longing for. There was a castle where angels lived whom she could play with and she found god who waited for her. She depressed the reality of her cold room. In her world there was only the reality of god and his angels. The world of her imaginations accompanied her in almost every moment of her life. There were only little moments when she returned to the empirical reality. Nobody could see her imaginations. From time to time she looked dreamily out of the window. Outside there was standing a horde of Taurus. For years they had motionless looked up to the windows of the house. There they could see a pretty woman in a grey atmosphere. The shapes of a white figure were seeable behind window panes. A light spot and darkness were surrounding her. The light of fascism shined through the house’s walls. The Taurus knew that Schasa waited. They tried to catch the hidden part of Schasa with their imaginations. Their imaginations were bad. They were not able to imagine what is good. Speaking bad words about her they were happy to see the picture of the woman behind the panes who always gave them new topics to speak about. Schasa gave them a dreamy smile down from the windows. She did not consider the animals. In her world they did not exist. When she returned from this world coming back to the coldness of the reality where the light spot was waiting for her then she sensed again the endlessness of her inner conflict. For sure she still would have waited for years in her split world until the lamp would not have given any light anymore. Her life would have ended and a short time later her house would have broken. A smoking cloud would have come up from it and it would have flown to heaven. The Taurus who had always motionless looked up to the house would have watched the collapse without any movement. Still some days later they would have spoken about a woman who had useless sat in the light spot of fascism from the first moment on until the end. The memory of her would have ebbed away fastly. A lonely and unfair life would have ended.

II “light from the cosmos”

a changement in her life

Schasa lived a second life that she had started in her early childhood. Like usual she sat in her room on the chair and she looked out of the window. It was night and the Taurus looked motionless up to the windows. A crowd of stars was seeable in the sky. It looked down at Schasa. She observed one star that attracted her attention most of all. It moved up and down making the impression that it wanted her to look at it. She started to think about a poem that she wanted to dedicate it. After she had finished it she spoke it loudly. The star listened to her. Looking at him while speaking she could hear some words that came from far away but she could not understand them. Holding the poem in her hands there suddenly started to appear a castle in the heaven in front of her eyes. It was a white castle with pillars that were placed in front of the entrance. It was placed on an isle where it appeared with beauty and strength. Behind its massive walls there was a blue sea. A powerful music was sounding. The castle’s gates opened. When she wanted to come closer to it and to enter it it vanished again until she could only still see the star in a crowd of stars. The memory stayed on her mind for a moment while she started to see the bright light of the standard lamp in her room again. She started to feel cold again. An electric buzz silently started to be audible in the background. Schasa perceived it unconsciously. The time elapsed slowly. A pressing feeling spreaded inside of her. The coldness of the reality let the wish develop to return to the castle. Inside of her an inner conflict developed. Since that day on she often started to look up to the sky. There she found the castle where there were god and the angels. Always when it vanished her view moved back the crowd of stars. Then she glanced the Taurus down there until she arrived at the standard lamp in her room again. The Taurus looked up to the window panes. They spoke about the figure behind the panes making no movement. “Is she stupid?” one Taurus asked another one from time to time. “She doesn`t do anything.” The other one said to the first. Schasa smiled dreamily down from her window. The feeling of a not passing time and the habit let her stay in a latent mode. An apparent silence surrounded the house. One day when Schasa wanted to fly to her castle again a loud noise was audible. She frightened. Her view immediately moved to the ceiling. In the center of it there was a fluff hanging. It took almost the whole surface. With a slow movement a first part of it fell down. It moved in direction to the floor. Schasa observed it seeing the unknown flying object coming closer to her. Her left eyelid started to tremble. It cramped until her whole body was motionless in a state of shock. She was aghast. Inside of her she shouted: “There is dust in my room?” She could not dare to believe it. The view of this flying object that had intrused her room without having a right to do so let her sense a danger. She observed it. One more noise was suddenly audible. Schasa looked up to the ceiling again. Her left eye cramped still more when a second part of the fluff started to move away from the ceiling. It slowly fell down to the floor. Schasa sensed still more danger then she had had done it before. She had the anticipation that a foreplay was taking place. Fear was developing inside of her. When a third loud noise announced the fall of the last and biggest part of the fluff she stayed motionless. Her gaze was fixed. Suddenly she started to believe that her inner certainty spoke with her. „Stay calm. Everything is fine.” The silent electric noise that she had heard for years became louder. She started to perceive it consciously. A feeling of deafness that she did not understand started to spread in her chest. She moved her view away from the fluffs. Again she could hear the inner certainty: “You can trust me.” The deafness in her chest became stronger. She became cold. Suddenly a panic took her. She wondered whether the buzz was in connection with the fluffs when she started to feel that the thoughts on her mind became slower. She could not think clearly anymore. She wanted to shout but her tongue and her mouth became slower, too. Her heart beats became less every moment. The inner certainty that she believed to hear tried to calm her down: “There is no problem.” She sensed a dishonesty in the voice. A second time her chest started to rip. She cried. Looking for help she ran to the door. Her heart started to beat always slower. Rage that resulted from the pain come out of her. Tears appeared in her eyes. Before she reached the door she fell against the wall in an attack of weakness. The electric buzz became always louder. She hold the hand in front of her heart that was making the last beats. There was no sensation in her chest anymore. The mode of shock started. Her inner being cried: “No. Please not. Stop it!“ Her eyes started to become black and they trembled fastly to all directions of the room reminding on the fear of an alien. The second last winding in her star closed. A last band of her heart was still untouched. The panic took her completely. Only her awareness still let her stay alive. Her mind that had stayed clear let her decide to escape. She jumped up and she ran out of the house. Protecting herself she hold her hands in front of her cheek and her chest. When she ran through the garden a Taurus shot her in the foot. She fell and he looked at her motionless. She jumped up. Then she ran away.

III Schasa’s decision

the beginning of a new path

Her thin legs carried her through the streets to the end of the village. Sensing the panic inside of her she ran until she arrived at a parting of the ways. Catching breath she stopped for a moment. Looking to both sides she could see her past on one side and the future on the other side. In her past she could see a village with a house that had the face of uneventfulness. Some Taurus stood in front of it looking up to the window panes. An apparently good-natured smile shimmered through the windows. Panic and pain were still sensible in her chest. Looking at the other side of the parting of the ways the future revealed. There was a path in front of her that went to the horizon. Unknown worlds that were hidden behind it waited for her. Many mountains filled the view. The narrow path led her temptatingly through rocky mountains. A yellow violet sky was laughing at her with observing eyes. The eyes in the clouds fixed her with a higher consciousness. A face was not seeable. Only the eyes appeared as a mystical happening. Schasa sensed an inner lead by seeing them. A sensation of trust was developing in her coccyx. She became curious. She did not take her attention from the sky with the mystical eyes. A short time later they vanished. She blinked and she only still saw clouds in the sky. Feeling to be alone again she realized that she had never been that far away from her little room before. She had never been at a place that was similar to this parting of the ways. While her exhausted heart slowly started to beat faster again she sensed the mountainous atmosphere. She was alone in an untouched nature. Looking around she felt to be abandonned. Sorrow left traces in her face. „Oh my goodness, what have I done?“ She thought. She realized that she had run away from her room without having said goodbye. She had not given any thought about the consequences of her actions. She had a flashback. In front of her inner window she saw herself running out of the house while the fluffs layed on the table. Her heart trembled. She did not want to return there because she was scared that her heart and her good inner being would finally be destroyed. She thought: “If I went back to my room and if I encountered these fluffs again I would only escape again. They destroy the life inside of me. I sense pain and I do not know the real reason for it. My star has closed.” From the moment when she had sensed the first ripping pain in her chest her face was solidified. She went on thinking: “My life would never become the same when I returned.” She cried innerly. Some tears stayed in her eyes. Nobody could see them. She wanted to return to her home but she sensed that she should take the other side of the parting of the ways. There she presumed to find many worlds behind the horizon that waited for her. A strong curiosity pushed her to go in direction to the high mountains. She felt helpless while thinking that she had to climb on them. She asked: “What shall I do now?” A voice that came from far away behind the horizon answered her: “We know who you are.” She frightened. Looking for the speaker she unconsciously made some steps in direction to the horizon. The voice started to speak again: “You make the right decision.” There was a short silence where she sensed an inner excitement. “Your way is still far.” The voice spoke. Then there was a silence again that was only interrupted by the noises of the wind. She curiously looked at the horizon looking for the origin of this voice. For a short moment the mystical eyes in the sky from before appeared again. They looked at her with much concentration as if they wanted to check her suitability. They looked directly into her inner being. Schasa sensed again that the sensation of trust was developing in her coccyx. The mystical eyes looked around. For a short moment they focused on the house that she had come from. The pupils became motionless as if they could recognize danger. “Follow me. I lead you to find the right path.” They said. Thy vanished again. She immediately understood. With an unconstrainted trust she followed her inner lead. For a last time she turned around looking at her past. Then she went in direction to the mountainous horizon with fast steps. A question emerged on her mind. „Why should I walk this path.“ She walked a bit faster. A second question emerged. „Why do I gain the experience of this changement in my life? What is the sense of my life?” On her mind there was curiosity and a thirst for life revealed that had been depressed for years. A last question that did not want to go out of her mind took her attention. “What is my inner destination?” She took the way to find an answer to these questions. Being in excitement she ran in direction to the yellow violet horizon. Many mountains that hided unknown adventures waited for her in far distance. When she vanished behind the end of our world her earlier house started to turn around. It looked at the horizon that a figure approached with a running speed. After Schasa had vanished behind the yellow violet light a short moment of silence took place. A cracking sound was audible. Then it collapsed. The horde of Taurus vanished together with it. Years later they still spoke about the house in the village where a white figure had sat in a light spot behind the windows. A villager who had seen it collapsing spoke about Schasa until the end of his life with an evil smirk. “She was useless. She was the worst.”

IV trust and safety

a light in China

Schasa walked on the path for days. She climbed on deserted mountain regions where the wind blew through her skirt. She passed wide valleys that were surrounded by these mountains. There were trees in yellow and red that made the atmosphere soft. A feeling of groundedness was sensible inside of her. Never before there had been a human who had visited these places. The nature was untouched. Her legs carried her for two years until the exhaustion overwhelmed her when the darkness announced one night. During the night she layed down under an open sky that was full of stars. She looked up to the stars seeing a cover over her that was full of little lights. She did not feel alone with them. She put her left leg in a climbing posture while she turned her upper body. Her chest faced the stars and her right arm layed over her head. When she started to sleep her view was focused on the stars. For some moments there was an apparent silence. Then the sky opened the eyes and it looked down at Schasa starting to speak about her. First of all the morning star started to speak with the stars from outside the first diamond. “Do you think that she will get it?” The stars in the second diamond answered: “We don’t know. You must ask the black hole to get an answer.” The morning star turned to the black hole. “Do you think that she will get it?” The answer came from the black hole. „Do you think that she will get it?“ The black hole answered: „She must conquer the illness IT. After she will have get to arrive at her inner star she will become Aryan. She must always go on until one day she will leave herself. Then she will start flying. She will fly until she will arrive at the place where she comes from. There is the origin of the illness IT. She has to rise innerly and fly away through the cosmos until she will arrive there.” The morning star started to worry. He looked down at his human representation that slept in a climbing posture on the planet earth being surrounded by yellow red trees. Looking for help he turned to the stars of the second diamond one more time. “Can you help her?” They answered him with warm voices: “We do not know how far her way will still be. We send her a support.” They sent a soft breeze down to the first diamond. It flew down to the borders of the solar system. There it started to pass the planets. Touching the fortune of Jupiter and the will of Mars it finally arrived at the earth. While Schasa was sleeping a soft breeze touched her face. She awoke with the first morning light. Her view was on the sky. Clouds were passing it. She sensed a strong will to go on. She stood up fastly going in direction to the horizon. She was surrounded by some valleys that bloomed in red colours. They were drowned in light that came from over the clouds. After some hours had passed she arrived at a village. In its center there was a tree. It was a high oak tree with twigs that reached the borders of the atmosphere. The trunk was full of rings and the roots grew that deep that they reached the other end of the world. The tree’s shapes shimmered in the morning mist. A little boy kneed close to the tree. He had long blond hair that reached his calfs. A white robe covered his whole body. Holding a candle in his hand he looked up to the tree. A monotonous tone sounded in vicinity. Schasa approached the boy. She observed how he moved the light in his hands. She sat down next to him. “Who are you?” She asked. He looked up. Looking into her eyes he answered: „My name is Schamong. I am the light child of god.” He smiled mystically and soft. I have trust inside of me that my father will always take care of me. I have trust inside of me that I will always be protected in the arms of my mother. I have trust inside of me that I will always be in togetherness with my family.” After some moments of silence she said: “Let me ask you a final question.” He smiled agreeingly. “What is your inner destination?” While he looked at the candle in his hand again he answered: “I will become the prime father. I will built a house where I will live in community.” Schasa did not stop looking into his eyes. He took a part of his candle light giving it into her hand with a mystical smile. She attached it in front of her heart. Then she looked up to the crown of the tree. She realized that there was a far way from the roots up to the uppermost twigs. She had the anticipation that her inner journey would still be long and full of challenges.

Schamong the light child in the basis

V initiation and vanity

a leaf in a country by the sea

Schasa spent some time with Schamong looking at the candles in front of them. She felt that she had to go on. Before she said goodbye she smiled gratefully at him. When she looked at the next horizon there appeared the mystical eyes in the sky that she had seen at the first parting of the ways. The eyes opened in the clouds looking at her focusing her soul. She felt an inner lead that was caused by his mental presence. His pupils examined her. “Follow the path.” She could recognize the message inside of them. The eyes turned to a path where no end was seeable. Then it vanished. She walked from the morning until the evening until her thin legs did not want to carry her anymore. When the darkness announced the exhaustion took her. She layed down under the open starry sky. Putting her left leg in a climbing posture she turned her upper body until her chest faced the stars again. Before she fell asleep her last view was on the morning star. Some moments passed. Then the sky started to speak quietly about her. First of all the morning star turned to the Horsehead Nebula: “Is it still far?” The Horsehead Nebula answered with a fond voice: “She must always go on. She must arrive at that place in the cosmos where she comes from. There she will find the origin of the illness IT. She has to speak with it.” The morning star got a sorrowful face. He looked at the stars in the second diamond. “Will she get it? Will she arrive at her true self?“ The stars of the higher diamond observed Schasa from far away. “We do not know how far it is still.” They answered. Before the first morning light announced the end of the night they spoke with her in Schasa’s dreams. „We are proud of you Schasa. We believe in you. You will arrive with us.“ She awoke in the early morning. During the night she had had the impression that she had talked with stars and a rose plush cushion. Seeing an orange rose horizon in front of her she sensed a strong will to go on. Years passed when she when she went through the nature following her inner lead. The nature changed continuously. The air became salty and warm. From time to time she saw sand on the earth. One day she arrived at a sea. Standing on a rock she looked down at it. The waves were calm. Looking at them she wanted to stay for a moment. She saw a woman standing close to the sea. She was undressed and she had wild hair that reached her calfs. Being in a deep contemplation she focused her eyes on a point in mid ocean. Simoultaneously she moved her waists in fluent movements that became a rhythmic meditative dance. Power, strength and imagination were expressed by it. She was in a trance while her eyes were continuously focused on the point in mid ocean. The sea sensed the communication that the woman wanted to make with it in her dance. During the following happenings the human understanding of time dissolved and the time expanded. Only moments passed that had the same duration like days in a human understanding of time. The sea started to flare while the woman concentrated on it with her eyes and her dance. She cried in a dancing trance in direction to the sea. “I am Bene. I am the initiator. I call you. A new leaf of eternity shall be developed by us by the cyclical act.” After she had stopped crying the heaven on her mind opened over the earthly happenings. Penetrating Bene’s mind by watching her from far distance Schasa gained the same experiences like Bene did on her mind. Stars and galaxies opened in front of her inner window. Being in a trance she rised flyingly until she arrived at the cosmic leaf of eternity that betrayed her all secrets of the first diamond. She could see how Bene flew up to heaven in a circular dance. Bene started to dance through the eternity of heaven. The sea answered her communication by increasing the waves with a might that they started to reach the end of atmosphere. When the sea started to arrive at the eternal cosmos it refound Bene in the leaf of eternity. The eternal rise let all participants see the secrets of the cosmos during little moments. Being arrived at the end of the first diamond the sea took Bene with violence. She died. Her dead resulted in the development of a new leaf. Years seemed to have passed when the heaven closed over the happenings again. Schasa’s mind rearrived on the beach by the sea. It had calmed down. Bene had innocently stayed in heaven. For a while Schasa stayed motionless. Then she looked up to heaven one more time. From far away an object slowly approached her. Flying closer she could recognize that it was a leaf. It flew with slow movements. She lifted her arm taking an orange object into her hand. She attached it in front of her heart next to the light of Schamong. Then she went on.

Bene the initiator in the waist

VI greatness and recognition

a sun in Africa

She left the sea going in direction to the sun. A warm wind surrounded her. After some days she arrived at a desert where the source of the sunlight announced at its ends. The exhaustion let her walk slower. When the night started she layed down at the beginning of the desert. When turning her chest to the sky she looked at the morning star. She fell asleep. The sky that acted to be silent during the day awoke and it started to speak about her. The zodiac sign spoke with the morning star: “I will send her strength. She will not be able to go on without it.” The morning star answered with a purposeful face expression: “She must always go on. Otherwise she will never arrive.” The zodiac sign sent a part of its strength down to the earth. Schasa awoke with the first sunbeam. She had the feeling to have gained the strength to go on while she had slept. She stood up and she went in direction to the rising sunlight. Seven years passed where she approached the seat of the sun on earth. Every day she was dazzled a bit more. Holding her hands in front of her eyes she did not give up to go on. One day she saw little points in far distance. They appeared to be humen when she approached them. Each of them went in direction to a sandy mountain that placed in the center of the scenery. The mountain was full of humen who looked up to the peak with magnetic and electrified views. On the top there stood the representation of the sun. It was a man sitting on a throne and carrying a crown on his head. He was the origin of light that he spreaded in the desert around him. He looked in far distance while he spoke with a mighty voice to the humen who kneed down in front of him with admiration. The king said to his people:

“Listen to the words of an upcoming justice! I am the sun for the human. I sit on the mountain of fame. You bow down before me because I am the ruler of this world. Those who refuse my will will lose their right to live. They will be thrown into the valleys that no helping arm can ever reach and where no prayer will ever be audible. My light will last as long as you bow down in front of the king’s will. The peak of this mountain is only the beginning of my might. I will enter every realm in this world. I will not calm down before the final day of glory and fame will start. All your strength shall be dedicated to my might. The source of light is speaking that every human is dependant of.”

He moved his finger to the sky with a triumphing expression in his face expressing his might. The humen around him listened to his speech with awe. Schasa climbed the peak of the mountain approaching the dazzling throne. She looked directly into the king’s eyes. He looked at her with surprise. “What is your concern?” He said with a hard and mighty voice. She said in direction to the light that surrounded his face: “King Heròs your speech was enlighting. Let me know your inner destination. Is it only might that you strive after?” The king watched her. She looked directly into his eyes. He answered with a lowered voice: „I want to be recognized and loved.“ For a short moment Schasa could see a shadow of seriousness and sadness in her face. When the shadow vanished she looked into the face of a hero whose greatness and strength will enter every realm in this world. He had realized her self-confident manner. It caused him to see her with respect. He took a golden sun that was attached on his crown. He gave it into her hand. “You will reach inner greatness with it.” She took the gift and she attached it in front of her heart. The king and the young woman looked at each other with sympathy. Then she went on.

Heròs the king in the center

VII empathy and tolerance

a star in the center of Italy

When she arrived at the end of the desert she was still thinking of king Heròs. His last words were still echoing inside of her. The exhaustion of a walk that she had made for years took her. Until the evening she wanted to go on but her physical limits forced her to make a break. Pain spreaded in her joints. She started to cry because she thought that the goal that was still unknown would never be reachable. Tears fell down on her cheeks. Powerlessness let her fall down onto the ground. She immediately fell asleep. The sky awoke over the happenings. The stars of the second diamond observed her in worry. “Do not give up. We are proud of you Schasa.” They shouted. The morning star heard their voices. He faced them speaking: „You must work together with me now. Only when we work together she can reach her consciousness and the worlds that are placed higher inside of her. You must make her Aryan.” The stars of the second diamond answered him: „We send her a real support.” They looked down at the planet earth. There they observed Schasa. Then they sent her a support. When they arrived at the earth they opened her upper body while she was sleeping. A white pure child was findable in it. It was of complete beauty. It cried with a high voice that had a sound as if it came from an unknown diamond. Many hurts were on its body. They looked at the child in her inner being with empathy for its pain. When it sensed the empathy for the stars of the second diamond the pain became less. It became silent whereby it looked at them with a soft innocence and the trust that they would only do good deeds with her. The stars of the second diamond started to cure all the injuries that the child carried inside of it. While they were busy with curing the wounds the child screamed in pain. After a healing of the last wound it layed in Schasa’s inner being with an expression of an alien. The hands were folded in front of its heart. After the wounds in Schasa’s soul were cured they also started to heal her body that had been damaged in the course of the last years. They treated her hip joints and her knees. The ankles were also cured. Schasa went on sleeping. In her dreams they breathed her which actions they were making. They took little hammers and nails and they attached parts of the cosmos in a green tender band behind her breast. They enlarged the paradise inside of her. When they had finished their work they spoke in her dreams: “We give you a reward for everything what you have reached so far. Nobody needs to know what you have reached. You do not need to tell anybody about it.” Before they closed her upper body again they breathed: “Please do not speak about us. When you speak about us then we will not speak with you anymore.” They flew back to the second diamond again. A green shimmer still surrounded them when they arrived. Before the night was over the sky looked down at Schasa. While sleeping she had the feeling that stars from another dimension had come to her and they had cured her wounds. They had breathed her words of love and empathy. When she awoke she realized a feeling of deepness and warmth in her chest. She could breath much deeper than before. The sensation of equivalence of all living beings as well as empathy for them spreaded behind her heart. She looked up to the sky. For a short moment she had the impression that a green shimmer disappeared in it. She decided to keep the secrets of the night to herself. Nobody should get to know about them. The heat of the desert from the day before was not sensible anymore. Instead of it a cold breeze was sensible on her skirts. When she started to walk she realized that the pain of the last six years had disappeared from her limbs. She arrived at a lawn that was full of flowers in a harmony between green and violet. Looking up to the clouds at the horizon her inner lead was seeable with his two eyes. His mystical view communicated: “You must follow your inner star. It shows you the right path. Follow me.” The eyes disappeared. Schasa continued walking over the lawn. Nine years long she walked along her path. She often made breaks because the feeling of deepness in her breast fastly gave her the sensation of exhaustion. One day she arrived at a stone rock. A woman was standing on it. She was busy with writing on a piece of paper. Schasa watched her writing from a respectful distance. She had a graceful appearance. Inner beauty was recognizable in her eyes. Her chest was pushed forward with pride and she reminded on a lady coming from the upper aristocracy. When Schasa had a closer look at her she could recognize male attributes in her face. Her cheeks and her chin were strong and protrude. Her hair was unordered and it fell attractively down to her calfs. Carrying a suit that was wide and old Schasa had the impression that she hided her femaleness. Every time when the woman put her pencil down she proudly pushed her breast forward whereby she pushed her shoulder blades backward. Schasa approached her a bit more until the woman started to realize her. She looked up. Then she looked directly into her eyes taking a bow in front of the lady. After they had made an eye contact for some seconds the woman smiled aristocratically. With a bowed and regardful posture Schasa spoke with a direct eye contact: “My lady may I know who you are?” The woman made a sublime break. “My name is Palòné. I am artist. I come from a star that comes from another galaxy.“ Schasa said: „How do you mean you come from another galaxy?“ She answered: “The sun that I carry inside of me is a sun that comes from another galaxy. I came from this galaxy to live my life on earth. When I look at this sun from the planet earth then it only appears as a little star.” Her voice was full of overtones. Schasa immediately sensed the high intelligence and the truth that were findable in her words. She nodded with regard. “Palòné I would like to ask you a question.” She smiled at Schasa with the smile of a Freemason. Her inner being was hidden in a position of protection. When she looked directly into Schasa’s eyes she could see the goodness of her inner being. She started to gain confidence. “What is your life?” Schasa asked. Palòné closed her eyes whereby she looked for the answer in her heart. She said: “In my heart I can hear a voice. I replicate this voice in poems. I transfer it into scriptures that I give to other humen. Until now I gave all my poems to the humen of this world. Due to the circumstance that my mind and my inner being is ahead the thinking of this spirit of the age the messages that I wanted to convey had not been understood so far.” She sensed warmth developing inside of her. She cried a tear for Palòné who continued speaking: “One day I looked into the sky and I saw a star that was similar to mine. It was a star that was full of beauty. It was different to all the other stars. He found his way through the firmament with boundlessness. Watching him in the sky trust developed inside of me.” Palòné looked into her eyes and she said: “I started to write poems about him. I dedicated him my words of his particularity.” Schasa noticed the weakness that was sensible while she said these words. She did not dare to speak. Palòné who had gained all the trust in her honest way to perform went on speaking. “I gave my poems to the humen. Yet they did not have the mental horizon to understand the dimensions of their contents. For this reason I was treated with envy and they smiled at me. I started to hide myself inside of me and I made the decision that I would only open myself again after I had gained trust in somebody.” She saw a tear rolling down on Palòné’ s cheek. Empathy was realizable in her breast. The feeling of inner comprehension was seeable in her eyes. Her hurts cured due to Schasa’s empathy. Schasa asked: “ What is your inner destination?” Palòné went into herself. „I want to find god. He shall be my friend. For a lifetime and for longer I want to find the cosmic unification with him. I know that he is a star. My heart’s voice will let me find him in the cosmos.” She was speechless due to the deepness that was sensible in her words. For a long time they looked into each other’s eyes like friends do. They did not want to leave each other. Making the decision that they would go the further path in a mutual accompaniment they said to each other: “Every time when you sense weakness inside of you and you feel a longing for me inside of your breast then we can refind each other in the diamond.” Harmony was between them. Palòné felt the motive to give. She cut a part from her breast that she gave her as a gift. Receiving the gift Schasa looked at her with modesty. Humbleness was recognizable in her body posture. A long break took place until she said: “You must not make me too much of a gift.” Palóné objected: “I give it to you because I sense that your inner being is good. You carry much beauty inside of you. I make you this gift for it.” Schasa thanked her with dignity. They said goodbye to each other with a view that promised their friendship in the first diamond. Then Schasa left the lawn. They went the path together.

Palòné the artist in the star

VIII believe and spirituality

a search for truth in Germany

Schasa perceived a changement since she had left the rock. Every time when she thought of Palòné she noticed a sensation of weakness behind her heart. She had the motive to speak with her. At these moments she often looked up to the sky and she spoke with the star that had the name Palòné. They talked to each other and the friendship became stronger in the course of the years. When Schasa layed down at the beginning of the nights she fell asleep with a last view on the morning star. Then the apparently silent sky started to speak about her. During one night that was a short time after she had encountered Palòné the morning star turned to Schasa. After the stars of the second diamond had cured her she could hear him and the other contents of the cosmos speaking with her with a latent consciousness while she slept. He said: “You must always go on Schasa. You must always rise more. You must arrive.” The whole milk galaxy listened to his words. It spoke with her with one voice that contained all the contents of its system: “When you get to arrive at the end of your path then you will become the perfection.” The stars of the second diamond added: “You can speak with us through the paradise inside of you. We will help you. You must not close the star inside of you anymore. Otherwise you will fall back on your path. You must be careful. Your way is still far.” Before Schasa awoke the sky acted to be silent again. In the early morning she stood up. The strength of her mental will made her go on. She walked for seven years without encountering somebody. By the time she made breaks because her thin legs asked her for a relaxation. During the breaks and while walking she was lost in her thoughts. The questions that she had asked herself at the beginning of her journey were still not answered. The curiosity about finding their answer made her go on. She still wanted to know about her inner destination. Her curiosity gave the power to go on. The nature around her was continuously changing. A mood of an upcoming autumn slowly developed. By the time trees and shrubs were seeable. They increased the longer they walked. In far distance she could see a building that turned out to be a house of god. Close to the house there walked a man. He hold a stick in his hand that he used to walk. With big steps he approached a wood that started close to the horizon. He was lost in his thoughts while his view was into the distance. He had locks and a thoughtful face expressions that spoke about the experience that comes with the age. Schasa made a movement. He realized it and he approached her. When they faced each other he started to speak: “I welcome you. My name is Freseia. I am a believer.” Schasa gave him her hand. Then she said: „My name is Schasa. I am searching for my inner destination in life.“ Freseia watched her with the face expression of a scholar who tries to order an unknown experience into a familiar category scheme. A long thoughtful break took place. He finished by saying: “Let us get to know each other. You are an unknown experience for me. I want to learn from you.” Schasa asked curiously: „Did you say that you are a believer? Let me know what your believe is. How did you find it?” He contemplated. His face got an expression of concentration. The answer was: „Many years ago the curiosity about the realizations and spiritual truths made me go on a pilgrimage. When I made my first steps on this pilgrimage I had not been a believer. During my teenage years it would have been too early to have developed a true believe. The inner maturation process that a fourty years old human makes is what I gained as an experience at the age of a young adult. On my journey I started to gain a feeling of safety when I received confirmations from god during the hard times of my pilgrimages. He sent me strength, light and support. The experiences that I made strengthened my believe in the goodness of the humanity. My interest in spirituality increased the more I thought about the big questions of philosophy. In the course of the time I started to find my own philosophy. It included the humen, god and the cosmos. I received confirmations for my believe. They made me become a devoted believer in god.” He became silent. Despite his relatively young age he smiled at her with the eyes of an old wise man. A long break took place. The joys and difficulties of the experiences in his past were recognizable in his body posture. He was lost in thoughts that he did not share with anybody. Then he spoke: “During my first pilgrimage I wondered about questions that were connected with values, life and sense. I thought about truth, moral and justice. Carrying the believe in god inside of me I started to understand the whole world. I found answers that increased my curiosity about new experiences.” Schasa listened with interest. She asked: “What kind of a believe did you gain on your pilgrimages?” He was happy about her questions. “When I started to go on my ninth pilgrimage the sky started to open over me. A light emerged and I heard his words: “You shall be holy.” The sun was laughing over me. A light set down into my mind and I sensed that the spirit of god opened inside of me. When I returned from the journey a good life was given to me. I got friends and recognition whenever I spoke about my experiences. There had never been a time in my life when I had trouble. My believe in god became undestroyable. It was about justice.” The conviction that were in his words let her believe become stronger. She asked him: “Would you tell me about your inner destination?” His wise eyes sent his thoughts to her. „I will struggle for justice.“ Her appreciation for him was growing. One more question that developed on her mind became perceivable inside of him. “Do you think that a fair life can only become real under the condition that you have made performances before like for example that you went on a pilgrimage?” The answer was: “If you have a good inner being and you are always honestly friendly to the people and if the goodness that you carry inside of you is also sensible for other humen then a good and fair life will be given to you.” She looked at him full of pleasure about his wise words. He took a symbol that hung in front of his heart. It was the symbol of a balance. He gave it to her with the eyes of a believer. Sensing the motive to give something back and not carrying any valuable objects with her she gave him a dance as a gift for his further way. It was Schasa’s dance of justice. Then she said goodbye with the words: “I hope that I will believe in justice one day, too.

Freseia the believer on the mind

IX transformation between worlds and ingenuity

a spy in Switzerland

Schasa walked in direction to the wood where the coldness of a beginning winter announced. She sensed a cool wind blowing through her hair and her skirts. A first snowflake fell onto her left shoulder. When she went on the snow started to cover the earth. Before she entered the wood it became dark. She decided to stay at the beginning of the wood under the open starry sky for the night. When she sat down close to the trees she had the perception that they observed her. An interested and attentive atmosphere surrounded her. Goose bumps started to develop on her neck. When she looked at the trees with concentration then she could see eyes on them. They smiled and winked at her. Observing her with curiosity they looked at each other by the time. They made mimics that based on meaning languages with levels of abstraction that no human understands anymore. Schasa decoded them unconsciously. They let her understand that the further way through the wood would be cold and difficult to make. She watched the trees communicating with each other. A short time later she fell asleep. In her sleep the starry sky appeared in front of her spiritual eyes. She saw the stars of the Andromeda galaxy that turned around a luminous center in the shape of a spiral. While the galaxy looked at her it started to speak with her. “You have got to arrive that far on your way that you stop living in the world of the humen and your own mind from now on. You will start seeing parts of our system from now on. Your body stays on earth but you actually already live with us.” Schasa saw a galaxy in vicinity but she did not know its name. This galaxy added the words of the Andromeda galaxy: “You must spiritualize yourself. Otherwise you will not be able to reach the higher worlds by an inner rising.” Close to the galaxy that had spoken there was a green plate in the darkness. It was full of informations. Voices that were not findable spoke: “The informations of this plate must be sent to the earth. They decide about the spirit of the time.” A part broke of the plate. It flew down in direction to the milk galaxy on earth. There it sat down into Schasa. She suddenly carried this plate of informations inside of her. The voices that were audible in the darkness close to the plate spoke again. “We have just sent you happenings from the past. At your birth the plate arrived at the earth together with you. We will also send you images of your future in a minute. There were suddenly developing images of Schasa’s future in front of her inner window. They were commented by the voices that came from close to the plate with the informations. Schasa’s heart beat faster by looking at the images that she watched in the film in front her inner window. When the last image disappeared the voices of the second diamond started to speak with her again: “From now on you must only still speak with us. There are dangers waiting for you. With us you can get to arrive at IT.” The last words that arrived at her came from the morning star: „I will let you rise exponentially that you will get to arrive. Take care that you will not lose the connection with the empirical reality. Otherwise you risk that you will not return to the earth anymore. You are a maniac Schasa. Take care that your madness stays a healthy and positive one.” Schasa awoke at the corners of the wood. During the night she had had the impression that informative plates, spiral galaxies and places of darkness had spoken with her. When she tried to stand up it became black in front of her eyes. Starting to tumble she hold herself on a tree. Behind her eyelids the darkness slowly disappeared. She decided that she would always return to the empirical reality. The dreams of the last night were still inside of her when she entered the snowy wood. She walked for eight years. The coldness took her in an unsustainable way until she learned to understand her sensations from the position of an objective observer. The moment when she became conscious of her sensations the sensations and the pain disappeared. Sensing no pain anymore she started an endless march. She also sensed that she did not need any food and sleep anymore. While walking she made experiments with her perceptions by the time. One day she let a sunbeam move in front of her inner window from her center up to an unknown goal in front of her. With the help of the beam she pulled herself forward whereby the forward meant to be the future in her way of understanding. On another day she tried to sleep while walking. In this situation she had sensed an inner exhaustion. While walking she closed her eyes and for some moments she fell asleep. When she awoke again geometrical forms opened in front of her inner window. Faces were seeable inside of these forms. They spoke with her. After these experiences she started to have unlimited strengths that made her move forward in a continuous march. One evening she arrived at an open clearing where there stood three trees. She had the unexplainable impression that they had waited for her. When she entered the clearing a circle of concentration opened around her. The three trees examined her as if they wanted to check her suitability. Suddenly there were many eyes looking at her from all directions. Everywhere around her they looked at her. She got goose bumps on her neck. She suddenly realized that wings grew on her shoulder blades. They grew until they reached her waist. Starting to flutter she distanced from the ground. She flew up to the tree crowns in direction to the sky ceiling. Leaving the snowcovered landscape behind her she approached the geometries of the cosmos. The speed of her wings increased the more she distanced from the earth. She encountered a crowd of stars, cosmic staircases, images and sphere lights until she arrived at a star that opened its doors for her letting her enter it. She entered the star until she arrived at a galaxy among many galaxies where a floating figure was already waiting for her. When they faced each other she could see that it was a man who only had one eye. Long and blond hair fell down to his ankles. His shapes were of more than a natural beauty. His face was slim and tender. She saked him: „Who are you?“ He answered: „My name is Tenessa. I am the imaginator.” Charisma was surrounding him. She looked at him for some moments with an inner astounding. “May I know about your life?” She asked. Tenessa looked at her fondly. „I imagine the reality to finally found it. After having founded it it is carried to other galaxies by my spies. They translate my messages into the languages that are spoken by the receivers who live in the other galaxies.” Schasa became attentive. “Why have I been sent to you?” He fondly looked at her with his eye of a cyclops. “You have been chosen to be one of my spies. There are some messages that I have to give to you. You shall carry them to the earth.” She reacted with curiosity. “I shall be a message mediator? Which messages shall I mediate?” His eye laughed when he answered: „You shall carry the messages of love and justice down to the earth. You shall also bring the message that they shall perform the cosmos.” Schasa laughed at these words. “Do you actually know which level of development the humen have arrived at? They have arrived at the capitalism. There is fascism among them. There is no true love findable anymore. Values are laughed at. The economy destroys the bitches. The religion lose their trailers. Nobody is interested in it.“ Schasa’s missing conviction that the ideas would become successful was audible in her voice. His eye agreed with her knowingly. “I know your planet. There are many people who live in solitude. The humen are far away from reaching justice. It was their task to spiritualize. So far they have not reached their goal.“ Schasa spoke with a strong curiosity: „Love and justice shall be the first message. The second message is about performance. How shall they perform? They prefer much more to make advertisements or to show themselves instead of performing the cosmos.” He made a movement with his left hand up to his belley. Then he lifted his right hand up to his consciousness. Simultaneously, he moved his forehead forward. He moved his left leg in a rising position. Schasa cleared her throat unagreeably. She said shily: Excuse me but I do not understand this kind of a performance so far. It reminds me on Thai Chi.” Tenessa focused her with a fond and affectionate eye. „One day you will also understand me.“ He answered. He started to fix a point in front of him in the air. There was concentration recognizable in his eye. Little moments later there appeared a piece of paper at that point that he had concentrated on. He gave it Schasa saying: “The messages that you find on this piece of paper shall be given to everybody whom you will encounter.” Schasa started reading. When she arrived at the last sentence she looked up. Her eyes were full of doubts and unbelief. The eye of the cyclops observed her cheeringly and agreeingly. He moved his hand to his eye and he took it out. He said: “I see the aura of your third eye. I give you mine as a gift because you have arrived at me.” She attached it next to the other symbols in front of her heart. Holding the paper full of messages in her hand she said goodbye by saying: “I wish you a god future.” Suddenly the wings started to flatter again. She left the galaxy through the door of the star. Passing staircases, mirrors, light children, magicians and circular cylinders she finally reached the snow covered earth again.

Tenessa the imaginator in the eyes

X religion and heteronomy

idea about a religion in England

She breathed with relieve when her feet touched the ground. The wood was completely white of the snow that had fallen during her absence. Every second the coldness increased. At the horizon the end of the wood was recognizable. She went on until she reached an open level where the next world began. Everywhere there was only snow that covered the ground and a white sky. While walking her feet left traces that immediately disappeared due to the falling snow. Schasa began to process her journey that she had made to Tenessa. She also processed all the experiences that she had gained since she had run away from the fluffs in her house. While walking she made EMDR with herself until all the experiences and the trauma of her life flew away from her inner in a dark cloud. After she had walked for ten years in a world where the snow never stops falling she reached an inner calmness. Every time when she did not know which direction she should take in the traceless snow there appeared her inner lead in the sky over her. She had gained a complete trust in this lead during the last years. Still moving her body on the earth she did not perceive anything of it anymore in front of her spiritual eyes. Inside of her she lived in a second world. When she scared to completely lose the connection with it she payed attention to the immediate surrounding. Inside of her she already lived in the second world. Carrying her mind in the stars there was one day when she saw a crucifix standing at the horizon in the snow and almost touching the sky. In front of him there stood a man who looked up at its top. She went closer until he realized her. He looked at her with the eyes of a person who had arrived at the end of his life. A long and full circle of life had left traces in his face. His hair reached the ankles and a white cloak of a church man let him remind her on a priest. She told him: “May I know who you are?” He answered with a bright and squeaky voice: “I am Schasal the innovator. I hear the voices of other worlds after the teachings of Giordano Bruno.” Schasa looked at him with an interested attention. “What do the voices tell you?” She asked. He answered: „They give me new ideas that I give to other humen. All words that they tell me are right. They never disappoint me. I see myself as a giver of ideas.“ He spoke with the eyes of a person who has reached the last step of maturation. In his eyes there was the light of enthusiasm when he spoke. He looked at her with an open cheering view. She said: “I would like to know about your life.” By thinking for a short moment he found the enlightenment. Then he answered: “Since my childhood I made the inner maturation process. I often had new ideas that I gave to other humen. When I was about twenty years old I started to be in contact with the voices of Giordano Bruno. They gave me inputs for new ideas that let me develop artistic works. I developed scientific theories with the help of these voices. All works that I started from that time on where full of innovation and change. In the course of the life I developed a new religion. It was a religion of truth and love. I found trailors who were enthused by its basic values and practises. Every time when I told other humen about my ideas and my religion they shouted enthusiastically: “Yes. We will do it.” His eyes illuminated with enthusiasm when speaking these words. He went on speaking: „Now that I have almost passed my circle of life I visit this crucifix every day. Here I fly away until I return with new ideas.” A short moment of silence took place. She said: „Am I realizing correctly that you have almost reached your inner maturation in your maturation process? You will soon be arrived at the end of your way. Then you will have made your work on this earth. You are already arrived the final level inside of you.” While she saw his life passing in his eyes for some moments his face expressions became older from second to second. The folds in his face increased. He said: “You will also soon arrive. It is not far anymore. He will be proud of you.” He happily looked up to the sky. Then he took the crucifix that was attached in front of his heart and he gave it to her. She saw it as a gift that came from the idea giver. Before he went on his last journey she gave him a part of his skirt. Then he vanished. Two foot traces remained in the snow. Schasa stood alone in the snow in front of the crucifix looking at the intersection. The night started and the cloudy sky over her opened until a starry sky revealed. The stars from the second diamond started to speak while she was conscious. “You are already with us Schasa. There is only still your body remaining on earth. You still have to fulfil a task before you will come with us.“ Schasa shouted to the starry sky: “Take me with you. Please take me with you.” The stars answered her. „He waits for you. You will refind each other in the paradise. Have a bit more patience.“ Schasa started to feel light inside of her. It spreaded everywhere inside of her.

Schasal the innovator in the crown

XI the voice of god

the paradise says goodbye to the earth

Light was flowing from her coccyx up to her crown. She stood in front of the coccyx looking from its bottom to its top. She understood the symbol like an enlarged abstraction of the human soul that straightens up to heaven. She refound her own soul in the symbol. Then she looked at the symbols that hung in front of her heart. Every single represented a level of maturity in her soul that she had gained while passing the seven worlds on her path. From the receival of the lighting candle in the first world to the crucifix in the last world she had made a path that had taken all her inner and physical powers. The symbol were connected with specific potentials of her soul. The lighting candle of Schamong reminded her on a connectedness with her home and with trust. Her inner light child had shown her in China that there is always a place where she can retreat herself. Her home was in her own soul and she carried it inside of her since she had visited Schamong. The leaf of eternity was the symbol that had always reminded her that she should go on rising eternally and simoultaneously staying pure inside of her. When she had gained the experience of the cosmic eternity on Bene’s mind she had also gained the experience of the eternal rise. In Africa she had found the sun. She associated the symbol with greatness and strength. While she observed it in front of her heart she sensed that the greatness of her soul reached the heights of heaven whereby her body had the size of a human. She refound the symbol in her soul’s heart that took its power from her center. The flesh from the breast of Palòné was connected with the sun of Heròs. While she had visited Palòné she had sensed emotional empathy that she connected with this symbol. Shortly before she had visited Palòné she had reached the inner maturity level that had made her become Aryan. The balance of Freseia had strengthened the believe in justice inside of her. It was her aim to still find a confirmation for it in her life. It hung next to the eye of Tenessa that should give her the capabilities that she had needed to reach the spiritualization. When she had learned to do magic and to use more capabilities of her third eye there was only still the crucifix missing that symbolized her inner perfection. After having passed seven worlds she had mastered all the challenges to reach the inner maturity of the diamond. Inside of her the voice of god started to speak: “You have got to arrive far. I am proud of you.” She did not move. The light that had started to flow inside of her before became stronger. It shined in her eyes. His voice spoke with her again. „You were sent back in time. Now you have matured for a second time.” She asked shily inside of her: “I was sent back? Why was I sent back?” His answer was: “You should have a nicer life than that that you had lived before.” An inner hurt that was sensible in her when hearing these words let her ask: “Was this life nicer than that from before? Why have I had IT since my birth?” The voice of god remained silent. She begged: “Give me an answer.” An undertone of pain was audible in his voice when he started speaking again: “You should be destroyed.” She asked with a voice that was broken of inner injuries: “Why should I be destroyed? Did I do something bad that I should feel remorse for?” He spoke with a calming voice: “No. You are not guilty.” She asked silently: “Is there a sense that had brought me on this path? Tell me about my inner destination.” He said with a loving tone: “You must have a bit of patience.” The soft begging of a child came from her: “Will you stay with me in future when I will need you?” “Yes.” He answered. “I am already you. I am inside of you.“ A silence followed where she sensed his presence. “Do you think that I will ever conquer IT?” He answered with a powerful voice. “Yes.” She asked carefully. „What do I have to get rid of it?“ He answered with love in his voice. „Fly back to the morning light. This is where you come from.“ She asked curiously: “What is the morning light? Where is it placed and how can I get there?” A smile was audible in his voice when he answered: “Stop asking and wait.” Her ambition did not let her stay calm. „Yet when I do not know where I can find the morning light what shall I do then? I have never been at the morning light.” His answer was: “Please stop asking and wait.” While they spoke with each other she sensed a warm feeling of love inside of her. Love and rave were dedicated to that place inside of her were his voice came from. In her star opposing powers united until they finally merged. There was a cosmic unification taking place that let her soul rise until it said goodbye to the earth. It flew into cosmos. The love between god and the paradise was the best moment in Schasa’s life on earth. The imaginations that were connected with this love let her see the cosmic leaf of eternity. Her body remained on earth while she made the longest journey through the cosmos that brought her back to the origin. She flew always more in direction to the morning light.

XII the bitch

on the way back to the origin

Her little wings brought her to the limits of this atmosphere until she arrived at the morning star. She greeted him with the words: “Good morning morning star. Tell me what I have to do. I am heading to the morning light. Hurry up because I am in a hurry.” The morning star replied: “It is nice that you have finally arrived at us. You must always go on flying. They are already waiting for you.” She flew in direction to the limits of the first diamond until she arrived at the paradise. She sensed the presence of unknown entities in the darkness. A male voice started to speak with her: “Here you are right. We already knew that one time in your life you would arrive at us.” She flew everywhere to investigate the paradise. When she had got all informations about it she turned to the voice that had spoken with her before. For unknown reasons she knew that it had the name Zeus. She asked: “I am searching for the morning light. Do you know where I have to fly?” She sensed that he made an exchange of glances with an invisible attendant. He smiled. Without seeing his face she realized it. Pride was audible in his voice when he said: „If you want to pass me then you must find out the cosmic kinds of beings that you are at us.” Her face expression became thoughtful. Some moments passed where she decoded the kinds of beings in the paradise. A short time later she answered: “The kinds of beings are the infinite love, the eternal friendship and the rising diamond.” Zeus smiled with recognition. His reaction caused weakness inside of her. Her wings flattered wildly in all directions. He said: “Go on flying. Then your paradise will become still deeper.” She smiled unsecure. „Where shall I fly?“ In his voice there was a little sorrow that betrayed a long way that she still had to make in the cosmos. He said: “Fly more upward. They are already expecting you.” As a sign of saying goodbye she let an imaginative pigeon fly out from her inner. It flew to the invisible attendants. Then it disappeared. She hurried through the darkness until she arrived at a staircase. There were little points at every step. She examined the points and she let them open with an imaginative zoom. Entering the opened point she arrived at a world where a male face started to speak with her in an elliptical system: “You have got to arrive at me?” He smiled wisely and warmly. Her voice sounded squeaky in the elliptical world system when she said: “May I know who you are?” Good-naturedness echoed in his words by saying: “You must find it out by yourself.” She started contemplating. A guesswork began. Then she said: „You are the primal wisdom, a warrior, the speaker of the words of god and a philosopher.” Approval was recognizable in his face expressions. “You have got to arrive that far that you speak with me.” He said with appreciation. She approached him giving him an embrace. Then she said goodbye by saying: “I must go on flying when I want to find the morning light.” Her wings carried her into the darkness. Many years passed where she traveled through the cosmos. She encountered magicians and future changers on her way. She met free, strong and eternal lights. Angels and mirrors told her the way. She got to know the serenity and the self-realization. After having talked to the independance she also talked to the unlimited freedom and she saw faces over white orange clouds. She also made a conversation with faces in circular cylinders. The primal freedom and the divine unity were findable on the way. She visited a rainbow that was a heavenly archway over the clouds until she arrived at the cosmic universality. When she arrived at the imaginative continuously growing ultra exponential after many light years she made a break and she started to imagine what is unimaginable. She tried to imagine the eternity hoping to reach her goal faster with the help of an imaginative act of effectiveness. At every place that she visited she asked for the direction of the morning light. Nobody could tell her how far it would still be. Light years and greater dimensions of time passed. Despair and helplessness let her lose the light of hope always more. When she already started to lose the believe in reaching the goal and one of her wings already started to break the voice of IT began to speak with her: ”You will not arrive at me. Nobody has ever arrived at me.” She turned to the direction in the eternal darkness that the voice had come from. Many light years passed where she tried to approach the voice with her fly. In an unimaginable far distance a black white eye waited for her in the darkness. She had the impression that a cosmic life had passed when she finally arrived at it. She stopped flying. Relieve was spreading inside of her when she sensed that she had found the reason for her suffering. She started to straighten up in front of IT. Her body size increased and her wings grew with her until she had become huge. “Disappear.” She cried with a squeaky voice. „Don’t you have empathy?“ Her wings flattered. The eye of IT looked at her motionless. No answer came. “Speak.” She tried to make it speak in despair. There came no answer again. She looked for a method to force it speaking. Moments passed. Then she cried into the darkness with the voice of a queen: „I wish that you will finally disappear.“ Suddenly the eye became attentative. It looked at her. It spoke with a dark and calm voice: “Nobody has got to arrive at me. You are the first. You must wish that I go away.” She did not dare to believe her ears. One more time she spoke: „I wish that this illness finally goes away from me.” The eye looked at her motionless when it said: “Until the final end I will be inside of you.” She ignored his words. For a third time she spoke with the voice of a queen and the appearance of a flying angel through the cosmos: “I wish that this illness finally goes away from me.” She had the inner certainty that her wishes were stronger than IT because she had risen up to cosmic distances that nobody had ever reached before. She had risen to the origin of IT. She sat down onto an imaginative ground in the cosmos. She was arrived. Light years passed while she waited. The time of an eternity passed while she watched the eye decreasing inside of her always more. When it was hardly still seeable she gave him a final view of inner superiority and contempt. Her last words of farewell were: “You could have destroyed everybody. Yet you must never destroy the morning light.” The last view of the eye betrayed his inferiority before it went back to hell. Then it disappeared. For a short moment everything was silent. There was no movement in the whole cosmos. She imagined a piece of paper that contained all informations about the earth in front of her eyes until it finally became cosmic reality. After it had developed it fell down into the darkness. Suddenly the morning light developed from the point of origin and it spreaded in every direction of the cosmos with an unimaginable speed. Like a flash it spreaded everywhere. The whole cosmos beamed in the morning light. The angel with the broken wing slowly started to take the way back to the earth. She was free.

XIII new beginning

pillars of human striving

Schasa’s soul arrived at the earth. She had aged for years when she arrived in front of the crucifix in the snow. An old woman took her last strengths to keep a straight posture. She knew that she still had to fulfil her last task. Her eyes fixed a point little centimeters in front of her face in the air. The point meant to be the time that she slowly expanded in an elliptical shape. Inside the ellipse there developed a room. Inside of it she imagined the image of a book. She concentrated on the details of the colour, shape and content. It was narrow and the cover was white. The abstract shape of a human who is placed in a diamond and a sun was visible on it. At the point where she fixed her concentration there started to develop little sparks that became more with an increasing concentration until there finally realized a book in the elliptical room. With her imaginative will she took it and she slowly let it fly out of the elliptical room into the empirical reality. It floated in the air of the empirical world when the ellipsis in front of her inner eyes became smaller again until it was only still a point. A book fell into the snow in front of Schasa. When she took it into her hands she read the title pillars of human striving. She opened it starting to read it. It told about a woman who traveled through the whole cosmos to find her inner destination and love. On the last pages she found the idea of a religion. It was deviated from the contents and structures of the cosmos that the woman had passed on her journey. The religion conveyed the values of love and justice. After she had read it out she looked at the crucifix in front her. Then she looked up to the sky. The stars of the second diamond spoke with her through a white cover of clouds: “You have reached to understand the whole system Schasa. We have made you being a real bitch. You are no human. You are one of us now.“ Schasa’s soul shouted in direction to the sky: “Please take me with you. For a last time her soul saw the lights of this world. She said goodbye inside of her whereby she spoke to the crucifix: “I wish that there is peace on earth.” Inside of her the voice of god spoke: “I am proud of you.” Light streamed out of her. The smile of a broken angel appeared in her face when she breathed: “I wish you a good night my dear world.” A moment passed. An empty body stood in the snow. It hold the book in his hand. Years passed when it stood alone in the snow without anybody realizing it. One evening there accidently walked two Taurus along the horizon. They saw a woman standing in the snow in front of a crucifix in far distance. One Taurus said to the other one: “Why doesn’t she do anything?” The other Taurus answered the first: “Is she stupid?” The first one laughed loudly. “Have you already heard about the woman who had sat in the spot of light years ago?” He asked as if he was making a running gag. The second answered with a smirk and a sideways glance: “She was useless. She was the worst.” They went on. A short time later a human walked accidently along the horizon. In far distance he saw a woman standing in the snow. He approached her. When he came closer he could see that her eyes were black and her body appeared to be lifeless. She hold a book in her hand. He said: “Would you like to go on a walk with me?” The body went away with him. They went in direction to the horizon that led to the world of the humen. The body stayed together with the humen for the following years. It spreaded a religion that conveyed the values of love and justice. One day it died lonely among many humen. They remembered him under the name Schasa. Honouring her they built a stone where they wrote all the rules of a good and fair life that she had conveyed in her religion. It took hundreds of years until the religion had spreaded all over the world and all the humen loved and appreciated each other. There was a fair epoch. Before the light of the earth turned off the morning star that had to make the longest way through the firmament of all the stars in heaven let his light shine on earth every morning.

diamond in front of a sun

Schasa’s rules for a fair life

You shall trust.
You shall keep your inner purity.
You shall make performances that the greatness of your sun is given.
You shall give that the love in your heart is given.
You shall believe in the values of goodness and justice.
You shall imagine the reality.
You shall reach the inner maturation until you spiritualize.
You shall do yoga that the health of your soul is given.
You shall see your fellow human beings without prejudices.

Schasa’s prohibitions

You shall not lie that mutual trust can be given.
You shall not hurt the nature of the human body and the human being.
You shall not speak directly about money that the openness of your star can be given.

Schasa’s ideas about a happy life

You shall make performing arts that all the contents of the cosmos can be mediated to your fellow human beings with creativity. A mutual acting where the cosmos is communicated can cause delight and enjoyment

Schasa’s pillars of human striving

Love as a religion is
One that connects the lovers on all levels of consciousness.
Reaching the perfection of love is only possible when mutual actions built mutual
If trust is broken then it can be regained by confirmations.
The cosmic unification
is an act of love and completion. It only becomes an act of love when the motive is a giving one.
Greatness & appreciation
between the lovers must be given conditionless. Social state, material posessions and the
social position of might have no importance.
is emotional empathy. A giving without the expectation of receiving in return is an act of love
that is a condition for a
in the goodness of the lover’s being and trust as well a believe in moral values. The lovers
shall believe in the reality of a perfect love. Communication of inner happenings and thoughts goes together with a mutual understanding.
scenes of love result in a love that is full of phantasy.
is connected with institutions and standards for actions. The institution can be every place in
the world. The standard of action can be every action. Standards for actions that are
connected with love and that take place at the same place can become
a religion of love.


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