the philosophy by Elios Schastél

Faifac food is a food conception and a product chain with three guiding principles.

  • eating consciously
  • holistic health
  • inner purity

The holistic health can be reached by an understanding of the inner consciousness worlds and the aliments that achieve an effect on them. The inner purity is reached by a limitation of the aliments to those that only consist of positive ingredients basing on an esoterical persperctive.

conscioiusness worlds

In faifac food the names of the planets are used for the consciousness worlds. The tolamsoq language¹ is a basic conception to convey this idea.

tolamsoq language

The potentials of the seven consciousness worlds are ordered to the planets Saturn, Mars, sun, star, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Only the star is an exception because it is no planet. Attributes and capacities are ordered to these planets and they are bound to sensations, behaviours and social actions in sentences. The result is a constructive kind of a language that speaks about inner sensations of oneself and other humen as well as cosmic kinds of beings.


In my sun I can sense love.

In your Saturn you have the sensation of safety.

In our star we feel empathy for each other.

product types

In faifac food there is a differentiation between those products that refer to on consciousness world and those products that refer to more consciousness worlds.

  • one consciousness world beverage
  • several consciousness worlds beverage

the system

titles (examples)

faifac food Saturn

faifac food Neptune

faifac food sun Jupiter

ordering aliments to the faifac food conception

To order an aliment to the faifac food conception three criterions must be considered.

  • maturing time of a plant
  • sun and humidity influences
  • colours of an aliment

maturing time of a plant

The maturing times are chategorized in germination time, blooming time, maturing time, wilting time, and dying time. These matruing times go together with the twelf months of the Zoudiac circle. There is a colour spectrum in it where every months has a colour.

Every maturing time of an aliment goes together with specific months of the Zoudiac circle that again is refindable in the consciousness worlds. The colour of a months of the germination time of a plant is the same like that of the consiousness world that is achieves an effect on. The colours black and white are an exception because they are not included in the circle.

sun and humidity influences

If there is much influence of the sun during the growth of a plant then it opens the sun in the human who eats it. If there is much influence of humidity during the growth of a plant then it opens the consciousness world of Mars.

colours of an aliment

An aliment can be ordered in two to three layers. These are the core, the pulp and the fruit husk. The colours of the layers are refindable in the consciousness worlds. Little aliments are an exception.

aliment table

aliments that are used in faifac food

thyme, cream foam, sage, banana, pineapple, pure yoghurt (without cream), cinnamon, Brazil nut, deer liver, chicken, rabbit, turkey, grapefruit, pomelo, lemon, apple, cherry, Milchschnitte, oat flakes, mango, blueberry, trout, carp, black currant


There are still more aliments that can be added to the table. Due to the circumstance that there can be differences in the way how the aliments are conditioned in different countries they I do not mention them in this context.

¹ Look at the tolamsoq language under language in the menu issue religion.
²The image was taken from google+.


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