royal office and global judgement

dear Ladies and gentlemen,

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Yours sincerely,
Let justice rule.

performance of the archarystocracy at the castle Sanssouci

The following movie includes a performance of the inner being of the archarystocracy. The topic is interpreted with the help of choreography, music, image and costume. The performance is made by a tai chi where the body movements characterize the inner being of the archarystocracy as an interpretation.

castle Sanssouci

The movie was made in 2017 at the castle Sanssouci at Berlin. With Elios Schastél as a direcotr and performer the movie was sponsored from China. Thanks are most of all given to Mister Pangestu.

universal body language

The esoteric meanings of the parts of the body (universal language) and the seven levels of consciousness of the buddhistic teachings of the soul can be used to understand the story that the tai chi tells about.

speech at the castle hotel Grunewald

The following speech is a part of the speech series 2017. It is about the preconditions of the development and the inner being of a queen. It was realized in a film in the Schlosshotel Berlin.

Schlosshotel Grunewald

journey through the outer space

DVD ISBN German/ English 978-3-9820950-7-3

journey through the infinity

DVD ISBN German/ English 978-3-9820950-2-8

solar expedition and expedition empathos

solar expedition DVD ISBN German/ English 9783982095035
expedition empathos DVD ISBN German/ English 9783982095042


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