Schastél & the elements water & earth by Elios Schastél


At the ending sunlight of a day the figure Schastél dances close to the water. Moving between the world of humen and the cosmos she walks her ways making jumps and turns until she reaches the maximum of inner greatness. At the end of her way she approaches the humen with big steps gaining the experiences of hurts in her star. On her way she often turns the setting sun and being accompanied by Sovlveig’s song she makes a communication with god until she finally returns to him. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

the figure’s character

Being close to the water there is no sign of it inside of her. The elements fire and air characterize her dance whereas earth and water are not recognizable in it. It is the imagination of the element water and not the water itself that is a part of her inner being. This element only appears to her as imaginative objects. The images that appear in front of her inner window do not show this element itself but they only show indications of it that are connected with air and fire. The result is the imagination of romance and eroticism that are far away from the water element. If the figure comes into contact with this element then her star closes and she falls back to the humen until she becomes one of them. For a superficial viewer the figure appears to be a creature who crazily spins around in the water. Yet if you decode her dance performance at a closer look there reveals the strong as well as fragile universe of a person who speaks with the cosmos gaining the experience of an inner lead that comes from it. Freedom and wildness as well as strength and greatness are in contrast to a childish playfulness and vulnerability of her star.

artistic work process

On a journey to Central Italy I carried costumes with me that made the realization of a dance at the sea possible. After having arrived I took a cosmic image in front of my inner window putting it over my head. Changing its contents by the time I finally started to perceive an inner lead of my limbs. In an interaction with strengths my physical movements became a dance in the course of the practise. The speed and the dance figures continuously changed. The images that I chose in this artistic process were the causees for the kinds of movements that characterize the figure Schastél. At the end of the dance the directing of the choreography was corresponding to the character of this figure.

beke dances & the figure Schastél

The film shows a princess dancing to the music of a dying Aries in the costume of a virgin Gemini. Walking through a woods’ center from her past to her future she carries the sun in her heart. While the observer approaches she opens it with the believe in goodness, beauty and justice. Simoultaneously, her light is intrused by the contrasts of her inner world.
The improvisation will still be worked out.

thanks & dedication

I thank the support that I received by making a performance with the cosmos. The film is dedicated to the respective cosmic contents and to my mother.

on the traces of the figure Schastél (Moscow & Jersualem)

The figure Schastél who can also be called the queen in the cosmos but not of the humen can be characterized by the Star of David that she carries inside of her. She is one of the prototypes of the Aryans. You can find some traces of the figure in the town Moscow.

star of the figure paradise (Moscow)

Christ-Erlöser-Kathedrale (Moskau) (Film) from elios on Vimeo.

christ saviour cathedral Moscow (Russia)

Star of David & star of the figure Schastél (Jerusalem & Bethlehem)

church of the holy Sepulchre Jerusalem from Elisabeth Schastél on Vimeo.

church of the Holy Sepulchre Jersualem (Israel)

church of the nativity Bethlehem from Elisabeth Schastél on Vimeo.

church of the Nativity Bethlehem (Israel)

sun of the figure Schastél (Moscow)

Ivan the Great Bell Tower Moscow (Russia)

Cathedral of the Archangel Moscow (Russia)

thanks & appreciation

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