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dance of a princess

Dance of a princess (at Bellinzona castle) tells about a princess hearing an inner voice which she gives to the audience with her dance. Her hearts’ deepness and her dreamy character is my aim to express in the dance. Having chosen an extract from L. v. Beethovens’ Symphony No 7, Allegretto represents the incompleteness of the films’ plot with regard to a continuation in Schastél. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

Tanz der Prinzessin am Schloss von Bellinzona from brucknerelisabeth on Vimeo.

sequence from Schastél

Schastél is a spiritual fairytale that describes the story of a kind of being coming from the non empirical perception worlds.

Internet from brucknerelisabeth on Vimeo.

Schastél (an overview)

This is a preview for the feature film Schastél which I will put on this menu issue in winter 2015.


At a time when we dedicated our lifes to the earth a young girl lived in her castle which is surrounded by snow covered mountains.Her constant companion is the sun. With the view to the sun there exists a shadowy side in her life. It is the shadow of a scar which she has carried inside of her since her birth and which she will not loose until her lifes‘ ending. From the past to the future she follows beam of justice which makes the scar of her birth endurable. It is her wish to give the goodness of her heart and to share it with other humen because sharing with others will give her a happy life.

One day she perceives a voice which breathes her what she has already started to realize before and she starts going on a way. Following the voice that tells her about love and justice she meets challenges on a way that brings her to woods, rocks and snow covered mountains. With the sun in her heart she will start to travel and look up tot he voice oft he crown. Will she get it?


Schasa is a continuation of Schastél. The movie is about a non empirical kind of being which gives the idelas of justice and the equivalence of all humen beings to the outside world. The movie shows the emotional contrasts of the protagonist. The inner fragility and her need for love fight against the will and strength which she embodies outside. The films’ plot is given in emotional processes which are supported by the narration.

Schasa for justice from brucknerelisabeth on Vimeo.

(The role will be continued.)


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