spring of paradise by Elios Schastél


Standing beyond the water it makes the inner maturation process in the cosmos. Moving between being a human and being a pure cosmic kind of being it speaks about strength and striving with its body whereas its appearance betrays softness, innocence, an element of childishness and hidden education. The attributes of a Gemini and a Sagittarius who carries the balance inside of it go together with a piece by Tchaikowsky that betrays the passion and the pain inside of the figure. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.


work process

After having hitchhiked to Switzerland where the movie Eva & the apple tree had been made the jounrey led to the Saint-Bernard. Due to the weather conditions of a spring season there was no possibility to make further records on the peak. For this reason the records were planned to be made later and the journey finally led to the Lake Maggiore where the records for the trailer spring of paradise were made close to the village Meina. Within the directing equipment, costumes and imaginative images there finally resulted some parts of the movie. At the end one more hitchhiking tour led via Bellinzona to Berlin.

thanks & appreciation

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