the evil in the handicapped people & kings in Germany (esotericism) by Elios Schastél

The following article is an extract from the speech series 2017. It includes parts of different speeches that are about the inner maturation process and criticisms on social happenings and circumstances. There are conveyed esoterical topics with the help of scripture and graphics. There is finally derived a knowledge that gives a critical perspective on social circumstances.

“normal daily life” in Germany

In more than ninety five percents of the population there is the evil in the handicapped people(1). Those people exceptionally want to be treated like adult and spiritualized persons and kings. If there is one exception of a human where there is realized that he is not handicapped then there start to join social groups and they make the agreement to treat the only person who is not handicapped like the evil in the handicapped. The only human among them who is not handicapped is intentionally treated like the evil in the handicapped and the social groups (e.g. schools, authorities, universities) make the agreement to treat him like the evil in the handicapped until he has been made it. They intentionally give this person the treatment knowing that the treatment would be the right one for themselves. For a lifetime the social collectives who have joined together insist on being treated like spiritualized and adult kings whereby they exceptionally sense inside of them that they become always more evil by the wrong treatments. At the end of the life of a social group where each of them has become the evil in the handicapped there develop humen where there could be thought that they are adult and spiritualized kings when judging their shape and appearance: They dress like adults. They move like adults. They speak like adults and they demand to receive the treatment of kings.

For a lifetime they have learned to imitate the picture of the person in front of their eyes where they knew that it is the only person among them who is not handicapped but adult, spiritualized or even a king. More than ninety seven percents of the population requires to be treated like a soul or like soul attributes that only the aristocracy, archaryans and spiritualized humen have until they start to believe deeply after a lifetime of having received wrong treatments that they have the souls of spiritualized people, Aryans or kings by themselves. Yet they carry the inner certainty deep inside of them to be the evil in the handicapped, to be without a soul or they already sense the “fire of the Tartarus” burning inside of them. They know that only the little exceptions who are adult and spiritualized deserve the treatment that they require for themselves. The evil in the handicapped people wants to be treated like kings must be treated and the little people who are adult and spiritualized are the only people who are intentionally treated like the evil in the handicapped by social groups. The cause for this problem is that approximately less than three percent of the population have not even made the less (aware or unaware) development of esotericism in their life or rather that they are without the inner maturation process or rather handicapped. There are approximately zero percent of recognition of authorities because the autonomous realization of esotericism in the being is the precondition of recognition of authorities. “Nothing and nobody in the whole country is recognized.”(2) for himself except of three unspoken but commonly recognized criterions: the evil, the handicapped character/ being without the inner maturation process and money.

If a human has at least one of these criterions then he is in general socially and professionally recognized whereas the unspoken general agreement that the opposite criterions shall be socially excluded had been strengthened after the turn of the twenty-first century. The intended exclusion of the “German from the above”, the “heart chakra”(3) and the archaryan being were informations that were disseminated in Germany until the habbit of the social actions became a social convention. The dissemination of the informations and the strengthening of this of this purpose has developed to a general circumstance that can be conveyed with the help of a graphic.

(1) human without the inner maturation process or rather with a limitation of the soul
(2) quotation
(3) quotations in the given usage context

The circumstance is in general socially and institutionally recognized as right.

right world view & directing

film and picture “direction” in Germany (opposite world view)

Even if the problem is verbalized there be no changement of the circumstance with a probability of more than ninety percents because evilness, greed, horniness, a measly self, material wealth and the handicapped character are in general socially recognized and they are seen as desirable. It has become a fashion and a spleen after the turn of the twenty-first century to desire and “strive after” the absence of values and the bad that there is in general no motivation anymore to follow a moralically valuable and right world view or to only recognize it.

inner maturation process – the levels of realization from handicapped people to a king

Performances are evidences of the presence of levels of consciousness. In German schools, authorities and more institutions only adults or even spiritualized humen are intentionally treated like handicapped people because in general there is misconception that only paper and signature are evidences.


  • indirect conveyance of esotericism or esoterical contents
  • is made by a subject who conveys an object that is visually not perceivable (subject object relation)
  • inner maturation process and imaginations of esotericism are preconditions
  • not aware social action (autistic behaviour) but an action that is in communication with an imaginative esoterical object


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