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A religion will be conveyed in this menu issue. The articles devleopment of an idea, the being, pillars of human striving, justice, language and Capricorn give you an introduction of it. Every funding of the idea under the menu issue about makes a realization more possible.

Elios Schastél (painter)
sun behind a diamond (title)


„Carry the sun in the heart and the sensation for the equivalence of all living beings!“


tree of life

Amidst an eternal garden there was a tree growing on a meadow. A first root was growing in direction to the earth’s surface. Being embedded it sensed an instinctive trust that the nutrients of earth would save its survival. It grew on a path that would bring it to the light of world. When the first sprout emerged over the earth it showed its pure appearance with innocence and without an anticipation of the future’s happenings in front of the sun. Strength was increa-sing inside of it because the nutrients of earth supported it. When it had developed a strong trunk it started to laugh full of pleasure in the eternal garden. It started to feel that it was united with the air and the grass that surrounded it. It also sensed the sun’s warmth as a part of warmth inside of it. Feeling empathy for every entity that surrounded it it started to wonder whether there also existed still more air and grass than that what lived in its vicinity. A first little twig of realization emerged on its trunk. After the first there followed a second. Its curiosity increased and it took water from the earth to let its twigs grow more that it could finally look beyond the horizon. One of the twigs that had developed on its trunk had a size that made it possible to look beyond the horizon. It took a glimpse and in the world beyond the horizon it found air and grasses like those that lived in its world. Recognizing the same world like that were it lived let it realize that it was the only tree that existed and it became proud. Its self confidence became greater and it also made the realization that it was educated now and grown higher than the grasses. Looking down at them from its high position it slow-ly lost its empathy for them. The idea occured to it that it should take mirrors to watch its high appearance. It started to present its height and the education of all its twigs because it had the aim to make them jealous. Its self-glorification caused that its heart started to close over time. More and more its twigs pointed downward until they were close to the earth. It died. It never reached the final maturity level. The test to become a bitch that would perform the contents of cosmos was failed. It was a tree that never left the worlds of trees and that was one of many trees in many worlds.

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performance cosmos

performance cosmos – universe & dimensions of the earth’s core at a glance

development process of the article

An astral journey respectively a speaking with the cosmos that had taken about one year resulted in a processing of this journey by writing texts, stories and books where the experience with the cosmos was written about. Different movies had been made where the cosmos and its contents had been conveyed by performances in acting and expressive dances that I made. Food conceptions that had been deviated from the zodiac. I had developed a Tai chi conception as well as graphic that conveyed the cosmos by performances. Everything finally resulted in a conclusion of the whole cosmic system. After and while finishing these works I received confirmations for the correctness of the cosmic systems that I had deviated from my astral journey. These confirmations came from texts from philosophy, religion and astronomy. The application of the performance of the cosmic system that is given in below in ethical, moral and practical contexts reduces prejudices, wrong conclusions and wrong treatments in social contexts. Ethical and moral matters are solved correctly by the application of this ethical and moral system being deviated from a cosmic world order. The treatment of humen and their ordering to social contexts in accordance with their character (inner maturity, intelligence, goodness and badness of the inner being ecetera) becomes right with the help of it. After having been busy with this topic for four years by making theoretical and practical studies in connection with the astral journey respectively speaking with the cosmos there developed those graphics of the cosmic system that are given in below and in addition to that there developed all contents of this article.

performance of the cosmic system

In the graphic there are shown abstractions of the earth, the universe and dimensions inside and outside of the universe. The contents of the system are subdivided into categories that are again ordered to the disciplines astronomy, astrophysics, astrology, religion, philosophy and esoterism.

structure & contents of the graphic


In the atmosphere that is close to the philosophical and religious terms empirical reality or earthly world there live plants, animals and humen considering the category scheme of the Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle. Except of that there is one more division between humen and Aryans, Jewish individuals, Chinese Aryans and the Aryan race in the graphic. There are most of all the astrological elements water and earth that fill the atmosphere.


Outside of the universe you can find the same system in a bigger dimension that is findable in the single case and the smaller dimension. In Plato’s the state there are described the contents of the universe as a world of ideas. Making an interpretation it is also described in the tenth book of the state. In astrology there it is described as the house of Nicholas. In Christian religion they used the symbol of the diamond for it. Most of all the astrological elements air and fire make the cosmic kinds of beings that are findable inside of it and that simultaneously live on the earth. The figure Schasa, sexual freedom, sun, god , man, magician, rising morning star and more belong to it. At the borders of the universe there is the morning star. It has a special constellation with the planet Venus. In Christian religion it is characterized by the figure of the Archangel and Aryan Lucifer.


Outside of the cosmos being in a special constellation with the morning star there is another galaxy. In teachings of the Christian religion and also in other world religions it is described with the term paradise. The symbol of the Star of David where there is a green shimmer looking out of it from one side was often used as a mean of performance for this cosmic kind of being. In the paradise there the alien and the spoksprout respectively the bitch are findable. Furthermore there is the monster (perfection) whose attributes of the inner being are the opposite to those that are findable in the monster from the triangle that shows downwards (destruction of the perfection) (1).

layers of the earth

Under the earth’s surface there are different kinds of layers of the earth that are described with the term hell in Christian religion. Being described as a place of darkness where there is no empathy it is the origin of different kinds of beings like for example the evil, devil, IT and the scarecrow. They are most of all connected with the astrological element earth.

earth’s core

In Plato’s Politeia the earth’s core is described as a place under the hell where those humen arrive after their death who have made unforgivably evil actions during their lifetime. Inside of it there is the kind of being that is called ruler of the Tartarus who is a Taurus that communicates. The astrological elements earth and fire are findable in it as a priority.

dimension of the wrong direction

Direction originally developed from the sign language of acting where every part of the body and every kind of movement had esoterical meanings that were independent on time and space. The directing of the sign language resulted in the picture direction that included the esoterical language of hemispheres, consciousness worlds (2), the inner being and the cosmos. The film direction that resulted from it included still more esoterical languages. Inside the earth’s core there are different dimensions. One of them is that of the wrong direction. If the rules in the many esoterical languages of direction are not respected then there is the consequence of a distortion of the world view and the idea of man, a wrong understanding of consciousness worlds, hemispheres and the attributes of the Star of David on the viewer’s minds. The final consequences are wrong prejudices and wrong treatments of humen.

example 1

Due to a wrong direction that many humen have been confronted with a human carrier of the  Tartarus is suddenly understood and treated like an Aryan.

example 2

Due to a wrong direction that many humen have been confronted with god is suddenly treated like the hell (3).

example 3

Due to a wrong direction that many people have been confronted with a human representative of the dimension of that from the above is suddenly treated and lives the life of a human who has made the inner maturation process.

dimension of the internet

The internet is a dimension inside the star of a human carrier. It is the destruction of specific points in the Star of David. If the star is filled with this content then there results a bad attitude. The dimension is most of all in connection with the element air.

dimension of the black matter

The dimension is the destruction of the alien and the paradise. It is also the destruction of the sun in a human carrier (4). You can find more informations in its characterization.

dimension of that from the above

The dimension is an absence and a destruction of all positive values. It is also a destruction of the triangle that shows upward in the Star of David and the sun in a living carrier on earth. Furthermore it is a metabolic disease respectively a psychosomatic illness. The dimension is most of all in connection with the elements air and earth.

dimensions of the destruction of the Aryan race & destruction of the actor & destruction of the perfection/ monster

The contents of these dimensions can be deviated from their titles. You can find the characterizations of their contents under the title characterizations of the kinds of beings. They are the destroying opponents to those titles that are findable in them and that come from the triangle that shows upwards. Those astrological elements that are in connection with it as a priority are air and black matter.

elements & signs of the zodiac

In the following chapter there will be explained astrological elements, their attributes and potentials as well as the signs of the zodiac that belong to them. Humen who have specific signs of the zodiac can only be seen as carriers of these signs from the moment when they reach the inner star in their inner maturation process because only from that moment on the attributes and potentials of their signs reveal.


signs of the zodiac

Balance, Gemini, Aquarius

attributes and potentials

imagination, cognitive capacities (e. g. logical and conceptual respectively methodological thinking), creativity


signs of the zodiac

Aries, Lion, Sagittarius

attributes and potentials

striving (e.g. will, ambition), change, strength


signs of the zodiac

Cancer, Scorpion, Pisces

attributes and potentials

movement, sexuality


signs of the zodiac

Virgin, Capricorn, Taurus

attributes & potentials

materiality, down-to-earth nature

characterizations of the kinds of being

The cosmic kinds of beings and those that come from outside of the cosmos will be explained with the help of their potentials, attributes and capacities of their inner being. There can be similarities in appearance and behaviour between those kinds of beings from the triangle that shows upwards and those from the triangle that shows downwards. The mean of differentiation between them is the presence of the sun in the star in their inner being and the intentions of their actions. The kinds of beings that come from the triangle that shows upwards respectively above beings are only findable one time (as a maximum two times) of each of them in the world. There is the possibility that there can be some humen as exceptions on earth who have made the inner maturation process in their life in a way that they have gained the same attributes in their inner being like the above beings have. Yet if these humen make bad and evil actions they immediately fall back in the inner maturation process. For this reason these exceptions shall not be seen as the above beings themselves but they should be seen as humen who have made the inner maturation process until they arrived at the same level like cosmic kinds of beings respectively above beings. In these cases they must be treated in the same way like these kinds of beings. Yet they shall not be seen as the only representatives of these kinds of beings on earth because they can immediately fall back in the inner maturation process again.

monster/ perfektion

This kind of being is the opponent of the monster/ destruction of the perfection. The difference between him and his opponent are the presence of the light of the sun and also the positive values of the Star of David inside of him as well as the intentions of his actions. The sun and connected with that the attributes of emotional empathy as well as the inner maturity process are the most compared to all other kinds of beings that are given in the graphic.

spoksprout/ extraterrestial/ bitch

The spoksprout is a kind of being from outside of the universe. It includes all signs of the zodiac and attributes that are given from the atmosphere on (e.g. Gemini, Sagittarius, Balance). Yet there is the most quantity of the Balance inside of it. There is also the vacuum of the galaxy paradise inside of it. There can be similarities in appearance and behaviours between him and the Tartarus. The features to differentiate these two kinds of beings are the intentions of their actions and the presence of the sun (e.g. light, emotions) in the star (e.g. empathy) in their inner being. The astrological elements air and white matter are inside of it as a priority. White matter is the opponent of black matter. A fast taking of the right (positive) inner attitude in its actions with the help of imaginative processes to adapt to every situation is its main capacity. The adaption of its actions to all situational conditions bases on good intentions. The white matter is fastly changeable in its form and shape. The spoksprout/ extraterrestial/ bitch carries the triangle inside of his Star of David that shows upwards.

alien/ bitch

The alien is a kind of being from outside of the universe. It consists of the signs of the zodiac Gemini and Sagittarius. It includes all potentials, attributes as well as capacities that have been mentioned from the atmosphere on. In Christian religion the term is identical with the descriptions of the lamb of god or the paradise that is a place of unity and harmony being a bit over the diamond. It consists of the astrological element air. Carrying nothing of those elements inside of it that make the atmosphere most of all (water, earth) it can yet fulfil the function of a mediator of the messages of the paradise on earth while it lives in a human body. The paradise of the alien must yet be connected with the morning star in its inner being. There can be similarities with the Tartarus in their appearances and behaviours. The features to differentiate them are the intentions of their actions and the presence of the sun (e.g. light, emotions) in its Star of David (e.g. empathy).

(rising) morning star

The morning star is a kind of being at the borders of the universe. As an archangel and Aryan it is an artist in its inner being who lives his life on earth as a mediator of cosmic contents. It is often conveyed with the symbol of the Star of David inside the Gemini (look at the graphic) who is his human carrier. It carries the attributes of the element air inside of it and also the triangle that shows upwards in his Star of David. It can have similarities with the kind of being devil from hell in his appearance and behaviours. For this reason there can be occasional confusions. In Christian religion they are often wrongly mixed up in metaphors and stories though there are no similarities in their inner beings. Attributes of the Pluto characterize it (5).


The magician is a cosmic kind of being inside the universe. It is a Gemini and a Sagittarius in the inner being of a human carrier who is made of the elements air and fire most of all. His characteristics are imaginative capacities respectively the attributes of his Neptune (6).


The man is a cosmic kind of being inside the universe. He is a Gemini and a Sagittarius in the inner being of a human carrier who is made of the elements air and fire most of all. His characteristics are the potentials and intelligences of the Star of David respectively the potentials and intelligences that are characteristics at Aryans and/ or the Aryan race and/ or Jewish individuals and/ or Chinese Aryans. He carries the alien inside of him.


God is a cosmic kind of being inside the universe. He is a Gemini and a Sagittarius who is in connection with the elements air and fire. His characteristics are potentials and intelligences of his Star of David respectively potentials and intelligences that are characteristics for Aryans and/ or Jewish people. He carries the alien in his inner being.


The sun is a cosmic kind of being inside the universe (7).  It is a Gemini and a Sagittarius who is made of the elements air and fire. Its characteristics are for example emotionality, greatness and strength.

sexual freedom

The sexual freedom is a cosmic kind of being inside the universe. It is a Gemini and a Sagittarius that is made of the elements air and fire. Its characteristics are the eternal rise that is the symbol of the consciousness world of its Mars (8).

kind of being Schasa

The kind of being Schasa is a cosmic kind of being from inside the universe. It is a Gemini and a Sagittarius that is made of the elements air and fire. Her characteristics are specific attributes of her Saturn (9) like for example basic trust and inner connectedness to the home.

Aryans & Aryan race & Jewish individuals & Chinese Aryans

In the graphic that is given in below you can find a differentiation between the terms that are given in the headline as well as explanations about the inner being of each of these individuals.

universe that is zoomed to the dimension of the Star of David

origin of the inner being of Gemini/ Aryans and/ or Aryan race and/ or Chinese Aryans

¹ archaryan

An archaryan is a Gemini (and a Sagittarius) whose inner being comes from outside of the universe and from outside of the paradise and who has made his inner maturation process from his birth on. The Gemini respectively the carrier of the Star of David is in the house of the Balance and the Sagittarius is in the house of the Aries. There is a special meaning of the planets sun and Neptune inside of him. The regent of his inner topic of his birth is the Jupiter respectively the big fortune. He is a carrier of the triangle that shows upwards and downwards. Due to the circumstance that the first triangle is included the second triangle has a positive meaning inside of him.

Aryans and/ or Chinese Aryans

The Aryan and/ or the Chinese Aryan is a Gemini and a Sagittarius whose inner being comes from outside of the universe from the paradise. He only becomes Aryan after he has made the inner maturation process up to his Star of David. This happening can only take place under the condition that he has not made any evil actions in his life before and he has made enough performances to be able to have reached the Star of David inside of him in his inner maturation process. He is a carrier of the triangle that shows upwards and downwards.

Jewish individuals

The Jewish individual is a Gemini and a Sagittarius whose inner being comes from outside of the universe from the paradise. For this reason he can not be seen as a human but much more as an above being (10). He carries the attributes of the Star of David inside of him. Furthermore he is a carrier of the triangle that shows upwards and that that shows downwards.

(destroyed) Gemini star

The destroyed Gemini star is a human who has made the inner maturation process as a maximum up to his sun. Having originally carried the Star of David inside of him it had been destroyed in the course of the happenings of his life. Yet it can be regained by making performances and giving gifts.

human with inner maturation process

A human with the inner maturation process can be connected with all signs of zodiac. He carries the signs of the zodiac Pisces and Taurus inside of him as a potential when he has not made the inner maturation process. With a minimum of twenty five percents he consists of the elements water and earth. He is the carrier of the triangle that shows downwards.

human without inner maturation process

In contrast to the Aryans (characteristics: consciousness in their Jupiter (11)) they are characterized by the basic trust in the Saturn (12) most of all. If he has not made the inner maturation process more than over his Saturn then he is in general made of the signs of the zodiac Pisces and Taurus. In this connection he is a potential fascist (13).   


The fascist is connected with the attributes of the zodiac sign Pisces and Taurus and the elements water and earth. There can be similarities in his appearance with the Aryan race. For this reason these two kinds of beings can be mixed up. The attributes of differentiation between them are the intentions of their actions and the presence of the sun in the Star of David. He is findable in those humen who have made the inner maturation process only up to their Saturn respectively their first consciousness world. Furthermore he is findable in hell in the layers of the earth. He only carries the triangle inside of him that shows downwards.

characteristics of a fascist

  • no inner maturation process
  • rejection and/ or exclusion of all humen who have made the inner maturation process and who think logically and inductively as well as of people who come from the Aryan race
  • destruction and intimidation of the sun and the star inside a human carrier by surveillance and/ or destruction of privacy and/ or emotionality as well as every kind of exclusion of a natural behaviour
  • dogmatist and deductive world view
  • no capacity to think inductively and logically
  • absence of (sensory) empathy
  • big self-confidence
  • imitation of the behaviour of Aryans and Aryan race
  • no capacity to define terms

language of fascists

The language that is usually used by fascists includes the terms above, down, left, right and stand for. Furthermore the objects of a sentence are not determined or not even defined.

example 1

“This does not stand for this time. Then we don’t do it.”

In the example there is given a justification of every action by a bogus argument where the sentence objects are not formulated and determined. In addition to that a theoretical assumption that has no value of truth results in the wrong conclusion of a practical consequence of action.


The evil is the absence of a moral sense (respectively the respect of moral laws that are independent of time and space) due to an absence of the star in a human carrier. This absence is also called from down there as a philosophical term. There are similarities in the appearances of the evil and a specific metabolic disease respectively a psychosomatic illness that Aryans can occasionally have when they have got to arrive too far in the inner maturation process. For this reason they can occasionally mixed up. (!) In different religions it is written that it is placed there where there are the layers of the earth.

typical ways of speaking (examples)

“I know that it is not true/ that it is wrong but it doesn’t matter. So what?”

causes of the development of the evil on earth or in a human (example)

  • making evil actions with the consequence that the star in a human is destroyed

IT & (ISFF) (14)

IT is the light of fascism that has its origin in another dimension that is placed inside the earth’s core. It is the destruction of the sun and the star in a human carrier. For this reason it is one of the kinds of fascism (15). Most of all it is the destruction of the alien. A white circle of light that points at a human or a torch that points at the back of the chest of a human have sometimes been symbols and metaphors in history that were used to convey the light of fascism of IT. This light originally comes from the ISFF (imaginative sect of female fascists) who come from another galaxy (16).

typical ways of speaking (examples)

dishonest statement by the ISFF: “It is not that bad. You can trust us. “We come to you. Don’t be scared.”

causes of the development of IT on earth (example)

  • destruction of the light of the sun and also the star in a human carrier


The devil is a kind of being that is placed inside the layers of the earth. He is most of all determined by the signs of zodiac Pisces and Taurus. The elements water and earth determine him, too. There can be similarities between his appearance and that of the archangel and Aryan Lucifer. He is the destruction of the basic trust by imaginative inputs in a human carrier.

typical ways of speaking (examples)

“You must not send him/ her confirmations.”
“I come to you, but later. You wait still a bit.”

causes of the development of the devil on earth

For ethical and moral reasons this cause will not be explained.

(ruler of the) Tartarus

The ruler of the Tartarus or its inhabitants are kinds of beings that are placed in the earth’s core. They are most of all determined by the elements earth and fire and the astrological sign of zodiac Taurus. There can be similarities between their appearances and behaviours and that of the alien, Aryan race and the spoksprout. The charactersitic of the inhabitants of the Tartarus is the human communication respectively a dysfunction of the human brain that results in mental stupidity and the inability to ever make the inner maturation process again. He destroys the human who has studied, Aryans, Aryan race, alien, spoksprout and the monster/ perfection although it simultaneously imitates the behaviours of each of them because he aims at receiving believe from other humen and also being treated like the kinds of beings that he imitates. The features to differentiate between him and the other kinds of beings are the intentions of his actions, the presence of the sun in the star and the inability to imitate the aura of differentness.

typical ways of speaking (example)

The Tartarus speaks about the alien while he imitates the behavior of a thinker or a human who has studied: “He/ she is the WORST. I perform myself from the above/ imitate the behavior of Aryans and/ or the Aryan race and/ or Jewish individuals and/ or Chinese Aryans and/ or a human who has studied and/ or a thinker.”

causes of the development of the Tartarus on earth (example)

  • human communication
  • A carrier of the sign of zodiac Taurus who has not made the inner maturation process treats a Gemini (guiding concepts: inner maturation process, spiritualization ecetera) in the way like Gemini usually treat Taurus when they are fallen back into the Tartarus in their inner maturation process.
  • a human acts in front of an Aryan that he carries the Tartarus or the evil in his inner being

The action means the imitation of a behaviour of an above being and a simultaneous degradation of it.


The internet comes from a dimension that is also connected with the black matter. It is determined by the sign of zodiac Pisces. Its opponents are the triangle that shows upwards in the Star of David of a Gemini in an alien, spoksprout or the monster/ perfection. Specific attributes of the element air characterize it as a priority. There are also imaginative capacities and the capacity to fastly change its form and appearance.

typical ways of speaking (examples)

“You must perform yourself from the above.”
“You are no Pisces but you already have something of a Pisces.”

causes of the development of the internet on earth (examples)

  • imagination
  • esoteric processes

black matter

Black matter is the opponent of white matter. It can be connected with the internet. Imaginative capacities and a fast changeability in its form and appearance characterize it. Compared to the white matter its changeability in its form and appearance as well as its adaptability have bad intentions. It destroys the sun in a human carrier and also the alien.

typical ways of speaking (example)

“I am already everywhere inside of you. You will not get rid of me anymore.”

causes of the development of the black matter on earth (examples)

  • use of the internet
  • an alien rises much in the inner maturation process & it gets the destruction from the black hole

that from the above

That from the above is a kind of being that destroys all consciousness worlds except of the Neptune (17). It is determined by the signs of the zodiac Aries and Taurus and the astrological elements air, black matter and also earth as a priority. It has much imaginative intelligence.

typical ways of speaking (example)

speaker 1: “He/ she has that.”
speaker 2: “What?”
speaker 1: “Well that.”
speaker 2: “What that?”
speaker 1: “that from the above of what nobody knows what it is”
speaker 2: “What is it?”
speaker 1: “We don’t know.”
speaker 2: (is silent and looks forward in an imaginative picture)

causes of the development of that from the above on earth (example)

With the help of his sign language (mimic art, gestures) a human treats a Gemini who carries the Star of David inside of him with the sign language that comes from the dimension that from the above. The result of it is that inside the Star of David of the Gemini there develops a psychosomatic illness. After this happening the Gemini makes the inner maturation process up to his Neptune respectively his imaginative capacities and the dimension of that from the above starts to spread by imaginations from regional dimensions, global dimensions to bigger dimensions. How far this dimension spreads is dependent on the imaginative capacities of the Gemini.

destruction of the Aryan race

The destruction of the Aryan race is the opponent of the Aryan race. It is made of the signs of zodiac Aries and Taurus and the elements air, black matter and earth.

typical ways of speaking (examples) & imaginative picture

imaginative picture – part A: Several destroyers of the Aryan race are gathered around an experiment table. A Gemini and a Sagittarius lies on it and they hold her arms and legs that she can not move anymore. They experiment above all on her Star of David and on the remaining part of the inner being of the Gemini and Sagittarius.

destroyers of the Aryan race: “We play with you and we make experiments with you as long as it takes until you become that what we want you to be. We put as much into you (r inner being) until you become what we want you to be.”

imaginative picture – part B: The experiment is continued until the Gemini and the Sagittarius has completely lost her personality and she has got a brain washing as well as she has been manipulated in her Star of David and more consciousness worlds.

causes of the development of the destruction of the Aryan race on earth

For ethical reason this cause is not explained.

destruction of the actor

The dimension is the opponent of the actor respectively the bitch/ the alien or the spoksprout in paradise as well as the rising morning star. It is determined by the elements air and black matter.

typical ways of speaking (example)

“You must act again. Otherwise I don’t go away.”

causes of the development of the dimension of the destruction of the actor on earth (example)

The only human carrier of the paradise and the rising morning star on earth who has these kinds of beings inside of him from his birth on does not act anymore. Not giving his emotions to other humen anymore he makes the inner maturation process up to his imaginative capacities/ his Neptune (18) and suddenly the resulted psychosomatic illness breaks out in a regional vicinity, a global dimension or even farer.

monster/ destruction of perfection & ISFF

The monsters/ destruction of perfection are the opponents of the monster/ perfection. Their imaginative capacities can be the same. The features to differentiate between them are the intentions of actions and the presence of the sun in the Star of David. Coming from another galaxy they are Taurus. They are determined by the elements air, black matter. Even if they have reached their Neptune they will never be able to make the inner maturation process because they left the star of the fourth level of consciousness out. They neither carry the triangle that shows downwards nor that that shows upwards inside of them. For this reason they neither have empathic capacities nor a moral sense. Thus they only cause the destruction of positive values and of everything what is good and right. They are also called ISFF (imaginative sect of female fascists).

typical ways of speaking (examples)

ISFF (statement without the
participation of the star and
the sun/ dishonest statement): “It is not bad. You can trust us. We come to you. Don’t be scared.”

causes of the development of the monsters/ destruction of the perfection/ ISFF on earth (example)

All causes of the development of the kinds of beings that belong to the triangle that shows downwards must be added and be made by one individual. In other words it means that all mistakes of human activity must be made by one individual that it becomes a monster/ destroyer of the perfection/ ISFF of the other galaxy.

(1) Look at the title monster (/destruction of the perfection) to find more explanations.
(2) Look at the buddhistic teachings of the consciousness worlds to find more informations.
(3) Look at the graphic to find the terms.
(4) Look at the menu issue tolamsoq language under language in the main menu issue religion under performing arts & religion to find more informations.
(5) Look at the tolamsoq language in the menu issue language under religion in the main menu issue performing arts & religion to find more explanations.
(6) Look at the footnote 4.
(7) The limitations of the dimensions of the graphic are considered in this statement.
(8) Look at footnote 4.
(9) Look at footnote 4.
(10) Look at the menu issue above being under development of a (n Aryan) bitch under justice to find more informations.
(11) Look at footnote 4.
(12) Look at footnote 4.
(13) Look at the descriptions of the fascist under the title hell.
(14) Look at the title monster/ destruction of the perfection & ISFF.
(15) Look at the title fascist.
(16) Look at the title monster/ destruction of the perfection & ISFF.
(17) Look at footnote 4.
(18) Look at footnote 4.

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cosmos and art

In the following menu issue contents of cosmos will be conveyed to you in an artistic performance. Contents of the diamond will be given in a performance that includes scripture, image and acting. The acting basis on an understanding of the conveyed cosmic contents (performance). The texts base on imaginative perceptions of cosmic contents that I deviated this article from. I gained the experience of a mystic realization process that let me participate in the contents of cosmos. Elios Schastél (mediator) wishes a good entertainment.


a short story about the development of a diamond

Every morning the morning star reveals its face as the brightest among all stars that travel from one side to the other side of the firmament. From far away the paradise shimmers behind it. Considering the long journey through the firmament it must meet many challenges. By continuously rising it meets contents of the cosmos and one day it will become a sparkling diamond that includes all of them. The human representation of the diamond starts his life as a star where the paradise shimmers behind it. The continuous rising during his life lets him make an inner maturation process until he reaches the spiritualization. After he has gained all potentials of the basis, waist, center, star and consciousness he starts to use his imaginative capacities. A spy that starts to go on a journey through the cosmos develops in his third eye. On his journey he travels to the borders of our diamond where he finds the community*. There he carries out his mission of a spy by giving them informations about the earth and his cosmic travel: By traveling he encountered angels and light children that betrayed him the secrets of the cosmic basis. Carrying the knowledge of the basis inside of him he went on flying to the cosmic leaf of eternity that allowed him to enter the eternal rise. When he made the ac-quaintance with the self-realization and the independance he receives help to reach the borders of the diamond on his own. After he had arrived at the cosmic universality and the unlimited freedom he received the strength to master the remaining way. Then he found the cosmic kinds of beings that had the names eternal friendship and infinite love that wished him luck for the future. Warriors and speakers of god’s words gave him riddles that he had to master to go on. When he met the primal wisdom he found out how far it would still be until the end of the diamond. He finally made a conversation with magicians who gave him the permission to use the ability of the imaginative extrem exponential. He started to imagine what is unimaginable. Suddenly the eternity became an understandable object for him. In an imaginative act of room effectiveness he shortened the remaining way that he could reach his goal faster. Suddenly, faces over white orange clouds started to speak with him. There were also faces in circular cylinders that started to make conversations with him. They told him that he should go on flying to the free, strong and eternal lights. When he arrived at a rainbow that was a gateway over the clouds he realized that the borders of the diamond were in soon distance. All cosmic kinds of beings that he had encountered had become a part of him. Finally the goal was reached. At the borders of the cosmos he conveyed all informations to the community. After he had fulfilled his task pride developed inside of him. At the same time his living representative on earth became a real diamond.


cosmic kinds of beings that he encountered on his journey


rising morning star


Elios Schastél (photographer, performer, directing, costume)

a story about the image

The rising morning star is an artist. His inner being is characterized by differentness. In connection with his differentness the human meaning languages do not accord with his behaviors and actions. For instance his clothes and body posture correspond with higher levels of abstractions than those of cultural and human meaning levels. For this reason the intentions of his actions can often be misinterpreted in his social background. In the running of his life he can gain the ability to close his emotions for the outside world. Then he has the intelligence to keep the face of his emotions in the darkness. Due to the circumstance that he continuously rises he leaves the limits of human greatness and rise in the running of his life. Then he develops to be a cosmic feature. His index fingers that are pointing at the sky shall indicate his attention at a continuous rising of his inner being up to cosmic levels. Due to the many challenges that he masters on his way of inner rising he can reach fame and wealth (seat of the Vatican in the background). His fame and wealth happen under two conditions: His differentness must be recognized and during his life he must make the decision whether his being becomes good or bad.

features in cosmos – examples


  • light bearer
  • brightest star in the morning sky
  • longest way by crossing the firmament
  • frequently represented by the planet Venus

features in the life of the human representative – examples


  • continuous inner rise in life
  • artistic inner being respectively differentness
  • possibility to get fame and wealth in life
  • learning the capability to close the emotions for the outside world
  • one-time decision to become a good or a bad character in life
  • capability to close ones mind
  • great dignity

features in appearance – examples**


  • (smiling) male mask of a freemason at women
  • (smiling) female mask at men


black diamond


Elios Schastél (photographer, performer, directing, costume)

a story about the picture

The diamond has the inner being of an actor. A strong emotionality that is connected with his center is one of his character attributes. He has a difficult childhood where he gains the experience of soul injuries. They let him learn the capability to close his emotions and to use the mask of an actor in the outside world. Due to these injuries he can have shadows under his eyes from his middle age up to his higher age on. His inner being is filled with beauty and purity that is connected with the colour white. In the running of his life he studies what connects him with the colour black. In connection with his studies there is the possibility that he learns the human meaning languages that have not accorded with his actions from the beginning of his life on. For this reason they accord with his clothes in the image. Due to the many perfor-mances that he makes in his life he is sainted. His holiness is indicated with the symbol of the high sculpture. Until the end of his life he reaches the maturation level of spiritualization. The light in the picture indicates the alien. It shall mean the paradise inside of him.

features in cosmos – examples


  • includes all contents of the universe

features in the life of the human representative – examples


  • difficult childhood
  • inner being of an actor
  • goodness of the soul
  • makes an independant study of the contents of cosmos
  • is sainted (in the esoterical understanding)
  • learns the capability to close his emotions for the outside world
  • strong imaginative perceptions that are not visible for outside world
  • capability to close ones mind
  • hears the voices that are mentioned by Giordano Bruno
  • complex personality structure
  • strong dignity
  • spiritualizes

features in appearance – examples


  • inner beauty (where soul injuries from the past are visible)
  • Aryan appearance (possible)




Elios Schastél (photographer, performer, directing, costume)

a story about the image

The paradise has the being of an actor that promises him fame on the red carpet in life. His inner being is characterized by purity, tenderness and emotional empathy. His life is filled with shadows that have reasons which stay a secret for the outside observer. Holiness, divinity and inner beauty are connected with him. An individual that is not from this world appears to the viewer.

features in cosmos – examples


  • scientifically unproven connection to outside the universe
  • alien


features in the life of the human representative – examples


  • emotional empathy and tolerance
  • inner being of an actor
  • is made famous for his beauty and emotionality
  • can be treated with fascism (/ destruction) during his life (possible)
  • romantic and idealistic understanding of love and friendship that is connected with the imagination of god or a father (e.g. a woman sits in a high tower and a man is trying to reach her from the bottom of it, a romantic love scene between god and a woman in a white dress that is watched from a camera perspective)
  • strong imaginative perceptions that are not visible for the outside world
  • capability to close ones mind
  • sexlessness that is connected with the fourth center of consciousness
  • strong dignity
  • spiritualizes

features in appearance – examples


  • inner and physical beauty
  • tenderness


above being


Elios Schastél (actress)
anonymous (photographer)

a story about the image

A child laughs with the face of an individual. It carries the sun in the heart. The light of the sun shines in its eyes. Laughing and zest for life are seeable in its face. Its view is not on the humen but it focuses on the happenings that are above the human life. It focuses on heaven.

features in cosmos – examples


  • power of the sun
  • star
  • spiritual kind of being sun of god

features in the life of the human representative – examples


  • zest for life, emotionality and dignity
  • frequent laughing
  • lack of prejudices respectively naivety
  • high activity
  • optimistic attitude
  • idealistic perspective of humanity
  • strong will and ambition
  • human meaning levels do not accord with its behaviors and actions
  • various interests and curiosity
  • are frequently loners
  • carries the Aryan potential inside of it
  • capability to close ones mind

features in appearance – examples


  • expression of a child in the face
  • light in the eyes



Elios Schastél (photographer, performer, directing, costume)

a story about the image

Aphrodite came from the humen. In the running of her life she studies. Her studies let her be connected with the colour black. Her life is filled with shadows. The achievements that she makes let her rise to enter the cosmic world during her life. She has the will to become an actress. She strives for her goal until she reaches the glamorous life of an actress one day. Pride belongs to her character. She becomes a queen among the humen whose inner emotional face is not visible for the viewer.

features in cosmos – examples


  • Venus
  • corresponds to the figure Schasa

features in the life of the human representative – examples


  • represents love, eroticism, beauty
  • inner being of an actress
  • is a queen among the humen after the Greek mythology
  • solitary among many humen
  • learning the capability to close the emotions for the outside world
  • receives fame and wealth in her life
  • will and ambition
  • strong dignity
  • makes an independant study of the contents of the cosmos
  • complex personality structure
  • strong imaginative perceptions that are not visible for the outside world

features in appearance – examples


  • smiling male mask of a freemason
  • inner beauty (where the soul injuries from life are visible)


Christ Child


Elios Schastél (photographer, performer, directing, costume)

a story about the image

Standing close to the basis of a Christmas tree that appears in the colour of trust she opens her arms at the level of her heart to convey the flight that she has made through heaven. The human meaning languages do not accord to her actions and clothes. A child that has the appearance of beauty and innocence makes gifts that come from her heart. The colour white repre-sents its purity. Her view is focused on heaven. At the first glance the viewer has the impression that she does not come from this universe.

features in cosmos – examples


  • a star outside the universe
  • includes the alien
  • spiritual kind of being angel

features in the life of the human representative – examples


  • idealistic world view and perspective of humanity
  • trust
  • absence of prejudices respectively naivety
  • good soul and innocent inner being
  • inner being of an actress and an artist
  • strong dignity
  • sexlessness
  • romantic and idealistic perspective of love and friendship that is connected with the imagination of a supporting and/ or protecting god or father (e.g. a child is hold by god before it falls down onto the ground)
  • helper respectively altruistic attitude
  • capability to close ones mind
  • innerly bound to home
  • is sainted (in the esoterical understanding)

features in appearance – examples


  • inner beauty
  • expression of a child in the face
  • innocent and loving appearance


above beings in diverse cultural and historical contexts

All humen who carry cosmic kinds of beings inside of them will be described with the term above being in the following text. Either they carry these kinds of beings inside of them from their birth on or they gain them due to the performances that they have made in life.


government officials


Elios Schastél (photographer, performer, directing, costume)

a story about the image

An above being sits in front of a desk being surrounded by a bureaucratic atmosphere. In its face the soul characteristics of god and the paradise are recognisable. It embodies determination and decisiveness. Its clothes emphasize the character attributes purity, imagination and the heart chakra that it has. Being surrounded by light and shadows the shadows are above all findable on the side of humen. Having the being of an actor it concentrates on them.

cosmic kinds of beings that the image contains – examples


  • paradise (imagination, purity, actress, shadows at the humen, alien is recognizable in the face expressions)
  • god (determination, actor, deals with humen, shadows among the humen, specific Sagittarius is recognisable in the face expressions)


beauty ideal from cave paintings until the medieval times – example


Elios Schastél (photographer, performer, directing, costume)

a story about the image

An above being embodies beauty and intelligence that can be decoded with the help of the spiritual meanings of its facial features. The corkscrew curls indicate intellectuality. The high forehead points to imaginative powers. The strong cheek and chin bones are physical features that are regularly findable on Aryans. The bigness and the shapes of the lips that point downward mean eroticism. The long wimps indicate femaleness. The nose that points upward has
the spiritual meaning of the consciousness of goodness. These facial features are ideals of beauty in the mentioned cultural contexts. In the image light appears from the cosmos***.

cosmic kinds of beings that the image contains – examples


  • Aphrodite (eroticism respectively imaginations of sensuousness, attributes of the heart chakra are visible in the facial features, elements air and fire, Sagittarius is recognisable in the facial features)
  • son of god (expression of a child in the face, unordered corkscrew curls, element air and fire, Sagittarius is recognisable in the facial features)


Roman aristocracy in medieval times


Elios Schastél (photographer, performer, directing, costume)

a story about the image

Being seperated from humen the above being is understood as a heavenly being. Walking through the cosmos it embodies beauty and purity that is connected with its white dress. Due to the Ten Commandments the picture of god and his beauty is not directly shown in the cultural context that is given. It is only indicated.

cosmic kind of being that the image contains – example


  • angel (purity, beauty, embodiment of a child, is associated with the church and god)


meditating artist in China


Elios Schastél (performer, directing, costume)

a story about the image

An above being is shown homeless in the street. Sitting in the highest cosmos it communi-
cates with it. It has made studies of the cosmos that shall be indicated e.g. with the colours black and blue. The bigness of it its subconscious and the education that it has made in connection with the cosmos as well as the attitude that is recognisable in its mimic art shall point to a conscious jumping over the cultural conventions in its behaviors (e.g. clothes). Shadows are inside of it and they are also on the side of humen. They shall indicate the inner hurts that it has received in past. Natural beauty is visible. Refering to the image contents that were mentioned before the slim body shapes indicate a spiritualization. The whiteness of the skin points to holiness.

cosmic kinds of beings that the image contains – example


  • diamond (artistic being, studies of cosmic contents, spiritualization, holiness, painful past)
  • morning star (artistic being)
  • Egyptian godness (artistic being, exceptionally big subconscious, beauty, spiritualization, holiness, specific Sagittarius is recognizable in the facial features)


performance – art & education & cosmos in one unity

An understanding of the cosmos is the basis for a conveyance of cosmic contents. Performance can be a common practice that results in a spiritual education. With the help of yoga, dance and acting a unity of education, art and spirituality can develop.
*refering to the menu issue Genesis under religion
**These features are characteristic for the respective cosmic kind of being. They must not absolutely be visible at each representative.
***The spiritual meanings are written without any evaluations. They are no reasons for discriminating or fascistic attitudes from the writer’s side.

thanks on

pillars of human striving


Schasa spends her life in loneliness and the routine of her daily life. Sensing that her real identity is that of an actress but her life is that of a fish she struggles with inner conflicts. One day a piece of fluff in her apartment starts to threaten her and destroy her life. Her star starts to close. She flees away from her home and she starts an inner journey that leads through the worlds of the cosmos. She passes the basis, the loin, the center, the star, the mind, the eyes and the crown until she reaches her inner maturity and finds a religion of love. I am still working the story out. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

pillars of human’s striving

thanks and dedication

I thank Schamong the light child in the basis, Bene the initiator in the waist, Her’os the king in the center, Pal’onne the artist in the star, Freseia the believing scholar in the mind, Tenessa the imaginator in the eyes and Schasal the innovator in the crown for their inspiration that they have given me on my journey to the cosmos. I dedicate the story about the pillars of human’s striving to them and my mother.

I Schasa’s childhood

Schasa in the life of a „fish“

Schasa was at home. The room was dark. The door was closed. Everything was silent and nothing happened. The lamp illuminated the grey cheerless scenery and she was sitting on her chair staring at the telephone. It had not given any tone for decades and its keys were already rusted.

    writer: „Schasa had an empty life.“

Her inner watch was ticking and at her young age facial wrinkles started to develop. They were a sign of inner decline. For months and years she had spent her time waiting. Every morning she woke up with the arising sun and with a deep sigh she thought: „Please do not let me spend one more day.“ Then she went into the kitchen. Then she took breakfast. Then she washed the dishes. Thean she dressed herself. Then she sat down on her chair next to the telephone and then she waited. Nothing happened.

    writer: „Her life was the life of a fish.“

If somebody had asked what she was waiting for then nobody could have given him an answer. Inside of her she sensed that something would happen. It was an inner feeling that was pushing like a suppressed crying voice that gave her the sensation of a torturing, painful burden at the bottom of Freud’s iceberg. For years she had carried it inside of her while sitting in her partly illuminated room. There was nothing more that could be said about her life.

    writer: „She had a wrong identity.“

For sure she would have passed every day of her endless life with this inner conflict until the lamp in her room had given no light anymore and her life had ended. The empty moments in the life of Schasa would have been forgotten about and nobody would have remembered her name anymore.

    Schasa: „Her life was unfair.“

One day among many days which nobody would remember Schasa sat on her chair in her room and while the silence was filling the situation a piece of fluff fell unexpectingly from the sky. With enormous shapes it moved back and fro while slowly coming down to earth. Schasa looked up and she saw the unidentified flying object moving in her direction. Her left eyelid started trembling. Then it cramped and there finally was a wave of shock developing in her whole body. She was angry about this threatening object. She slowly and carefully stood up from the chair and she scarried away. Pushing herself against the rescuing door she watched the fluff from far distance being torn between running and staying. It was the first time for years shw started to fuss.

    writer: „There was an unexpected happening.“

Being in excitement she hold her hands in front of her heart. She walked from the left side to the right side. At this moment there was a second monster fluff that had waited for years unexpectingly coming down to earth. Schasa watched the scenery with an inner shock. Inside of her she shouted: „They surround me.“ Tears came up. „They want to destroy me and my life by creating chaos. Many more will come until there will finally be a rug of fluffs.“ She looked into every corner to discover more of them. Feeling the pressure that the room would become full of flying objects she got fear. Then there came the panic and the star in her breast started to close.

    writer: „She was treated with the psycho terror and she lost her latent state.“

In this apparently exitless situation there was a rescuing idea occuring to her: „I must immeadiately get out of here. There must be a new beginning. I can never enter this room anymore.“ She took a deep inhale and with hands protectingly holding in front of her cheeks she ran out oft he room.

    writer: „She said good bye to her old life.“

(If you want to know more about the story about Schasa before she went on her journey then you can read my book pilgrimage in Europe that will soon be published by Paramon-Verlag in public book shops as an e-book and a paperback.)

II the decision of Schasa

the beginning of a new way

She left the house and she ran through the garden. Her thin legs carried her through the streets to the end of the village. Still having the panic inside of her she ran until she arrived at a parting of two ways where she stopped and tried to catch her breath. Then she looked around where there was the past on one side and the future on the other side. On the past’s side she could see a couple of houses smirking at her with a face of routine and uneventfulness. With an apparently kindhearted smile they tried to call her back. On the future’s side of the parting there was a path that betrayed a horizon that was only achievable by passing high mountains. A blue sky was seeable there and it looked at her with undefiningly observing eyes. Never before in her life she had been that far away from her little room. Never before in her life she had been at a place that was similar to this. She sensed lonely and isolated. Sorrow appeared in her face. „My goodness! What have I done?“ She thought. She was run away from her room without having lost any thought about the question which consequences this action would have. She definitely did not want to return to the fluffs. She thought: „If I went back to my room and I encountered the monster fluffs again then I would flee one more time. I could not sustain this state. They destroyed my whole life. I was expulsed by dirt that had distributed in my room. If I returned there then my life would never be the same anymore. The mere memory of the fluffs would let me stay in constant fear and the star in my chest would close for ever.“ One more time she looked to the other side of the parting. She saw a foreign world and she felt loneliness. „What shall I do now?“ She asked herself shily and sorrowful. She saw a far path with mountains and many horizons which she would have to pass. The mountains were that high that she doubted that someone could ever be able to climb on them. She felt more helpless then someone can ever be able to feel helpless.

    writer: „She was an actress.“

She made a step. In only little seconds her life would change basically. She was conscious of it. Seeing a path that would lead her to many places she asked herself innerly: „Why should I go to the horizon? What could be the reason for going this path?  Why should I gain the experience of a change?“ Schasa’s head was full of questions and curiosity which had been suppressed for years. Then she made a second step forward and she asked herself: „What is the reason for life? How much time remains until the death? What can a human strive after?“ She wondered. Making a third step forward she already started to forget the fluffs that had fallen in her room. One more question was working itself up inside of her. „What is my inner determination?“ The question stayed on her mind while she was moving in direction to the orange blue horizon were the sun was arising. She would take the way to find the answers to these questions. The were still unknown mountains and hidden worlds ahead.

    writer: „She started the life of an Aries and a Sagittarius.“

III trust and security

a light in China

Schasa went on the path for days. When she arrived on the first horizon it followed the next. She climbed on rocky mountain regions were the wind blew through her dresses. Then she went down to broad valleys were there were trees in warm tones of red and green. Never before there had been humen who had visited these places. Her legs carried her until she sensed the exhaustion with the upcoming darkness. During the night she slept under the starry sky. She had spent all her life in her room and suddenly without having any idea about a reason for change she found herself far away from civilization amidst red yellow valleys which caused the instinctive feeling of earthing inside of her. In one of these many valleys she found a little village with an oak in the center. Its roots were deep. They reached the village’s corners. There was a boy kneeing close to the tree. He had long hair that reached his calfs and he wore a white robe that covered his whole body. He hold a candle in his hands. There was silence everywhere. Schasa approached him and she saw how he moved the light in his hands. Instinctively sensing trust she sat down next to him and breathed: „Who are you?“ He looked Schasa kindly into the eyes and said: „My name is Schamong. I am the light child of god.“ The human call me with an other name which shall be secret.“ Schasa continuously looked at him with curiosity. She asked: „What is your life?“ He smiled silently and answered: „I have trust inside of me that my father will always take care of me. I have a trust inside of me that I will always be salvaged in the arms of my mother. I have a trust inside of me that I will always be together with my family.“ Schasa continuously looked at him. After some moments she said: „Let me put you a last question. He gave an agreeing smile and she asked: „What is your determination?“ He answered: „My home is the basis. When I am grown up I will be the prime father. I will built a house where I will live in community.“ She looked at him and for a short while. Then she took a candle, too. She attached it in front of her heart and looked up to the tree’s crown. There was still a long way to go.

Schamong the light child in the basis

IV initiation and vanity

a leaf in a country by the sea

Schasa spent some time with Schamong looking into the lights in front of them and smiling at each other from time to time. Then she looked into his eyes and she said good bye. She felt that she had to go on and when she went in direction to the next horizon she got the same sensation which she had had when she had been at the parting of the two ways. She felt the observing eyes looking at her in the sky which she had already perceived at the parting of the two ways. They were similar tot he eyes which had seen in many of the Chinese films in her childhood. Without understanding what the meaning of this sensation was she went on. She went from the morning until the evening until her legs did not want to carry her anymore and the exhaustion came with the upcoming darkness. Then she stayed the night under the starry sky. One day she arrived at a sea with smoothy waves. Schasa wanted to make a break and she sat down close to the water. An orange green horizon was seeable in the background and Schasa saw a woman who sat in front of the sea. She had long white hair that reached her calfs and she was undressed. She looked at the sea in an apparent state of absorption. She moved her waist in innocently fluent movements which became rythmic after a while. Her concentration was constantly on the sea. The waves in the sea started to realize the woman’s concentration and they became stronger after some time. The time was not identical with the empirical understanding of time anymore. After some moments which were days in the empirical time the woman’s movements intensified. Timelessness was given and the sea seemed to feel an attraction to the woman. She cried: „ I am Bene. I am the initiator. I call you. A new leaf shall be initiated in the cyclic act.“ Suddenly the sky was opening in the dancing woman’s mind and the stars and galaxies became visible over her. Schasa, who shared the opening sky in the mind of the crying and dancing woman while watching her and her counterforce, rose up to the sky on her mind, too. There she could see the shapes of the cosmic leaf of never ending initiation and all the secrets of the other world were revealed. Then Bene’s whole shape rose up to the sky until she was not seeable on earth anymore and the sea struggled in a quality that it reached the same altitude like she did. In the cosmic leaf of initiation the sea and the initiator refound each other. It overwhelmed Bene at the leaf’s point of intersection and a new leaf developed.
Years seemed to have passed when the sky calmed down again and Schasa rearrived on the beach. The sea had calmed down and Bene had stayed in the heaven with innocence. Schasa stayed in movelessness for a while. Then she raised her hand and she took an imaginary leaf of initiation out of the sky. She attached it next to the candle in front of her heart.

Bene the initiator in the loin

V greatness regard might and arrogance

the sun in Africa

She left the sea moving in direction to the sun. A warm wind was surrounding her and after some days she arrived at a sandy desert where soft winds caused sandy foggs on the horizon. Amidst the fog there appeared a light. The light became constantly stronger until a second sun emerged on the horizon. It defied the laws of day and night by creating ist own laws of day and night. The more she approached it the more she could see little points close to the sun which appeared to be humen. They all went in direction to the light that was of that much intensity that it dazzled Schasa. Schasa approached the center and she saw a mountain that was full of humen who climbed up the summit with magnetical, electrified views. A man with a crown was sitting on a high throne at the summit. He was the origin of light which he gave to the humen and desert around him. With mightfull gestures he spoke to the humen who kneed down in front of him with admiration.

„king Her’os speaks:
Listen the words of an upcoming justice!
I am the center’s sun.
I am sitting on the glory’s mountain.
I look down on you.
You bow down before me because I am the ruler of the world.
I govern everything and everybody.
The one who refuses my will will loose his right for life and be thrown into the valleys were no helping hand will ever reach him anymore.
The light will govern as long as you bow before the king‘s will.
My striving is only the beginning at the summit of this mountain.
I will govern every realm on earth until I arrive at heaven.
Then all the worlds will live under my light.
Not before this day of fame will begin I will calm down in happinness.
All your power shall be dedicated to my light.
Her’os for light!“

With an expression of triumph he let his finger move in direction to heaven. The humen who looked at him with awe shouted in one big chorus:

„Her’os for light
Her’os for light
Her’os for light“

Her’os the king in the center

Schasa watched the scenery with ban and she stayed for a while. Then she started to climb the dazzling throne and she looked directly into the king’s eyes. He looked at her with surprise. „What is your request?“ He shouted with a strong voice. Schasa answered the light: „King Her’os your speach was enlighting. I would like to know what your true determination is? Is it really the might which you strive after?“ The king looked directly into her eyes for a long time. She kept her eyes on his. He seemed to estimate her inner being. Then he lowered his voice that only Schasa could hear it. „I always wanted to  be loved.“ He breathed with emotional dignity. For a short moment she could see a hidden shadow of seriosity and sadness appearing among the light in his eyes. Then it was gone and Schasa looked into the face of a ruler again whose strength would overpower every realm on earth. One more time he looked deeply into her eyes. Then he took one of the many suns which were attached on his crown and he gave it into Schasa’s hand. She took it and she attached in front of her heart next to the candle and the leaf. She stayed close tot he king’s light for a while. She thought: „Her’os has a difficult life. He is as strong as no human will ever be.“

VI love artistic creation and hate

a star in the middle of Italy

It returned the familiar feeling that she needed to go on. She went to the next horizon where unknown places would still expect her. It took years until she arrived at the desert’s end. The heat vanished and Schasa perceived a soft, gently breeze that blew through her dresses. She went further and she found a meadow in an harmonic atmosphere. It was fullfilled of the colours green and violet. There was a woman in some distance. She was busy with writing something onto a paper. She had an appearance that was full of pride of the aristocracy and beauty. Approaching her Schasa could realize male attributes in her face. Her hair was unordered and she wore a suit that was wide and old. Every time when she interrupted her  writing she pushed her breasts forward while moving her scapulas backward. It was the movement of a batch that caused respect in Schasa. She came a bit closer until she entered the woman’s field of attention. Then Schasa looked directly into her eyes. She looked up realizing Schasa who did not move. After some seconds of mutual eye contact the woman started to smile innerly with subtil aristocracy. She did not speak and Schasa continuously looked at her. Then Schasa started speaking: „Good day my lady may I know who you are?“ The woman answered: „My name is Pal’onne. I am artist. I come from a star that is the door to another galaxy which contains all the truths from this galaxy.“ She paused. Then she said: „The original truths are placed in the heart. They are placed there where the star is in our galaxy. In the other galaxy which is achievable through this star they are placed in the sun.“ Schasa could here in her voice that she did not speak much in her life. It was full of overtones. She immeadiately sensed the high intelligence that was given in Pal’onne’s answer and Schasa nodded with respect. Some moments passed and they looked at each other. She said: „Pal’onne may I ask you one more question?“ She needed some moments until she slowly got trust in Schasa. Then she agreed. „What is your life?“ Schasa asked. Pal’onne mad a break. She seemed to look for an answer that was already given inside of her.

    writer: „She spoke with  the voice of god whom she had an access to in her star.“

Pal’onne answered: „I express the words of god in poems. The voice that I perceive inside of me is transformed to the written language of a poem. I give my poems to the humen. All the poems which I wrote in my life had been gifts for them but I was ahead of my time and my words were not understood.“ Hearing these words Schasa sensed warmth arising inside of her. They looked at each other and the mutual trust became stronger. Pal’onne said: „One day I looked up to the sky and I saw a star that was similar to mine. The star was of beauty. Its severe way of moving and the freedom that it had when it looked for its path in in the sky caused trust inside of me and love for his way of being different. I started to hope that one day I would encounter it on earth. I started to write poems about him dedicating him my words of his special features.“ She sensed the weakness that was coming up when Pal’onne spoke these words. She did not dare to speak. Pal’onne’s trust in Schasa increased. She said: „My poems were gifts to the humen but they did not see the dimensions which were hidden in their contents. They smiled at me and treated me with envy. My star started to close and I decided that I would only open it again if my trust was proven.“ Schasa saw a tear falling down on Pal’onne’s cheeks. Empathy was developing in Schasa‘s star. With a glimming view Pal’onne looked at her and Schasa gave the same view back to her. Pal’onne’s eyes filled with tears. She perceived that Pal’onne felt understood by her. The empathy that she gave Pal’onne let the inner injuries cure. She wanted to ask Pal’onne the most important of her three questions. „What is your inner determination?“ Pal’onne started to speak: „I want to find a partnership that holds for a life and for longer than a lifetime is. This partnership shall go ahead room and space and the highest quality of love shall develop in a cosmical balance. I will find it in a star where he will wait for me. Then we will be together and I will give him everything what I am able to give inside of me.“ While she spoke Schasa continuously looked into her eyes. Starting to realize a similar element in the other one’s eyes they talked to each other on the meadow. They did not want to leave each other. For this reason they made the decision to continue going the way in mutual company. They promised each other: „Every time when you sense weakness in your star and you long for me we can meet each other in the other world.“ They sensed the mutual harmony and Schasa wanted to give her somethng. She cut a part of her breast and she gave it Pal’onne as a gift. Pal’onne looked at her with humility and modesty. There was a break. Then Pal’onne said: „You must not give me too many gifts.“ Schasa answered: „I give it to you in appreciation of yourself.“ Then she left the meadow. She constantly looked back to see Pal’onne one more time because she had difficulties in seperating from her. They would go the way together in the other world.

Pal’onne the artist in the other world

VII believe spirituality science and discrimination

the search for truth in Germany

Schasa had sensed an inner change since she had left the meadow. She realized a feeling of warmth in her breast that was a condition to reach further horizons. Every time when she sensed weakness and a need for harmony in her star she spoke with Pal’onne or she visited her in the other world. After having walked for many days a change of years was announcing in the nature. The atmosphere of autumn was arriving and the colours green and blue were visible in the crowns of little trees. Their twigs spreaded in all directions. Schasa went further and in far distance she could see a building. It emerged as a church. In vicinity a man walked alone. He hold a long stick in his hands and with big steps he walked in direction to the trees. He was submerged in himself and he continuously looked straight ahead. Schasa could see his profile. He had locks and wrinkles in his face. The experience of age was recognizable in it. He realized Schasa from far distance and he approached her.When they stood face to face he introduced himself to her with the words: „Good day my name is Freseia. He put his stick aside and shaked her hand desicevely while saying her:  „I am a believing scholar.“ Schasa gave him her hand and she introduced herself. „My name is Schasa. I am searching for the determination of life.“ Freseia watched her with interest as if he had an undiscovered experience in front of him. He made a thoughtfull, long break. Then he said: „Let us get to know each other. You are an unknown experience for me and I can learn from you.“ Schasa asked with curiosity: „You said that you are a believing scholar? Can I know how you found your believe?“ Freseia thought about it for some moments: „Many years ago the curiosity for realization and spiritual truths lead me on a pilgrimage. When I made my first steps on the path I had not been believing. Regarding to the fact that I was a teenager you could not have expected that I had reached the inner maturity in the circle of maturity that only a person of a higher age can develop. The experiences which I gained on my pigrimage let me mature spiritually. I found realizations and I got to know some believers and one day I gained the experience of believe by myself.“ He became silent and he thought for a long time. Then he watched Schasa. She could see the experience and wisdom which he had gained in his past. After having finished his thoughts he continued speaking: „I mastered my first pilgrimage and I wondered about terms like good and bad. I wondered what truth and justice is. On my pilgrimage I started to realize and understand the world. I found answers that sattisfied my curiosity for knowledge. Schasa asked: „How did you sattisfy your curiosity?“ He answered: „I started to study and I went on more pilgrimages until the believe inside of me strengthened. Schasa asked: „Which kind of believe have you found on your pilgrimage?“ He answered: „When I came back from my first pilgrimage I had made a performance and the result of it was a receival in return. I received appreciation and friends. I got a good life. My believe in god strenghtened. I made one more pilgrimage and in the running of the years I became a wise man.“ He made a break again and he thought. Then he said: „After some years of pilgrimage a good and happy life was given to me. I got many friends and fame. I found a partnership and the rest of my life was filled with happiness. I became a true believer.“ Schasa looked at him with pleasure. „Can I know what your determination is?“ The answer was seeable in his knowing wise eyes. He said: „I believe in justice and I will speak for justice.“ Schasa reflected his arguments and she agreed with him with admiration. She added: „Do you think that justice will only rule when a performance is made?“ Then he answered: „If you have a good inner being and you treat the people around you with a severe friendliness and openheartedness and if the goodness inside of you is also sensible for the people around you then you will have a good and fair life.“ She realized the wisdom in Freseia’s words. Freseia wore a kettle in front of his chest. There was a symbol attached on it. It was the sign of a balance. He gave it to her with the view of a believer. She felt the need to give him something in return. Due to the circumstance that she did not carry any value objects with her she danced for him Schass’s dance of justice. (You can watch the film Schasa for justice that shows the contents of this dance on

Before she went away she said good bye to him by adding: „I give you an advice. You should not go to Germany. Your believe in goodness and justice will only be destroyed. Everyone who has this believe will only look inside of him.“

Freseia the believing scholar in the mind

VIII ingeuity transformation between worlds and world foreignness

a spy in Switzerland

Schasa went to the trees which increased on the horizon. The autumn atmosphere from before became colder and the winter was announcing. Schasa sensed a wind blowing through her dresses. After some time a snowflake fell on her right shoulder. Then there followed several more of them. The snow covered the ground around her and some meters away from her there were three leafless trees which seemed to have waited for her. They observed Schasa. In her perception a circle of concentration was opening around her and there was an atmosphere of attentiveness. She sensed the presence of something what she could not perceive visually. She made some steps in direction to the trees. Suddenly there were winges appearing on her scapulas. They grew until they reached her waist. Then they started to flutter and she left the ground. She flew over the trees distancing herself from the snow covered landscape moving in direction to the sky. The speed of her flight increased the more she was on distance to the earth. She encountered stars and staircases, pictures and sphere lights, leafs and suns until she arrived at a star that opened the doors for her. She could enter it. She arrived at a galaxy where the galaxy maker already waited for her. She flew to him until they were face to face. He had long hair that reached his ankles and his fluent shape was of anatural beauty. His face shapes were thin and soft. His view was mystical and it spoke about love. Schasa asked him: „Who are you?“ He answered: „My name is Tenessa. I am the imaginator.“ Schasa was fascinated of the charisma that surrounded him. For some moments she looked at him with astonishment. Then Schasa asked: „Would you tell me what the content of your life is?“ Tenessa looked at her softly. Then he said: „I found the reality by imagining it. Then my spies convey it to the galaxy of the receiver in the language that is spoken in his galaxy.“ Schasa added: „In my galaxy there still do not exist many languages. The humen have not got to arrive very far. Momentaneously, they are in economy and capitalism. There is much loneliness and they discriminate each other. There is no justice.“ Tenessa reacted with disappointment. He said: „I know your galaxy and you are at the level of artistic performance as kinds of languages.“ In connection with these words he took his left hand out and moved it to the left side in front of his belley. Then he took his right hand and moved it in front of his face. Simoultaneously, he moved his forehead forward and tehn he moved his left leg up with a flexed knee. Watching these gestures Schasa cleared her throat with inagreeability and she said shily: „Excuse me, but this kind of performance is still not understandable to me. It reminds me on Thai Chi.“ She looked deeply into his eyes and Schasa had the feeling that her past and future were revealed. Then he said with a good-natured and loving expression: „Try to catch the message in my performance and you will understand me.“ He started to concentrate on one point in the air in front of him. Little moments later a piece of paper appered at this point. Tenessa took it and she said to Schasa: „You shall give the messages on this paper to everybody whom you will encounter.“ He gave it to Schasa and she read loudly: „You shall develop spirituality. You shall make real friendships. You shall let justice prevail…“ The last note at the end of the paper was: „Do not see these messages too much orthodox categoratively.“ Schasa looked up. Tenessa waited for some moments when her words echoed in roomlessness. Then he put his hand up to one of his eyes to take it out. He gave it to her and she attached it in front of her breast next to the candle, the leaf, the sun, the star and the balance. She spoke with sympathy in her voice while looking Tenessa directly into the eyes: „I wish you a good future.“ Suddenly the winges started to flutter again and she said good bye. She left the galaxy through the door and she flew back to the snow covered trees on earth.

Tenessa the imaginator in the eyes

IX religion and external determination

the idea of a religion in England

She arrived at the ground and she realized that the trees close to her were more covered with snow than before. The coldness increased from moment to moment. Schasa observed the sensation of coldness on her body as an independant observer and suddenly the sensation vanished. She had an anticipation that she would soon have reached the end of her way after she had passed all the many horizons from before. She went further and after some days she arrived at a wood. The snow did not stop falling and Schasa reached an open plain that was covered by a white blanket of clouds. In far distance there was a big cross standing. Its point was directed to the sky. It expressed light. A man was standing in front of it. He looked at its heart. Schasa approached the cross. Realizing her he turned around. His eyes were the eyes of a person who has arrived at the end of his circle of life. His hair reached his ankles and he wore a robe that reminded her on that of a priest. She told him: „May I know who you are?“ The man answered: „I am Schasal. I am the innovator. I listen to the voices of the other worlds after the teachings of Giordano Bruno and I give them to the humen. When I express my ideas and innovations the humen look up to me and they shout with enthusiasm: „Yes, we will make it.“ His voice sounded bright and piercing. His eyes were wise and mature and there was deepness and goodness sensible in his inner being. He was a Gemini and a Sagittarius. There was something lightfull, innovative and undefinible in the way he moved. She said: „I would like to know what the content of your life is.“ Schasal answered her after a moment of enlightment. „Since my childhood I had made the circle of inner maturity. During my youth time I gave ideas to the humen which I received from other worlds. The humen made new sciences, religions and arts of them. One of the religions which I made was fullfilled of that much truth and love that I became a follower of it. Now that I almost finished my circle of life I go to this cross every day and here I make trips until I return.“ Schasa looked up to him. Then she looked to the sky. She said: „You will soon arrive. Then your new circle of life can begin.“ There were some moments of silence between Schasa and Schasal. Schasal‘s facial characteristics became older from second to second. Suddenly, it was looked through him into Schasa’s eyes with a fixing view and their words were the last words in his mouth. „You will also finish your circle of life. We sense it. It is not far anymore. He will be proud of you.“ Schasal started to illuminate. Then he took a cross that was attached in front of his heart and he gave it to Schasa. She gave him a piece of her skirt. Then Schasal went away.

Schasal the innovator in the crown

X new beginning and the question of sense

pillars of human’s striving

Schasa stayed in front of the cross for days. She looked at its heart. She tried to understand.  The symbol’s secrets were not understandable for her in the meaning of the humen…

The time went by and Schasa remembered the last years. She remembered her room, the pieces of fluff , the countrysides and the pictures that she had seen. She remembered Schamong and Bene, Her’os and Pal’onne, Freseia, Tenessa and Schasal. The kettle hang in front of her heart. She took the light candle of Schamong and she watched it.  It was a sign of trust that he had given her. Then she looked at the leaf of Bene who had initiated its existence. She took the sun of Her’os which was an object of greatness, regard and might. She paused for a moment. She heart a silent voice speaking. Not consciously perceiving the words she hardly payed attention to it. The star of the aristocratic Pal’onne made itself perceivable in her breast. It was a sign of love,  otherness, and creative power. Then she saw the balance of Freseia which was a sign of justice. The eye of the imaginator Tenessa hang next to it. She could found new realities with it. At the very end she saw the cross of Schasal. He had given it to her as a symbol of religiousness. She looked up and in front of her the image of this cross stood with a point that was directed to the clouds. The voice that she had not perceived consciously before was hearable again. Schasa looked to the sky. Light was streaming away from it. The voice spoke: „You have got to arrive far Schasa.“ She did not move. The light in the clouds became stronger. He spoke: „Inside of you you are matured a second time.“ She kept her eyes on the sky and she said: „You will find all the answers to your questions. I am proud of you.“ Hearing these words she sensed an inner curance that flowed with warmth through her center. She was arrived at her original self. A love between Schasa and god was developing. The second way of inner maturity had made her still more coming from the above than she had been before.
(In the following link I give you a scientific-philosophical definition of the designation to come from the above. )

… Hours were gone. The cross in the snow in front of her was a question mark that looked up to the sky. On the horizon she perceived the familiar Chinese view that had accompanied her from the parting of the two ways on. She sensed its guidance and she had the anticipation that there was still a task to fullfill. The cross in front of her wanted to convey her something and deep inside of her she felt that it had something to do with the pillars of human’s striving. She thought about them by beginning at the individual to finally end at the general:

She had found the trust in the basis. She wondered whether it was a pillar of human’s striving to reach trust and she came to the conclusion that trust is a feeling that is given in the reliance on social beings and by a confirmation of it. She could not determine it as a pillar of human’s striving to have or to reach trust. She thought that it was much more a condition that must be given at a young age and that it was nothing to strive after. Then she started to think about its opponent the security and she concluded that there could be humen who longed for it. Yet, the striving after security meant that trust could not be given. Security goes together with mistrust of a danger that comes from outside. For this reason security could at least be a thought of solace or a try to regain or to substitute trust. The acquisition of for example material goods is not identical with having a feeling of trust. For this reason Schasa saw that trust and security were no pillars of human’s striving.

In her memory she went back to the waist where the initiation had taken place. She thought about whether it was a pillar of human’s striving to initiate life a life time long. She imagined a human who initiates life for initiating life and she saw an end in itself. She thought that there never would have been a first human with a ratio if there had not been a striving that went further than the end in itself. The development of living beings would have stopped at the level of animals. She started to think about its opponent the vanity and it immeadiately occured the thought to her that it was a striving after beauty and a striving after beauty meant a striving after regard. Thus vanity could be a final striving after regard for oneself which has not been received enough in past. If a person who strives after vanity or much more beauty had received enough regard in past then this striving would not have developed. She realized that vanity was only a result of having received too much rejection.

Now she went to the center where she found greatness, love, regard and might. She remembered Her’os who stood in front of his people like a ruler does and who actually strived after love and regard. Even if the people had given him regard for himself (what was unprobable regarding to his social position and the golden crown that he wore) this striving only meant that he had received too little of it. If he had been loved enough from the beginning of his life on then this striving would not have developed inside of him. Yet there are persons who long for love though they have received enough of it in past. In these cases love is no final pillar of striving but it is an interim goal. Receiving love and regard results in greatness. The one who is loved receives greatness in his center. The one who receives regard or might also gets greatness in his center. It happens the same when you make a performance. Thus, the longing for love, regard and might means the achieval of greatness. Greatness was one pillar of human’s striving.

She arrived at the star where she had found love and artistic creation. Pal’onne had given her poems to the humen without expecting a giving in return. After Schasa had found the love in the center she now wondered whether there was a difference between this in the center and that in the star. She realized that the love in the center means emotionality and its greatness. On the other side the love in the star was the giving that could end uo with altruism. A conclusion is that to love means to give emotions. Emotions are understandable as every power in every form. Power in its original form can be made to other goods than the power (like for example material goods) by making a performance/ working. The original form of love is the giving of emotions. All the other forms of love which result from it are the giving of goods which were changed from emotions to other kinds of goods. To give means to make a performance/ work and it results in an increasement of greatness in the center. For example there is an artist like Pal’onne who works by changing her emotions into poems and giving them to the humen. She loves without thinking about receiving something in return. This idea has not occured to her. Schasa knew that people like Pal’onne were exceptional cases. If Pal’onne had not passed almost her whole life alone on a meadow and if she had lived among many people in an urban space then she would fastly have thought about a giving for her work in return. Due to the circumstance that she stayed almost all her life far away from the human’s thinking and due tot he circumstance that the giving of her poems was a need for the need itself you can call her an altruist. You could object that if Pal’onne received regard for her work, the giving and the regard would finally end up in a striving after greatness, too. Yet Pal’onne’s perspective when giving was for a hundred percent on the human whom she gave. For this reason the increasing of greatness was only a side effect and no conscious pillar of striving.

In her memory she went back to the mind. There she had got to know about the principle of justice. She thought that the education and the understanding of this principle mean to make  performances. The one who educates himself and who understands the principle of justice strives after realization. The striving after realization results in an achieval of greatness.(One exception is Eva from the bible who had strived after another goal that let her continiously search for new realizations.) Shasa noticed that she was not far away from finding the answers to her questions anymore.

She remembered the eyes. There she had learned the imagination. She recognized that the imagination was a tool of handwork that made it possible to let her implement the achieval of interim goals or of final goals like greatness.

She finally arrived at the crown in her memory. If you act on the teachings of Elisabeth Haich then you can maintain that the final goal of striving is the reaching of the level of religiousness in the process of inner maturity. Yet this goal is one that is hardly achieved by a human because it is only achievable when the star in a human is open. It is no characteristics of a human to have an open star. If a human wants to reach the level of religiousness in the process of inner maturing then it is a condition to have an open star and to not make any amoralic actions. Then the level of religiousness can be reached. Schasa found one more pillar of human’s striving.

    writer: „Hardly any human in Germany strives after this pillar in our days because the media and the educational system convey the opposite. The result is that the people maximally arrive at the center and they think themselves to be the kings on earth. Without thinking about the constraints which are conveyed by the media and the educational system the values are much more on filling oneself with McDonald food, obtaining the golden house and watching the best porn movies that are broadcasted at 20.15 o’clock. When the media conveys the „values“ of eating, sexual intercourse and material acquisition whereby the fun factor for the ego’s increasement should be as high as possible then you can hardly expect that there are still some people who can recognize values like those which come from the heart or the center. I am appealing to the German television, internet and partially the educational system.“

Schas looked up. There were only little seconds gone since the voice in the cloud had spoken with her. She had found the pillars human‘s of striving. They were greatness, love and religiousness. Every action of human’s striving that was more than the instinct of self-preservation result in one of them. Regarding to the cases of Pal’onne and Schasal love and religiousness as pillars of human’s striving are rare to find.

XI love justice

the founding of a new religion

Schasa took a pencil in front of her inner window and she started drawing. She had realized that might and regard resulted in greatness. She made three points on her painting. Then she betitled them with these words and she brought them into a graphical connection. She put the graphic into the center.

She looked at the painting asking herself in wich way she could bring the religiousness as the next pillar of striving into a graphical connection with the circle where the greatness was placed. She thought that religiousness bases on believe and believe bases on trust. Even if trust was not seen as a pillar of striving she found it important to mention it in her painting because it was the basis for all the other pillars. Being busy with realizing the right graphical connection between religiousness and trust she signed the trust at the undermost part to make it understandable as a basis for the rest of the graphic’s contents. She signed the religiousness at the uppermost part of the painting because a person who has reached the inner maturity arrives at religiousness in the crown.

She started thinking about the pillar of love. She had defined love as the emotion (in every form) which somebody gives. The emotionality was placed in the center and the giving was placed where the star is. Astronomically seen the sun was in the center. Considering Pal’onnes words all truths were already included in the sun. If the emotions of the sun are given through the star that is a transition from our galaxy to another galaxy then the love in our galaxy is the giving of the emotions of a sun that comes from another galaxy. Thus Pal’onne was the giver of the sun’s emotions that came from another galaxy than ours. The carrier of the sun in our galaxy is not identical with the carrier of a sun from another galaxy because the second person has a sun that is more connected with the star than the first. The person who carries the sun at that place where the star is is a giver of the emotions of another galaxy. This social action corresponds with the definition of love. It is a giving of emotions (in every form) that come either from this galaxy or from another. Giving of emotions means the making of a performance/ working that results in greatness like Schasa had realized before. As soon as a giving is included in the action the star plays a potential role. If a person gives his emotions in the original, unchanged form (In this case it is also spoken about acting.) then the designation for their carrier is regularily called a bitch. (If you want to have a scientific-philosophical definition of this term then I present it to you on )

Schasa looked at the graphic starting to think about the imagination. She imagined it in roomlessness. Then she imagined it in room and space. She thought that it was not important to understand the graphic’s content when somebody wanted to reach religiousness in a process of inner maturity. The realization and the process of becoming conscious destroys the original emotion and it causes a seperation from one’s own center. In addition to the seperation from oneself the trust (in the truths of sensations) gets lost and without trust a real open star and the reaching of religiousness are not possible anymore. Schasa started to get fear that she had already damaged her center that was the content of truths from another galaxy over her star by understanding too much. She promised herself that she would soon strengthen her sensation and believe in truth again and to give a third priority after the imagination and the believe to regain the sensation for truths from another galaxy inside of her.

There was a constellation of words, structures and graphics in front of her inner window. She finally connected them regarding to the contents of their meanings and she found a new picture.

Schasa saw a symbol in front of her. All the values, attributes and abilities which she had got to know about on her journey were included in it. Each of them was important to let the structure hold together. They were the basis for a good and fair life. Then she started to deviate rules of good and fair actions from them. She decided to consider these rules in her daily life.

You shall trust.
You shall make performances to reach greatness in your sun.
You shall give to be or stay able to love in your star.
You shall believe in the values of goodness and justice.
You shall imagine the reality.
(If you are still not able to imagine the reality then you shall at least understand it.)
You shall reach inner maturity.

Schasa started to reflect and criticise the six rules and she wondered how for example a human whose trust had been broken several times before or who carried hate in its star due to a wrong treatment could be able to follow and reach these six rules. After thinking for a while she found three more rules that can be an aid for the reaching of the ones from before.

You shall do yoga.
(Yoga focusses on a re-/ opening of the inner being. It cures physical and inner injuries which have been caused before. On you find films, explanations and drafts to the development of a yoga that is called basa yoga. A practising of basa yoga focusses on overall health. I created basa yoga from 2014 until 2015. After I will have finished the conception of it with educational media which shall be made in China I will offer basa yoga classes within film presentations, pictures and descriptions for free on If you want to read a definition of the being then you can find a story about the development of being which I put on for free.)

You shall perform.
(To make a performance means a way of communication about entities or happenings in the cosmos. They can appear as abstractions, signs, performative actions, models or conceptions without directly naming or showing the object of presentation.) (You find an example of a performance in the conception of beke dances which I convey on Beke dances present filmic characterizations of non empirical kinds of beings from the other world in improvisatory and choreographical dance elements.)

You shall see your fellow humen being free of evaluations.
(Every time when you encounter a fellow human being you shall act on the assumption that you know nothing about him and his past. After you have got to know something about him you shall always remember to stay free of evaluations.)

Schasa reflected the nine rules, the symbol of the pillars of human’s striving and the whole journey that she had made. She came to the conclusion that the attributes from every level of  the being can be potentials of good and bad. Every kind of discrimination is not given anymore. She wondered whether there was still any further reason that could cause rejection. A short time later there occured three actions to her which she would feel rejection for. She added three rules of bad and unfair actions.

You shall not lie (because you break the trust of the one whom you lie to.)
You shall not violate the nature of the body or the human’s being.
(It is only allowed to violate if the person who will be violated gives a provable agreement for it.)
You shall not directly speak about money.
(It closes your star and your center. Thus you damage your inner being.)

Schasa had found a religion of love and justice. It focusses on love, greatness and religiousness. For a successfull implementation in reality it goes together with the values of justice. (Until the end of 2015 I will put a definition of justice in the main menu issue balance on ) In this religion there is a believe in god who is represented in the star and in the center. It is the divine self and the love. His believe in a taking and giving and his ruling for the values which are connected with them result in justice. All human would come together to a unity that was without evaluation by following the nine rules of a good and fair acting and by avoiding the three rules of a bad and unfair acting and at least by practisng yoga.

XIII the story after the end

love and yoga in a global community

Love as a religion is
one that combines those who love at all levels of the being.
It can be strived after and reached in a human’s life.
To gain the experience of a perfect love you need
that is developed by a trustable treatment of the beloved.
When trust is broken it can be regained by a receival of proof.
The act of unification
with the beloved becomes an act of love
when the goal is not only on the receival but also the giving.
of the beloved must be given without constraints.  
Social status, might and material posessings are meaningless.
Appreciation must be given for no more reason than the beloved‘s ego.
is a giving of emotions in every form.
Receiving love sattisfies the ego. When focussing too much on it
the ability to feel empathy decreases. Empathy is a condition of love.
in the giving of emotions and goodness of the beloved
 are connected with trust. The lovers believe in the reality of a perfect love.
of inner processes creates a mutual understanding between the lovers.
is connected with institutions and norms of behavior.
It can be every institution in this world.  It can be every repeated action of love that lets
love become a religion.

Schasa was proud of herself. She had found a religion that she wanted to share with other humen. She considered the teachings of Tenessa that imagination can create realities and she concentrated on a point in front of her inner window. After some moments sparks and light strips started to appear. They slowly increased until a book appeared in front of her. It flied in the air with a symbol on its cover. It was the symbol of the pillars of human’s striving. She took it and inside she found the story about Schasa who passed the seven worlds searching for her inner determination. At the last page she it was written:

Schasa wished peace on earth. She looked at the cross in front of her. God was in its heart. His self was in its center. In an imaginary act of love she united with him. Light was streaming out of her center and one instance later she was gone. The book layed in the snow. Many years later a human crossed the place. He found the book. After having read it he published it and he distributed it among the humen. A world religion was made of it. The humen came together to a global community. Hundreds of years later they still remembered Schasa the actress, a real batch, a Gemini and a Sagittarius who had achieved her Hegelian mirror in the other world when she made the process of maturity for a second time.


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In this menu issue you can find a proposal for a fair state system. A fair life for an individual, the distribution of power and societal relations, moral laws and more ideas about how this system works are concluded in a short summary. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

a criticism of wrong societal relations

The journeys that I made to other countries during the last years and the experiences that I gained in Germany let me realize societal relations in the German culture that were connected with a misjudgement and a wrong treatment of many individuals. I gained the experience that in general it is the human who has studied and who has adapted to the social norms and standards for actions, who plans his life capital-orientedly understanding the world deductively is socially appreciated. The capitalistic fascist is seen as the desirable ideal figure. On the other side those individuals who have internalized values of faith and who reject a capitalistic and deductive world view as well as those individuals whose behaviors and actions do not correspond to the cultural meaning levels and who show behavioural differentness or emotionality are treated with misjudgements and wrong treatments. In my experience they are socially excluded.
During the last years I have developed a conception of a fair state system that shall avoid wrong treatments and social exclusions. An individual and a social idea of justice is included in it.

a fair state system

In a fair state system every individual has the possibility to have a good life. A good life includes the emotional and the material level. Ideals, moral laws and prohibitions are decisive for the ethical conception.

moral laws*


You shall trust.
You shall only make love with emotionality and empathy.
You shall make achievements that the sun in your center** is strengthened.
You shall give that the love in your heart is given.
You shall believe in the values of goodness and justice.
You shall imagine the reality.
You shall make the inner maturing process that you become a mature character.
You shall do yoga that you keep fit.
You shall see all other individuals with a good value.


You shall not lie that trust can be given.
You shall not violate the being of another individual.
You shall not directly speak about money that your star can stay open.

basic rules and ideals

The obedience to the moral laws and the avoidance of the prohibitions as well as an inductive positive world view are conditions for individuals who have good and mature characters. They are also conditions for a mutual respect within tolerance and appreciation of the being of each individual. It is the aim to reach inner maturity by making the maturing process, to develop or to keep the goodness of the character and to stay intelligent on each center of consciousness. The only reason for a social exclusion is when somebody consciously refuses to obey the moral prohibitions and willingly violates the nature of another living being.

basic rules

  • inductive positive world view respectively lack of prejudices (no social exclusion due to religiousness, nationality, appearance, education, character attributes, material state ecetera)
  • goodness of the character ( /giving, obedience to moral laws, avoidance of moral prohibitions) is appreciated and honoured
  • a non obedience to moral laws and rapture (e.g. physical, non verbal, psychological) is rejected and punished


  • goodness of the character
  • fulfilment of the potentials of the intelligences on each center of consciousness
  • reaching the inner maturity by making the maturing process

castes & maturity levels***

In this believe it is the goal in ones life to make the inner maturity process. The existing castes are seen changeable and progressive. The castes indicate the differentiation between above beings and humen whereby the maturity process of above beings is a longer one. There is the possibility that an above being can be understood as a human from its birth on. In this case a change between the castes is possible.


under consciousness

The under consciousness is placed in the core of the earth. It is a consciousness in the inner world of the earth. In the life of an above being it tries to influence the above being negatively and to destroy it in the sense of an illness.

the earth

There is the believe that the inner human being starts a new human life after a millennial purification in the hell. In the hell there are non empirical kinds of beings like for example the devil, IT and the evil. In the life of a human these kinds of beings only emerge when the human has acted too much against moral prohibitions. In the life of an above being it emerges for a different reason. The evil and the devil are the opposites of the above being. They influence it in the sense of an illness to destroy it. The non empirical kind of being with the title IT only tries to influence the above being when it has already matured too much.


Fascists are humen who only understand happenings and entities in a deductive way. Furthermore they have a lack of empathy. They are adapted to the social norms.

educated human

Next to a deductive perspective of happenings and entities they can also have an inductive understanding of them that goes together with their education.

above being

Trust, emotionality and a strong dignity are attributes that characterize the above being. Furthermore the cultural and human meaning languages do not correspond to its behaviors and actions. They carry the paradise and the morning star inside of them. Due to the attributes that are connected with the morning star they show a differentness in their thinking and sensations from their birth on. Above beings are Gemini and Sagittarius who carry the sign of the Zoudiac balance inside of them. These signs of the Zoudiac can also be or develop in a person who has different main signs of the Zoudiac.

god human respectively an above being that is misunderstood as a human

From time to time there are individuals who can grow up in wrong castes. The god human respectively the above being that is misunderstood as a human belong to them


After an above being has reached the maturity level of the star4 it becomes Aryan. The potentials in its star**** that are connected with the paradise (sign of the Zoudiac balance) mean that it becomes an Aryan. This maturity level and those that will still follow contain the maturity levels from before. For reasons of simplification I have not put the maturity levels Aryan and bitch into the schema.

Aryan bitch

After an above being has matured until it has reached the maturity level consciousness it has the consciousness of the pure moral virtue.


After an above being has reached the maturity level third eye and the inner star has stayed open it becomes a bitch. She is characterized by the potentials of all maturity levels up to the third eye. When the above being has reached this maturity level it has become a spiritualized Aryan.

Egyptian divinity

In addition to the maturity levels that were mentioned before the Egyptian divinity can perceive voices.

Aryan race

When the Egyptian divinity has reached a higher maturity level then it becomes an individual of the Aryan race. It is characterized by a strong inner star, strength and possibly much absence of physical needs as well as a high discipline on them.

astro type & astral knower & supercrag

The individuals who have reached these maturity levels use meaning languages in their be-haviours and actions that have very high levels of abstraction. They are almost the highest maturity levels that can only be reached by above beings.

lawmakers & decision-makers

Laws and decisions should be made by above beings, Aryan bitches, bitches, Egyptian divini-ties and higher maturity levels of the above being because they have the ability to sense the cosmic truths through their heart. During the maturation process in their life they also get an access to the cosmic knowledge. They deviate the laws from cosmic orders.
The other decision-makers are the educated***** humen who make the decisions about the goodness and badness of actions in the practical life by considering the existing laws

some words in the end

Each of us carries a spark of the diamond****** inside of him. The way of inner maturation is far and full of challenges. Everyone can go on this path. I wish each and everyone the sun in the heart.

*A new conception of moral laws is given in this menu issue. It was developed after having respected the Ten Commandments.
**Look at the menu issue tolamsoq language under religion to find more explanations.
***Look at the menu issue Genesis under religion.
****Look at the menu issues genesis and tolamsoq language to find more explanations.
*****In this context this term is in no connection with an existing course of study. There is also no connection with an officially recognised study. The term aims at an internalization and a conviction of moral laws.
******Look at the menu issues genesis and cosmos & art under religion to find more informations.

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the being

a story about the development of being

Since I was a child I looked into the nightly sky seeing a never ending sea of stars there. Thausends of sparks united side by side and the light that was findable in each of them betrayed the greatness and variety of all the secrets which were hidden in their cores. When I became a teenager I felt the beginning of the age’s wisdom inside of me though my body was still apearing like that of a child. I was not familiar with the teachings of mathematics and physics, of Descartes and Hume. The questions which I was much more curious about were the big questions of life. I was wondering about the beginning and the ending, origin and effect, sence and destination. My curiosity about truth made me going on a path and one day I started travelling around Europe carrying the wish inside of me that I could finally share all my wisdoms which I would gain with other humen by creating something new. I went to the south, east, west and north. The path brought me to the teachings of Plato, Ptolemy and Aristotle and there was one night several years ago when I found myself on a pilgrimage in the snow covered mountains of Switzerland looking up to the sky and finding the familiar sea of stars. The longer I took a gander at this lighting field the brighter and more numerous it became. In the middle of this field of unmoving sparks I discovered one spark that made an exception by moving a bit. Dancing back and forth I got the impression that it wanted to attract my attention. My interest was taken. I fixed my view on it and I observed it for a while until it finally addressed me with its words. It narrated me the story about the development of being.


In front of my inner window the star is widening until it finally completely opens. Without having an idea about the story which I would find in it I start flying with my little wings and the curiosity drives me to look around. My first view focuses on the center which is filled of light. Next to it I find the two regent on the one side and the place of heavenly allness on the other side. I distance myself from them to get an overview of the place were I am and I recognize an innocent looking angel on the outermost border on one side of this world system. Flying to the other side of the world system I can see the representative of justice who is accompanied by a twice mirrored walking seeker for truth, the meta level of the two regent and the sphere light on the upermost part. Realizing that I got to know the whole place and that I would not be able to find more I fly away until I arrive at seven world systems which are ordered one above the other. Next to them I find a vertical bar were the world systems mirror on the other side. Distancing myself one more time I recognize the whole picture. I am starting to become curious about all the non empirical kinds of beings which can be found on this level. With a loud voice I ask: „Is there somebody who is well informed?“ A male shape with an appearance that reminds me on a king answers me from the top of the world systems. „You are at the right place. We already knew that one time in your life you should arrive here. Go on flying and you will arrive where you belong to.“ I was not sattisfied with this answer and I put the question: „Which non empirical kinds of beings are findable here?“ The answer was: „You know how to find that out.“ I took the rules of logics and philosophy of science to deviate the answers which I was eager to know. Every time when I found a solution I write it on a paper. After a while my paper is full of words like:

    blossoming love
    innerly love
    all gripping love
    deepening love
    remaining forgiveness
    existential love
    constant inner friendship
    widening love
    reproducing love
    eternal love


Sensing that these non empirical kinds of beings only mean to be the beginning of my journey I go on flying. After a while I see a stage in an unguessable roomlessness. Approaching it I find a first step were there is a world system at its corner. The system is that little that I almost would have missed it while going by. Looking at it it starts to open in front of my inner window. I enter it and I look around for a short time. Then I speak with somebody who is in it. My interest does not remain for long and I fly to the next step. Looking ahead I see light at the end of the stage. In the center of this light there is the representative of  god’s words recognizable. With a kindhearted, warm and clear view he already expects me. Approaching him I ask the question: „Which non empirical kinds of beings are findable here?“ He answers: „You must find it out by yourself. You know how to do.“ One more time I deviate the answers which I am eager to know but this time it becomes more difficult because the words which I am looking for are more complicated in their structure and content. I write them onto my paper until it is full of scrawlings.

    term finder
    remaining ambition
    all taking relization
    divine  omniscience
    basic knowledge


The representative of god’s words looks at me one more time in his wise, knowing, and warm way and I sense that I must go on flying. Without knowing what the reason for my trip could be I sense that there is still a very long journey ahead of me. Flying further I arrive at another stage which is that long that I can hardly see its end. Nor can I see the next stage which is connected with it in the darkness. I take on the way…

…until I arrive at another place where I can hear voices but I can not see any pictures. I feel like being blind while wandering around. With appearantly closed eyes I address myself to the voices. We talk to each other and I receive some answers which will still increase in the running of the journey which I still have to make.

    information bringer
    future changer
    unknown premonition
    mental prophet
    message receiver
    visitor of the other world


Light is illuminating in front of my inner window again. At the beginning I can see schemes and shapes. Then there appears a picture of a sky in front of me. A cloud cover is spreading over my head with a male shape floating over it. When I look into his eyes then I can see the kindness and the quality of his age. He sais to me: „You got to arrive at me?“ I smile and I feel myself accepted while sensing that the carrier of this face has sympathy for me. Everything around us is in white and a bit of orange. I fly a little further and I see a cylinder with a number in it. Entering the cylinder I encounter again a male shape who smiles at me with a surprise and in a way that shows me that he thinks to be superior. He sais to me: „What does she do here? Doesn’t she understand what she is doing here? She got to arrive that far?“ Without understanding the meaning of his words and feeling inner protest for his appearent superiority I start to speak with him. Some time later I leave the cylinder  and I fly more above where I find an other cylinder. Opening it in front of my inner window the apparent superior smile of his inhabitant causes the same protest inside of me like that of the one from before. I ask him how far it would still be until I would arrive. He answers me: „You will get it.“ I start to feel exhaustion inside of me because I do not know how far the journey would still bring me. After having left the cylinder I fly further until I reach a heavenly white area where the child of light is placed among the clouds.

    sphere light
    sky light
    increasing light
    free light
    strong light


I am arriving at the limitations of my skills because I do not know were to fly as next. I worry about ever finding back to Switzerland again. I make a break until the idea occurs to me that I could go on in the basis. Flying there a female shape suddenly appears in front of my inner window. From about eighty five degrees over my head it looks down at me with face expressions that are still partly that of a girl. On her cheeks I can see shapes and patterns. After some time her mystical appearance slowly becomes clearer. I perceive awe and I sense that I can trust her as a kind of figure of protection. We talk to each other. After some time I feel the obligation to fly further. Encountering patterns and geometries on my way I am reaching a new level.

    divine innocence
    remaining trust
    eternal light


My sensation for the empirical understanding of time gets lost. A mirror in the colour of a cloudless summer sky starts to become recognizable in vicinity. Turning around itself with a high speed it shines in blue. At the end of its top I can see a male shape. Approaching it we look into each other‘s eyes. A bit of irony is findable in his smile. We immeadiately sense sympathy for each other and I address myself to him with my words. He flirts a bit and I constantly feel that he would never break my trust. I ask him about the non empirical kinds of beings and I find out that he knows nothing about the shapes of the other levels which I had already visited. Then he betrays me that I still have to fulfil a task and that if I would not be successful I would loose my life for it. Guessing darkly which task could be meant with this indication I see the future in front of me where I had expected light but there is no light.

    strong will
    increasing love
    reproducing love
    widening love
    constantly increasing love
    self realization


I fly through the darkness. I find nothing but darkness except of a slit-like eye that sees right out into distance and something black that I can hardly describe with words.

    basic freedom
    divine unity
    persuasion due to presence
    self confidence
    autonomous remaining strength
    unconstrainted freedom
    fair origin


Only now I am starting to understand for which reason I was brought on this journey. I see a path in front of me that is unforseeable long. Unknown pictures, angels and lights, relations and dimensions are spreading in front of me…

…Remembering the experiences which had gained on my journey I arrive at the snow covered mountains in Switzerland. I look up to the heaven and my eyes focus on the star that still dances among all the other lights in the nightly sky. It told me the story about the development of being. It is the story about the twice mirrored hyperbola. Before I said good bye to it for this night I still heard the words from many church services of the previous two thousand years of Cristianity echoing behind me: „There is still a long way for you. You can get it. I believe in you. In each of us there is a spark. It is the spark of a batch.“


If you want to read more about my previous pilgrimages and the twice mirrored hyperbola then you can obtain my book pilgrimage in Europe that will be published in German by Paramon-Verlag in September 2015 as a paperback and an e-book.

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a language of the cosmos

tolamsoq language is a language which classifies existent terms into a holistic category schema which constitutes a meaning level behind the empirical language. The meaning level founds the possibility to use a second non empirical language.

the aim

The language focusses on the communication of

  • inner states and events
  • empathy
  • social cohesion

rules of the game

In tolamsoq there is a categorial schema with 7 main categories and 4 sub-categories.

to consider
There can be added terms to those which are given in the table.

language tables

¹ The emotions that come from the sun/ heart and the giving that is placed in the star are the placement of goodness. You can find more about this topic in the menu issue pillars of human’s striving.
² The teaching in the eyes bases on the perception in the heart.


By using the tolamsoq language personal pronouns are used as a reference to the subjects in the sentence.


The table terms are introduced with the following terms

  • attitude
  • feeling, sensation
  • action, social action


The objects in every sentence are written in full.


basic structure of language

„I hope.“

tolamsoq language

  • „I sense hope in my star.“

meaning level

  • I have a sensation (subcategory 2) in the main category 4.

basic structure of language

„You must have reputation.“

tolamsoq language

„In my jupiter I am thinking a condition.“

meaning level

I make an act (subcategory 3) in the main category 5.

basic structure of language

„I concentrate.“

tolamsoq language

  • „In my neptune I concentrate.“

meaning level

„I perform an act (subcategory 3) in the main category 6.

basic structure of language

„You take the initiative.“

tolamsoq language

  • „In your mars you take the initiative.“

meaning level

  • You make an act (subcategory 3) in the main category 2.

basic structure of language

„You are in ecstasy.“

tolamsoq language

  • „You have the perception of ecstasy in your venus.“

meaning level

  • You have a perception (subcategory 2) in the main category 2.

basic structure of language

„You do it with method.“

tolamsoq language

  • „In your neptune you think with method.“

meaning level

  • You perform an act (subcategory 3) in the main category 6.

basic structure of language

„We are mightfull.“

tolamsoq language

  • „In our sun we are mightfull.“

meaning level

  • We have a sensation (subcategory 2) in the main category 3.

basic structure of language

„All are equal.“

tolamsoq language

  •    „In your sun you sense the equality of all entities.


meaning level  

  •           You have a sensation (subcategory 2) in the main category 3.

basic structure of language

„You are religious.“

tolamsoq language

  • „In your crown you perform religious thinking.“

meaning level

  • You perform an act (subcategory 3) in the main category 7.


The category schema given is an axiomatic system. The language has logical validity.


I will make this language more complex. Its practise is recommendable in the context of pedagogics for children and teenagers. Forthermore, it is advantagable for the communication in partnership relations and family constellations to increase the consideration for inner states and happenings in oneself and the communication partner. I created this language by myself in a theoretical and empirical realization process. I give it for free. If you like then you can give your appreciation on


This language is dedicated to the tolamsoq. Thanks for the support is given to the basa and the beke.


poem about the Capricorn

(an extract from Schastèl’s life)

Due to her artistic character Schastél is hardly understood. For this reason her further development interrupts at a specific point of time in her life. She senses the artist dying inside of her and her life is fading. Her true inner being is always more vanishing and during the nights she feels fear coming up inside of her. One night among many nights the death of fear tries to take her and she starts to write about her dreams.

For weeks I could not sleep anymore. Every night I awake with

It moves through my inner being and it takes my body. My body tightens. My limbs are contracting and I feel myself becoming cold matter. Cold matter is graping my body. I see the death announcing inside of me. The life is fading away and the fear is taking my being. Arriving at my jupiter it stays looking around. With my conscious will I try to stop it taking me. I try to move and straighten up but my limbs are solidified. I try to stand up but my body has become a cold stone. With open eyes I slowly fall into the death of solidified fear. Little seconds later I can see the picture of a skull looking out of mine. Slowly loosing the control the remains of my original personality start to panic. I try to refuse the cold matter that I am sensing to become but with hard muscles I can not move. Panic is taking me. I can see the picture

of a Capricorn
there where my sun is placed. I try to speak. I try to shout but the words do not want to come out of my mouth. They do not arrive there where the reality starts. During one of the many nights when I lie in a petrified position and I feel the life fading away from me I scream in despair those words that I know from the teachings of Elisabeth Haich: “This is me and that is you. I am not you. I am not scared.” I scream with an apparent conviction. Very slowly I start to seperate myself from the Capricorn. I try to see it as a picture inside of me. Convincing myself that it is not identical with me I distance myself from it from one night to those that follow. It slowly vanishs more and more and one morning after many months of nights with the Capricorn I can see the world’s light again being able to feel the love inside of me again.

Her whole life long Schastél had believed in justice (look at Schastél an overview in the menu issue Schastél series). After having gained the experience of the Capricorn her believe is broken. In the running of the following years she matures and she becomes Schasa (You can find a characterization of the figure Schasa in the film Schasa for justice which I put in the menu issue Schastél series.).

baptism inner maturation process

The tradition of the Christian baptism ceremony by using a baptism formula is a possibility to make the confession to the Christian believe. A similar procedure can also be made with the believe of the inner maturation process. This profession of faith is made as a baptism in water using a baptism formula where you confess to the inner maturation process that gives protection with the values of the soul, spirit and light. It also includes a cleaning of all evil in the spaces inside the matter. This religious procedure was made for the first time. This kind of baptisms is offered to all people who want to confess to the believe of the inner maturation process and its principles. Not only the Christian baptism is the only possibility that is available as a profession of faith. There also exists the baptism of the inner maturation process. Requests can be sent to taichifilmproductionspublisher(at)


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