Schasa dance by Elios Schastél

performance of the figure Schasa


Elios Schastél (photographer & actress)

Schasa dance


Schasa goes on a journey that leads her to the humen. A mountainous path that is filled with shadows is in front of her. Her second life takes place in the perception worlds of the cosmos. There she flees to a castle on the clouds where she lives the life of the figure Schastél. Continuously returning to the humen Schastél is a mediator of the values of goodness and justice among them. While Schastél flies in the cosmos she distances always more from the earth until the madness takes her. Simoultaneously Schasa stays among the humen struggling for the values of goodness and justice on earth. Being misunderstood she lives a lonely life among them. Her last view remains on the light of the sun whereby her true greatness rises up to heaven breaking the limits of possibility. An Egyptian goodness has developed inside of her due to the rising of the figure Schastél. A misunderstood star over the peak of a snow covered mountain is the last image that remains of a queen among the humen.


Her character is split between her inner world and that that she embodies among the humen. Inside of her she has the being of a princess. This princess is a child that flees to the castle over the mountains having the function of a mediator between the cosmos and the humen. Her character is distinguished by easiness and playfulness. Fondness and beauty characterize her. Her phantasy starts to be in interaction with madness. The values that Schastél mediates let her be misunderstood among the humen. For this reason she retreats into the phantasies of Schasa’s protected inner world. Schasa who stays among the humen and who looks up to the castle over the clouds tries to mediate the informations to the humen that Schastél has received in the cosmos. Will and ambition as well as idealism feature her character. The depiction of Schasa’s amiguid personality corresponds with the story between god who stays among the humen looking up to heaven and the alien that lives outside the cosmos. It is the story between the rising morning star* in our universe and the paradise of the other dimension. The character of the figure Schasa develops to be an Egyptian deity that remains misunderstood among the humen or it becomes a humen by a star that closes inside of her.

development of the movie

In the course of the development of the Schastél series and the beke dances series I made a communicative process with the cosmos. After this artistic process I tried to find a system in the informations that I had received. I started to personalize the contents of the cosmos by mediating them in expressive dances and acting performances. The mediation of the figures Tumo and Schastél in dances and the acting performances of the figures princess, Schastél and Schasa resulted in the development of the conception for the Schasa dance and the performance of the Egyptian deity & pain**. In 2016 I hitchhiked to the Swiss Italian border with a direction equipment and costumes to realize the dances and the other film sequences in the mountains of Gressoney-Saint-Jean and Borgofranco. The dance performances of the figures Schastél, Schasa and the Egyptian deity based on a practice of Thai Chi. During these practices the movements developed to have a speed that the Thai Chi became a dance. After I had returned to Berlin I continued to the directing of the films. The directing bases on a choreography that goes together with the story of Beethoven’s seventh symphony. This music was the basis for perceptive images that I had received before. These images were transferred to a body language during a dance performance with the cosmos. Elisabeth Schastél wishes a good entertainment.


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