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actor – performance of a cosmic kind of being

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story about the movie

Living in a dual world between that of the humen and that above the clouds being in the cosmos on his mind he gains the experience of an inner conflict. He makes the inner maturation process where he is connected with the element fire among the humen and the element air in the mental world of the cosmos. A Gemini and a Sagittarius dances far away from the humen. While making his inner maturation process the Aries develops inside of him. At the end of his inner journey he arrives at himself: the prime Gemini. He has to make the longest path of inner maturation to finally arrive at the origin of the sun. The path from the earth to the prime Gemini is full of obstacles, challenges and hurts and it lets imply the deepest paradise behind his star.

character of the kind of being

The inner being of the actor is featured by the inner maturation process. Due to his inner maturity that goes beyond the limits of the human maturity process he leaves the human existence. The more he rises the more the paradise develops inside of him. Consisting of the Zodiac signs Gemini (in the house of Balance) and Sagittarius (in the house of Aries) he is also the human carrier of the morning star in the cosmos who continuously rises that he gets the title rising morning star. Behind it there is hidden a green shimmer of the galaxy paradise. There is a richness of contrasts in his character like for example maturity and childishness, innocence and and experience, strength and softness. Furthermore he speaks about greatness, striving, hurts and obstacles, naturalness and gentleness. Due to the circumstance that he makes the inner maturation process and his inner being continuously rises more into the cosmos there is a differentness in his behaviours to those of the human meaning languages. This differentness lets him be confronted with obstacles and challenges among the humen.

work process

After having made an astral journey and having worked it out there took place physical performance rehearsals of the kind of being where imaginative pictures and concentration were focused on. Then a journey to the Grand Saint Bernard in Switzerland within a direction equipment and costumes took place. The esoteric meanings of the nature suited to the character of the kind of being that should be conveyed. After having arrived at the Grand Saint Bernard the right atmospheres were searched. By using world direction respectively the direction of the inner architecture of Christian churches, nature direction, direction of the esoteric meanings of parts of the body and body movements, costume direction, language of the music and a dramatic development the performance of the kind of being took place several times. Making a kind of a Tai chi practice the body movements should characterize the kind of being. The performance had more an acting than a dance character. After having traveled back to Berlin the performances were worked to a dramatic construction together with the story of the music, light direction and picture direction that should speak about the character of the kind of being. The complete work conveys the character of the human representative of the cosmic kind of being diamond on the earth on the one hand. On the other hand it conveys the attributes of the cosmic kind of being itself.

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