scandals in Germany by anonymous

The following speech is a summary of scandals, criminal acts and social injustices that have taken place in Berlin, Brandenburg and all over Germany during the years 2000 and 2017. The happenings are conveyed without any connection to each other. The criminal acts took place in social contexts like for example work and educational institutions. The speech was realized in 2017 at the Zarenhof hotel Berlin with the speaker Elios Schastél.

Zarenhof hotel Berlin

scandals in Germany


example 1

Deriving from empirical values about ninety percents of the hired workers in Germany are mentally impaired and impaired in their soul that hardly any autonomous correct decision is made, the work products have the worst quality and they are without durability. The image of well functioning actions covers the falsehood of the actions, decisions of actions and the missing competences. A variety of senseless actions with rights infringing consequences takes place that is covered behind the shine of a functioning working system.

example 2

March 2017, underground station Heinrich-Heine-Straße Berlin Mitte

Two security officials of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) go through a moving underground. One security official sais to the other one with a meaningless attitude and with a volume that the passengers can listen to it: „We throw her out.“ He looks at a woman who appears to him as if she was in an economical emergency situation due to her clothes. The two security officials approach the woman. They remove her from the train and they wait until she has left the train station. They treat the woman with an attitude that betrays that if the woman had made a word of refuse the two security officials would have seized her and would have thrown her out of the underground station with the words: „BVG we love you.“ (sarcasm)

The actions of the security officials of the BVG were violations of the right of dignity [article 2 GG] and the § 177 StGB by the threat of physical violence and intimidations.

example 3

February 2017, police district Magazinstraße at the Alexanderplatz Berlin Mitte

The police at the police district admits in a verbal way that they do not know about the right. When there is a police action then they always decide for the one „who stands more above.“

The criminal action that was made by the police officials was a violation of the right of privacy [article 2 basic law].

example 4

2000 until 2010, retirement home Wriezen Brandenburg

In a retirement home an old woman with the body mass index 12 is fed against her will and her physical refuse. She was fattened until she had reached a body mass index 20. The woman vomited continuously. „I am sattisfied. I do not want anymore.“ The old woman sais. A hospital nurse heard the words. She said to a doctor of the department that the woman does not want to eat anymore and that she is aggressive. The doctor makes the solution that the woman shall receive tranquillising tablets until the woman can not refuse anymore. After having received the tranquillising tablets the woman could not refuse with her own will anymore. She was finally fattened until she had the body mass index 20. She vomited several more times until there was no refuse anymore.

The criminal actions were violations of the right of dignity [article 1 basic law], intimate sphere [article 2 basic law], § 177 StGB by physical rape and the destruction of owns own will.


example 5

The level and the contents of the study at most of the German universities are not in connection with that of a study anymore. They take place on the level and with the methods of school educations (basic school and high school levels). In most of the departments the levels of study is that low that it is in no connection with a level of study. The methods of many study departments are those of schools and educations. The use of the method of a study is excluded.

example 6

At almost all study departments and the contents of studies every non-materialistic world view is denied. The contents of the studies are made and proved with methods were only handicapped people can pass exams and finish examinations with good evaluations. The evaluation criterions (wilfully) exclude intelligence, independent thinking, independent scientific derivations, spiritual world views and artistry.


example 7

At several schools in Berlin and Brandenburg the soul and the psyche of a woman were mobbed by hundreds of students and the teaching staff for her appearance, clothes, the contents of her soul, her behavioural reaction patterns and her state of health in a degree that the most extreme violations of the right of dignity [article 1 basic law], privacy [article 2 basic law], most intimate privacy [article 2 basic law], social sphere [article 2 basic law], untouchable intimate sphere [article 2 basic law] took place at the educational institutions for several years. The actions that violated these rights were discriminations, intimidations, emotional rapes, mental manipulations, psycho terror, fascism with the help of facial expressions and gestures, exclusion of her privacy, character assassinations by spreading lies, verbal subordinations in topics like for example her appearance, her degree of intelligence, her sexual affinities, her economical status, her state of health (psychosomatic illness), her professional establishment, the attributes of her character, her attitudes towards life and her world views without the existence of a burden of proof. The violations of the rights that had been made at the woman in many educational institutions in the course of years corresponds to the degree of the violations of humen rights that had taken place at 6000000 Jews during the second world war. The „concentration camp jokes“, „Hitler jokes“, criminal jokes and sexual jokes that were made about this woman by the teaching staff violated many of the general personal rights of the basic law, special personal rights of the basic law and several articles of the criminal code with the most extreme degree.


If this speech was not published anonymously the writer would be institutionally fired.


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