the megacrag & the fascists (Moscow)

The following article is a continuation of the speeches fascism against artists in Germany, discrimination against above beings in Germany, capitalism in Germany (justice’s destruction) and “Nazi bitch” & Germany. It is the last speech of the speech series capitalistic fascism in Germany. The realization took place at Peking hotel Moscow. It was made with the aim to convey a content. Elios Schastél wishes a good entertainment.

Peking hotel Moscow

the megacrag & the fascists

Basing on the experiences that I have gained for many years in diverse social contexts I wrote a speech about the topic the megacrag & the fascists in 2016. It is about the eternity of the inner maturation process at people from the Aryan race that develops due to basic fascistic attitudes that are findable in Germany. The main subjects are education, public services, work and profession.

educational institutions

A. determining the professional future with the help of astrological teachings

Pupils, trainees and students are estimated astrologically and they are graded better or worse due to the Zoudiac signs that are recognizable in their face and behaviours. Due to a missing astrological basic knowledge and/ or a wrong dealing with astrological knowledge the estimations are wrong for more than ninety percents. (1) Some causes for these estimations are for example nonserious sources (2), deductive reasoning (3) and a reasoning from Zoudiac signs to social actions and lifestyle.

example 1 (4)

A pupil has the features of the sign of the Zoudiac Pisces in his face.

  • a teacher’s reaction to this realization: “He won’t get it in profession.”

resulting social action

A pupil receives a worse grading for his appearance.

example 2

A pupil has features of the sign of the Zoudiac Gemini in his face.

  • a teacher’s reaction to this realization: “He will participate in porno movies in future.”

resulting social action

The pupil receives a worse grading for his appearance.

example 3

A pupil shows attributes of the sign of the Zoudiac Taurus in his behavior or his social action.

  • a teacher’s reaction to this behavior or social action: “This stands for coming from the above.”

resulting social action

The pupil receives a better grading for his behaviour or action.

B. suggestion and obligation of a capitalistic world view

Pupils are obligated to learn the axioms and formulas of economy by heart like quoting mantras. In diverse scientific disciplines (5) trainees and students are influenced by the world view and tasks of capitalism. (6) The influences are either suggestive and/ or obligatory.

C. discrimination and exclusion of the above being

Individuals who are seen as above beings respectively people of the Aryan race are mobbed (7) (8) and they are treated with character assassination due to their appearance, natural behaviour and intelligence.

example 1

Due to her appearance a pupil is sexually associated by other humen. Due to this association they make the statement about her that she has much sexual activity in another social context. In this social context the statements results in an exclusion and a mobbing of the pupil due to her appearance until she comes into the psychiatric condition of mania.

example 2

The thoughts, perceptions and emotions are not visible in the face of a person. Due to this fact people make the statements that he is stupid and he can not think independently. The statement is made in other social contexts as if it was a fact. The consequence of these statements are a mobbing for his intelligence by understanding and treating him as a stupid human until he becomes mentally ill.

example 3

A pupil is in public. Her body posture speaks about self confidence, greatness, pride and dignity. Due to these attributes of her behavior and her age of a young adult the teachers conclude arrogance and an unjustified adjustment. The consequence of this conclusion is a worse grading of the pupil in a way that she must almost repeat final examinations. (9)

D. the exclusion of people with metabolic diseases

People with metabolic diseases respectively psychosomatic diseases are graded worse, excluded and mobbed and called as amoral humen for their disease. They do not consider the fact that above all hypersensitive humen are vulnerable for these kinds of diseases. (10)

public services

The announced public services in Germany exist with less than five percent. Without transfering ones own datas they are not for the public. If the transfer of personal up to private datas is refused or the non obedience of cultural behaviour norms is not given then there results an exclusion of public services and services in general. This state means to be a data fascism. (11)

work & profession

A. character assassination without an evidential basis

There have often been wrong statements and rumorses about people from the Aryan race in diverse professional contexts in Germany without having had any evidential basis. Furthermore, people from the Aryan race have been distorted several times. The character assassinations have been made above all at these people because they were not estimated as being ever able to reach high social positions from where they can fight back against the character assassinators due to their innocent appearance and beauty. In addition to that the grace that is characteristic for the Aryan race took the character assassinators the expectation of a fight back. (12)

B. fascism against intelligence

In professional contexts spirituality, high intellectuality, positive values and beauty are in general excluded in a non verbal way and/ or without a written reason. Except of little professionally established people these forms of intelligences and the achievement of the inner maturation process are socially rejected. (13)

C. fascism against artists and actors

A lost knowledge about what artists and actors are and what their character is resulted in a distorted image of these personalities during the last decades. Furthermore an increase of the number of humen who work in the arts and on stages without being artists and actors (reproducing craftsmen) let the image of these characters become distorted. They are individuals who make a communication with the cosmos deviating new ideas, conceptions and performances from it or conveying it with body language. One of the reasons for this loss of a good reputation was a conscious repression of spirituality and the intelligences that are connected with it by a willingly implemented movement of “realistic art forms”. The conscious repression of imagination, spirituality, ingenuity, emotionality and differentness in thinking and behavioural patterns ecetera resulted in a repression of artists and actors.

D. exclusion of the woman and femaleness

The female appearance, behaviour and body are in general rejected and they lead to an exclusion from high social positions. The intended imitation of the man and the machine in appearance, behaviour and social actions resulted in a repression and a rejection of femaleness at high professional positions and in many more social contexts.

E. confusion between the Tartarus and the Aryan race


The rejection of the attributes that feature the Aryan race (15) like for example intelligence, spirituality, positive values, the achievement of the inner maturation process and the beauty (of the paradise) are consciously and systematically destroyed by a fascism that takes place nonverbally and unprovably in writing. The fascists (16) are in general seen as above beings and above beings are seen as the Tartarus. Handicapped human are often seen as high intelligent and the Aryan race is often seen as handicapped due to their appearance. For this reason the Aryan race and their characteristics are treated with fascism and the fascists become decision-makers of the German culture. About ninety eight percents of the working population consist of them. (17) Basing on uncountable many experiences there can be made the statement that the majority of the society is proud of this state.

characteristics of a fascist

  • no inner maturation process
  • rejection and/ or discrimination and/ or exclusion of all humen who have got to arrive far at the inner maturation process or who think inductively and logically/ independently as well as the Aryan race
  • dogmatists and deductive world view
  • no ability of an inductive and independent logical thinking/ constrainted thinking
  • absence of (sensoric) empathy
  • much self confidence
  • imitations of behavioural patterns of the Aryan race

definition of the term fascism

Fascism is the destruction of the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra by for example supervision and/ or destruction of privacy and/ or emotionality in general as well as every kind of a social exclusion of a natural behaviour.

main arguments of fascists (examples)/ the language of fascists

The arguments often contain words like above, down there, left, right and stands for. Furthermore, sentence objects are not determined or they are not defined at all.

example 1

  • Sign of the Zoudiac Taurus in a fascist: „He/ She/ It does not exist anymore. Then he/ she/ it can’t exist.”

critical analysis

The statement excludes the particular case that always exists in the empirical reality. Thus if there is this particular case in reality then it is often treated with fascism.

example 2

  • Sign of the Zoudiac Taurus in a fascist: „He/ She/ It has not made a performance that comes from the above/ has made a performance that comes too much/ too little from the above/ from down there.“

critical analysis

The statement consists of a wrong logics. Furthermore, there is no empirical logical value. There are terms in the statement that are not correctly defined.

example 3

  • Sign of the Zoudiac Taurus in a fascist: “He/ She/ It will not get it (in life). Then we will not help/ support him/ her/ it.

critical anaylises

It is an understatement without any evidential basis. It results in an exclusion of a particular case.

example 4

  • Sign of the Zoudiac Pisces in a fascist: „This does not stand for this time.“

critical analysis

The object in the sentence is not defined. Furthermore there is the assumption of a spirit of the time/ a time that has no empirical value. The statement also includes wrong logical connections respectively a false logical conclusion.

example 5

  • Sign of the Zoudiac Pisces in a fascist: “(All) this is not possible anymore. Then he/ she/ it lies./ Then it is not true.”

critical analyses

The argument is an understatement without any evidential basis. Sentence object that decide about the truth of a sentence are not determined or defined. There is a wrong logical conclusion from a general circumstance to the truth of the statements of a particular case. Furthermore, the argument wrongly excludes the possibility of the existence of a particular case in a general circumstance.

example 6

  • Sign of the Zoudiac Pisces in a fascist: “He/ She already has something from down there.”

critical analyses

The statement is an understatement without any evidential basis. The object in the sentence is not determined respectively defined.

conversation between a person from the Aryan race & a fascist – a painting

A (fascist): “We know that you are Aryan but you will never get to arrive at us in profession. We make you down as long as it takes until you will come down to us. Then we make you dependent of us until you are destroyed. Then we intimidate you until you become silent and we can make with you what we like. Then you knee down in front of us with a loop on your head and a squeaky voice that betrays an f5 and you beg us always again. We already speak the words into the back of your head when you are in school that you become it in future: You become the worst. You will never rise.”

B (Aryan race): “I beg your pardon. I do not understand you. Speak clearly!”

A (fascist): “We present you from down there. We know that you are Aryan but we show the openings of your genitals on the bottom left side of the picture that the whole world can watch it on television and on the internet because we find it funny that you are understood as stupid and evil. They will laugh at you.”

B (Aryan race): (is silent and makes no mimic art)

the megacrag & the fascists – private comment

In Germany a person can have achieved the inner maturation process up to the level of a Harvard professor. He can have filled about seventeen books within works and intellectual processings. He can have a curriculum vitae that shows the highest qualities and where new categories of independence and variety are developed. He can prove his intelligence, superiority, artistic character and capacities and he can also make his aims clear. The fascists in Germany will wait with pleasure until the end of his life for the moment when he will need help, starve and become dependent one day. Then they will destroy him for his intelligence, beauty, maturity and superiority until he dies. After his death there will follow a character assassination. Nobody would ever get to know that they have destroyed him because he was a part of the Aryan race.

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(1) The following percentages base on uncountable experiences in Germany
(2) e. g. wikipedia, communication
(3) It means a fascism of astrology.
(4) The examples base on experiences at the Theodor-Fontane high school Strausberg, Georg-Friedrich-Händel high school Berlin, music school MOL, free university Berlin and the school Prötzel.
(5) These disciplines are for example philosophy, sociology, languages.
(6) The happenings base on experiences at the Theodor-Fontane high school Strausberg, university Leipzig and the free university Berlin.
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(13) The happenings take place for example in writing, acting, sciences and more educational contexts, photography, television, directing and painting.
(14) In Plato’s ideal state he writes about this place that is situated in the earth under the hell. Those humen who have committed unforgivably evil actions go there after their death.
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(17) The percentages that are given in this article base on uncountably many experiences in Germany.


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