the being by Elios Schastél

a story about the development of being

Since I was a child I looked into the nightly sky seeing a never ending sea of stars there. Thausends of sparks united side by side and the light that was findable in each of them betrayed the greatness and variety of all the secrets which were hidden in their cores. When I became a teenager I felt the beginning of the age’s wisdom inside of me though my body was still apearing like that of a child. I was not familiar with the teachings of mathematics and physics, of Descartes and Hume. The questions which I was much more curious about were the big questions of life. I was wondering about the beginning and the ending, origin and effect, sence and destination. My curiosity about truth made me going on a path and one day I started travelling around Europe carrying the wish inside of me that I could finally share all my wisdoms which I would gain with other humen by creating something new. I went to the south, east, west and north. The path brought me to the teachings of Plato, Ptolemy and Aristotle and there was one night several years ago when I found myself on a pilgrimage in the snow covered mountains of Switzerland looking up to the sky and finding the familiar sea of stars. The longer I took a gander at this lighting field the brighter and more numerous it became. In the middle of this field of unmoving sparks I discovered one spark that made an exception by moving a bit. Dancing back and forth I got the impression that it wanted to attract my attention. My interest was taken. I fixed my view on it and I observed it for a while until it finally addressed me with its words. It narrated me the story about the development of being.


In front of my inner window the star is widening until it finally completely opens. Without having an idea about the story which I would find in it I start flying with my little wings and the curiosity drives me to look around. My first view focuses on the center which is filled of light. Next to it I find the two regent on the one side and the place of heavenly allness on the other side. I distance myself from them to get an overview of the place were I am and I recognize an innocent looking angel on the outermost border on one side of this world system. Flying to the other side of the world system I can see the representative of justice who is accompanied by a twice mirrored walking seeker for truth, the meta level of the two regent and the sphere light on the upermost part. Realizing that I got to know the whole place and that I would not be able to find more I fly away until I arrive at seven world systems which are ordered one above the other. Next to them I find a vertical bar were the world systems mirror on the other side. Distancing myself one more time I recognize the whole picture. I am starting to become curious about all the non empirical kinds of beings which can be found on this level. With a loud voice I ask: „Is there somebody who is well informed?“ A male shape with an appearance that reminds me on a king answers me from the top of the world systems. „You are at the right place. We already knew that one time in your life you should arrive here. Go on flying and you will arrive where you belong to.“ I was not sattisfied with this answer and I put the question: „Which non empirical kinds of beings are findable here?“ The answer was: „You know how to find that out.“ I took the rules of logics and philosophy of science to deviate the answers which I was eager to know. Every time when I found a solution I write it on a paper. After a while my paper is full of words like:

    blossoming love
    innerly love
    all gripping love
    deepening love
    remaining forgiveness
    existential love
    constant inner friendship
    widening love
    reproducing love
    eternal love


Sensing that these non empirical kinds of beings only mean to be the beginning of my journey I go on flying. After a while I see a stage in an unguessable roomlessness. Approaching it I find a first step were there is a world system at its corner. The system is that little that I almost would have missed it while going by. Looking at it it starts to open in front of my inner window. I enter it and I look around for a short time. Then I speak with somebody who is in it. My interest does not remain for long and I fly to the next step. Looking ahead I see light at the end of the stage. In the center of this light there is the representative of god’s words recognizable. With a kindhearted, warm and clear view he already expects me. Approaching him I ask the question: „Which non empirical kinds of beings are findable here?“ He answers: „You must find it out by yourself. You know how to do.“ One more time I deviate the answers which I am eager to know but this time it becomes more difficult because the words which I am looking for are more complicated in their structure and content. I write them onto my paper until it is full of scrawlings.

    term finder
    remaining ambition
    all taking relization
    divine omniscience
    basic knowledge


The representative of god’s words looks at me one more time in his wise, knowing, and warm way and I sense that I must go on flying. Without knowing what the reason for my trip could be I sense that there is still a very long journey ahead of me. Flying further I arrive at another stage which is that long that I can hardly see its end. Nor can I see the next stage which is connected with it in the darkness. I take on the way…

…until I arrive at another place where I can hear voices but I can not see any pictures. I feel like being blind while wandering around. With appearantly closed eyes I address myself to the voices. We talk to each other and I receive some answers which will still increase in the running of the journey which I still have to make.

    information bringer
    future changer
    unknown premonition
    mental prophet
    message receiver
    visitor of the other world


Light is illuminating in front of my inner window again. At the beginning I can see schemes and shapes. Then there appears a picture of a sky in front of me. A cloud cover is spreading over my head with a male shape floating over it. When I look into his eyes then I can see the kindness and the quality of his age. He sais to me: „You got to arrive at me?“ I smile and I feel myself accepted while sensing that the carrier of this face has sympathy for me. Everything around us is in white and a bit of orange. I fly a little further and I see a cylinder with a number in it. Entering the cylinder I encounter again a male shape who smiles at me with a surprise and in a way that shows me that he thinks to be superior. He sais to me: „What does she do here? Doesn’t she understand what she is doing here? She got to arrive that far?“ Without understanding the meaning of his words and feeling inner protest for his appearent superiority I start to speak with him. Some time later I leave the cylinder and I fly more above where I find an other cylinder. Opening it in front of my inner window the apparent superior smile of his inhabitant causes the same protest inside of me like that of the one from before. I ask him how far it would still be until I would arrive. He answers me: „You will get it.“ I start to feel exhaustion inside of me because I do not know how far the journey would still bring me. After having left the cylinder I fly further until I reach a heavenly white area where the child of light is placed among the clouds.

    sphere light
    sky light
    increasing light
    free light
    strong light


I am arriving at the limitations of my skills because I do not know were to fly as next. I worry about ever finding back to Switzerland again. I make a break until the idea occurs to me that I could go on in the basis. Flying there a female shape suddenly appears in front of my inner window. From about eighty five degrees over my head it looks down at me with face expressions that are still partly that of a girl. On her cheeks I can see shapes and patterns. After some time her mystical appearance slowly becomes clearer. I perceive awe and I sense that I can trust her as a kind of figure of protection. We talk to each other. After some time I feel the obligation to fly further. Encountering patterns and geometries on my way I am reaching a new level.

    divine innocence
    remaining trust
    eternal light


My sensation for the empirical understanding of time gets lost. A mirror in the colour of a cloudless summer sky starts to become recognizable in vicinity. Turning around itself with a high speed it shines in blue. At the end of its top I can see a male shape. Approaching it we look into each other‘s eyes. A bit of irony is findable in his smile. We immeadiately sense sympathy for each other and I address myself to him with my words. He flirts a bit and I constantly feel that he would never break my trust. I ask him about the non empirical kinds of beings and I find out that he knows nothing about the shapes of the other levels which I had already visited. Then he betrays me that I still have to fulfil a task and that if I would not be successful I would loose my life for it. Guessing darkly which task could be meant with this indication I see the future in front of me where I had expected light but there is no light.

    strong will
    increasing love
    reproducing love
    widening love
    constantly increasing love
    self realization


I fly through the darkness. I find nothing but darkness except of a slit-like eye that sees right out into distance and something black that I can hardly describe with words.

    basic freedom
    divine unity
    persuasion due to presence
    self confidence
    autonomous remaining strength
    unconstrainted freedom
    fair origin


Only now I am starting to understand for which reason I was brought on this journey. I see a path in front of me that is unforseeable long. Unknown pictures, angels and lights, relations and dimensions are spreading in front of me…

…Remembering the experiences which had gained on my journey I arrive at the snow covered mountains in Switzerland. I look up to the heaven and my eyes focus on the star that still dances among all the other lights in the nightly sky. It told me the story about the development of being. It is the story about the twice mirrored hyperbola. Before I said good bye to it for this night I still heard the words from many church services of the previous two thousand years of Cristianity echoing behind me: „There is still a long way for you. You can get it. I believe in you. In each of us there is a spark. It is the spark of a batch.“


If you want to read more about my previous pilgrimages and the twice mirrored hyperbola then you can obtain my book pilgrimage in Europe that will be published in German by Paramon-Verlag in September 2015 as a paperback and an e-book.

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